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Why Is Nikki Cross Still In NXT?

Fans had been waiting ages for Sanity to get called up to the main roster. Once it was revealed that they would become part of the SmackDown roster in the superstar shakeup all attention was drawn to why wasn’t Nikki called up to.

The answer seemingly was that WWE wanted to test how Cross fared on her own rather than just as a member of Sanity. If that’s really the reason they haven’t done much of job of it. She had a match with Shayna for the Women’s title at Takeover Chicago which made sense as she was the only established challenger at that point.

Since Chicago what has Cross really done?

She just pops up every now and then for a random match but hasn’t been in anything resembling a feud or story. In this weeks main event she had a decent match Bianca Belair that ended in a double count out. It looks like she knows something about the attack on Aleister Black so that will keep her down there for a while.

Although I don’t see why she’s involved in this storyline. It seems like they could get anyone to play her part of the person who knows something but won’t reveal it. Seems like a role better suited for a heel using what they know to get something from William Regal.

Cross’s gimmick on her own doesn’t really make sense. There’s no reason for why she acts the way she does which was clear in Sanity.

There’s the argument of if she had went up with the rest of Sanity she would be in just a poor booking state as the rest of the group. I don’t think that’s the case Sanity haven’t felt like the same group they were in NXT because they’re missing a key member. The booking hasn’t helped either but that’s for another time.

Cross doesn’t need to stay in NXT to prove she can work as a singles star because she proved it while she was part of Sanity. She was always apart of her own self contained story within the Women’s division including that excellent last Woman standing match with Asuka. But when she would get involved with the rest of the group she always stole the show for instance going through a table with Dain and Akam at Brooklyn 3.

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I think if they called up Cross now it could be just the thing that saves Sanity on the main roster. She confronts the rest of the group telling them they’ve forgotten what Chaos really is. This sets them on a rampage which leads to them taking the SmackDown Tag Titles from the New Day.

Better than what they’re doing at the minute because right now it feels like they were called without a plan for what they were going to do with them.

Cross adds a lot to the group as the X factor on the outside. Imagine her interaction with which ever member of New Day was on the outside.


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