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WWE News: Daniel Bryan Signs New WWE Contract



It’s been no secret that WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan’s contract with the company was set to expire in 2018, a story that’s been talked about for at least a year now going back to when Bryan’s WWE in-ring career was thought to be over.

Of course, that was not the case as Bryan finally gained clearance from the company to return to the ring at WrestleMania 34. Yet, the status of a new WWE contract remained a hot topic as it would run out on September 1st. While there were still some fans who believed leaving the company was the right move, it became basically a given that the multi-time World Champion would not be going anywhere the more that date approached.

Now that the date has passed, the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Bryan has indeed now signed his new WWE deal and it should be official as soon as this week. It’s being said that the only thing remaining to make it final was for the company to sign the contract, which reportedly had not happened just yet as of this past Monday. Now with Bryan scheduled for dates moving forward, including Hell In A Cell on September 16th and Super Show-Down on October 6th, it would take something completely out of left field for the contract to not be a done deal.


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