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WWE Rumors: All The Latest On Pentagon & Rey Fenix Possibly Heading To WWE



There’s been much speculation over the last couple of months regarding the futures of Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix, more specifically relating to which promotion the brothers could be headed to next.

Just over a month go, it was reported that WWE not only had interest in both men, but had already made overtures to them (read about that here). However, it was said that they both had multiple seasons remaining on their Lucha Underground contracts. Things remained fairly quiet regarding the report since, that is until recently. Major League Wrestling, with whom Pentagon and Fenix are the current World Tag Team Champions, tweeted out this tease this week:

Now this is of course making reference to the rumors surrounding the brothers heading to NXT. This led to numerous reports that the two were in fact NXT-bound, likely by the end of 2018. However, at PCW Ultra’s ‘Vision Quest’ event last night in Wilmington, California, Pentagon was in action and addressed the rumors. After retaining his PCW Ultra Heavyweight Title over Hammerstone, Penta took the mic and informed the crowd he was “not going anywhere”, obviously in reference to the recent talk. Of course, we also know that Pentagon and Fenix have what’s been described as “elusive” on taking bookings for 2019.

EA’s Take: While it’s probably likely, it’s still tough to say for sure that they are definitely going to NXT. This could be a case of Pentagon being unable to or unwilling to talk about it or MLW being cute by bringing up the speculation, who’s to say. The real tell with these sorts of things is when/if the talents in question begin backing out of scheduled bookings. We see it with everyone that the company brings in. They haven’t necessarily done that yet, but being so wishy-washy on taking them for next year is definitely another sign that the talk is true. Generally where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but I’m holding off on saying, “it’s happening” until there’s something more concrete.


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