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WWE Rumors: Matt Hardy Officially Announces His Retirement?



Matt Hardy

It’s no secret that WWE Superstar Matt Hardy’s in the ring future has been in serious question the last couple of months after Matt revealed a serious physical condition he’s been dealing with.

Due to the years of punishing his body, Hardy stated that his lower back has begun to fuse with his pelvis (find that here). While it was revealed that Matt was going to undergo treatments to see if he could return, both Hardy and WWE have moved ahead with possibly finding him a new role as a producer. Matt has been working backstage for a few weeks now, also competing in the ring sporadically at events he was previously advertised for.

Last night, Matt was in action alongside Bray Wyatt at the RAW Live Event in Corpus Christi, Texas and had the following to say after the match:

In what many have taken as a retirement announcement, it should be reiterated that Hardy did say, “Never say never”. Also, he seemingly left the door open by stating it was the last time we would see Woken Matt Hardy. This is interesting because Matt recently posted this next video to YouTube which seemed to indicate a possible return to being ‘Broken’ once again:

EA’s Take: Who knows when it comes to wrestling retirements or anything Matt Hardy puts out on video. He’s one of what seems to be a growing list of performers who has perfected the art of utilizing platforms like social media to create buzz/talk/speculation. So as he said, “Never say never”. Plus, if this was an actual retirement, we all know how wrestling retirements work.


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