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Chairshot Classics: WCW Beach Blast ’93 – A Day At The Beach, A Night For Revenge



Match #7 for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship: NWA World Heavyweight Champion Barry Windham vs. ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair
They circle and lock up. Windham with position and the first strikes. Flair turns the tables with chops. He sends Windham for an Irish whip but the champ comes back with a lariat. Straight right by Windham, Flair kicks the gut and chops some more before Barry bails to the floor. Windham slowly back in, collar and elbow and they hit the ropes. Shoulder tackle by Windham and he stays on him with rights. Irish whip and Flair somersaults all the way out to the floor. Windham pursues and nails him with a clothesline.

Front facelock from the apron and a vertical suplex brings him back into the ring. Flair exchanges rights with chops and the challenger goes to the eyes. Irish whip and a splash in the corner by Flair. They hit the ropes, Windham with a shoulder block but it’s Flair with the sleeper hold on the comeback. Windham breaks out by driving into the turnbuckle and Flair falls face first. Windham sends Flair for a Samoan drop and follows it with a scoop slam. Lateral press and The Nature Boy kicks out. Standing leg drop by Windham but he can’t 3. He pursues Flair, sends him to the ropes for a big clothesline, Flair barely kicks out. He lectures the referee before walking into a right hand.

Flair with a bridging pin and Windham kicks out. Trademark chops from Flair before Windham halts it with a shot to the midsection. Windham misses a clothesline and Flair is able to send Windham to the outside. The fight is on the floor and the champ scoop slams Flair. Back to the ring, Windham beats him down on the apron. Windham goes to the 2nd rope, measuring him with rights, but Flair reverses with an inverted atomic drop. The Nature Boy with a chop and a snapmare before driving his knee to the skull. Windham blocks a suplex and seats him on the top rope for a superplex. He lands it but Barry’s hurt, too.

Windham is up first and heads for the top. He tries a flying elbow but Flair moves. Windham is the first up to attempt a cover and Flair kicks out. Front facelock by Windham, Flair reverses with a small package and Windham kicks out. Chops in the corner by Flair, Windham fires back with rights. Irish whip, Flair somersaults over and heads for the top rope. He lands a cross body but Windham rolls him over for two. They collide in the middle of the ring with simultaneous shoulder blocks. Flair is up first and elevates Windham for a belly to back suplex but he’s hurting. Flair goes for the knee, he tries a Figure Four but Windham gets to the ropes. Flair tries again and Windham kicks him off. Flair kicks him in the knee and this time he locks it in. Windham’s shoulders go down and he’s pinned.
Winner and NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion: ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair (Figure Four Leg Lock)

  • EA’s TakeThe greats know how to be a heel and a babyface. Some of Ric Flair’s best work is as a heel, but he was a great face here since his comeback. I feel like Flair was supposed to win and he was supposed to win by the Figure Four, but I feel the whole shoulders to the mat thing was a bit of a botch. It happened too quickly and Windham was probably supposed to tap.

Match #8: The Superpowers (Sting & ‘The British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith) vs. The Masters Of The Powerbomb (WCW World Heavyweight Champion Big Van Vader & Sid Vicious) w/Harley Race & Col. Robert Parker
Sting and Sid get us started, Vicious tries to intimidate but Stinger takes him down and opens up with rights. A run to the ropes and Sting drives him straight into the mat. Sting tries a sunset flip and scores with a bulldog and clothesline instead. Sid is up quickly and lands a chokeslam. Sid with an uppercut and midsection shots in the wrong corner. Tag is made to Vader, Sid fends off Bulldog and both babyfaces are dumped to the outside. Sid and Vader celebrate but Sting and Bulldog are quickly back up, they go to the top and hit them with flying clotheslines before holding the ring.

Sting strikes Sid down from the apron and he tags in Bulldog. Here comes Vader on the otherside. Collar and elbow, Vader with forearms in the corner and Bulldog tries to cover up. Sid takes a cheapshot from the apron. Standing clothesline by Vader and he lectures the crowd. Front face lock from Vader, Bulldog reverses and he lifts the big man for a delayed vertical suplex! Body shot from Vader as they get back to their feet. The champ drops an elbow low and taunts the crowd. He tags in Sid, Irish whip and Davey is double teamed. Sid with a kick to the midsection and he steps on the throat. Sid latches on a front face lock as the crowd rallies for Bulldog.

Davey tries to break it but Sid remains in control. He tags in Vader, they send Bulldog for the ride and the champ knocks Bulldog out. He taunts Sting who obliges for a fight, Vader rips his mask off and the distraction causes Bulldog to pull Vader away. Tempers fly and Vader takes control. Sid whiplashes Bulldog over the top rope. Vader sends him for the ride, Bulldog tries a sunset flip and Vader holds court, he tries to sit down on Davey but Smith moves out of the way. vader drops an elbow to the small of the back. Sid comes to the 2nd rope, double ax handle and he takes control with a nerve hold. Sting gets the crowd going in favor of Davey.

Davey works his way up, he breaks the hold and delivers a power slam. Sid is able to crawl over to tag in Vader who takes Davey, Sid runs a distraction while Race holds Smith in place for the champ. Vader goes for a big body shot, Smith moves and Race is knocked to the floor. He makes the hot tag to Sting who goes right to work on both Masters with rights. Dropkick on Vader, Sid is caught on the apron and he gets another shot. Irish whip reversed by Vader but Sting moves. The champ comes back with a vicious clothesline. Sid is tagged back in and he mocks Sting. Forearm shots to the back and then to the chest.

Sid with a big boot to Stinger and he chokes him with it in the corner. Race runs a distraction while the Masters double team. Vader is tagged back in and he hits a series of strikes, Sting collapses. Vader heads for the 2nd rope and hits a big clothesline. The champ seats Sting on the top rope, he sets him up for a superplex but Sting fights back and bites him on the nose. Vader falls flat but Sting doesn’t have the energy to tag Davey. Vader drops an elbow and tags in Sid. Vicious measures him with kicks to the ribs, fans rally behind Sting. Scoop slam from the Ruler, but he misses an elbow. Sting makes a hot tag to Smith who levels Sid with clotheslines.

He tries to comeback, but Sid lays in the boot. He throws Bulldog face first on the mat and tags in Vader. The champ lifts Bulldog for a Samoan drop but he can’t pin Davey. He goes to the 2nd rope for a Vader bomb but Sting makes the save. Sid takes issue and combats him, those two move out to the ramp. Vader goes up to the top rope and he lands a moonsault. Sting comes flying over the top rope from the ramp to break up a potential pin. Sting and Sid go back to their respective corners looking for a tag. Davey hits the ropes, leaps on Vader with a crucifix and pulls him over for the win!
Winners: The Superpowers (Bulldog/Crucifix)

  • After The Bell: Vader is irate, he takes a shot at Schiavone and throws a chair.
  • EA’s TakeFun way to get two hot faces and two hot heels involved in the main event. All four delivered and pleased the crowd. When people rank great rivalries, I think Sting vs. Vader is all too often overlooked.

EA’s Take: Jesse Ventura has developed some really good chemistry with Tony Schiavone, delivering some good entertainment. I would say that I hoped he stayed on during the Monday Night Wars, but there was no better heel commentator in wrestling history than Bobby Heenan. Overall a pretty decent show, Ric Flair getting the big belt back makes sense. It wasn’t legendary, but there was nothing that disappointed. Plus, who didn’t love the ultra cheesy Sting/Bulldog and Sid/Vader video that went along with it?!?! Boy, was that a dumpster fire!

Top Three To Watch
1 – Rick Rude vs. Dustin Rhodes
2 – The Superpowers vs. The Masters of the Powerbomb
3 – The Hollywood Blonds vs. The Four Horseman

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