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Chairshot Classics: WCW Fall Brawl ’93 – One Will Rise, One Will Fall



Match #1 for the WCW World Television Championship: WCW World Television Champion Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat vs. Lord Steven Regal w/Sir William
Michael Buffer is on hand as the ring announcer for the championship bouts this evening. We start the action, Steamboat goes right to work, and chops Regal in the corner. He sends the Lord into the corner and chops him down to the mat, but he favors his taped ribs. Regal takes advantage with an European uppercut but Steamboat fights back. His ribs are keeping him modest and Regal hits uppercuts in the corner. Knee to the gut and another uppercut but Steamboat fires back and launches Regal to the entrance ramp. Chops on the runway by The Dragon before launching him back into the ring.

The Dragon heads for the top and lands another big chop, but those ribs are hurting. Shot to the midsection and a karate shot by Steamboat, but Regal fights back. Kick in the corner by the challenger and a knee to the damaged ribs. Steamboat relentless fights back and he knocks Regal down with a karate kick. Flagrant choke in the corner and the ref backs him off, The Dragon rushing right back in with chops. Straight right by the champ and another chop. Double reversal of the Irish whip and Steamboat takes him down with a drop toe hold. He moves into a modified hammerlock on the mat and drops the knee in for good measure.

He continues to favor the ribs as he drives the knees in. Regal goes for the eyes to break the eyes and he attacks the ribs. Steamboat with a wristlock but he eats a forearm. Regal turns to shake off his wrist and Steamboat plays possum on the mat. Regal moves in and it’s Steamboat with a creative takeover, he holds a modified arm bar but Regal breaks it by attacking the ribs again. Knees to the tape and a front facelock by Regal, Steamboat with a quick reversal and Regal’s arm seems to be hurt. The Dragon lays some knees into it and he hooks the shoulder and maneuvers for a pin, Regal kicks out.

Steamboat is relentless with his knees on the back and he holds a half nelson on the mat. Regal is vertical, they hit the ropes and Steamboat hits a flying body press for two. He goes right back to the arm on the mat and Regal needs to keep his shoulders up. Regal turns Steamboat over and hoists him up on his shoulders but The Dragon somersaults over and goes back to a short arm scissor. The ropes break it and Regal dumps Steamboat out. The Dragon is in quickly but Regal hits a back body drop. Lord Steven with a forearm to the ribs and a snapmare. Regal with a senton and a crossface. Kicks to the ribs from the challenger, he tries a camel clutch but Steamboat lifts him up on his shoulders and he falls backwards.

He tries a splash, Regal gets his knees up. Regal measures but it’s Steamboat with chops. Single leg and a knee to the ribs by Regal. Lord Steven lifts Steamboat up on his shoulder for a modified rack. Steamboat slips down and lands a big chop on the head. Drop toe hold by Regal and he sits back and stretches the hamstrings. He pulls Steamboat back deep. The hold is broken and Steamboat gets a shot and a chop in. Regal with a double underhook but Steamboat escapes. Regal rips the tape off of the ribs, hooks Steamboat for a butterfly suplex and Steamboat kicks out. Double leg by the champ and he launches Regal into the top turnbuckle. Scoop slam attempt but Steamboat can’t hold him. Regal falls on top and gets a two count.

Half nelson on the mat by Regal, changing into a modified reverse chin lock. Scoop slam by Regal, lateral press for two. Elbow to the ribs and Regal tries a piledriver. Steamboat turns the tables and plants Regal, but he can’t make a cover quick enough. Regal runs Steamboat into the turnbuckle, The Dragon flips out of a suplex and tries a victory roll. He chops the challenger down to the mat for two. Inside cradle and another two count. They hit the ropes, Steamboat with a front facelock and a vertical suplex but again can’t make the cover in time. The Dragon heads for the top turnbuckle, he leaps and scores with a crossbody, but again it’s a late cover due to the ribs.

Shoulder tackle by Steamboat and Regal kicks out again. Regal tries to throw Steamboat over the top, Steamboat hangs onto the rope and flips back in, but Sir William strikes him in the head with his umbrella. Regal hits a German suplex and we have a new champion.
Winner and NEW WCW World Television Champion: Lord Steven Regal (German Suplex)

  • EA’s TakeGood storytelling by Steamboat in terms of the ribs. It gives the belt to a good up and comer/good heel while keeping the fan-favorite Steamboat protected as he enters the final months of his in-ring career.

In The Arena: Eric Bischoff is joined by The Nasty Boys. They have a big secret for The Four Horsemen and Knobs tells them they’ll be ending it with a bulldog off the top rope.

Match #2: Charlie Norris vs. Big Sky
Collar and elbow tie up and a quick break. Another lock up and once again they push away. A third tie up, Sky with a wristlock and he snaps the arm. Norris with a chop and he turns the tide. He chops the arm and holds the wristlock. Norris with an arm drag and he hangs on down on the mat. Chants of “We Want Flair” and “Boring” are scattered through the arena. Sky gets to his feet and maneuvers his shoulders flat on the mat, kick to the face and a drive to the turnbuckle. Norris reverses the Irish whip and he runs into a big boot.

Forearm shots by Sky and he drives Norris into the turnbuckle. Whip to the ropes, Norris ducks an elbow but runs into a chokeslam. Scoop slam by Sky and a standing leg drop. Blatant choke and the ref breaks it. Scoop slam by Sky and he heads for the 2nd rope. Norris moves away from the knee, he gets up and chops away. To the ropes and a big backhanded chop. He dances around the ring but Sky kicks him in the gut. Irish whip is reversed and Norris hits a bicycle kick. 1-2-3.
Winner: Charlie Norris (Bicycle Kick)

  • EA’s TakeOK, sooo…that match happened. Yup, it definitely happened. You may recognize Big Sky as Tyler Mane, best known as Sabretooth from the X-Men movie in the year 2000. He also plays Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ remakes. That’s all I’ve got though for you here. Just…yuck.

Backstage: Scott Dunlap is getting a word with Davey Boy Smith. Bulldog discusses his WarGames match. Vader is strong and tough, Sid is quick and Harlem Heat is sneaky, but his team is the real deal and they’re not going to surrender.

Match #3: 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell vs. ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff & The Equalizer
The crowd breaks out with “Paula” chants to annoy Orndorff. Bagwell ducks Equalizer, collar and elbow and he throws Bagwell into the corner. Clubbing forearms to the back and chest, to the ropes and Bagwell can’t move the big man. Shoulder tackle sends Bagwell to his back. Baseball slide by Bagwell this time, Equalizer catches his boot on a kick and ducks the enzigure. Bagwell avoids the elbow drop and this time takes him down with a big shoulder tackle. Tag to Scorpio and Equalizer is double drop kicked to the floor. Back in the ring, shot to the midsection by Equalizer, Cold tries to wrestle him to the mat but he eats a headbutt.

Tag is made to Wonderful. Double back body drop and Orndorff goes to work with kicks to the ribs. Out to the floor, he elbows Scorpio on the apron. Back in the ring and the ref warns Orndorff. Irish whip, Scorpio leaps to the apron, forearm shots to the head, he heads for the top and lands a corkscrew moonsault but Orndorff uses the momentum and rolls him over. Drop toe hold by 2 Cold and he grabs an arm bar. Orndorff is up to his feet, Scorpio with the wristlock and he tags in Bagwell. Double hip toss and a double elbow and Orndorff has to kick out. Bagwell gets the wrist but Orndorff gets knees to the midsection.

Front face lock and Bagwell reverses the vertical suplex for two. The ref gets caught up by Scorpio and Bagwell is dumped over the top and out to the floor. Equalizer with a scoop slam on the floor while the ref’s back is turned, Bagwell is run into the apron. Back inside and two the ropes, Bagwell leaps for a sunset flip but Orndorff pounds the head. Tag is made and Equalizer baits Scorpio allowing a double team on the other side. Lateral press and Bagwell kicks out. Equalizer with a reverse chin lock on the mat while the loudest “PAULA” chant rings. Bagwell slow to his feet, elbows to the gut, he gets the big man over with a crucifix but can only get one.

Equalizer runs him down and Scorpio has to save the pin. Tag is made to Orndorff and he grabs a bear hug. Bagwell breaks it with forearms and picks him up for a belly to back suplex. Tag is made to Equalizer but Bagwell makes the hot tag. Scorpio with a flurry of punches and a karate kick. Orndorff rushes in and he’s met with a dropkick. To the top goes 2 Cold, flying body press and Wonderful cuts it off. Bagwell takes offense and a full brawl breaks out. Bagwell and Scorpio try a double Irish whip, Equalizer reverses his and Wonderful runs down Scorpio with a clothesline.

Bagwell finds himself double teamed while Scorpio recovers on the apron. Double clothesline on Marcus and Orndorff knocks Scorpio to the floor. Equalizer holds Bagwell in place for Orndorff but Scorpio sneaks up to the top rope. Bagwell moves and Orndorff knees his partner down to the mat, Bagwell drop kicks Wonderful out of the way while Scorpio lands a 450 splash and that’s all folks.
Winners: 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell (Scorpio/450 Splash)

  • EA’s TakeThis team of Scorpio and Bagwell is too much fun, not to mention their in ring talent. If I were booking, I’d shoot these guys right into the title picture and it sounds like they’re going to get their shot soon. Also, the “Paula” chant is one of my favorites of all time. As for The Equalizer, another in a run of terrible early/mid 90’s gimmicks that won’t last much longer. We’ll see him again, but it will be as Dave Sullivan, the brother of Kevin.

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