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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW Fall Brawl ’93 – One Will Rise, One Will Fall

In The Arena: Eric Bischoff is joined by the new WCW World Television Champion Lord Steven Regal & Sir William. Bischoff says the win came from dubious circumstances. William says that he should know the rules, Regal only talks when he wants to, but they’ll be boarding a plane for England tomorrow. Regal says that when he returns to this awful country, he’ll defend the title for all the peasants. Bischoff questions the honor of his victory, Regal is a gentleman so if you can’t trust him, who can you trust?

Match #4: Shanghai Pierce w/Tex Slazenger vs. Ice Train
They lock up, Pierce complains about grabbing the mask. Collar and elbow, side headlock by Pierce, Train powers out and throws him to the mat. He complains that Train pulled his hair. Collar and elbow, side headlock by Train, to the ropes and a shoulder tackle by Train. Pierce calls for a test of strength, Train obliges and Pierce cheapshots him. Straight rights, to the ropes and Tex grabs the boot. Pierce takes advantage, snapmare and a knee to the head. Big elbow to the neck, front facelock and Train blocks the suplex with one of his own. Clubbing forearms by Train and he sends him for a back body drop. Tex is up on the apron, they try to cheap shot him with a cowbell but Train runs through it. Powerslam by Ice Train and we have a winner.
Winner: Ice Train (Powerslam)

  • EA’s TakeIce Train was essentially Big E before Big E was Big E. Now it’s really starting to feel like the WCW roster I knew and started watching more religiously in the mid 90’s. Not much to say about the match, this was just an effort to put Train over.

Match #5 for the WCW World Tag Team Championships: WCW World Tag Team Champions The Four Horseman (Arn Anderson & Paul Roma) vs. The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobs & Jerry Sags) w/Missy Hyatt
We start off with Roma and Knobs. The crowd is more firmly behind the Horsemen. Knobs tries to blindside him, Roma moves and catches him with a right. Knobs lectures the fans. Collar and elbow and some quick strikes from Knobs, Roma is sent to the turnbuckle. To the ropes and a shoulder tackle from Knobs, he does it once more. He runs again but it’s a powerslam by Roma this time. Sags rushes in and he gets a powerslam followed by a dropkick. The Nasty Boys roll to the floor, Hyatt tries to help out. The crowd chants “Fat Boy” at Knobs. Things are slowed down and Sags is tagged in, he asks for Arn to the crowd’s delight.

The Horsemen oblige and the crowd pops. Collar and elbow, Sags with position and he lays in rights in the corner. Anderson turns him around, sends him for an Irish whip for a big elbow. Double A drags him to the post and wraps his knee around it. Anderson teases a figure four but instead stomps the leg and tags in Roma. Paul baits Knobs and goes after Sags’ leg. He drops an elbow and a leg on the inside of the knee before an ankle lock. He drops down and drives the elbow in as well. Sags uses the hair to break the hold and he tags in Knobs. Brian is met with a drop toe hold and a tag is made to The Enforcer. Teamwork from the Horsemen as they wishbone Knobs. Anderson stays on the knee and stomps it to the mat.

He grapevines the legs and Knobs is caught in the center of the ring. Knee to knee contact before Roma is tagged back in. Roma stomps away but Knobs baits him in the corner. He can’t get anything from it as Roma bashes him into the turnbuckle. Snapmare and a leg submission on the mat. Roma kicks the knee and drags him across the mat. Straight right but Knobs rakes the eyes. Irish whip and Knobs runs straight into the boot. Roma tris a submission, Knobs kicks him away, Roma knocks Sags off the apron but Knobs takes a cheapshot. Tag is made and Sags lifts him with a pump handle slam and gets two. Scoop slam by Sags followed by a big knee. Tag is made back to Knobs as the crowd taunts Missy. Reverse chin lock is applied and he slams down on the small of the back.

Sags is tagged in and lands an elbow. He goes for the reverse chin lock as the crowds chant “Porky Pig” to Knobs. Roma lifts Sags but the weight is too much. Knobs is tagged back in, drops an elbow and tries a pin. He returns to the reverse chin lock, this time Roma gets him up on his shoulders and falls backwards. Tag is made to Sags but here comes Double A. He sends Sags for an elbow, ducks a clothesline and locks in a sleeper. Knobs climbs the turnbuckle, Anderson sees him and throws Sags into the turnbuckle. Anderson climbs to the 2nd rope, tries a splash but the knees were up. With the referee distracted, Knobs rushes in to clothesline Anderson over the top rope.

On the apron, Sags drags Anderson back in before quickly firing him out to the other side. Knobs takes liberties with a scoop slam and Missy taunts him. Sags to the outside and he takes a chair to Arn’s back. He’s rolled back in and Knobs drops an elbow, Anderson kicks out at two. Tag is made to Sags, Irish whip and Anderson collapses. Anderson tries fighting from his knees but The Nasty Boys are in control. Tag is made back to Knobs who lays a boot to the midsection. He works on the ribs and makes a quick tag. Clubbing forearm to the kidney by Sags who then locks in an abdominal stretch. He grabs Knobs for some added leverage. Tag is made to Knobs, double ax handle and he continues the stretch.

The ref drop checks the arm but The Enforcer has more left in the tank. Anderson rakes the eyes to reverse the hold but Sags cheapshots him. Knobs tries a pin and gets two. Tag is made to Sags and he drops an elbow on a prone Anderson. Front facelock by Sags as Anderson tries to get to Roma. He makes the tag but the ref didn’t see it so he sends Roma back. The Nasty Boys double clothesline Anderson who is forced to kick out at two. Tag is made to Knobs, Irish whip and Knobs grabs a bear hug on the small of the back. Anderson bites the forehead to break the hold, quick tag to Sags and he rushes the champ with a knee to the head.

Anderson tries to set up a vertical suplex but eats one instead. Sags with the bear hug this time, Anderson doesn’t give. Double ax handles by Double A but a tag is made to Knobs, the Boys deliver a double elbow. Anderson reaches for a tag but Knobs takes a shot at Roma. Anderson is sent for the ride but he comes back with a big elbow. Knobs drops down and hangs onto Anderson’s ankle after a tag is made to Sags. Jerry cuts off the tag attempt with a right to the jaw. Knobs comes in for a double team, Anderson ducks the lariats and facebusts them both. Hot tag is made to Roma who cleans house, he sends Knobs for a clothesline before sending Sags for a drop kick.

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Body slam on Sags and he knocks their heads together. Roma heads for the top and lands a flying drop kick on Knobs but Sags breaks it up. Roma goes to work on him in the corner. Knobs comes in from behind and lifts him up on his shoulders for a bulldog, Arn comes across and shoves Sags off the ropes, colliding with Knobs. Roma tries a pin and gets two. Anderson dumps Sags to the outside, Knobs is sent for a spinebuster by Double A. Since he’s not the legal man, Randy Anderson directs him to his corner. Roma heads for the top rope and hits the swan dive but the ref is busy with Anderson. Sags climbs back up to the top with the ref’s back turned, he drops an elbow on the back of Roma’s head and rolls out of the ring. Knobs rolls over for the pin and we have new champions.
Winners and NEW WCW World Tag Team Champions: The Nasty Boys (Knobs/Top Rope Elbow Drop)

  • EA’s TakeThe “Big Surprise” was Missy Hyatt? The only surprise from her is what your doctor may tell you after spending a weekend together, if you catch my drift. Eric Bischoff had a couple early blunders when he took charge, but telling Missy not to let the door hit her on the way out wasn’t one of them. She’s insufferable in my book. We’re playing a little bit of hot potato with the tag titles now, after The Horsemen defeated The Hollywood Blonds (who imploded), we’re now switching the straps to The Nasty Boys. Probably for the best considering this incarnation of The Horsemen will be ending after an infamous incident that involves Double-A and Sid Vicious.

Match #6: Cactus Jack vs. Yoshi Kwan w/Harley Race
Yoshi is out to collect a bounty on Jack. Cactus bombards Race at the start, Yoshi defends his manager but he’s taken right to the mat and eats fist. Headbutt by Jack and Yoshi is hung up on the ropes. Jack clotheslines him over the top and he tumbles too. Cactus turns his attention to Race and he’s blindsided with a knee to the back. Yoshi drives Cactus into the apron and rolls him onto the entrance ramp. Enzigure on the ramp and Jack’s down. Falling headbutt and a boot rolls Jack back into the ring. Cactus crawls across to ring #2 and he gets some blows to the chest. A big kick and Jack goes down. Jack is sent for the ride and a side kick takes him down again.

Roundhouse kicks in the corner by Yoshi, he tries a bicycle kick but Jack catches it. Straight rights by Jack and the ref breaks a choke hold. Yoshi’s eyes are run across the top rope, inverted atomic drop and a big forearm by Cactus. He hits the ropes but Race tripes him. Race is up on the apron, he tries holding Jack in place. Yoshi moves in and Cactus gets out of the way. Race is knocked off the apron and Jack plants Yoshi with a double underhook DDT for the win. He declares that Vader is next.
Winner: Cactus Jack (Double Arm DDT)

  • EA’s TakeI think the build for this match was bigger than the match itself. We’re working towards Jack’s match with Vader at Halloween Havoc, but it wasn’t particularly necessary. He probably would have been better suited in WarGames, but hey, you can’t take that spot away from the infamous Shockmaster, right?

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