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Chairshot Classics: WCW Halloween Havoc ’93 – Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal



Open: Children are trick or treating and they come upon a creepy house. Tony Schiavone greets them at the door and invites them in. He offers them a cookie, but they have plenty of treats, they came to see something scary. Tony rips his face off, turning into a monster who chases them out.

Match #1: Harlem Heat (Kole & Kane) & The Equalizer vs. Ice Train, Charlie Norris & The Shockmaster
It’s going to be Kole and Ice Train to kick things off. Collar and elbow tie up, Train gets position and the ref breaks it on the ropes. They lock up, side headlock by Train, to the ropes they go, shoulder tackle by the bigger man. Collar and elbow, Kole takes control with a knee and an elbow. He tries a scoop slam, but can’t lift him. Train returns the favor with a slam and a clothesline. He backs off and tags in Kane. Kick to the gut and clubbing forearms by Kane, he can’t get Train’s head in the corner and instead he eats the turnbuckle.

Hammerlock by Train and a tag is made to Norris. Ax handle from the middle turnbuckle, Kane rakes the eyes to regain control and he tags his brother back in. Kole is met with an arm drag and Norris hangs on with an arm bar. Up to their feet, Norris pulls on the wrist to keep control. Tag is made to The Shockmaster, he continues to work the wrist and he flips Kole to the mat before dropping a leg. He calls for some cheers and drops it again. Tag is made to Norris who puts the boot to the gut. He grabs a wristlock and makes the quick tag to Train. To the ropes and Kane puts a cheap boot to Train’s back. Kole takes advantage with a dropkick and tags Kane back in.

Double team side slam and Train kicks out. Kane stomps the head and tags in the Equalizer. Kicks to the kidneys and he grabs a reverse chin lock. Train tries fighting from his knees. Equalizer with a headbutt and a chop, he ties Train on the ropes and the ref breaks it. Train is sent for the ride, he stops and drives Equalizer face first on the canvass. Equalizer is wobbly and Train tags Norris. Side headlock is applied and they run, he can’t get Equalizer over with a shoulder tackle and is knocked backwards. Equalizer asks him to try again, he does and gets the same result. Norris points to the big man in his corner and tags in Shockmaster to give it a try.

Equalizer cuts him off with a boot and forearms. He sends Equalizer for the ride but is shocked by shoulder tackles. Scoop slam on Equalizer and here comes Train. They double team him to the ropes and each lay in an elbow. Norris is tagged in, sends Equalizer for a chop and Harlem Heat break up the pin. Equalizer chops Norris’ back when he turns to his opponents corner, Norris reverses the Irish whip but he runs into a big boot. Charging clothesline by Equalizer who tags in Kole. Scoop slam on Norris, lateral press and Charlie kicks out. Blatant choke on the mat is broken up by the ref. Tag is made to Kane, Heat send Norris for a double clothesline but can’t get 3. Kick to the gut and a spinning kick is delivered by Kole.

Norris is rolled over and he has to kick out. Scoop slam by Kole who heads to the 2nd rope, Norris moves out of the way of the big splash. He makes a tag to The Shockmaster. Kane rushes to cut him off but he eats some rights. Equalizer tries to help out but Shockmaster is cleaning house. Kole finally gouges the eyes, Shockmaster reverses the whip to the ropes and grabs him in a big bearhug. Train and Norris prevent make sure Kane and Equalizer can’t break it up, Shockmaster plants Kole with an inverted atomic drop and they pick up the opening win.
Winners: Ice Train, Charlie Norris & The Shockmaster (Shockmaster/Inverted Atomic Drop)

  • After The Bell: Tensions are still high, leading to Shockmaster and Equalizer in a brawl. Shockmaster gets the better of it knocking Equalizer out of the ring with a big forearm.
  • EA’s TakeRun of the mill stuff to get as many B-players on the show as you can (at this point, don’t worry, I see you coming Harlem Heat). Without looking ahead, I get the sense there could be a Shockmaster vs. Equalizer bout at Battle Bowl. I think it’s fair to guess that won’t be a technical masterpiece either

Backstage: Eric Bischoff is standing by with Terry Taylor who will be the special 2nd referee for the Rick Rude/Ric Flair bout. He wanted to be the extra official because of the magnitude of the match, and he wants a chance to do the right thing so he’ll be calling the action right down the middle.

Match #2: ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff w/The Assassin vs. Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat
The “Paula” chants ring from the rafters. Orndorff cheapshots The Dragon as he takes off his entrance get up. Clubbing forearms and uppercuts. To the ropes and Steamboat is sent with a back body drop. Straight rights by Mr. Wonderful, Steamboat chops his way back but Orndorff cuts him off. The Dragon is sent head first into the turnbuckle. Snapmare by Orndorff followed by an elbow. Orndorff is distracted by the crowd and Steamboat almost shocks him with a victory roll. Orndorff runs Steamboat down with a clothesline and The Dragon rolls to the floor. Orndorff rushes him with a double ax handle and throws him onto the ramp.

Nick Patrick tells them to get back in the ring but Wonderful decides to scoopslam Steamboat instead. Orndorff heads back in to pose, he goes back out and lays in an elbow and a right. The ref starts his count and Orndorff heads back in. Patrick is very stern with Mr Wonderful and Steamboat is finally back up. He measures, springs and tries diving over the top rope. Orndorff sees it coming and moves out of the way. Belly to back suplex by Orndorff, he cradles The Dragon but cannot get the win. Steamboat sent to the ropes, The Dragon leapfrogs and comes back with a modified arm drag. Steamboat leaps on top for a hammerlock, Nick Patrick checking to see if he submits. The Dragon piles on with knees and uses his feet to fall backwards for leverage.

Steamboat now bridges to pull back with the hammerlock. He rolls back over, maneuvers into an arm bar. Orndorff is slow to his feet, he headbutts Steamboat, they hit the ropes, Orndorff has to hit the deck as Steamboat is flying and he finally hits Wonderful with a cross body. He hooks the leg and Orndorff kicks out. Steamboat goes back to the arm, Orndorff is in the ropes so he has to break. Steamboat relentlessly drops his weight on Orndorff’s shoulder. Steamboat drags him arm first to the ring post and wraps his arm around. Assassin tries to run a distraction and Steamboat threatens him. Nick Patrick gets some order, Steamboat continuing to punish Orndorff on the outside. Steamboat is in the ring, but can’t take any more stalling.

He rushes out and lays in some chops. Mr Wonderful is thrown into the guard rail and Orndorff is favoring the shoulder. Steamboat rolls back in, the ref prevents him from heading to the top rope and The Dragon is fired up. Orndorff is up on the entrance ramp, he wans a timeout but gets his arm snapped across the top rope. Takedown and multiple elbows by Steamboat. Steamboat tries splitting Orndorff’s fingers apart. Orndorff tries working his way to his feet but gets a shot in the arm. Orndorff misses an elbow and Steamboat lays him out with clotheslines. Orndorff is reeling and asking the ref to back him off. Steamboat doesn’t care and lays in rights. The Dragon uses the ropes for height, driving the knee into Orndorff’s shoulder.

Steamboat blocks a right and fires back, Orndorff is chopped to the mat and he crawls out of the ring and down the steps. Steamboat pursues him and bashes his head into the ramp. Steamboat doesn’t want a countout, he tries to return to the floor but Nick Patrick stops him, holding him by the waist. Wonderful takes advantage and pulls Steamboat head first into the apron. Orndorff stays with it and drives his head repeatedly. Straight rights by Orndorff, Steamboat trying to fight back with chops. The Dragon is sent head first over the steel rail and Patrick gets Orndorff to back off. Wonderful rolls him back into the ring and heads for the top rope. He flies with a big elbow, tries a pin and The Dragon kicks out.

Orndorff with a whip to the ropes, Steamboat ducks a clothesline, they both try crossbodies and collide. Both men are slow to get back, double leg by Orndorff but Steamboat is in the ropes. Orndorff holds Steamboat on the mat by holding the top rope and Patrick is forced to kick his hands off allowing Steamboat a roll up, he kicks out. Orndorff charges and is dumped back to the ramp, Steamboat with an ax handle from the top rope. Kick to the ribs and an atomic drop sends Orndorff back inside. To the top again for The Dragon who hits a big karate chop. Lateral press and a kickout at two. To the ropes they go and a double chop sends Orndorff back to the apron. They run again, Orndorff reverses a backbody drop with a desperation face buster.

Wonderful sets up for the piledriver, Steamboat fights it off and drops Orndorff over his back. Bridging pin by the Dragon and Orndorff powers out of it. Steamboat tries a backslide, Orndorff flips him over his back, double leg by The Dragon and he catapaults Wonderful into the turnbuckle, Orndorff barely kicks out. Belly to back suplex by Steamboat and he heads back to the top. He leaps and lands a flying body press. The Assassin jumps on the apron to prevent a pin, Patrick finally turns around and counts too late. The Dragon pleads with the referee that he had him pinned, Orndorff blindsides him with a kidney shot. He sends Steamboat for the ride, but it’s The Dragon landing shoulder tackles. A lateral press and another kickout by Orndorff.

He lays in a chop and a turnbuckle shot. Straight rights, Nick Patrick tries to break it on the ropes, an enraged Steamboat throws the referee across the ring before Orndorff launches him over the top rope. The Assassin puts a foreign object in the front of his mask and head butts Steamboat. The Dragon tries to crawl up to the apron but he’s too late.
Winner: ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff (Count-Out)

  • EA’s TakeTons of time spent out on the floor and on the entrance ramp in this one. Plenty of energy here as Orndorff is getting some of the best heat in the company right now and this match showed a much more aggressive side of Steamboat. How The Dragon wasn’t DQed for all the times he put his hands on the official, I have no idea, but these two aren’t finished with each other just yet.

Match #3 for the WCW World Television Championship: WCW World Television Champion Lord Steven Regal w/Sir William vs. ‘The British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith
Regal is hesitant to lock up but finally goes for it. He complains about how greased up Bulldog is. Collar and elbow and it’s a wristlock by Regal. Bulldog somersaults around the ring and counters. Regal with a somersault, a wristlock takedown and he takes advantage of the leverage. Bulldog leaps back to his feet with another reversal, Regal tries to twist out of it, but Bulldog does a hand spring and breaks the sequence. Single leg by Regal, he steps on the arm and grabs the wrist. Up to vertical, Bulldog reverses into a wristlock takedown but Regal isn’t impressed.

Regal ducks the collar and elbow tie up, he tries to send Bulldog to the ropes but Davey Boy simply cartwheels out of it. Collar and elbow tie up, Regal tries to one up the cartwheel, but he turns around into a monkey flip. Bulldog gives him a smirk. Regal slows it down, Collar and elbow, some chain wrestling resulting in an arm drag takedown by Regal. He works over the wrist, Bulldog attempts a reversal but it’s Lord Steven with the snapmare. He tries to lock in on the chin, but Bulldog is up quickly. Regal tries again and it’s the same result. He tries a third time and instead of a reverse chinlock on Bulldog, Regal is captured into an arm bar. Regal to the ropes and it’s broken.

Regal shakes it off. Collar and elbow, Regal steps in behind for a chin lock and works it into a European cravat. To the ropes and Bulldog elevates Regal and drops the ribs to the knees. Bulldog steps on the hamstrings and pulls the arms. He moves it all the way to a surfboard and Regal is in trouble. William is up on the apron and it causes Bulldog to break. Regal blind sides him and throws a fist to the gut. To the ropes but Bulldog comes back with a big kick and a flying body press. He hits the ropes again but it’s Regal with the knee this time. He tries a cover but no luck. Snapmare and a senton by Regal, Bulldog kicks out. Regal drops the shin into the midsection and grabs a modified headlock.

Sir William tries to get the fans to stop cheering on Bulldog. Irish whip and Bulldog collapses, he makes a cover and Bulldog kicks out. European uppercuts and high knees from the champ before dropping a knee. He cranks on the head but Bulldog won’t give. To the ropes, Bulldog tries a sunset flip and Regal kicks out. Lord Steven is first on the attack and he works to the mat for an umbrella submission. Up to vertical and Bulldog throws elbows, he comes back with a clothesline. Irish whip but Bulldog walks into a knee. Lord Steven kicks the ribs and grabs a modified camel clutch, he works it into a half nelson with only three minutes left in the bout.

Up to vertical and there is a fireman’s carry, Regal catches him with a short left and breaks it up. The champ goes right back to the half nelson crossface. Bulldog elevates again, Regal is placed on the apron and he’s the first to get the short right. In the ring, Regal tries a lateral press but Bulldog won’t have it. Bulldog is up and he levels Regal with a clothesline before lifting him for a veritcal suplex. He lifts the champ for a scoop slam and Sir William is on the apron. Bulldog backs into William to knock him off and powerslams Regal but there is a kickout. Bulldog lifts Regal for a piledriver, he pins Regal but he is just barely out of time given the 15 minute time limit.
Winner: Time Limit Draw

  • EA’s TakeAwesome match by two guys who belong in the Hall of Fame, but just aren’t there yet. I really have little to say other than a rock solid performance. It’s a bit strange to see Davey falling down the card some to give Regal a bit of a rub, but that was the nature of his career; the ability to move up and down the card while having it make sense.

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