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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WCW SuperBrawl III (1993) – SuperBrawling At Its Best!

Open: A flashback is shown of Big Van Vader whipping and choking Sting with the help of Barry Windham and Harley Race. They will settle it tonight in a ‘White Castle of Fear’ strap match.

In The Arena: Eric Bischoff and Missy Hyatt explain that Ron Simmons is unable to challenge Dustin Rhodes for the United States Championship tonight, so Maxx Payne will replace him. Hyatt has her eyes set on a special interview later and Bischoff welcomes Johnny B. Badd to the set. It’s so outrageous, it’s contagious. Badd announces some of the other feature matches for the night, it’s a great night to be a Badd man. Maxx Payne is out next and performs the national anthem for the crowd on his electric guitar.

Match #1: The Hollywood Blonds (‘Flyin’ Brian Pillman & ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin) vs. Marcus Alexander Bagwell & Erik Watts
Austin and Bagwell kick things off. Collar and elbow tie up and a tough break. Austin has a few words with the fans before tying up once again, Badwell with position in the corner and Austin shoves him away. Lock up once again, arm drag into an arm bar by the Rookie of the Year. Austin gets back to his feet but Bagwell works the wrist. The hold is broken with a shot to the gut, test of strength with a top wrist lock and Bagwell wins it. Up to their feet and again Bagwell takes him down.

Austin is able to get to the corner and he hits a cheap elbow. Straight rights from Stunning Steve followed by knees to the skull. Bagwell ducks a clothesline, Austin holds the ropes to avoid a roll up but is surprised by a right that knocks him to the floor. Pillman checks in with his partner but Bagwell throws him back in. Tag is made to Erik Watts, met with boos. Double back body drop on Austin and a double clothesline on the charging Pillman. Bagwell is sent out to his corner, Austin backs Watts into the corner and makes a tag to Pillman. Watts fights both of them off with elbows and clotheslines.

Pillman is enraged and enters the ring and points his finger right in Watts’ face. They exchange shoves, Watts getting the better but Pillman goes to work. Shoulder tackle by Pillman but Watts recovers with an arm drag and a drop kick. Another arm drag by Watts and he works right into a modified wrist lock. Tag is made to Bagwell who is quickly kneed in the mid section. Tag is made to Stunning Steve and the blondes double team Marcus. Bagwell ducks two clotheslines and scores with a cross body and a two count. He’s up quickly with a drop kick and a side headlock takedown and he holds on with a head lock. Slowly back up to vertical and tag is made to Watts, side headlock by the kid. They hit the ropes, Watts boots Austin in the face and locks in an abdominal stretch.

Tag is made to Bagwell who keeps on with the stretch. Austin grabs some hair and pulls Bagwell off, tag is made to Pillman who hits an double axe handle.Chops in the corner by Flyin Brian. Bagwell reverses the Irish whip and lifts Pillman for a military press. Brian ducks one clothesline but turns around to eat the 2nd effort. Bagwell with a lateral press and gets two. Side headlock by Bagwell and Watts is back in. Erik holds the head lock, Brian escapes and tags in Austin. Austin with a scoop slam and an elbow across the forehead. He tries a splash but Watts gets the knees up, he rolls Austin up for two. Double leg pick up, into a Boston crab by Watts.

Steve struggles and Brian makes the save. Pillman enters immediately and the ref tells him no way jose. Brian ignores the referee, he sends Watts to the ropes and tries a boot to the gut. Watts catches him and reverses it into the STF. Flyin Brian is too close to the ropes and the hold is quickly broken. Watts tries to send Pillman for the ride but he keeps falling to his knees. Austin is signaling for a timeout. Pillman lures Watts close and strikes with an elbow. Watts is dumped to the floor, he ducks as Pillman looks for a crossbody over the top rope. Pillman pulls up short on the apron, waits for Watts to turn and leaps. Watts moves out of the way and Pillman hits the railing. Watts rolls Pillman into the ring. Flyin Brian trips him into the turnbuckle and tags in Austin. The Blondes sends Watts over the top rope with double elbows.

Austin cheap shots a dazed Watts and then scoop slams him on the floor. Stunning Steve rolls him back in the ring, tries a sunset flip, Watts fights back with rights and it’s broken up by Pillman. Tag is made to Flyin Brian who lays in a chop before choking Watts on the middle rope. The ref lectures Brian and Austin takes advantage of the distraction. Pillman and Watts exchange shots, they hit the ropes, Watts shocks Pillman with a sunset flip but the ref is slow to make the count. Pillman rubs his face into the mat and tags in Austin. Forearm from the middle rope by Stunning Steve. Elbows and chops from Austin, Steve prevents the tag and cheapshots Bagwell. The ref gets caught up with Marcus and the Blondes double team Watts in the other corner.

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Tag is made to Pillman who heads for the top rope. They try a rocket launcher and Watts gets the knees up. Tag is made to Austin who cuts off Watts from tagging with a belly to back suplex. Watts kicks out at two. Irish whip by Austin, he follows closely and the two men slam heads. Watts is laid across the middle rope, Austin tries a bronco buster but Erik moves. Tags are made to Pillman and Bagwell. Marcus with rights to both opponents, Pillman begs for mercy. Bagwell with straight rights in the corner, he sends Pillman to the ropes and scores with a power slam. Austin is forced to make the save. Austin and Watts brawl before Erik is dumped to the floor.

Watts is up quickly but the referee backs him away. With the official’s back turned, Bagwell hits a bridging fisherman’s suplex but Austin comes off the top rope to break it with a flying elbow. Pillman rolls up Watts and the Blondes take it.
Winners: The Hollywood Blonds (Pillman/Flying Elbow)

  • EA’s Take: This is the first PPV appearance by one of WCW’s best tag teams of the 1990’s. They are the number one contenders for the Tag Team Championships already, so you give them some momentum here. My one proviso is: if you’re trying to get them over as heels, don’t put them up against the unliked boss’ kid! Erik Watts got far more heat than the Blondes did, seemingly for just existing. Justifiably so, daddy’s boy!

In the Arena: Eric Bischoff & Johnny B. Badd confirm the rumors that Ric Flair will be making his return to WCW tonight! In fact, Missy Hyatt is out back to score an interview as a limousine slowly pulls in behind her. Security backs her away and takes her microphone away, Ric Flair exits the limo, lets out a “WOOO”, and is escorted to the locker room.

Match #2: Chris Benoit vs. 2 Cold Scorpio
Collar and elbow and a clean break on the ropes. Tie up, Scorpio with position, the ref calls for a break but Benoit strikes. Forearm shot by Benoit  followed by a big elbow. Snap suplex by Benoit before stomping on the back of the head. Vicious chop by Benoit, he sends Scorpio to the corner, 2 Cold leaps to the top turnbuckle and scores with a flying cross body and gets two. Standing dropkick by Scorpio followed by a spinning kick to the face and Benoit has to regroup outside. Back to the ring, collar and elbow quickly into the wristlock by Benoit. Both men with acrobatic reversals and Benoit stays in control.

They chain wrestle until Benoit throws a hip toss and grabs an arm bar. Up to a vertical base, Scorpio flips for positioning and lifts Benoit with a back body drop. 2Cold holds onto the arm and works it on the mat. Scorpio uses his knee for leverage and then maneuvers into a modified hammerlock, using his feet and falling backwards for pressure. Benoit works his way back to his feet, ducks down and reverses the hammerlock. Scorpio grabs the head, backflips out of the hold, runs Benoit to the ropes, backflips out of the way, leapfrogs Benoit, hits the mat and finally scores with an arm drag. Benoit rolls out to the floor, favoring the arm. Back inside the ropes, they hook up for a test of strength.

Benoit bridges down and back up and then he takes the advantage. Benoit puts his whole body on Scorpio’s bridge. 2 Cold leaps up and they exchange impressive monkey flips. Scorpio with a standing drop kick and an arm drag, working right into the arm bar. Scorpio drops the leg on the arm and then hangs on for more submission work. Slowly vertical, Benoit breaks it up, hitting a head butt. They hit the ropes, Benoit with a baseball slide and a double leg pickup, Scorpio flips him away from a Boston crab but misses with a drop kick. Benoit misses with an elbow and eats a superkick. Armdrag into the submission by Scorpio.

He switches into a seated abdominal stretch and rolls him over for two. Scorpio hangs on with a hammerlock on the mat. Benoit breaks it with a knee to the gut and throws Scorpio hard into the top turnbuckle. To the ropes, Benoit leap frogs, Scorpio misses the spinning kick and Benoit nails him with a high impact clothesline. Scorpio for the ride and Benoit hits a shoulder tackle. Back breaker by Benoit and he stretches Scorpio across his knee. Scorpio grabs a handful of hair and breaks it with a knee. Benoit with a snapmare and a reverse chin lock, and he tells the fans to shut up. Up to their feet, Benoit with a right. Front facelock and he hangs Scorpio across the top rope.

Benoit stomps a hole in him and Scorpio falls out to the floor. From the apron, Scorpio blocks a shot to the turnbuckle and throws Benoit head first instead. Shoulder to the midsection and Scorpio heads for the top, he misses a flying drop kick and is forced to kick out of a pin. Snap mare and chin lock again by Benoit. Scorpio bridges up, throws his elbows into the midsection, ducks a clothesline but is caught with a sidewalk slam. Benoit grabs the legs and locks in a Boston crab. Chris lets the hold go, takes him down with a snap mare. Straight right and chop from Benoit. Scorpio is seated on the top turnbuckle and he signals for the crowd.

Belly to back suplex from the top rope, but Benoit hits the back of his head. Both men are down. Benoit is up first, he tries a pin and Scorpio kicks out. Russian leg sweep by Benoit and Scorpio kicks out again. Benoit tries to lift him for another belly to back suplex, Scorpio contorts his body and lands a cross body, Benoit kicks out. Scorpio tries a back body drop but Benoit hits him with a forearm. Benoit lifts him for a powerbomb and Scorpio is able to kick out. Benoit goes for another powerbomb, reversed into a sunset flip but they’re too close to the ropes. Irish whip by Benoit, Scorpio meets him with a knee. Scorpio catches Benoit’s kick, jumps up and kicks him over. Scorpio sends Benoit to the ropes, Chris ducks two spinning kicks but can’t avoid the clothesline.

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Benoit slides to the corner, Scorpio charges with some rights. Irish whip and a 360 clothesline by Scorpio. Scorpio heads for the top rope and hits a corkscrew splash. A lateral press and Benoit kicks out. They hit the ropes, Scorpio ducks a clothesline, leaps on Benoit’s shoulders but is dropped face first on the mat. Benoit with a scoop slam and a leg drop from the 2nd rope, he covers and Scorpio kicks out with 15 seconds left in the 20 minute time limit. Scorpio tries a small package but Benoit kicks. Scorpio blocks a right, Benoit goes for a full nelson but Scorpio reverses it, rolls him up and gets the win just before the clock ran out.
Winner: 2 Cold Scorpio (Roll-Up)

  • EA’s Take: What a match! It’s now extremely difficult to mentally separate his incredible career from what happened during his final weekend, but Chris Benoit was a favorite of mine for a long time. When that familiar WCW music hit, I couldn’t help but get excited for the match. Scorpio is in his athletic prime and Benoit is showing that he’s already one of the best technicians in the world, making his WCW PPV debut here before heading to ECW. This is not the match you want to have to follow and it’s not my bias talking when I guarantee this will be the match of the night when it’s all done.

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