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Chairshot Classics: WWE UK Championship Tournament Day One (1/14/17)



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The WWE will soon be heading to Saudi Arabia for the big World Cup tournament, so over the next two days we’re looking back at another big tournament in a foreign country, the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament! Unlike the World Cup, this tournament left a lot of fans not knowing what to expect with a field comprised of almost entirely unknown names, so this is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. However, this one spawned some of the brightest stars in the business and the first steps of the company launching another brand. Let’s jump into the action and don’t forget to peep day two tomorrow!

Open: A video package highlights the relationship WWE has had with the United Kingdom over the years, Triple H explaining the only criticism of the company from fans is that they just weren’t there enough. Tonight, 16 competitors battle to define the legacy of the United Kingdom as we look to crown the first-ever WWE United Kingdom Champion.

In The Arena: Triple H comes out to the stage and gets a big ovation, The Game states that every empire has a beginning and tonight another will be built, wondering if we’re ready. The new United Kingdom Championship is shown on a pedestal in the ring.

Video: We meet Trent Seven, a man who believes himself to be from where British strong style started. Trent believes this tournament is the best showcase to let the world see what he can do, fully thinking there’s nobody that can stop him. His opponent, H.C. Dyer, explains that his fists are what separate him from the competition and when he strikes, he makes sure he won’t have to do it twice.

Match #1 – First Round: Trent Seven vs. H.C. Dyer
The crowd is very behind Seven here, collar & elbow tie-up to begin, Trent pushes Dyer to the corner, breaks clean and twirls his mustache. HC doesn’t appreciate it, looks for a big right hand and instead eats a chop, Trent slaps on a side headlock, gets shoved off to the ropes, Dyer drops down and pops back up with a dropkick. Seven rolls to the outside  and HC goes out in pursuit, Trent meets him with stinging chops, Dyer ducks under one and Seven hits the ring post with his hand.

Dyer tosses him back in and Trent staggers to the corner, HC slides in, lines him up for a splash, but Seven side-steps it and delivers more rapid-fire chops. He shoots Dyer across, rushes in for an overhand chop, plants him with a veritcal suplex and makes an arrogant cover for 2. Seven looks for a powerbomb, HC counters out with a back body drop, avoids a clothesline, scores with a pop-up spinebuster and hooks the leg for a count of 2. He hauls Trent back up and Seven scores with a flurry of strikes, misses a spinning back fist, HC pushes him away to the ropes, but gets taken down by a double leg for a single-leg crab.

Dyer kicks him away to the ropes, connects with a haymaker to the jaw, lateral press and a near fall. He drags Trent up for a german suplex, Seven fights it off, tries to hit the ropes, Dyer grabs him by the tights, pulls him in for a blue thunder bomb, but still can’t finish it. HC looks stunned, looks to head to the top rope for a frog splash, Trent rolls out of harm’s way, smacks him with a spinning back fist, scores with the Seven Stars Lariat and gets the win.
Winner: Trent Seven (Seven Stars Lariat)

Video: Danny Burch is a former NXT Superstar for two years, stating being entered into the tournament has been a humbling experience. He speaks about his boxing background and says there’s no plan B for him, believing it’s his time. Jordan Devlin is from Ireland and was trained by Finn Balor, feeling like he was bred for this since a young age and it’s time to make his country proud.

Match #2 – First Round: Danny Burch vs. Jordan Devlin
Devlin avoids the opening lock-up and surprises Burch with a schoolboy for a quick 1 count, they tie-up and Burch gains a wristlock, Devlin countering back to one of his own. Burch rolls out of it to reverse back, Devlin switches to a hammerlock, Burch with another counter out into a hammerlock suplex, then takes a bow. Devlin doesn’t appreciate it and charges in, Burch drops down, pops back up with a shoulder block, goes back into the ropes, Jordan tries to leapfrog over, but Burch picks the leg in mid-air. He hooks him for a snap suplex that gets 1, Devlin pulls himself to his feet in the corner, Burch rushes in, Jordan slips out to the apron to avoid him, buries a shoulder to the midsection and flips over Danny back into the ring.

He hits the ropes and ducks a clothesline, connects with a dropkick, pummels Burch in the corner with heavy forearms, the official stepping in to force the break. Burch takes the opening to score with a boot to the jaw, goes to the 2nd rope, Devlin sweeps the leg to send him crashing to the mat and covers for a 2 count. Jordan applies a rear chinlock to wear Burch down, Danny tries to gain his footing, but gets ripped back down to the mat and has some words for the fans. Devlin puts the boots to him and goes back to the rear chinlock, Burch works to a vertical base, breaks free and hits the ropes, but runs into a back elbow and Jordan gets a 2 count. He unloads with forearms from the left and right, has some more comments for the crowd, Burch finds his footing and fires away with big chops.

Devlin rakes the eyes to stop the onslaught, grounds Danny with another chinlock, Burch battles back up and escapes with a jawbreaker. He stumbles to the corner, catches Devlin charging in with double boots, comes off the 2nd rope with a dropkick, they double down and Danny kips back up. He unleashes a series of uppercuts, hits the ropes and runs into a flying forearm, Jordan goes into the ropes now for a head of steam, but Burch follows him in with a clothesline. He hits the ropes and turns Devlin inside out with another clothesline for a near fall, looks to set for a suplex, Jordan counters to a schoolboy for another 2 count, both guys up quick and Devlin charges into a spinebuster. Burch rolls him up for a big knee to the face, follows with a stiff headbutt for a count of 2, hooks on a crossface off the kick-out, but Devlin makes it to the bottom rope to force the break.

Burch dead-lifts Jordan for a german suplex, Devlin fights it off initially, backflips to his feet to counter the 2nd attempt, runs in and hooks a victory roll, but still can’t put it away. He gets to his feet in the corner, Burch rushes in and gets double stomped to the mat, Devlin lines up for a spinning roundhouse kick, lateral press and the referee counts 3, but Danny kicked out. Burch is busted open on the back of the head and the trainer comes out to look at him.
Winner: Jordan Devlin (Spinning Roundhouse Kick)

  • After The Bell: Burch presses a wad of gauze to the back of his head, offers Jordan a handshake, Devlin goes to accept, but instead superkicks him. Charly Caruso grabs him for comment on top of the stage, Devlin states that defeating Burch so decisively that it gives him a confidence boost, but he doesn’t need it and will go to the end regardless.

Video: Saxon Huxley talks about his mind being what will lead him to victory in this tournament, saying he’s the only guy who meditates twice a day and exclusively reads books. Sam Gradwell didn’t have an easy upbringing and his home was a warzone, using WWE as his escape when he was a kid. The only thing he’s got in common with the competitors in this tournament is the ring they share and everyone will know who he is when this tournament concludes.

Match #3 – First Round: Saxon Huxley vs. Sam Gradwell
Collar & elbow lock-up to start out, Huxley works Gradwell to the corner and breaks clean, they tie-up again, Sam pushes him way, third lock-up and Saxon gets pushed off trying for a side headlock. Another collar & elbow and Gradwell goes to a wristlock, Huxley breaks out of it, they tie-up once more and Sam hooks in an armbar this time around. Saxon tries to switch out of it, Gradwell snapmares him over for a chinlock, Huxley quickly spins out for a wristlock, Sam rolling out for a side headlock, but it’s blocked. Gradwell works his way back up and gets out with an arm drag, locks on an armbar, Saxon gets to a standing position and pushes him to the ropes, both guys pushing and shoving off the break.

Huxley ducks a wild right hand and clubs Sam to the mat, hits the ropes, Gradwell runs a misdirection, delivers a dropkick and gets a 1 count. He hauls him back up for a front facelock, Saxon drives him into the corner to break out, Sam jumps right back on it, plants him with a butterfly suplex and hooks both legs for 2. He looks to go up top an Huxley rolls out of the ring to get away, Gradwell gives chase outside and back in, buries a shoulder to the midsection from the apron, tries another and gets dragged into the ring for a double underhook backbreaker and a near fall. Saxon beats Sam down with forearms, posts his knee into the spine and wrenches back on the arms, Gradwell battles to his feet, but takes a knee to the ribs.

Huxley fires off right hands, Gradwell starts to absorb them and returns the favor in the corner, hits a flurry of uppercuts, then powers Huxley up onto his shoulders. Saxon slips out of it, tries a kick that’s blocked, Sam clocks him with a forearm, runs him into the ropes for a short knee to the ribs, then attempts to shoot him to the ropes. Huxley puts on the brakes, they exchange right hands, Gradwell flattens him with a clothesline, goes upstairs for a diving headbutt and that’s all she wrote.
Winner: Sam Gradwell (Diving Headbutt)

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Classic Nitro

Chairshot Classics: WCW Monday Nitro Episode 22

Hogan vs Flair, Giant vs Savage!



WCW Monday Nitro

From the Canton Memorial Civic Center, in Canton, Ohio, WCW brings us Monday Nitro from January 29, 1996!

This show is advertised to feature Hulk Hogan taking on Ric Flair. There’s a tease about tension between The Dungeon of Doom and The Four Horsemen while The Road Warriors battle The Faces of Fear. We also are slated to see Randy Savage facing The Giant. Bischoff, McMichael and Heenan are on the call as usual.

Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan is jerking the curtain? How often did this happen? Hogan is getting a sizable amount of boos at this point in 1996. Miss Elizabeth is back too, out in Hulk’s corner. Flair gets shoved a few times so Hogan can look strong to start the match, Flair goes for a couple of chops, but Hogan no sells them, hits a big back body drop and clotheslines Flair out of the ring and poses. Back in the ring, Flair chop blocks a leg to get his heat back after Hogan just ruined Flair’s offense by no selling. Finally Hogan sells the chops, but Flair goes to the top rope and gets tossed off as Hogan starts to come back until he eats a back elbow. Jimmy Hart tries to get involved but Hogan kicks him off. Hulk comes back with strikes a forehead bite because he’s a good guy. Outside the ring, Flair rakes the eyes to regain control and get back in the ring. Ric tosses him back out and Jimmy chokes Hulk with a bandana. Flair continues to work on the leg, hits a shin breaker and HOLDS ON! He locks on the figure four leglock in a sequence I’ve never seen, beautiful. Hogan reverses the hold and Flair gets to the ropes. Hulk blocks a suplex attempt and hits one of his own. Flair chops and strikes but Hogan no sells but his come back is cut off by a back elbow. Flair hits a stalling belly to back suplex, awesome, but only gets a near fall. Hulk starts to, well, Hulk up. Three punches, big boot and a leg drop. Arn Anderson with brass knuckles gets cut off by Hulk. Flair hits Hogan with Miss Elizabeth’s high heel shoe and gets the pinfall victory. Elizabeth and Savage checking on Hogan, who is selling the eye big time. Very stereotypical Hogan match, but it was given some good time to breathe.

Winner: Ric Flair via pinfall

Faces of Fear vs Road Warriors

Hawk and Animal get a huge pop, out in black and blue spikes, looking ready to dominate. This is a pretty typical looking LOD match. Animal is in early, with some shows of strength, then tags in Hawk. Hawk takes a little punishment then no sells a piledriver. Animal back in and eats some more offense from both of the Faces of Fear, seeming to work on the back. Barbarian hits a big back breaker, and Meng is back in with a camel clutch. Animal slams the mat a few times….isn’t that a submission? Apparently not, as Animal is sent out of the ring and into the barricade and turnbuckle by Barbarian. Meng hits a big dropkick, that was pretty impressive! Barbarian hits a big powerbomb on Animal but he kicks out at two. Animal sells a 2nd rope clothesline in a very strange way, falling forward. Barbarian tries it again but Animal clotheslines him and tags in Hawk. Hawk is on fire, striking both Barbarian and Meng before hitting a double clothesline on them. Barbarian puts Hawk up on the top rope and Animal goes for the Doomsday Device, but Meng pushes him off the top rope. Animal eats a piledriver, and Barbarian goes for another but Hawk comes off the top rope with a clothesline for a pinfall victory. Not the typical squash type match for the Road Warriors.

Winners: Road Warriors via pinfall

Mean Gene has Kevin Sullivan in the ring talking about the dissension between The Dungeon of Doom and The Four Horsemen with Hugh Morrus by his side. Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman come down and Sullivan says that Anderson should take care of Pillman. Anderson takes Pillman to task and tells him that all that’s left is tough love. Sullivan and Morrus attack Anderson and Pillman but Anderson fights back and clears out the Dungeon. Anderson tells WCW executives that he demands a match with Sullivan and Morrus, Pillman says he’ll get them out this mess since he got them into it.

Sister Sherri vs Madusa

Mean Gene is back in the ring with Sister Sherri and Madusa comes out and attacks Sherri with a cross body from the top rope. Sherrie comes back and wraps Madusa’s leg around the turnbuckle but Madusa comes back with a snap suplex on the outside of the ring. Bischoff is obsessed with calling these kicks silly martial arts type names like “back leg round kicks” and it really takes away from the action. Sherri comes back and goes up top, Madusa counters it and Sherri holds on to roll her up for the pinfall victory. Madusa snaps after the match, hits a german suplex that drops Sherri right on her head in an ugly landing. Madusa slams Sherri’s head in the mat repeatedly before the refs get control. That all looked rough.

Winner: Sherri via pinfall

WCW Heavyweight Championship
The Giant vs Randy Savage

Savage attacks Giant from behind with the belt before the match and one shot after the bell rings. The ref calls for the bell and there’s a disqualification. Ric Flair is out and attacks Savage before taking a big stalling suplex by The Giant. They knock the ref out and continue to work over Savage. Flair is directing Giant which is odd. Flair calls for the chokeslam and Giant obliges. Out comes Hogan with an eye wrap and chair, takes out Giant and the entire Dungeon of Doom as they come out. Flair grabs a mic and Jimmy Hart and The Giant join him and challenge Hogan and Savage. Flair challenges Savage for the World title in a cage and Giant challenges Hogan in an unsanctioned match in a cage for Superbrawl. Hogan and a ref are helping Savage out as the show closes.

Winner: The Giant via disqualification (title stays with Savage)

What a show this Nitro turned out to be. Entertaining with the story telling. The wrestling was alright, but the big factor was all the story progression here. They’re building to WCW Superbrawl, and we’ll see how that all goes down!

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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: NWA-TNA Episode 19 – October 30, 2002



TNA Wrestling Logo

This week, TNA will start the search for Ron Killings’ next opponent. Some new rules are laid down by Bob Armstrong, the mystery of Mr. Wrestling III deepens, and Amazing Red has the chance of a lifetime. How’d they do? Let’s find out.

Tony Mamaluke vs Kid Kash: We go right into the match. There’s a lot of standing switches and going for early pins. The first few minutes of this match consist of this and it gets boring quickly. The match was okay, it wasn’t much to write home about. Kash did his best to get a decent match out of Mamaluke, but the flow of the match was just blah and there was no real chemistry between them. Kid Kash would get the win with his Money Maker finish.

Winner: Kid Kash by pinfall.

Comment: Okay match, but very boring.

To my surprise, Tenay hypes a #1 Contender’s Tournament that hasn’t been announced yet. The tournament consists of:

Curt Hennig vs Jeff Jarrett, Sonny Siaki vs Jerry Lynn, Syxx Pac vs Brian Lawler, and Ron Harris vs BG James.

Did we have trouble with the editing crew this week? Why would you hype a tournament that no one knew about?

We’re shown a pre-show interview Tenay did with Scott Hall, who actually seemed sober. Hall said that he’d been attracted by the ‘Outlaw Spirit’ of TNA. That there were young guys trying to make a name for themselves and older guys that don’t care and are there to have fun.  He also comments that the people who own the company, who are Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Jarrett, and Panda Energy, are too stupid to know when to quit. He also admitted that TNA is the only company that’s willing to hire him.

Tenay mentioned that the only title Hall has never held in his long career is the World Heavyweight Championship. Hall said that he respected the title and would be lying if he said he didn’t want it, but he also respected the TNA locker room.

When asked about Ron Killings, Hall said that he was very impressed with Killings, but Killings was going to find out that he’s not as good as he thinks he is.

NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Ron Killings vs Scott Hall: Killings comes out to a raucus crowd, who wasted no time telling him how much he sucked. Finally fed up with this, Killings fired back by telling the crowd that if he sucked, they swallowed.

That was pretty good.

While the crowd chanted ‘Overrated’ at him, Killings griped about the backstage politics practiced by the former Kliq/NWO members and Curt Hennig.

Normally, I would roll my eyes at this, but it definitely explains why a group of guys who are clearly past their primes are still in a main event position.

Killings then addressed the Mr. Wrestling III situation and said that Jeff Jarrett was NOT Mr. Wrestling III. No one is sure how to take that since there had been no suspicion or implication of that at all. Turning his attention to Hall, Killings tried to use Hall’s ‘Don’t sing it, just bring it,’ catchphrase but he flubs it badly. Hall comes out and advises Killings to quit messing with the fans and to stop being Jarrett’s tool because he’s getting played like Ricky Ricardo’s bongo drums.

Seriously, what decade are we in.


Once the ACTUAL match got going, it was pretty good. From the way Hall sounded once he came out for the match, I’m guessing that he’d visited the bar once his interview with Tenay was over because he was a little sloppy in places and his selling needed work. However, the match wasn’t as bad as their previous encounter.

Mr. Wrestling III runs in and attack Hall, but Hall was ready and fought back before unmasking Mr. Wrestling, but he didn’t show the man’s face. However, Mr. Wrestling’s work was done because the distraction was enough for Killings to get the pinfall. Mr. Wrestling gets his mask back on, though Tenay and West claim they saw light colored hair, as if that proves it was Jarrett, despite the build and body movements indicate otherwise.

Winner: Ron Killings by pinfall.

Comment: That was an okay match, but Killings needs a better opponent.

Apparently, we were supposed to have a video recap of the Hennig/Jarrett feud, but the video doesn’t show. Jarrett comes out for a promo. He claimed that he was going to keep things short since the show is Total Nonstop Action. He had two points to make.

  1. Six weeks ago, he’d vowed to stop griping about not getting a title shot and decided to earn it.

If I remember correctly, he made that vow while holding a bound, pissed off, little person before a match.

He thanked the NWA for putting him in the tournament and vowed to walk out of the tournament as NWA champion.

  1. He addressed the Mr. Wrestling III situation by putting a bounty out on the masked man’s hide. He didn’t name an amount but stated that if anyone could tell him who Mr. Wrestling was, he’d pay whatever amount they named.

I assume there’s a cap on this

At this point, Hennig comes out and he looks like he’s been in the same bar or party Hall had been at and had just left. He mocked Jarrett’s previous Double J and Chosen One gimmicks before throwing some shade at DDP for some reason.

I’m not sure what’s the obsession with DDP, I assume there’s a reason.

Hennig then implied that Jarrett himself was Mr. Wrestling III, despite the fact that Jarrett himself had beaten up Mr. Wrestling III. Hennig then vowed to kick Jarrett’s ass.

Three Way Dance for NWA-TNA Tag Team Championship: America’s Most Wanted vs Hot Shots vs The Michaels: The Hot Shots and Michaels get little reaction, and actually seemed to be in alliance with each other. Storm and Harris come out, and have AMW on their tights. Both men seem to be in a bad mood because the match started on the floor. This match was pretty good. Storm and Harris seemed to finally be gelling more as a team and their teamwork was much better than their opponents.

The Hot Shots and Michaels seemed to be in cahoots until it looked like the Michaels were going to win the match, then all hell broke loose. AMW would get the pin after hitting what would become known as the Death Sentence on one of the Michaels for the three.

Winner: America’s Most Wanted by pinfall

As AMW were celebrating, the lights went out. When the lights came back on, Slash and Primetime Brian Lee were in the ring, attacking AMW. James Mitchell is enjoying this before getting on the mic, vowing that the New Church would do whatever they wanted for as long as he tells them until he gets what he wants, calling himself a personal messiah.

Comment: Okay match, the stuff with New Church was interesting.

In another pre-show interview, Mike Tenay talked to NWA rep, Bob Armstrong. Armstrong revealed that, in an effort to give the fans a better experience and to make sure that every title match has a clear winner, if a champion gets DQ’d or counted out, they would lose the title.

In response to locker room and fan complaints about who was getting title shots, Armstrong officially announced the #1 Contender’s Tournament and the card. To keep things on the up and up, Head of Security, Don Harris would be the referee, even though his twin brother is part of the tournament.

Because that wasn’t a conflict of interest or anything.

#1 Contender’s Tournament Match: Ron Harris vs BG James: Before the match gets started, we find out that Syxx-Pac vs Brian Lawler won’t be happening tonight because Syxx has a hip injury.

Given the storyline between Syxx and Lawler, I could make a joke about this, but I won’t.

Ron Harris comes out to little reaction. Judging by the smile on his face, he seems to think he’s got an in in this thing. James does his usual entrance, without talking. The match was bleh. Don Harris was not a great referee and seemed to be favoring his brother, which is no shock.

We go to the back where Jarrett and Hennig are fighting and the jobbers are trying to pull them apart. Hennig seemed to have overdone the blading because he’s bleeding like crazy while Goldylocks is trying to get him help while still being a backstage reporter. Bob Armstrong, seemingly fed up with Don Harris’ lackluster referee job, came out and told Don that he was done as a referee. Don was furious at the dismissal and attacked Armstrong.

The distraction and chaos gave BG James the opening he needed for a roll up win.

Winner: BG James by pinfall.

Comment: Blah. How did these two get into the tournament.

Mixed Tag Team Match: Jorge Estrada and Priscilla vs Ace Steel and Bruce: This was supposed Estrada and Priscilla vs Steel and Plumtree, but Plumtree refused, saying that he was too much of a gentleman to fight a woman, so he brought out a more…appropriate competitor, Miss TNA, Bruce.

Oh no, not this again.

This match was total crap and that’s all I’m going to say about it.

Winner: Ace Steel and Bruce. After the match, Plumtree has Steel and Bruce put Priscilla over his knee so he can spank her.

Comment: BLAH!!!!

#1 Contender’s Tournament – Curt Hennig vs Jeff Jarrett: Hennig comes out for the match, his head still wrapped and his face still bloody, but before he gets in the ring, Jarrett attacks him with a chair, throws him in the ring, and hits the Stroke, to the joy of the crowd.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett by pinfall.

After the match, Jarrett continued to attack Hennig before being forced to leave.

Comment: If I had to hazard a guess of what just happened, I would guess that NWA officials decided that Hennig was too messed up to wrestle.

#1 Contender’s Tournament – Jerry Lynn vs Sonny Siaki: Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn, and mentions his ongoing issues with Sonny Siaki and asks about revenge. Lynn finds the question amusing and says that, while he would love to get revenge on Siaki, he was more interested in winning the tournament and getting another shot at the NWA-TNA championship because politics have kept him from getting that far before.

After a recap of the Siaki/Lynn feud, Goldy is back, with Sonny Siaki, who is standing way too close for her comfort or mine. Siaki is being a real creep to Goldy, making a lot of innuendoes about her obsession with him and not saying much of value about the match.

The actual match was okay. It was better than last week’s encounter, but Siaki seemed bored and disconnected. He didn’t get much of a reaction from the fans, who were busy chanting ‘Rocky Ripoff’, and didn’t do anything to get more from them. Siaki would get the pin after using the ropes for leverage after hitting Money Clip.

Winner: Sonny Siaki by pinfall.

Enraged, Jerry Lynn attacks Siaki and gives Siaki’s knee the same treatment Siaki gave him.

Comment: That was a pretty good match, but Siaki didn’t seem very engaged in the match.

Even though Syxx-Pac is out with an injury, we get a very dramatic recap of his feud with Brian Lawler and April’s involvement.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Lawler and April. Lawler looks like he’s over the moon and very in love. April doesn’t seem quite as lovestruck as Lawler, but she’s making a good effort.

In response to Goldy’s question, Lawler says that things between him and April are great. He compares their love to Antony and Cleopatra, or Romeo and Juliet, apparently missing the parts where those relationships ended pretty tragically. He kisses April and keeps talking about how wonderful things are.

This is nauseating, but he seems happy.

Lawler and April go out to a mixed reaction, but Lawler’s too smitten to care. A person that I sincerely hope was a plant and not an ACTUAL fan, attacks Lawler, so Lawler pulls him out of the crowd and beats him up.

X-Division Championship Match – AJ Styles (with Mortimer Plumtree) vs Amazing Red: Red gets a great ovation, as does Styles, even with Plumtree with him. I’ll admit, I was very skeptical about Amazing Red going into this match. What I’ve seen of his work in TNA since his debut hasn’t impressed me all that much. He seemed to be a high spot guy who didn’t have a lot of actual wrestling skills. I’m pleased to say that he proved me wrong, at least a little bit, in this match. Red actually showed off some wrestling skills and was able to keep up with Styles.

Styles, for his part, made Red look like a star and actually seemed a little winded halfway through the match. Plumtree, perhaps fearing his meal ticket was slipping away, grabbed Red’s leg as a distraction, but Red, wisely didn’t go after him. Styles would eventually get the pinfall after rolling through a hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle.

Winner: AJ Styles by pinfall.

Comment: Great match. Red looked fantastic in defeat.

We close with Don West doing his ‘Please keep us employed!’ promo.

Overall Comments: So how was week 19 of NWA-TNA? This week was actually pretty good. It wasn’t fantastic, but it was better than some of the shows they’ve put on.

I was disappointed that TNA has started sliding back in their treatment of women, hopefully that’s not going to become a major issue again.

One gripe I keep having is with the almost amateurish things the company is doing. If you’re going to announce a tournament, you make the official announcement at the start of the show with the explanations, not just have the lead commentator dump it on the fans at the start of the show with no explanations or build.

I normally scoff and roll my eyes when people talk about backstage politics in wrestling, particularly when it comes to the Kliq. However, this week, I found myself siding with the people complaining. Hall, Syxx, James, and Hennig (who was never part of the Kliq), are all great, but you can’t tell me that any of them really should be in the spot they’re in. All four are clearly past their prime and struggle to keep up with the younger guys, and Hall and Hennig both seem to struggle to stay sober on the job.

The Hennig thing continues to depress me. It’s sad to see a man I loved to watch wrestle decline as badly as he has. He was clearly on SOMETHING, which probably explains why his match with Jarrett was so short. I don’t know how long Hennig was in TNA, but I have a feeling he’s blown his chance.

Stinkers: We have another tie between the Mixed Tag match, Hennig/Jarrett, and James/Harris.

Snoozers: Lynn/Siaki. Siaki didn’t seem interested, which dragged the whole thing down.

Match of the Night: Styles vs Amazing Red.

Final Thoughts: Overall, this was a good show, even with all the issues.

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