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Chairshot Classics

Chairshot Classics: WWE UK Championship Tournament Day Two (1/15/17)

Backstage: Charly Caruso is standing outside the trainer’s room with an update on Tyler Bate, informing us he’s suffered an injury to his AC joint, but is cleared to compete in tonight’s finals of the tournament.

In The Arena: Finn Balor heads to the squared circle to a huge ovation, The Demon King speaks about what a great tournament it has been and is proud to play a small part in what’s taken place over the weekend. Finn says the reason for it is the fans in the UK who made it all happen, Balor stating let’s not wait any longer to find out who will be the first-ever WWE United Kingdom Champion.

Match #8 – Finals for the WWE United Kingdom Championship: Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bate
William Regal shows both men the title they’re fighting for during the introductions. They tie-up at the bell and Bate works Dunne to the corner, The Bruiserweight switches out, breaks clean and we’ve got a stalemate. They lock-up again and Dunne backs Tyler to the corner, doesn’t break clean and slaps him across the face, Bate simply smiling back at him. This time they lock knuckles, Bate takes Dunne down with a wristlock, The Bruiserweight works to his feet, knocks him down with a chop and starts to target the bad left arm. Tyler rolls through a wristlock, breaks the grip and pops up with a dropkick, tells Dunne to bring it and The Bruiserweight backs off to the corner, then pulls himself back to his feet.

Dunne calls for a test of strength, Tyler doesn’t take it, picks the leg and goes to work with a heel hold. The Bruiserweight kicks himself free, Bate cartwheels to avoid the bump, they lock-up again and jockey back-and-forth for position, roll to the outside in the collar & elbow, Dunne finally gets a hold of the arm and wraps it into the barricade. Tyler gets fired up and they exchange right hands on the floor, Bate gets the best of it with a heavy forearm, rolls Dunne into the ring, slides in and The Bruiserweight goes back to the arm, driving him shoulder-first into the top turnbuckle. He puts the boots to Tyler in the corner, stomps away at the injured shoulder, wants to send him into the ring post now, but Bate turns the tables and Dunne hits the steel shoulder-first, then spills outside.

He pulls himself back in the ring and charges Tyler in the corner, Bate gets the boot up, it’s blocked, he counters out with a knee lift, then rocks him with a big right hand. Tyler to the 2nd rope for an uppercut, throws Dunne with an exploder suplex for a count of 2, hooks him for the Tyler Driver 97, but The Bruiserweight yanks on the arm to escape. He drills Bate with a spinning back elbow, Tyler looks to rebound off the ropes with a wheel kick, Dunne side-steps it, connects with a double stomp to the bad arm, then sets for the Bitter End. Tyler counters into a small package that almost steals it, powers him up into the airplane spin, reverses course, then back the other way around before slamming Dunne down for a near fall.

Bate tries to get some feeling back in his arm, reaches down to pull The Bruiserweight up, Dunne surprises him with a triangle hold, Tyler powers him up into a powerbomb and breaks free. Dunne rolls out of the ring to get his feet under him, Bate hits the ropes and launches himself over the top with a moonsault plancha, throws The Bruiserweight back inside, heads up top for a 450 double stomp, but still can’t put it away. Dunne tries to beg Tyler off, hooks the arm, takes out his mouthguard, ducks under a kick and connects with the Bitter End, but now Bate kicks out just before the 3 count.

The Bruiserweight quickly hooks on a kimura lock to the bad arm, Tyler drags himself towards the bottom rope, but Dunne rolls him back to the center of the ring. Bate refuses to tap-out and gets to a standing position, Dunne hooks on a body scissors for extra torque, Tyler reverses and dead-lifts him into a brainbuster, drapes the arm over and gets a count of 2. He waits for Dunne to get back to his feet for a german suplex, Dunne flips to his feet, they slug it out in the center of the ring, Bate rebounds off the ropes after a haymaker for a wheel kick, delivers another, then sets for the Tyler Driver 97 and we have a new champion.
Winner and NEW WWE United Kingdom Champion: Tyler Bate (Tyler Driver 97)

  • After The Bell: Triple H, William Regal, Fit Finlay & Finn Balor all enter the ring, The Game presents Tyler with the title and raises his hand in the air before strapping the championship around his waist. They leave the ring to Bate and he celebrates as the confetti flies.

EA’s Finisher: Obviously with an event that is almost exclusively matches part of a tournament, you’re always going to have the issue of having to squeeze all of the matches onto the card. Plus, it’s going to get a little repetitive with the every match involving all the same bodies over and over again. Regardless, adding Neville to this card with Tommy End, who had tons of buzz after just being signed, is a great way to break up the monotony. Again, I’m not a fan of tournament-style events, but with the launch of NXT UK and the history of success Triple H has had with getting NXT off the ground, this will likely be looked at as an historic event down the road that started it all.

Top Three To Watch
1 – Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne
2 – Neville vs. Tommy End
3 – Mark Andrews vs. Pete Dunne

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