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Chairshot Classics: WWE United Kingdom Championship Special (5/19/17)



Video: Charly Caruso spoke with Trent Seven after his match against Wolfgang the night before, Trent stating that his arm is in rough shape, but there’s nothing broken. Seven says there’s no way he’s giving up an opportunity at becoming the #1 Contender, but Pete Dunne walks in looking for a fight. Trent tells Dunne he’ll see him tomorrow, The Bruiserweight grabs him by the bad arm, slams it into the wall and walks away.

Match #3 – WWE United Kingdom Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Progress Champion Pete Dunne vs. Trent Seven
Dunne offers Trent a handshake and he’s not buying it, Seven tries to keep his taped-up right arm away, chases Pete to the corner and they break clean. They lock-up and Trent backs Dunne to the corner, break away clean again, The Bruiserweight comes in for a tie-up, picks the left arm and Pete begins to wrench away at the shoulder joint. Seven works back to his feet and gains the ropes for a clean break, they lock knuckles again, Dunne reaches for the taped arm and gets smacked by a stinging chop. Trent shoots him to the corner, charges in with another chop, looks to go back to the well, Dunne gets the boots up this time, climbs to the 2nd rope, Seven sweeps the legs out and covers for a 1 count.

He hooks on a rear chinlock, The Bruiserweight works out to a waistlock, Trent reaches for the ropes to force a break, Pete hammers down on the bad arm, then begins to target the right elbow. Seven rolls outside to regroup, Dunne gives chase, cracks him with a stiff forearm, sandwiches the bad arm between the steps and the ring post, then squashes the elbow with a kick. He steps back into the ring and allows the referee to count, Trent staggers back in, The Bruiserweight goes back to work on the right arm, rips away at the tape and then wrenches away at the joint. Dunne grabs a top wristlock and Seven reaches the ropes with his feet, The Bruiserweight with a double stomp to the arm, follows with a roundhouse kick to the head, makes a cover and gets a count of 2.

Dunne looks to go back to the arm, Seven starts to battle back with chops, fakes out The Bruiserweight with another, instead spikes him with a DDT, Dunne rolls to the floor and Trent builds a head of steam, flying through the ropes with a suicide dive. He rolls Dunne into the squared circle, gets caught coming in with a kick to the ribs, The Bruiserweight hauls him up for The Bitter End, Trent slips out of it, tries the Seven Star Lariat, but it’s blocked. Seven comes right back with a lariat using his other arm, nearly puts it away, both guys struggle back to their feet, Trent charges Dunne near the ropes, The Bruiserweight side-steps him and hits a snap german suplex.

He hooks Seven for the X-Plex, Trent counters into a vertical suplex slam that almost finishes it, staggers back to his feet, charges Dunne in the corner, but gets sent shoulder-first into the ring post. Dunne plants him with a saito suplex, scores with the X-Plex, hooks the leg, but Trent just barely kicks out at 2. The Bruiserweight quickly goes for a Kimura Lock, Seven quickly gains the ropes to force a break, rolls to the outside, Dunne comes out in pursuit, depositing him into the barricade. Dunne tears away and Trent’s fingers, sends him onto the apron, The Bruiserweight climbs up, delivers boots to the chest and they begin to exchange shots.

Dunne gets the better of it, sets for an X-Plex, Seven fights it off, delivers a dragon suplex on the apron and both guys fall to the floor. They both barely make it back in to beat the count at 9, Dunne looks to go upstairs, Seven climbs up to meet him, but gets knocked back down to the canvas. Trent comes back with a stiff chop, hooks Dunne for a super half-nelson suplex, The Bruiserweight flips to his feet, connects with a flurry of strikes and hits the ropes, Trent surprises him with a Seven Star Lariat, but only gets 2. Seven hooks Dunne for another Seven Star Lariat, The Bruiserweight counters into a Kimura with a body scissors, Trent muscles his way out of it and hits a dragon suplex. He clocks Dunne with a spinning back fist, powers him up in a torture rack, The Bruiserweight slides out, delivers The Bitter End and gets the 1-2-3.
Winner: Pete Dunne (The Bitter End)

  • After The Bell: The Bruiserweight takes a microphone, states he will become the new WWE UK Champion at NXT TakeOver: Chicago and he’ll do it by any means necessary.

Match #4 for the WWE United Kingdom Championship: Mark Andrews vs. WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate
The champion offers a handshake and Andrews accepts, they tie-up, the challenger with a quick schoolboy for 2 and we have a stalemate. They lock knuckles and Bate gains a wristlock, grounds the challenger, Andrews works back to his feet, counters to an armbar and brings the champion to the mat now. Tyler finds his footing, Andrews switches to a wristlock, Bate reverses to a side headlock takeover, Andrews uses a headscissors to escape and we’ve got another stalemate. They go in for a lock-up, Tyler goes low with a double leg takedown, hooks on an armbar, the challenger reverses to a fireman’s carry for 1, slaps on a wristlock, then delivers a drop toe hold and gains a front facelock. Bate works to a standing position, props Andrews on the top turnbuckle, breaks clean and offers another handshake, the challenger again accepting. Collar & elbow lock-up, Tyler with a go-behind into a full nelson, tries to slip away and gets caught in it again, Andrews breaking the grip and grabs a hammerlock.

The champion works out to a drop toe hold, locks on a leg grapevine, then wrenches back on the arms. Andrews drags himself to the ropes to force a break, they go back in for a lock-up, Bate goes low again, tries a fireman’s carry, the challenger flips to his feet, Tyler comes back with a drop toe hold, gets kicked away, but cartwheels to stay at a vertical base. He quickly scores with an arm drag, Andrews tries to come back with one of his own, the champion blocks it, hits another arm drag and hits the ropes for a hurricanrana. The challenger flips to his feet to counter it, Bate sweeps the legs for a 1 count, both guys try to explode up with a dropkick and we have another stalemate.

They exchange words and go face-to-face, they start pushing and shoving, Andrews, pushes Tyler to the ropes for a back body drop, the champion counters with a sunset flip, but the challenger rolls through and hits a basement dropkick. He gains an armbar to wear Bate down some more, hits a leg drop on the arm for a count of 2, goes back to the armbar and the champion works to a vertical base, Andrews switches to a modified octopus stretch. Tyler walks himself near the ropes, Andrews slides into a roll-up for 2, quickly runs into a back elbow, covers for a 2 count, then scoops the challenger up for a body slam. He connects with a rolling senton for another count of 2, locks on an inverted Boston crab, grabs the arms and turns it into a rocking cradle, then rolls him up for a near fall.

Tyler corners Andrews and unloads with heavy uppercuts, drives him head-first off the top turnbuckle, then rushes him in the corner with a back elbow. Bate charges in again and Andrews gets the boot up, clocks him with an enzugiri, the challenger charges out with a hurricanrana, the champion rolling to the outside. Andrews hits the ropes for a head of steam, flies over the top with a somersault senton, tosses Tyler into the ring, then slides inside and rolls him into a Stomp 182. Bate staggers to the corner, the challenger runs in with a double knees, follows with a northern lights suplex, rolls through for a standing moonsault, but gets surprised by a schoolboy and barely kicks out at 2.

Both guys back to their feet quick, Andrews scores with a series of kicks, misses an enzuigiri, Tyler hits the ropes for a rolling senton, the challenger rolls out of harm’s way, his a standing moonsault, but can’t put it away. Andrews looks to shoot the champion to the ropes, Tyler hangs on to block it, leapfrogs over the challenger, Andrews falls to the floor and Bate builds a head of steam for a suicide dive. He throws Andrews into the squared circle, hooks him for the Tyler Driver 97, the challenger counters into a bridging suplex, gets a count of 2, but Bate powers him back up for the Tyler Driver. Andrews counters it with a hurricanrana that nearly steals it, the challenger rushes Bate near the ropes, gets elevated over the top and lands on his feet on the apron.

Andrews tries to springboard back inside and gets rocked by a right hand, Bate builds a head of steam, flips himself to the apron, the challenger drills him with an enzuigiri, then hits a standing sliced bread on the apron. The challenger rolls Tyler into the ring to make a cover, the champion rolls right out the other side, Andrews hops over the top, springs off the 2nd rope with a moonsault, turns it into a tornado DDT, then drags Bate back into the squared circle, but only gets 2. Andrews positions Tyler and looks to go up top, Bate hooks him by the foot to prevent it, clobbers the challenger with an uppercut, climbs to the 2nd rope and gets cracked by an enzuigiri. Andrews climbs up for a super hurricanrana, the champion blocks it, crotches him on the top rope, then flies off with an uppercut.

He hooks the leg and gains a near fall, Bate pummels the challenger with forearms on the way back to his feet, Andrews starts to return fire, but gets dropped by a stiff left. Tyler looks to send him to the outside, the challenger counters with a 619, tries to springboard back in, the champion surprises him with an uppercut in mid-air, then puts him into the airplane spin. Andrews reverses it into a reverse hurricanrana that almost finishes it, the challenger rolls to the apron, pulls himself to the top rope and goes for the Shooting Star Press. Bate pops back to his feet and drills him with an enzuigiri, climbs the corner to meet Andrews, muscles him up onto his shoulders, but the challenger reverses into a super hurricanrana.

He follows with a running shooting star press, the champion just barely gets the shoulder up at 2, Andrews hauls Tyler back to his feet, but gets surprises by a superkick. Bate rebounds off the ropes with a big clothesline, hooks him for a vertical suplex, Andrews counters into Stuntdog Millionaire, ascends the corner for the Shooting Star Press, but the champion gets the knees up. The challenger drags himself to his feet, Tyler charges in with a somersault kick, plants him with the Tyler Driver 97 and retains.
Winner and STILL WWE United Kingdom Champion: Tyler Bate (Tyler Driver 97)

  • After The Bell: The referee helps Andrews off to the back, Pete Dunne walks out to the stage, ambushes Andrews and William Regal makes his way out. They both enter the ring, Dunne goes toe-to-toe with the champion, Regal standing in between them.

EA’s Finisher: While many people will call the Greatest Royal Rumble or the upcoming Crown Jewel “glorified house shows”, this UK Championship Special much more closely resembles that than the two massive Saudi shows. Much like what I expect from the beginning episodes of NXT UK, this serves more as a showcase for the talent in the inaugural UK Championship Tournament. Almost like a way to bridge the Tournament to the start of the brand which undoubtedly took much longer than WWE anticipated. They likely should have done at least one more of these type of shows in the latter half of 2017 so there wasn’t such a large gap from this to the next UK Division show (which turned out to be not until over a year later). In the end, only four of the matches from this show are part of the broadcast and while there’s nothing “special” about it, surely you can find the time to tune in to this if you’re excited for the NXT UK premiere.

Top Three To Watch
1 – Tyler Bate vs. Mark Andrews
2 – Trent Seven vs. Pete Dunne
3 – TJP & The Brian Kendrick vs. Rich Swann & Dan Moloney

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