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Chairshot Classics: WWF King Of The Ring 1995



Video: Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart has some words before his match tonight, speaks about having a history with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, who has been a constant thorn in his side. The Hitman says he can’t wait to put things to an end tonight, admits he’s been training hard for the match because he doesn’t want to make any mistakes, stating he’s prepared for the possibility of someone interfering because Lawler’s always got a trick up his sleeve. He discusses the humiliation The King has put him, his family and fans through, thinking that he let people down so he was willing to accept another shot at Lawler, no matter the stipulation. The Hitman isn’t happy about the prospect of having Lawler’s disgusting mouth on his feet, but that’s exactly what’s going to happen tonight.

Match #7 is a Kiss My Foot Match: Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler vs. Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart
Collar & elbow tie-up to start out, The Hitman backs Lawler into the corner and unleashes a barrage of fists, knocks The King down with a headbutt, Jerry tries to roll outside to escape the onslaught, but Hart follows him in pursuit. He drives Lawler head-first into the barricade, tosses him back into the squared circle, rakes Jerry’s face across the top rope, then buries fists into the abdomen in the corner. The King crawls outside under the bottom rope, Bret stays on top of him with more punches, Lawler grabs a handful of tights, then pulls The Hitman face-first into the steel steps.

He hammers Hart with rights, rams him head-first off the barricade, Jerry with some words for the people at ringside, slides Bret back in and taunts the crowd. The King drives The Hitman face-first into the top turnbuckle, spikes him with a Piledriver, plays to the people, then hooks Bret for another Piledriver. Lawler continues to taunt the fans and doesn’t go for a cover, hauls Hart up for a third Piledriver, then finally covers and only gets a count of 2. The King looks stunned, rams Bret head-first into the top turnbuckle, the “Burger King” chants take over the arena, Jerry gets distracted and The Hitman staggers back up in the corner. He catches Lawler walking in with boots to the breadbasket, uncorks a series of fists, Jerry rakes the eyes to stop the assault, then dumps Hart to the outside.

He takes his boot off and unveils a disgusting looking sock with holes in it, Bret pulls himself back into the ring, gets clocked with the boot out of the ref’s vision, slips it back on his foot and again covers, but still can’t finish it. The King drags Hart to the corner and chokes him with his foot, takes his boot back off and looks to stick his foot in Bret’s face, The Hitman blocks it, sweeps the leg and drops a headbutt to the lower midsection. Lawler crawls back over to grab his boot and Bret drives down elbows across the face, The King reaches back and rakes the eyes to prevent the beating, slips his boot back on, then goes to the 2nd rope and connects with the Fist Drop for a near fall. Jerry rolls out under the bottom rope, drags The Hitman towards the ring post to crotch him, Hart instead pulling Lawler face-first into the steel post.

He slides out and unloads on The King, Hakushi & Shinja come running down to ringside, The Modern-Day Kamikaze looking to ambush Bret as Shinja distracts the official. The Hitman sees it coming and Hakushi backs away, Lawler hooks Bret from behind, holds him for Hakushi to deliver a cheap shot, but Hart ducks it and King gets rocked by a right hand. The Hitman rolls Jerry back in, sends him to the ropes for a punch to the gut, follows with a side russian leg sweep, then cracks him with a backbreaker. He heads to the 2nd turnbuckle and scores with an elbow drop, calls for the Sharpshooter and Lawler submits.
Winner: Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart (Sharpshooter)

  • After The Bell: Bret sits himself on the top turnbuckle and takes his boot off, The King pleads with the referee and tries to crawl away, The Hitman clocks him with a headbutt, Shinja & Hakushi come back down and create a distraction. Jerry grabs Hart from behind to hold him, The Modern-Day Kamikaze springboards in with a shoulder tackle, The Hitman breaks free and Lawler gets drilled instead. Bret knocks Shinja off the apron, clotheslines Hakushi to the outside, then sticks his toes in Lawler’s mouth. He goes to make his exit, decides against it, rips The King’s boot off and then shoves Lawler’s own foot into his mouth.
  • EA’s TakeBoy, it sure has been quite some time since Bret has been involved with any good matches after being put into a long-running feud with Lawler and then battling Bob Backlund in-between it. The Hitman had been focusing on outside projects, thus was moved into the number two babyface spot behind Diesel and while his issues with Lawler would continue into the summer, it wouldn’t be long before Bret would get back into the title picture. With The King at the end of his full-time in-ring career and not ever being known for his technical skill, that will be nice to finally see Bret get back into the swing of things.

Video: The WWF is a proud sponsor and partner for the Special Olympics this year, wishing all the participants in the upcoming games good luck.

Video: We see highlights of the last two coronations for the King Of The Ring Tournament as Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart won the inaugural crown, while his brother Owen took it last year.

Match #8 – King Of The Ring Finals: Mabel w/Mo vs. Savio Vega w/Razor Ramon
They lock-up to begin and Mabel powers Savio away to the corner, Vega comes back in for another tie-up that sees the same result, the big man rushes Savio in the corner, but Vega side-steps out of harm’s way and fires off with fists. He connects with stinging chops in the corner, climbs to the 2nd rope to rain down rights, tries to shoot the big man across, Mabel reverses, follows in for a clothesline, but nobody’s home. Savio continues to pummel the big man with punches, Mabel finally blocks one, plants Vega with a body slam, then hits the ropes for an elbow drop that’s off-target.

The big man stumbles towards the ropes, Savio clotheslines him out to the floor, looks to reach over the ropes and drag him up to the apron, Mabel sweeps the leg, pulls him outside and tries to drive him into the steel steps. Vega blocks it and rams the big man head-first instead, continues to swing away with right hands, Mabel grabs him by the back of the head and deposits Savio into the stairs. The big man rolls him back inside, slides in to choke Vega on the top rope, whips him hard into the corner, then slaps on a bearhug to wear him out. Savio begins to fade away, the official checks the arm, Vega is able to hold it up on the third attempt, starts to battle his way out, but Mabel rakes the eyes to maintain control. He shoots Savio hard into the corner, hooks the bearhug back on, Vega fights his way free again, but gets clubbed across the back.

Mabel sends him to the ropes for a shoulder tackle, covers for a 2 count, grounds Vega with a rear chinlock, Savio works his way back up, but gets backed into the corner. The big man uses his body weight to squash Vega, whips him across and charges in for a splash, Savio side-steps it, utilizes a schoolboy and gains a near fall. He hits the ropes and connects with the Caribbean Kick, crawls into a cover for a count of 2, tries to shoot Mabel to the ropes, the big man reverses, catches Vega attempting a crossbody and plants him with a front slam, but still can’t put it away. Mabel looks stunned, hits the ropes for a big splash and that ends it.
Winner: Mabel (Splash)

  • After The Bell: Razor comes in to check on Savio, Mo gets in his face and gets dropped by a right hand for his troubles, The Bad Guy then hammering Mabel with shots. Mo gets back up and drives a knee into the injured ribs, the numbers catch up to Ramon, Mabel plants him with a body slam, then squashes him with a big elbow drop. Mo rolls Savio to the outside, Mabel heads to the 2nd rope, drops another elbow onto The Bad Guy, The 1-2-3 Kid sprinting down to the ring to help out. He lays Mo out with a spinning heel kick, hammers Mabel with right hands, Mo finds his footing and now the 2-on-1 assault is on until a group of referees come out to break it up. Mabel & Mo make their way to the throne near the entrance, Mo tells Todd Pettengill to hit the bricks, drapes the royal cape over the big man, Mabel takes a seat on the throne and Mo officially coronates him as the new king.
  • EA’s Take:This was brutal to watch, no excitement to the match whatsoever and the crowd definitely let it be known they weren’t pleased with loud “ECW” chants. Any fan of ECW during this time would recognize some of the extreme company’s most faithful followers in the front row of the crowd for the duration of the event, proudly leading the charge of voicing their displeasure with the match. This was Mabel’s crowning moment (no pun intended) and he would continue to get a big push into the main event, but the most notable thing to come from this is Vince McMahon taking notice of the ECW faithful, eventually leading to a working relationship in 1996.

Backstage: Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler is in the bathroom trying to brush his teeth and guzzling down mouthwash to rinse out the taste of his own feet.

Video: Stephanie Wiand caught up with Sycho Sid, Tatanka and ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase earlier in the day, DiBiase stating that they rarely give away their strategy, but tonight it’s very simple. The MDM says they will just be going straight at Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow, Sid reminds us that recently injured Big Daddy Cool with a chokeslam, claims to hear Diesel’s soul talking to him and believes he can feel the big man’s fear. The Native American wonders if Bigelow is nervous due to his partner’s injury, speaks about battling before, but this time it will be payday for him. DiBiase claims the champagne is on ice, which is exactly what Diesel and Bam Bam will need when they’re through with them. Todd Pettengill spoke with WWF Champion Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow in the locker room, Big Daddy Cool reveals he’s not at one hundred percent, but even at fifty percent Tatanka and Sid can’t handle him. The Beast from the East says they came to Philadelphia with all the confidence in the world, which is why they will set their opponents on fire tonight.

Match #9: Tatanka & Sycho Sid w/’The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase vs. Bam Bam Bigelow & WWF Champion Diesel
Sid & Tatanka go on the attack as soon as Diesel hits the ring, Big Daddy Cool and Bigelow fire back, clear them to the outside, Sid & The Native American regrouping with DiBiase. Order is restored, Tatanka and the champion will begin, they lock-up, Diesel goes to a wristlock, The Native American reverses to one of his own, but gets floored by a clothesline. The champion challenges Tatanka to get back up, gets a little too close to the wrong corner, Sid delivers a kick from behind to the bad elbow, Bam Bam steps in to have some words with the official, Sid taking advantage with more cheap shots to Diesel’s arm.

The Native American starts to target the injured elbow with overhand chops, scores with a boot to the jaw, then utilizes a wristlock to continue punishing the arm. He makes a tag and Sycho Sid wraps Diesel’s elbow up in the ropes, hammers away at the elbow joint, delivers a body slam and then goes right back to work on the injured limb. Sid looks for a big leg drop and Big Daddy Cool avoids it, reaches a tag, The Beast from the East comes in with a clothesline for Sid, knocks Tatanka off the apron, levels Sid with another clothesline, then catches The Native American coming back inside with a back elbow. He covers Sid and Tatanka quickly tries to break it up with an elbow drop, Bam Bam rolls out of harm’s way, Sid gets hit with it instead, Bigelow following with a dropkick to send The Native American back outside.

He spikes Sycho Sid with a DDT and heads to the high-rent district, connects with a Diving Headbutt, The Million Dollar Man hops on the apron to distract the ref from the cover, the official finally takes notice and makes a 2 count. DiBiase starts to walk up the steps to the apron, Bam Bam climbs the 2nd rope to try and grab him, Sid rises to his feet, pummels Bigelow with clubbing blows, then hooks him by the neck to chokeslam him down to the canvas. Sycho Sid mocks Diesel to bait him into the ring, tags out, Tatanka makes a cover, the referee is still distracted and gets there late for a count of 2. The Native American puts the boots to Bigelow, unloads with rights in the corner, The Beast from the East tries to fight back, but gets planted with a back suplex.

Tatanka hits the ropes and scores with multiple kicks to the head, drags Bam Bam to his corner to make a tag, holds him in the corner and Sid charges in with a big boot. He drops Bigelow with another boot and stomps away at the spine, buries more kicks into the breadbasket, The Beast from the East starts to fire back, hits the ropes and runs into a big boot that sends him spilling to the floor. Sid reaches over the ropes after him, Bam Bam sweeps the legs, climbs back onto the apron, attempts to slingshot in with a splash, but Tatanka pulls him back to the floor behind the official’s back. Sid recovers and goes out in pursuit, rushes Bigelow with another big kick, rolls him into the squared circle and steps back in to unleash a series of punches.

He slaps on a chinlock to wear The Beast from the East down, Sid switches to a front facelock as Bigelow makes it to a vertical base, Bam Bam powering his way to the corner to make the tag. Big Daddy Cool steps in and batters Sid with right hands, whips him into the corner and follows in with a clothesline, scoops him up for a body slam, then hits the ropes for an elbow drop, but hurts his arm in the process. Both guys crawl to tags, Tatanka with a flurry of strikes, hits the ropes and ducks a clothesline, connects with a crossbody, but only gets a near fall. He quickly hooks on a rear chinlock to grind Bigelow down some more, The Beast from the East works to a standing position, pushes Tatanka off to the ropes for a back body drop, The Native American puts on the brakes, spikes him with a jumping DDT, but still can’t finish it.

He puts the boots to Bigelow, Bam Bam starts to absorb the punishment, shoots Tatanka to the ropes, misses a clothesline, they both go for one coming back through and double down. Bigelow drapes the arm over and gets a 2 count, The Native American goes back to a rear chinlock to ground Bam Bam, but The Beast from the East finds his footing again and looks to shoot Tatanka to the ropes. The Native American reverses, leapfrogs over, drops down, Bam Bam scores with a somersault senton, starts crawling to his corner, Tatanka hooks him by the foot, but gets clocked with an enzuigiri. Big Daddy Cool tags in and bludgeons The Native American with rights, sends him to the ropes for a side slam, whips him back in for a clothesline, Tatanka ducks it, grabs a waistlock and pushes him to the ropes for a roll-up.

The champion hangs on to block it, catches The Native American running back in with a big boot, calls for the Jackknife and plants Tatanka, makes a cover, but pulls him up at a count of 2. Diesel points to Sid and challenges him to come into the ring, Sycho Sid drops off the apron and walks off to the back, Big Daddy Cool turns back to Tatanka, hits him with an elbow drop and gets the 3 count.
Winners: Bam Bam Bigelow & Diesel (Diesel/Elbow Drop)

  • EA’s TakeAs has been the case all night, pretty rough match for our main event here. While Tatanka is certainly not a “big man”, this was four guys that all labored around with a real lack of workrate to culminate the issues with one another following what happened at In Your House the month prior. Tatanka & Bigelow’s rivalry would pretty much end here, however Diesel hadn’t seen the last of Sid until the following month with the title on the line. This felt like just another way to continue extending that feud, which was only ever decent at-best.

EA’s FinisherThis is by-far one of the hardest WWF pay-per-views to get through in some time, no match on the card really stands out as better than the next and overall, there’s just really nothing to get excited about. The Philadelphia fans were into the majority of it, but if a card like this were to be presented to them today, the Superstars would get booed out of the building. Of course the most memorable part of this show has always been the Kiss My Foot Match, but not for any kind of mind-blowing stuff in the ring. It’s a troubling time for the wrestling business as a whole, as the WWF wasn’t immune to being a little behind-the-times by continuing with outlandish gimmicks and pushing monstrous big men such as Mabel.

Top Three To Watch
1 – Shawn Michaels vs. Kama
2 – Bret Hart vs. Jerry Lawler
3 – The Roadie vs. Bob Holly

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