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Chairshot Classics: WWF Survivor Series 1992



Backstage: In the locker room is Sean Mooney with Mr. Perfect & ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. The Perfect One speaks about standing next to Savage and how it must be killing Ric Flair. He heard Nature Boy talk about walking in people’s shadows, Flair has been trying to be Perfect since coming to the WWF. Mr. Perfect thinks Razor Ramon’s machismo stinks and claims Bobby Heenan left him on the backburner for a year. Macho states that this is the Survivor Series and nobody knows more about survival than him. 10 days ago he didn’t have a partner and while he and Perfect may not see eye-to-eye, no person knows more about Flair than him.

Match #4: Ric Flair & Razor Ramon vs. ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage & Mr. Perfect
Razor & Perfect to kickoff the action, Ramon throws his toothpick in Perfect’s face, gets gum spit back at him and goes for the lock-up, but The Perfect One avoids it. He has some words with Flair on the apron, tie-up with Ramon, Razor misses a big chop and Perfect fires off some of his own, goes to a side headlock, gets pushed off to the ropes and Ramon with a shoulder knockdown. He utilizes a side headlock of his own, Perfect now sends him off to the ropes and scores with a shoulder block, back to the ropes they go, The Perfect One catching Ramon with a drop toe hold and paintbrushing the back of his head before rolling to the outside.

He mocks Nature Boy on the outside, Razor gets him by the hair and drags Perfect inside, puts him in his corner, The Perfect One punching his way out of trouble. Flair finally wants in and getss the tag, hits the ropes and gets clocked by a big right hand, then backs away to the corner. Perfect whips him across, hits a back body drop off the rebound, follows up with a dropkick and levels Nature Boy with multiple clotheslines. The Perfect One delivers chops in the corner, whips him across, Flair gets turned inside-out and lands on the apron, Macho Man is right there to drop him to the floor with a big fist. Savage drops down and rolls Flair back inside, tags in and goes up top for a double axe handle to the back, then grabs a side headlock.

Nature Boy shoves him away to the ropes, Macho with a shoulder block, they exchange slaps, Ramon hits the ring and Savage goes to work on both with heavy rights. The Nature Boy goes to the abdomen with a boot, irish whip to the ropes, Macho Man ducks under a knife-edge chop and flattens Flair with a clothesline, then delivers one to Razor to get him to the apron. Perfect argues with the official to do his job, Ramon intervenes from the apron behind the ref’s back, Flair tags out and Razor steps in and starts to take control. He looks to work over the leg, Savage vehemently kicks Ramon away, Razor gets his hands around the throat, elevates Macho and slams him into the mat before putting the boots to him in the corner.

Nature Boy re-enters the match, shoots Savage hard into the turnbuckles, then serves up right hands and chops, whipping him into a knee from Razor on the apron, then tagging back out. Ramon hammers away at the lower back, twists Macho up in an abdominal stretch, using help from Flair on the apron for extra leverage. Macho Man is able to break free with a hip toss, drops Flair on the apron and attempts an elbow drop to Razor, but misses. Ramon goes back to the lower spine area, Nature Boy tags and comes in to send Savage over the top to the floor, Razor using a referee’s distraction to drive Macho head-first into the steps, then rolls him back in the ring.

Flair covers for a count of 2, drops the knee across the forehead, baits Perfect into the ring and switches illegally with Ramon behind the official’s back. Razor slaps on a single leg crab, The Perfect One drops off the apron and starts to walk out, Ramon chokes Macho on the 2nd rope and Perfect decides to head back to the squared circle. He pays for it and eats a big fist from Ramon, tries to enter the ring and is met by the ref, Flair stepping in for a double team, switching out with Razor again. Nature Boy now taunts Perfect on the apron, covers Macho for 2, then hits a back suplex for another 2 count.

He whips Savage to the ropes for a hip toss, Macho Man hangs onto the top rope to block it, gets Flair in a backslide, but Ramon breaks the count at 2. Flair & Razor again switching out without a tag, Ramon drops a big elbow for another 2, throttles Savage by the neck and plants him with a chokeslam, Perfect breaking the count at 2 now. Savage sneaks in a small package, can’t take advantage of it, Nature Boy back in and he buries punches into the jaw and breadbasket in the corner before sending Macho across hard to the turnbuckles. He shoots Savage back across, floors him with a clothesline off the rebound, Nature Boy shares some words with the people, then ascends to the top turnbuckle.

Macho recovers and meets him there, slams Flair all the way down to the mat, tags on both sides and The Perfect One unleashes a bevy of punches on Razor. He throws Ramon across the ring by the hair, hits the patented neck snap, delivers a plethora of chops and fists in the corner, then splits him with an atomic drop. The Perfect One with a big knee lift, Flair comes in to lend a hand and eats a knee lift for his troubles, spilling to the outside and brawling with Savage on the floor. The Nature Boy grabs a chair and decks Macho in the head, slides into the ring after Perfect, gets sent to the corner and elevated with a back body drop, The Perfect One finally disposing of him to the outside with a clothesline.

Razor ambushes Perfect from behind, irish whip to the ropes for a right hand, Mr. Perfect ducks under it and runs into the official, sending him spilling to the outside. Ramon capitalizes with a kick to the midsection, sets Perfect up for the Razor’s Edge as another ref runs down to ringside, The Perfect One countering with a back body drop and scoring with a Perfect-Plex. The new official hits the ring and starts to count, Flair is there to save the match, hits the ropes for a punch, Perfect blocks it and hits him with a Perfect-Plex in kind. The original official slides in and starts to count, Ramon breaks the pinfall up, Flair & Razor with a 2-on-1 to Perfect and the original ref calls for the bell.
Winners: ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage & Mr. Perfect (Disqualification)

  • After The Bell: The Nature Boy hooks Mr. Perfect in the Figure Four, Razor hops outside to get a chair and brings it back inside, Savage finally getting to his feet and making the save. Perfect grabs the chair and clocks Flair to break out of the Figure Four, then knocks them both out of the ring with chair shots to the back.
  • EA’s TakeA lot of excitement for this one as Mr. Perfect has become a babyface for the first time in the WWF, however this was not the intended main event and could be why it’s so low on the card. A solid bout in which Perfect teased walking out on Savage before ultimately staying, the ending was pretty hectic though. Perfect had grown tired of working for Flair & Bobby Heenan, accepting Savage’s offer to be his partner after The Ultimate Warrior was released prior to Survivor Series. Warrior had been dabbling into a new muscle building drug called HGH, something that not much was known about at the time, but an issue the WWF couldn’t afford to be associated with due to ongoing steroid-talk in the media. This is also the WWF PPV debut of one, Razor Ramon, previously known as The Diamond Studd in WCW and under his real name, Scott Hall, in the AWA. Oddly enough, there’s a history between Razor & Perfect, they were former tag team partners and champions together. The Nature Boy would request his release from the WWF after seeing the writing on the wall pertaining to the company’s youth movement, per the agreement with McMahon he would continue to get Perfect over as a babyface to earn his walking papers.

Backstage: Gene Okerlund is standing by with Ric Flair & Razor Ramon, The Nature Boy is incensed about the actions of Mr. Perfect, Razor warning him that he was once double-crossed, but good luck trying to find the man who did it, if you catch his drift.

Match #5: Yokozuna w/Mr. Fuji vs. Virgil
The bell rings and Yokozuna goes into his ceremonial stance, readies himself and charges, tossing Virgil into the air. Virgil hits the ropes and gets leveled by a big shoulder block, goes back to the ropes, slides between the legs and scores with multiple dropkicks, only staggering the big man. He hits the ropes again, leapfrogs over Yoko, pushes him to the ropes for a roll-up, Yokozuna hangs on to block and connects with a superkick. Virgil pulls himself to his feet, tries using his quickness to keep away, looks for a right hand, gets caught and Yoko plants him with a uranage suplex.

Overhand chops to the back of Virgil’s neck keep him down, he blocks a right hand and fires back with shots of his own, staggers Yoko, ducks under a clothesline and hits the ropes, getting caught again, this time with a side slam. Yokozuna follows with a masssive leg drop, shoots him to the corner and charges in, Virgil hopping up and over, attempts a schoolboy, but the big man falls on top of him. Yoko whips him to the corner and squashes him, climbs to the 2nd rope and connects with the Banzai Drop to finish it.
Winner: Yokozuna (Banzai Drop)

  • EA’s TakeSo this gives new meaning to the term “squash match”. Yet another newcomer to the WWF, Yokozuna is actually Samoan and the cousin of The Headshrinkers, arriving at the same time. After originally being billed under his old name of Kokina, he was repackaged as Yokozuna, a Japanese sumo champion that was built to be a complete monster. Virgil was just the first poor soul on his path of destruction, giving Yoko his first PPV win.

Backstage: Sean Mooney is with ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage & Mr. Perfect in the locker room. Perfect wonders why Flair & Ramon are so upset during the holidays, offering them a gift of a couple of turkeys, including one for Heenan, that’s actually a chicken.

Match #6 – Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: The Beverly Brothers (Beau & Blake) & WWF Tag Team Champions Money Inc. (‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase & Irwin R. Schyster) w/The Genius & ‘Mouth Of The South’ Jimmy Hart vs. The Natural Disasters (Earthquake & Typhoon) & The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags)
Blake & Typhoon to begin, Blake using his quickness to stay away from Typhoon’s grip, strutting around and toying with the big man. They tie-up and Typhoon hurls Blake back to the corner, shoves him to the canvas, then mocks his strut. Blake hops onto the back for a sleeper, Typhoon backs him into the corner to break it, throws him across the ring and cracks him with a backbreaker. He elevates Blake onto his shoulder, tag to Earthquake who grabs him in a bearhug, then drives Blake’s back into the turnbuckles.

Beau’s seen enough and comes to his aid, jumping on Quake’s back, but gets sandwiched into his partner in the corner, Typhoon stepping in and squashing them both with a splash. Earthquake follows in with a splash of his own, order is restored and he plants Blake with a powerslam before making a tag. Knobbs steps in and wants a piece of Money Inc, Blake back to his feet, turns him around and slaps Knobbs across the face, getting clocked with right hands in return. Knobbs shoots Blake to the ropes, grabs him by hair and drops him with a facebuster, turns back to Money Inc, catches Blake coming from behind with a clothesline, turning him inside-out. Sags takes the ring and has some words for DiBiase, Blake takes the opening with a shot to the midsection, Beau with the tag and he fires away with right hands.

Sags reverses a whip to the corner, catches Beau with a boot to the abdomen off the rebound, then drives him into the canvas with a pumphandle suplex. He turns to exchange pleasantries with MDM again, Beau clobbers him from behind, hooks his hands and scores with a double underhook suplex, Million Dollar Man tagging in. He sends Sags to the corner and flattens him with a clothesline, attempts a vertical suplex, Sags blocks and connects with one of his own. DiBiase quickly tags out, IRS steps in and the champions with a double clothesline, Schyster sending Sags back to the ropes for a high back elbow. He drops a leg for a count of 2, irish whip back to the ropes for a clothesline, Sags ducks under, blocks a hip toss and hits a couple of his own, then catches The MDM running in with a big fist.

Sags delivering cheap shots to The Beverlys on the apron, Jimmy jumps up to the apron for a distraction, IRS taking the opening to attack from behind, Blake tagging in and sending Sags in for a powerslam. Beau re-enters and snapmares him over, drops a knee and gains a 2 count before tagging Blake again. Blake comes off the 2nd rope with a double axe, plants Sags with a neckbreaker for another 2, then looks to wear him out with a rear chinlock. Sags finds his footing, breaks out with elbows, hits the ropes and takes a shot to the midsection. Blake whips him back in, Sags surprising him with a sleeper hold, Blake works out and pushes him back to the ropes, both guys colliding heads and doubling down.

They crawl to tags, Beau & Quake taking the ring and the big man sending Beau into the corner for a back elbow. Everyone hits the ring now and there’s mayhem, Beau attempts a crucifix on Typhoon, he blocks and plants him into the canvas, Quake follows with the Earthquake Splash and ends Beau’s night. The Beverly Brothers have been eliminated. DiBiase steps in and ties up with Earthquake, gets pushed to the mat, but comes right back with a rake of the eyes. The Quake reverses a whip to the ropes, drops MDM with a shoulder block, frequent tags by his team now, everyone taking their shots before Earthquake comes back in.

He drives DiBiase back to the corner, buries shoulders to the breadbasket, whips him across for a splash, but The MDM side-steps it and makes a tag. The champions plant Earthquake with a double back suplex, Schyster follows with an elbow drop and hooks the leg for a count of 2. He rams Quake head-first into the turnbuckle, shoots him to the corner and charges in, Earthquake avoids it, but can’t make it to his corner and DiBiase tags back in, Money Inc splitting him with a wishbone. The MDM with a couple of shots before tagging out, the champs ram Earthquake’s spine into the turnbuckles, IRS then utilizing a rear chinlock to grind him down.

Quake’s partners get baited into the ring and DiBiase swaps out illegally, whips Earthquake to the ropes for a clothesline, but only staggers him. He fires away with knife-edge chops, punches him down to a knee, DiBiase to the 2nd rope for a double axe and he finally drops Quake. IRS re-enters and puts the boots to Earthquake, slaps on a front facelock, MDM with the tag and they continue the onslaught. MDM goes back to the 2nd rope for another double axe, returns to the well again and Quake sticks a boot up under the chin. Tags on both sides, Typhoon taking the ring and building momentum with clotheslines to the champions, squashes Schyster with a big splash, DiBiase breaking the count at 2.

The Nasty Boys come in and dispose of MDM with a double clothesline, the official works to get them back to the apron as Typhoon hits the ropes, DiBiase tripping him up from the outside. IRS drops an elbow to the back of the head, stacks him up and scores the 3 count. The Natural Disasters have been eliminated. Schyster is celebrating the pinfall, Sags comes in from behind, schoolboy and he steals the victory.
Winners & Sole Survivors: The Nasty Boys

  • EA’s TakeI didn’t really find any of this too exciting, the tag team division was not what it had been in it’s glory years and aside from Money Inc, the rest of these tandems would have been considered “mid-card” level pairings in the best years of tag team wrestling. All 4 of these teams would be meeting their demises by the fall of 1993, this night being the final match for The Natural Disasters & Nasty Boys as a team in the WWF. They’d appear as solo competitors in the Royal Rumble, The Nastys being suspended and then fired in April 1993. A split between The Disasters would be teased on WWF television, but Earthquake would leave the company just after the Rumble, Typhoon doing the same and heading to WCW a few months later.

Video: The rivalry between Kamala & The Undertaker really heated up at SummerSlam in Wembley Stadium, The Ugandan Giant getting himself disqualified. 3 weeks later on Superstars, Paul Bearer wheeled out a casket which scared the daylights out of Kamala, sending him hopping the barricade to get away. The same thing would happen on Wrestling Challenge two weeks later, leading Undertaker to build a custom-made coffin just for The Ugandan Giant.

Match #7 – Coffin Match: Kamala w/Kim Chee & Harvey Wippleman vs. The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer
The bell rings and Undertaker stalks Kamala, chasing him with his slow walk around ringside and then back into the squared circle. The Ugandan Giant catches him with chops coming inside, drives him head-first into the top turnbuckle and it has no affect, Taker firing back with shots to the throat. He grabs a wristlock, climbs to the top rope and walks across, driving down a clubbing blow to the back. He levels Kamala with a short-arm clothesline, chokes him on the canvas, irish whip to the ropes for a back body drop, but The Ugandan Giant prevents it with more chops.

He knocks Undertaker over the top to the outside, he lands on his feet, gets Harvey & Kim Chee by the necks, Kamala coming out with an attack from behind to stop any harm to his handlers. He deposits Taker head-first into the ring steps, Kim Chee with a cheap shot and Kamala continues the punishment, sending him back into the stairs. He goes for a chair now and whacks Undertaker across the back, rolls him into the ring and plants him with a body slam. Taker sits right up, The Ugandan Giant with another slam, Undertaker right back to his feet again, getting dropped by another slam.

He attempts to sit back up again, but can’t do it this time, Kamala with multiple Air Africa splashes, Paul Bearer gets to the apron and Kim Chee sweeps his legs. The urn falls into the ring, Kim Chee implores Kamala to clock Undertaker with it, but he doesn’t even want to touch it and kicks it away. Taker sits up behind him, Kamala drops the urn again, Undertaker waffles him with it, covers and gets the 1-2-3.
Winner: The Undertaker (Foreign Object)

  • After The Bell: The Undertaker rolls Kamala into the coffin, Paul Bearer hands him the nails and he proceeds to hammer it closed. They wheel the coffin away with The Ugandan Giant sealed inside.
  • EA’s TakePretty sloppy stuff here, this match and storyline is clearly all about the gimmicks (eventhough the rules of the match were pretty murky) and not the in-ring work. This is the first “Coffin Match” or what we would now refer to as a Casket Match, so it does hold some historical significance, but that’s it really. The Undertaker comes out on top of his feud with Kamala, finishing it with this win, but would not see the last of Harvey Wippleman’s charges. The Ugandan Giant would actually turn babyface following this and go against Wippleman, however this would be his final WWF PPV appearance until a one-off in the early 2000’s, eventhough he was scheduled for Royal Rumble & WrestleMania. No reason for him not making those matches has ever been given, he is one of the sadder stories of a wrestling legend, as he now lives with both of legs amputated due to complications from diabetes.

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