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Former ECW, WCW & WWE Star Big Vito On Launching His Podcast



Former WCW, ECW and WWE star Big Vito doesn’t step into the ring much anymore these days, but the former WCW World Tag Team Champion has found other ways of keeping himself busy.

On top of a role in an upcoming horror movie ‘The Church’, Vito recently spoke with The Wrestling Estate about starting his own podcast and also gave his opinion on today’s WWE product:

“I actually had to change my philosophy. Now that I’m doing a podcast, I had to become an analyst and a journalist. I had to give my honest opinion. We’re not here to bury anybody or crap on people. If I think something is good, hell yeah, I’ll be for it. If I think something is bad, I’m going to explain why. WWE has been doing one formula for a long time because there is one man running things. You have to respect that. Sometimes, he hits a home run. A lot of times, he hits duds. They hotshot a lot of things, they don’t give guys a full push. Look at a guy like Jinder Mahal. They rode that guy for six months and when he finally started to be a champion and give a promo, they beat him and killed him. Same thing with Kevin Owens. He was doing great after the Jericho thing, and then they beat him and destroyed him. Randy Orton has been dead for years. They made him a heel, they made him a face. I thought he and Bray Wyatt made a great team.”

Quotes c/o John Corrigan

Check out the full interview at this link


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