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IMPACT News: Rumor Killer On IMPACT Wanting To Bring Back Alberto El Patron



If you’ve been scouring the world of professional wrestling news today (chances are if you’re reading this you have been) then you’ve likely come across reports tying Alberto El Patron and IMPACT Wrestling.

Throughout the day, a report was picked up by multiple outlets which was stating former IMPACT World Champion Alberto El Patron could be on his way back to IMPACT Wrestling, as the company was in talks for him to return. Of course, Alberto unceremoniously no showed the IMPACT vs. Lucha Underground show over WrestleMania weekend back in April and was subsequently released. It was also said that IMPACT believed his personal problems had subsided and were looking for him to be back at their television tapings next month in Las Vegas.

However, PWInsider is now reporting they have spoken to several sources who are stating that story is not correct and there have been no discussions within IMPACT Wrestling to bring back Alberto El Patron.

Of course, this all comes after Alberto was in the headlines again just over two weeks ago, this time for publicly bashing his ex-girlfriend and current SmackDown General Manager Paige (see the story here).

EA’s Take: Here’s a classic case of where waiting on something pays off. It never made much sense to me why IMPACT would feel Alberto’s personal issues were gone after he JUST did something stupid in public again no less than a month ago. What the…what? IMPACT is trying to turn their reputation around and has done a tremendous job at it, despite it not really showing up in things like television ratings. If I’m them, WWE or anybody else, I wouldn’t go near this guy. He has a little something at this point we call a “track record”.


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