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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (Ending 10/7/2018)



CMLL Coverage

CMLL Arena Mexico Tuesday

Aereo and Acero vs Mercurio and Pequeno Violencia

Aereo starts with Violencia and they do some grappling. Aereo hits a nice hurricanrana taking him out of the ring. Mercurio and Acero then come in. They lock up and do some grappling as well. Acero hits a drop kick taking him out of the ring. He hits some arm drags on Violencia but he fights back and knocks him out of the ring. They go for a double team attack but it’s ducked, so Areco takes advantage and hits a lionsualt on Mercurio for the pin. Aereo hits an elbow drop on Violencia as well. First Fall: Aereo pins Violencia with an elbow drop.

Acero and Mercurio start the second fall in the ring. Acero gets the better of him, hitting a few arm drags, then a hurricanrana to the outside and then feigns a dive. Violencia and Aereo then come in, and exchange spots. They start to double Aereo and eventually Violencia submits him with a stretch. Then they hit a double spine buster on Acero then a splash and leg drop by Mercurio for the fall. Second Fall: Mercurio pins Acero with a leg drop.

Mercurio starts with Aereo to start the third round. He kicked him in the butt and then posed bringing in Violencia and Acero. He gets disposed of bringing in Aereo who gets beat on. Acero makes his way back in and launches Aereo into Mercurio for a drop kick. Violencia then kicks him out of the ring. Aereo gets back into the ring and hits a fireman’s carry on Mercurio and goes for a moonsault, but Mercurio gets his feet up and pins him. Third Fall: Mercurio pins Aereo after getting his feet up on a moonsault.

Winners: Mercurio and Pequeno Violencia

Super Astro Jr, Principe Diamante, and Pegasso vs Cancerbero, Nitro, and Sangre Azteca

Astro and Nitro start out working a fast pace. He gets nitro out of the ring fairly quick and then feigns a dive and hits a pose. This brings in Cancerbero and Pegasso. They do a few acrobatic spots and moves. They go to the outside but Cancerbero backs off and asks for a time out. This brings in Diamante and Azteca. Diamante hits a few arm drags. He gets a flying head scissors reversed and this brings Astro back in. They then dispose of him and grab Pegasso and hold him in place while Azteca drop kicks him in the butt from the top. Then Nitro submits him with a single leg boston crab. First Fall: Nitro submits Pegasso with a single leg boston crab.

They start the second round triple teaming Diamante trying to remove his mask. He gets beat on and disposed of bringing in Pegasso. They start to make a come back and Astro hits a head scissor take over from the top then feigns a dive but after that he gets beat on. But then he makes his own comeback again hitting a drop kick on Azteca. Nitro finally hip tosses him over the ropes to the ramp. Pegasso goes to the top but gets drop kicked by Azteca and then Nitro goes for the pin for the win. Second Fall: Nitro pins Pegasso after a drop kick by Azteca.

Winners: Cancerbero, Nitro, and Sangre Azteca

Black Panther, Blue Panther, and Blue Panther Jr vs Misterioso, El Felino, and Tiger

Misterioso wants to face Blue Panther first so he obliges. The grapple on the ground to start. They lock up and grapple a few times and exchange pinning holds until they hit a stale mate. Black Panther and Tiger are tagged in. They start to work a much faster pace. They quickly get out though bringing in Blue Panther Jr and Felino. Panther Jr hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker on everyone, then gets Felino in a head scissors submission for the fall. First Fall: Blue Panther Jr submits Felino with a head scissor submission.

Black Panther and Felino start this fall off. It doesn’t take long for Misterioso and Blue Panther to come in. But Jr insists he wants to face him. None of that lasts as Tiger interferes and then Felino beats Black Panther on the outside, and Tiger beats Panther Jr on the ramp. Misterioso then gets Blue Panther in a leg lock for the fall. Second Fall: Misterioso submits Blue Panther with a leg lock.

Third round starts with everybody brawling. They triple Blue Panther Jr in the corner and Tiger kicks him in the groin. Now they’re beating on Blue Panther as he tried to make the save. The ref isn’t letting the other teammates in to help but isn’t doing anything about the triple team. Finally Black Panther gets in to relieve some pressure, then Jr hits a double clothesline. Jr hits a cross body on both guys and Blue Panther helps him pin but the ref counts slow and Blue Panther complains to him.

Tiger and Blue Panther exchange rapid chops in the middle of the ring. Black Panther hits an inverted 619 then a big arm drag to the outside. He goes for a dive but Tiger gets back in and super kicks him then hits a dive on Panther to the outside. Finally Blue Panther is left in the ring with Felino. They go at it for a bit till the others get in. Misterioso hits a sit out neck breaker on Black Panther for the win. Third Fall: Misterioso pins Black Panther with a sit out neck breaker.

Winners: Misterioso, Tiger, and El Felino

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