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Joe’s CMLL Review & Results (10/22/2018)

CMLL Arena Puebla Show

Arkalis, Tigre Rojo Jr, and Rey Samuray vs Toro Bill Jr, King Jaguar, and King Rocker Jr

Jaguar and Rojo Jr start out in the ring. They do some standing grappling, trading arm drags. They bring it to the mat and do some chain wrestling. They hit a stale mate bringing in King Rocker and Rey Samuray. They do some grappling back and forth as well, trying to get a feel for each other. Rocker almost breaks his neck on a botched senton. They stare down and tag in Arkalis and Bill. Bill gets Arkalis in his corner. Arkalis rips his shit off but really messes up. Jaguar gets in and power bombs Samuray then submits him. King Rocker hits a drop kick off the top on Rojo and then submits him with a sitting figure four. First Fall: King Rocker submits Tigre Rojo with a sit down figure four.

Second round starts and Bill, Jaguar, and Rocker are teaming up on everyone to get the advantage. Samuray is held on the outside while Jaguar hits a middle rope drop kick. Back in the ring Arkalis catches Jaguar while the other two are outside. This sets up the come back where Rojo hits a springboard moonsault on Bill while he’s standing for the pin and Samuray hits a lionsault on Rocker for the fall. Second Fall: Rey Samuray pins King Rocker Jr with a bouncing lionsault.

Round three starts with Rojo and Rocker in the ring and Rojo gets the advantage on him. He hits a few tilt-a-whirl back breakers then feigns a dive and hits a pose. Samuray and Bill are in next and Bill tries to apply a submission but Arkalis isn’t having any of it. Now he faces off with King Jaguar and they exchange chops. Arkalis gets the better of him hitting a nice head scissors take down to the outside. Finally the technicos get the advantage and Arkalis and Samuray hit dives from the ramp into the ring pinning King Jaguar and King Rocker. Third Fall: Arkalis pins King Jaguar with a swanton from the ramp.

Winners: Arkalis, Tigre Rojo Jr, and Rey Samuray

Marcela, Avispa Dorada, and Lluvia vs Dayls, Amapola, and Tiffany

Dorada and Dayls start out the match and they look to lock up. Dayls gets the advantage and starts to work her over. Dorada starts to fight back and hits a hurricanrana and head scissors to take her out, bringing in Lluvia and Amapola. They wrestle for a bit until Lluvia takes her shirt off. She does a few moves and gets the leg up on Amapola bringing in Tiffany. Lluvia was going to face her but made the tag to Marcela. Tiffany works over Marcela until she hits a drop kick off the top to change momentum. They start to triple team Marcela to slow her down. Tiffany hits a big bronco buster to take her out. They move onto Lluvia. Dayls slaps her butt then they dispose of her bringing in Dorada. When she’s disposed of they hit Marcela with a triple team bulldog where Amapola and Tiffany held her up and pinned her and Dalys performed the move. First Fall: Tiffany pins Marcela with a triple team bulldog by Dayls.

They second round starts out with more of the same. Dorada getting teamed on. A come back gets started after Marcela hits a hurricanrana and Lluvia hits a big head scissors. Dorada hits an over the top dive to the outside on Dalys and then Lluvia hits a face buster on Amapola and Marcela hits a double foot stomp from the top on Tiffany for the fall. Second Fall: Marcela pins Tiffany with a double foot stomp from the top.

Dayls starts with Dorada in the ring trading blows. They trade near falls and submissions until Lluvia comes in to relieve Dorada. Amapola comes in and hits a modified blue thunderbomb but Marcela stops the count. She hits a fireman’s carry back breaker and Tiffany breaks up the pin. Marcela hits a big fire up on Tiffany and hits a dive off the apron onto her. But in the ring they’re not so lucky as Amapola hits a sit out tiger driver on Lluvia for the pin and Dayls hits a spinning powerbomb on Dorada for the win. Third Fall: Dayls pins Dorada with a spin out powerbomb for the pin.

Winners: Tiffany, Amapola, and Dayls

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El Audaz, Stigma, and Triton vs Templario, Okumura, and Kawato San

Okumura and Stigma start out in this one and they get a feel for each other doing some chain wrestling. They finally hit a stale mate and this brings in Templario and Triton. They do some freestyle wrestling as each tries to get the advantage on each other. Templario slides to the outside and Triton follows and taunts him. Audaz is in there now with Kawato and they pick up the pace. Kawato hits a hurricanrana and Audaz kicks out but Stigma comes in to relieve him. Okumura comes in to combat Stigma but Stigma ducks his attack and dives to the outside on Kawato. Triton is in the ring with Okumura now and Templario lifts Triton by the legs and Okumura hits a cutter for the fall. First Fall: Okumura pins Triton with a cutter.

Audaz and Templario are fighting on the outside. Templario press slams him into the apron. Triton was getting teamed on but they move to Audaz hitting a flapjack then a drop kick on him. Now Stigma tries his chance. Triton is back to being worked over after Stigma’s failed attempt. They finally begin to make their come back and they hit some big moves, and then they all dive to the outside. Stigma in the ring hits Okumura with a jaw breaker for the pin. Second Fall: Stigma pins Okumura with a jaw breaker.

Stigma and Kawato start the fall off and Stigma has the advantage. Triton and Okumura get in and Triton runs wild on him, hitting a hurricanrana bringing Okumura to the outside. Audaz hits a very nice sunset flip on Templario but Okumura breaks up the pin. Kawato and Stigma take center stage and exchange a few nice moves back and forth. Kawato and Okumura hit a magic killer on Stigma for a pin Triton hits a big dive to the outside on Okumura and Kawato. In the ring Templario gets the advantage and hits a lung blower on Audaz for the win. Third Fall: Templario pins El Audaz with a lung blower.

Winners: Templario, Okumura, and Kawato San

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