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Joe’s CMLL Review & Results (10/22/2018)



CMLL Coverage

Diamante Azul, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja vs Mephisto, Luciferno, and Ephesto

Luciferno and Angel de Oro start the match out first posturing to the crowd. They lock up and grapple on the feet which leads it’s way to the ground. Oro performs some athletic spots to get out of holds. Niebla Roja and Ephesto are in next to test the waters. They posture to the crowd as well before they lock up and begin to grapple. Roja hits an arm drag bringing him to the outside. As Mephisto comes in Diamante Azul joins him. It doesn’t last long as they all start to brawl on the outside. Diamante Azul in the ring gets a victory roll on Mephisto for the fall. Luciferno and Ephesto turn their backs and pose thinking Mephisto took care of him. They were wrong. First Fall: Diamante Azul pins Mephisto with a victory roll.

Roja and Luciferno start the second round off. Roja runs wild on all of them and exchanges corner clotheslines with Mephisto. He hits a kick to the chest on Mephisto and then poses to the crowd. Angel de Oro starts to go wild on them as well and he feigns a dive and hits a pose as well. Diamante Azul is now running wild on them. Hitting a big hip toss on Luciferno and a monkey flip on Ephesto that got huge air. Azul also feigns a dive and hits a pose too. Angel de Oro goes for a hurricanrana but Luciferno turns it into a styles clash for a pin. Mephisto hits a face buster on Niebla Roja for the fall. Second Fall: Mephisto pins Niebla Roja with a tiger face buster.

The third fall starts with Diamante Azul getting teamed on. They teased taking his mask off. They hit a drop kick to the inner thigh on Angel de Oro. They start to make a come back. Azul hits a running elbow on Mephisto. Oro and Roja hit big moves on the other two and then hit dives to the outside. In the ring Diamante goes for a press slam which is reversed into a cradle by Mephisto. He takes Azul’s mask off though. The ref counts three but awards the win to Azul’s team when he sees the mask. Third Fall: Diamante Azul wins by DQ for getting his mask removed.

Winners: Diamante Azul, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja

Caristico, David Finlay, and Mistico vs Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero

Mistico starts with Ultimo Guerrero. It’s funny seeing Mistico and Caristico on the same team. They start out doing some grappling. Mistico hits a hurricanrana and then feigns a dive and hits a pose. Finlay gets in there next with Euforia. They trade some holds on their feet trying to get a feel for each other. When Gran Guerrero comes in Finlay tags Caristico and Caristico looks confused. This doesn’t last long as they’re all in the ring brawling. Ultimo drop kicks Mistico off the apron and he almost went flying into the seats. They do the triple team dive on Finlay where Euforia launches Gran Guerrero into Finlay. Then they get the others in the ring and submit them with a triple submission stretch. First Fall: Los Guerrero’s submits Finlay, Mistico, and Caristico with a triple submission stretch.

Second round starts with Gran and Euforia double pressing Caristico. They then press Finlay off the top rope and then start to pose to the crowd. They attempt the triple team attack again but it’s broken up. Finlay hip tosses Ultimo into the ring and then Caristico launches Mistico into the ring and he hits a hurricanrana. David Finlay hits a stunner on Gran Guerrero and then Caristico does his spinning head scissors into a Fujiwara arm bar on Euforia for the submission. Second Fall: Caristico submits Euforia with a Fujiwara arm bar.

Finlay and Ultimo start in the ring with Finlay mocking his pose. Finlay runs wild on all of them concluding with a running elbow to Gran Guerrero. Caristico now gets in there with Ultimo. They stare each other down and posture to the crowd. Caristico hits a hurricanrana on him to the outside bringing in Gran Guerrero. He takes care of Gran Guerrero then Euforia and then feigns a dive and hits a pose. Gran is in there with Mistico and hits him with a clothesline that sends him flipping.

Mistico hits Gran with a hurricanrana soon after, then Euforia, and then a head scissors on Ultimo. When he goes for a dive he gets intercepted by Euforia and Gran. Finlay hits a dive to the outside after they dispose of them to the outside, then Caristico hits a middle rope dive. In the ring Ultimo hits a face buster off the top on Mistico for the victory. Third Fall: Ultimo Guerrero hits a face buster off the top on Mistico for the win.

Winners: Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero

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