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Joe’s CMLL Review & Results (10/22/2018)



CMLL Coverage

Triton, Esfinge, and El Audaz vs Virus, El Sagrado, and Misterioso

Virus and Esfinge start off the match doing some grappling. They then lock up in the middle of the ring to do a test of strength. They get on the ground and exchange submission holds. They stare down before they tag in their partners Misterioso and El Audaz. Business picks up with Audaz in the ring now. He performs a bunch of athletic spots. After they hit a stale mate Sagrado and Triton make their ways in. Triton hits a springboard hurricanrana on him to the outside. Audaz hits a drop kick on Virus and then Triton hits a drop kick from the top and then Esfinge hits a springboard dive for the pin on Virus. First Fall: Esfinge pins Virus with a springboard splash.

Esfinge starts the second round with Virus now and they work quicker than they did at the start of round one. When Esfinge gets Virus out of the ring, he feigns a dive and then all three of them hit a pose together. Sagrado gets in there with Audaz and he is no match for Audaz’s athleticism. He does a bunch of rope walking spots and hits a hurricanrana on him. Misterioso hits a drop kick on Audaz to get him out. A double big boot is hit by Virus and Sagrado to get rid of Triton. Misterioso takes care of Esfinge in the corner and a double team, flap jack kick is hit on Audaz. Sagrado hits a fireman’s carry on Esfinge and then Virus hits a senton for the pin. Misterioso hits a back breaker on Triton and held him up for Sagrado to drop kick him for the pin. Second Fall: Misterioso hits a back breaker then Sagrado drop kicks Triton and Misterioso pins him.

They start the third round beating up on Audaz. They continue their triple team attack on Esfinge and then Triton. Triton ducks to make a come back hitting and arm drag. Then his teammates springboard up and hit arm drags. Esfinge and Audaz then hit dives to the outside on Sagrado and Misterioso. Triton and Virus are left in the ring. Triton hits a standing moonsault for a close two. They go to the outside and in comes Sagrado and Misterioso with Audaz. Misterioso launches him into Sagrado but Audaz hits him with a hurricanrana into a pin for the pin. Esfinge springboards up and hits a code breaker on Misterioso for the fall. Third Fall: Esfinge pins Misterioso with a code breaker for the win.

Winners: Triton, Esfinge, and El Audaz

Mistico, Niebla Roja, and Stuka vs Nitro, Euforia, and Rey Bucanero

Niebla Roja starts out with Nitro and they grapple a bit to feel each other out. I must say that CMLL again usually doesn’t false advertise but on their poster they listed Shocker for this match and even on their youtube page it lists the matches for this show and still shows Shocker their even after the event aired. So this is another time Shocker missed a show. I wonder if he’s hurt or busy with other bookings. After they grapple Mistico and Euforia get in. They do a few spots but the match breaks down into chaos. Nitro and Bucanero are out the outside and Mistico hits an asai Moonsault on Euforia while Roja and Stuka hit middle rope dives. In the ring after that Mistico hits the flying head scissors into a Fujiwara arm bar for the fall. First Fall: Mistico submits Euforia with a Fujiwara arm bar.

Stuka and Euforia begin the second round off. They do a monkey flip spot which Stuka counters. Euforia goes for a back body drop to the outside but Stuka counters into a hurricanrana. Stuka hits a back breaker on him then poses. Roja is now in with Bucanero. Roja gets him out with a chop. He hits a big hurricanrana on Euforia to the outside. He hits a springboard drop kick to Nitro and then hits a pose. Mistico gets in there with Euforia and they both posture to the crowd for cheers. After the crowd cheers for Mistico more Euforia hits a shoulder block on him. Mistico hits a big springboard splash and then a nice head scissors takeover. Mistico goes for an attack in the corner but Euforia rolls him over into a neck stretch for the fall. Second Fall: Euforia submits Mistico with a neck stretch.

Euforia starts with Stuka alone in the ring. Quickly this becomes a triple team attack on Stuka. Mistico tries to relieve him after Stuka received an elbow drop to the inner thigh. Roja tries to make the save for Mistico but he’s intercepted by Euforia. Bucanero beats on Mistico on the ramp way and leaves him there. But don’t count him out he runs in from the ramp and is launched by Stuka to hit a hurricanrana on Euforia and then he hits an over the top rope dive to the outside. Stuka goes to the top for a dive on Nitro but Nitro gets his feet up and pins him. Bucanero hits a falcon arrow on Stuka for the win. Third Fall: Rey Bucanero hits a falcon arrow on Stuka for the win.

Winners: Nitro, Rey Bucanero, and Euforia

CMLL World Heavyweight Championship: Ultimo Guerrero vs Diamante Azul

Finally they will crown a world heavyweight champion after Marco Corleone retired from CMLL or wrestling. You know him as Mark Jindrak. They start the match out with some grappling on the ground, trying to get a feel for each other. They look at each other and stare each other down before they engage in some more mat wrestling. Ultimo gets him in a surfboard stretch. Diamante gets out of it and gets Ultimo in a sit out press slam for the fall. First Fall: Diamante Azul pins Ultimo Guerrero with a sit out press slam.

They start the second fall exchanging slaps to the chest in the middle of the ring. Diamante hits a big monkey flip on Ultimo. Ultimo Guerrero counters Diamante’s kick and then rolls him into a neck stretch for the second fall. Second Fall: Ultimo Guerrero gets Diamante Azul in a neck stretch for the fall.

Third fall starts with them trading blows in the corner. Azul hits a super kick and goes for the pin. Ultimo Guerrero back drops Azul to the apron then sweeps his leg and hits a drop kick on him off the apron. Guerrero then whips him over the barricade. He hits a running diving, clothesline over the barricade on Azul. He gets Azul back in the ring and goes for a knee attack in the corner but misses and falls to the outside. Azul then hits a running dive off the top. He gets Guerrero in the ring and hits a power bomb for a close two count. Azul has Guerrero on the top rope and goes for a suplex but it’s reversed into a front face buster for a close two count.

Azul next hits a swinging back breaker for a close two count. He gets Guerrero on the top again and goes for a hurricanrana but it’s countered into a power bomb off the top and again a very close two count. Azul next hits a military press into a quick power slam for a close two count. While Guerrero is still on the mat, Azul goes to the top but in that time Guerrero knocks him down and hits a reverse vertical suplex off the top and pins him to become the heavyweight champion. Third Fall: Ultimo Guerrero hits him with a reverse vertical suplex off the top for the win.

Afterwards the announcers speak briefly about the Blue Panther anniversary show this Friday.AaBD

Winner: Ultimo Guerrero

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