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Joe’s AAA Results & Review (Ending 9/30)



AAA TV Tapings on Twitch 9/30

Dinastia, Hijo Del Vikingo, and Draztick Boy vs Australian Suicide, Villano III Jr, and King Balam

Well we have all the correct participants in this match. Saying this for reasons later. AAA is very WWE like in their deceptive promoting. Draztick boy and and Villano start out the match do mat wrestling at a very fast pace. They perform some arcobatic spots and that’s really it and make the tags to Dinastia and Australian Suicide. They do a series of athletic counters until Dinastia hits a big arm drag sending Suicide to the outside. King Balam comes in to work over Dinastia.

The tag is eventually made to Vikingo. Vikingo gets beat on and runs up the rope to perform a top rope move but he botched. He hits a drop kick, then a big hurricanrana to change momentum. Vikingo gets hit with a code breaker and after that chaos breaks out. Villano hits a big drop kick in the corner to Draztick boy. Now big spots are being traded back and forth in the ring. It’s not the cleanest execution but it is pretty cool. Draztick boy hits a big dive on Balam where he pretty much missed.

Vikingo hit a big one on Villano, Vikingo misses a phoenix splash and smashes his face into the mat. Suicide then hit him with a piledriver. Dinastia hits Suicide with a top rope spanish fly. Vikingo hits Villano with a reverse frakensteiner off the top rope. We get spot after spot after spot until finally Vikingo hits an imploder 450 on King Balam for the win. Vikingo hits an imploder 450 on King Balam for the win.

Winners: Dinastia, Hijo Del Vikingo, and Draztick Boy

Nino Hamburguesa, Lady Shani, and Angelikal vs Arez, Lady Maravilla, and La Parka Negra

Shani starts the match with Arez. They do some mat grappling to start off. She is significantly bigger than Arez. It looks funny. They have the heel ref in this match, so Arez hit a fisherman suplex and he went for the fast count. Shani hits a sunset flip power bomb on him then rolls him around the ring. Maravilla enters the match and they do some acrobatic spots. After that Shani tags in Hamburger boy. He hits her with a big running shoulder block and she went flying.

La Parka Negra comes in now. He does a hurricanrana on Hamburger boy then does LA Park’s dance and gets booed. Angelikal hits him with a cross body and then a hurricanrana to get him out of the ring. Angelikal and Arez are in now and they start trading spots. Angelikal goes for a springboard moonsault and comes up real short but Arez still super kicks him. Maravilla and Shani brawl in the corner. Shani gets triple teamed on, and Maravilla kicks her right in the butt. Nino and Angelikal get back in tho change momentum.

Maravilla and Parka are in the corner and he running senton’s them and then he does it to Arez. Afterwards Maravilla hits a spanish fly on Angelikal and Shani breaks up the pin. They’re all hitting big spots on each other and the pins are getting broken up. Then the one who breaks up the pin does their spot. Significant in that is Parka Negra throwing Shani into the crowd via power bomb. Finally Nino Hamburger hits Arez with a top rope splash for the win. Nino Hamburguesa pinned Arez with a top rope splash for the win.

Winners: Nino Hamburguesa, Lady Shani, and Angelikal

Konnan and Jeff Jarrett come out for a promo. Konnan calls out Wagner and says Jeff Jarrett is going to speak in Spanish. He said he was the king of the mountain in spanish. Then he keeps calling everyone Basura. Jeff calls Wagner basura because he’s a fake Mexican and he’s not even from Mexico. Konnan is asking the heel ref to ref the match. He graciously accepts.

Aerostar and Drago vs Puma King and Golden Magic

Puma and Aerostar begin the match and you’d be surprised to know they’re moving at such a fast pace. About a minute in Drago and Golden Magic come in. Drago lands on Golden Magic’s shoulders and hits a nice hurricanrana. I’ll take this time out to mention the stark differences between AAA and CMLL. They’re quite different for both being lucha libre. Will delve more into that during my opinion piece. Drago and Golden Magic spend some time playing cat and mouse going in and out of the ring. This brings Aerostar and Puma King in to work. Golden hits a 450 on Aerostar then hits a middle rope dive on Drago. After disposes of both of them, Puma King and Golden Magic do the DBZ fusion pose.

Golden Magic and Drago exchange strikes in the ring, which golden match gets the best of. He goes for a moonsault but Drago gets the knees up. Puma King hits a power bomb on him but Aerostar breaks it up. Puma King goes for a power bomb off the top but Aerostar reverses it into a hurricanrana. Aerostar springboards off the top to the outside like a cannon ball, and in the ring Puma King pins Drago with a pinning combination for the win. Puma King pins Drago with a pinning combination for the win.

Drago sits in the ring despondent.

Winners: Puma King and Golden Magic

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