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Joe’s CMLL Grand Prix Results & Review



CMLL Grand Prix 2018


Akuma, Camorra, and Star Jr vs El Hijo del Signo, Robin, and Yago

Camorra and Signo start out the match. They do some really slow grappling. Akuma and Yago make their ways in. It goes to the outside briefly where they strike each other over and over. They hit a stale mate and Star and Robin come in. They start to work a much faster rate. Star hits a hurricanrana on Robin. Robin answers with one of his own. Akuma gets in there with Signo and he gets Akuma out the ring quick. As he goes for a dive Camorra intercepts it by kicking him. Robin goes after all three of them but Akuma hits him with a quick Canadian destroyer or sunset flip piledriver as they said, which is better than when they called it a sunset flip ddt. Camorra pins him. First Fall: Camorra pins Robin after Akuma hits him with a canadian destroyer.

The second round starts with Robin getting triple teamed. Camorra starts to bite Signo’s head. Akuma gets him in a big swing and Star drop kicks him in the head. Star launches Robin in the air but he drop kicks Camorra. Star then hits him with a big boot. Signo comes in and hits him with an arm drag. Robin runs off his teammates back and hits a hurricanrana on Star. A tower of doom spot is done then Robin hits a splash on Star but the pin is broken up. Camorra attacks Yago on the outside. Robin hits a dive on Akuma and then Star hits a hurricanrana on Robin. Camorra hits Signo with a rainmaker then submits him with the tequila sunrise for the win. Second Fall: Camorra submits El Hijo del Signo with a tequila sunrise.

Winners: Akuma, Camorra, and Star Jr

Avispa Dorada, La Jarochita, and Marcela vs Dalys, La Metalica, and Reyna Isis

Isis and Jarochita start out this match. They start with some good ol mat wrestling, where Isis pulled her hair a bit while she had her in a hold. Soon after Dalys and Dorada come in. They grapple and trade holds until Dalys does a few arm drags. They do some acrobatic spots then Dalys chops her. Dorada hits a hurricanrana then a drop kick and poses. This brings in Marcela and Metalica. She quickly gets the upper hand on Marcela. Marcela hits a neck breaker for the come back, then hits a somersault dive to the outside. Dorada drop toe holds Dalys to the corner then Jarochita hit her with running knees to the back for the pin. First Fall: Jarochita hits Dayls with double knees to the back for the pin.

Jarochita and Isis start out the second round. Jarochita hits a corner clothesline. Isis hits a superkick when she goes for a second. Jarochita holds herself up on the turnbuckle balancing on her head then turns it into a hurricanrana. Pretty impressive. Dorada hits a body splash coming in but Isis quickly changes the tide on her. Marcela comes in to help but she ends up getting beat on by Dalys and Metalica. Dalys hits her with a spinebuster, then Isis hits her with a leg drop, Metalica with a senton, then Dalys submits her with a sharpshooter. Second Fall: Dalys submits Marcela with a sharpshooter.

Third round starts with them still triple teaming Marcela. Once they’re done with her they move onto the next one. But they make a come back by all three ladies hitting drop kicks. Then Dorada hits a dive on Dalys over the top rope. Marcela hits a michinoku driver on Reyna Isis for the pin, and Jarochita submits Metalica with an indian deathlock. Third Fall: La Jarochita submits La Metalica with an indian deathlock.

Winners: Avispa Dorada, La Jarochita, and Marcela

(Match Relampago) El Valiente vs Gran Guerrero

I knew it was too good to be true. They have this stupid match relampago graphic up on the screen again. They didn’t have this for the Puebla show. I thought they learned their lesson. I was wrong. They start this lightning match with some standard wrestling. Gran Guerrero back drops him onto the apron then drop kicks him off it, then feigns a dive and hits a pose. Guerrero hits a power bomb, then starts tearing at Valiente’s mask.

Valiente reverses Guerrero’s offense into an arm drag and then hits a huge middle rope dive. Valiente hits him with a face buster for a close two count. Guerrero goes for a corner attack, but Valiente moves leading Guerrero to fall to the outside. Valiente then runs up the ropes and hits a moonsault to the outside. They get back in the ring and Gran Guerrero hits a sit out death valley driver from the top for the win. Gran Guerrero wins with a top rope sit out death valley driver.

Winner: Gran Guerrero

El Hijo de LA Park, LA Park, and Mistico vs Cavernario, Ciber the main man, and The Chris

Looks like they’re just calling him Ciber now. They start brawling before the match even officially starts. They’re all on the outside brawling. El Hijo and Cavernario go back in forth in the ring after the chaos settles. Park comes in and get Ciber to the outside and then hits a big middle rope dive. El hijo hits a spanish fly on The Chris for the pin. Mistico hit the head scissors into the Fujiwara arm bar for the submission on Cavernario. First Fall: Mistico submits Cavernario with a Fujiwara arm bar.

El Hijo starts the second round on fire. When Ciber comes in the ring he trips on the bottom rope and he is pissed at it. Mistico and Cavernario get in the ring. Well that doesn’t last long as it breaks down into a brawl. Park is getting hit with his own belt again. They get Park out of there and Cavernario hits his springboard splash on El Hijo for the pin. Second Fall: Cavernario pins El Hijo de LA Park with a splash.

Mistico gets his faced smashed by the barricade by Ciber. Cavernario tries to take off El Hijo’s mask. Ciber and Cavernaro are trying to remove Park’s mask now. They get his mask off briefly and Cavernario slaps him. They’re all brawling on the ramp way now. Now they are on the stage. El Hijo and Mistico hit dives off the stage on The Chris and Cavernario. Now Park beats on Ciber in the ring. It soon breaks into chaos again. Mistico and El Hijo go for victory rolls but they’re kicked out at two.

Then Chris and Cavernario go for power bombs and they’re kicked out at two. Those four go to the outside leaving Ciber and Park in the ring. Park hits a final cut that’s kicked out of. Mistico kicks out of Cavernario’s fisherman suplex. He gets the feet up on the splash, which makes him fall out of the ring. Then he hits a big dive off the ramp. El Hijo hits a code breaker on the Chris for the pin. Park pins Ciber with a clothesline. I think he meant to do a spear but there wasn’t enough space. Third Fall: LA Park pins Ciber with a clothesline.

Winners: El Hijo de LA Park, LA Park, and Mistico

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