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Joe’s CMLL Grand Prix Results & Review



CMLL Grand Prix 2018



They’re introducing everyone from team world and team Mexico. Matt Taven, Dark Magic, Flip Gordon, Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, Gilbert el Bourica, David Finlay, Michael Elgin. Okumura. That’s team world. Euforia. Cuatrero. Sanson. Diamante Azul. El Terrible. Hechicero. Ultimo Guerrero. Caristico. Volador Jr.

Okumura and Cuatrero start out first. They wrestle for a bit. Then Gilbert and Terrible come in. They chop each other. They’re not doing much. It’s a lot of staring down. Sanson comes in next but Volador comes in instead to face Matt Taven. Taven taunts him then leaves the ring. Finally he comes back in to face Sanson. They do some acrobatic spots and trade arm drags. Sanson gets dragged out by team world and they attack him. Team Mexico comes to his defense. There’s a huge brawl on the outside now.

Finally it dies down and Dark Magic comes in to face Diamante Azul. They exchange punches in the middle of the ring. Diamante hits a big power slam. Now Hechicero gets in there with David Finlay. Hechicero is trying to get him with leg sweep take downs. This leads to the fighting spirit spot. He hits a big back breaker on Finlay. Flip Gordon is next with Euforia. He gets thrown out to team Mexico and they attack him. Team world makes the save and everyone is brawling again. Mark Briscoe is in there with Ultimo Guerrero now. Jay helps his brother out a little bit and they double Ultimo.

The refs trying to get one out. Caristico comes in to stop them. But he confronts Michael Elgin. Caristico reverses a power bomb into a hurricanrana. Elgin gets to the top and hits a senton on team Mexico. Caristico then hits a dive on team World. Now they’re all in the ring brawling. Now it’s moved to the ramp. Taven and Flip Gordon hit dives on both piles. Okumura is finally in the ring getting doubled by Sanson and Cuatrero. Sanson hits Okumura with a helicopter slam for a pin to eliminate him. Sanson Eliminates Okumura.

First Elimination: Okumura.

Sanson and Cuatrero are still running wild this time on the Briscoe brothers. Mark hits a block buster on Sanson to the outside. Jay and Cuatrero fight in the middle of the ring. Jay and Mark hit a razor’s edge neck breaker on Cuatrero for the elimination. Jay eliminates Cuatrero.

Second Elimination: Cuatrero

Dark Magic and Hechicero get in the ring now. Dark Magic hits a big side walk slam for a two count. He then hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Hechicero then makes a come back and gets him in an elaborate stretch for the elimination. Hechicero eliminates Dark Magic.

Third Elimination: Dark Magic

Now it’s Flip Gordon and Ultimo Guerrero’s turn. Flip hits him with a back kick to the outside then does a dive to the outside. Diamante Azul and Elgin come in next. They exchange forearms in the middle of the ring. Elgin hits a beautiful drop kick and then hits an over the top dive. He hits El Terrible on the apron. He then hits a whisper in the wind for a two count. Diamante press slams Elgin but he slips out and power bombs him. Then power bombs him once more for the pin. Elgin eliminates Diamante Azul.

Fourth Elimination: Diamante Azul

Volador and Sanson double team on Elgin. Elgin makes his own come back and presses Sanson on Volador. He does a double fall away slam to both of them. Finlay comes in now and they double Volador. Elgin hits a neck breaker off the top and Finlay hits a senton in the corner. Caristico comes in now to take on Finlay. Caristico goes for a springboard move but Finlay hits him with an upper cut. Caristico gets him in the flying head scissors into a fujiwara arm bar for the elimination. Caristico eliminates David Finlay.

Fifth Elimination: David Finlay.

Next up are Gilbert and El Terrible. They exchange corner clotheslines. Now we have Mark Briscoe and Euforia in. Ultimo helps Euforia press him off the top. Sanson and Matt Taven come in the ring now. Sanson hits a standing enziguri for a close 2 count. Taven hits a springboard kick to the face. He goes to the top but he’s caught by Sanson. Taven knocks him off and hits a frog splash eliminating Sanson. Matt Taven eliminates Sanson.

Sixth Elimination: Sanson

El Terrible gets in there with Flip Gordon now. What a styles clash that is. Gordon misses a corkscrew moonsault and Terrible hits him with a power bomb for the elimination. El Terrible eliminates Flip Gordon.

Seventh Elimination: Flip Gordon

Jay Briscoe gets in there and quickly attacks Terrible. He hits him with the Jay Driller for the elimination. Jay Briscoe eliminates El Terrible.

Eight Elimination: El Terrible.

Ultimo Guerrero quickly gets in there and submits Jay Briscoe with a neck stretch. Ultimo Guerrero eliminates Jay Briscoe.

Ninth Elimination: Jay Briscoe.

Mark Briscoe and Caristico go back and forth for a few. Mark Briscoe who they keep calling Jay, hits him with a suplex and Caristico also rolls him up during it for a double pin. Mark Briscoe and Caristico eliminate each other.

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