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Joe’s CMLL Review & Results (Ending 9/30/18)



CMLL Coverage

Caristico and Soberano vs Negro Casas and La Bestia Del Ring

Negro Casas and Soberano start off the match. Bestia soon interferes and Caristico comes in to help, but just ends up getting doubled. Bestia hits a senton on Caristico for the pin, then Negro Casas gets Soberano in a sharpshooter for the submission. First Fall: Negro Casas submits Soberano with a sharpshooter.

Soberano starts the second fall getting doubled. Soberano is able to make the tag to Caristico. Negro holds Caristico so the midget can attack him. Funny how that’s not a DQ. Soberano makes the save attacking Bestia, then getting Negro in a hurricanrana for the pin. Caristico then rolls up Bestia for the pin. Second Fall: Caristico does a school boy on Bestia for the fall.

Bestia starts the final round with Caristico. Caristico hits a big arm drag on him sending him to the outside. Soberano comes in with Negro Casas whom the crowd is obviously behind. Soberano gets Negro Casas in a surfboard stretch and turns it into a pin. Bestia misses an elbow drop and Caristico pins him for the win. Third Fall: Bestia misses an elbow drop and Caristico pins him.

Winners: Caristico and Soberano

LA Park and Hijo Del LA Park vs Rush and Cavernario

Rush makes his entrance through the crowd and attacks LA Park. Rush takes Park’s belt off and hits him with it. Cavernario then hits Hijo de Park with it. Rush brings Park into the crowd and they start brawling. Rush throws a stepping stool at Park which looks like it stung his hands. They double El Hijo until Park comes in for relief. It doesn’t help and Rush hits Park in the corner with a kick. Finally the son hits a super kick on Rush and the tide gets turned. Park hits Rush and Cavernario with his belt. Park pulls out some scissors. Park and El Hijo go to cut their hair but the ref stops them and they get rolled up for the pin. First Fall: Rush pins LA Park for the first fall.

Park is playing to the crowd, threatening to hit the ref at the start of the round. El Hijo and Cavernario posture to the crowd. Hijo gets cheered. Hijo hits an arm drag on him to the outside then hits a hurricanrana to the outside. Park and his son hits a double team attack on Rush and Cavernario then feign dives and hit a pose. Rush and Cavernario remove Hijo and Park’s masks but they get them in school boys for the second fall maskless. Second Fall: LA Park pins Rush with a school boy.

Rush and Park start the final round exchanging strikes. Rush gets Park in an abdominal stretch but Hijo breaks it up with his belt. El Hijo hit the sunset flip driver on Cavernario for a 2 count. LA Park’s old finisher. Hijo then hits a canadian destroyer for a two count. Cavernario hits a ddt and they’re both out. Park goes to pin Cavernario, Rush pins Hijo. Both get two counts now it’s Rush and Park in the ring. They both run at each other from each corner and collide. On the third time Rush does it first and Park counters. Rush hits him with stomps in the corner but Park gets up quick and hits his spear. It would have been three but Cavernario breaks up the count.

Cavernario hits El Hijo with a suplex and goes to the top but El Hijo gets to him and hits a top rope Spanish fly. El Hijo is pulling out all the stops. El Hijo then hits an asai moonsault on Cavernario, once again leaving Park and Rush in the ring. Park smacks Rush in the corner, and the ref pulls him off. Rush throws a drop kick, and Park moves which hits the ref. Rush then low blows Park. He gets the ref to count the pin but he stops at 2. Park then hits a low blow and the ref counts for the win. Third Fall: LA Park hits Rush with a low blow for the pin.

For good measure, Hijo hits Cavernario with a power slam for another pin. Park helps him cover him.

Winners: LA Park and El Hijo del LA Park

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