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Joe’s CMLL Review & Results (Ending 9/30/18)



CMLL Coverage

Mistico, Hijo Del LA Park, and Soberano Jr vs Negro Casas, Forastero, and Rey Bucanero

Mistico and Negro Casas start out in the match. They do some fast grappling and slap each other on the ground. Not too long in Park and Bucanero come in. They start to chain wrestler on the mat. They hit a stale mate and in comes Forastero and Soberano. Soberano does some impressive handspring flips to show off. Soberano hits a super kick on Forastero knocking him out of the ring, Bucanero comes in and hits him with a canadian destroyer which makes him fall to the outside. Mistico hits a springboard cross body and goes for a head scissors which Bucanero reverses and sets up for a double team attack. Forastero hits him with a springboard basement drop kick for the fall. First Fall: Forastero hits a basement drop kick on Mistico for the pin.

Second round starts with Casas and Forastero doubling Park. Forastero hits two corner attacks on Park which knocks him out of the ring. Mistico tries his hand, but Casas comes in and hits him with a big knee lift. Forastero hits a big leg drop on him. This brings in Soberano to try his hand. He gets hip tossed to the ramp by Bucanero. They set up for a triple team attack on Park where Forastero is standing on his back but Mistico jumps on the ropes and hits a hurricanrana. Park hits a back breaker on Casas putting him in the corner, when Soberano and Mistico hit simultaneous dives on the opposite sides of the ring to the outside. In the ring, Park hits Casas with a powerbomb and then puts him in an indian deathlock like submission for the fall. Second Fall: Hijo del LA Park submits Negro Casas with a modified indian deathlock.

Mistico and Forastero start the third fall slapping each other in the chest in the middle of the ring. Mistico takes him out and holds Bucanero in place for Soberano to perform a rotating splash off the top. Mistico launches Soberano into a hurricanrana on Bucanero to bring him outside, and then he hits a head scissors on Forastero which brings him outside. Mistico goes to the top and hits a hurricanrana to the outside on Forastero. Soberano goes to the top and hits his rotating attack to the outside on Bucanero. Park and Casas are left in the ring and they go back and forth. Park hits a big powerslam on Casas, he then hits a drop kick on Bucanero, then performs an arm drag on Forastero and finally he hits a hurricanrana to the outside on Forastero. Soberano gets in there with Bucanero but he quickly gets him out with a drop kick.

Forastero comes in to face him. Soberano hits a big hurricanrana off the top on Bucanero and Mistico hits one off the ropes on Forastero for 2 counts. Park and Casas work in the ring again, and Park hits a german suplex where he gets a 2 count. Park hits a dragon screw leg whip in the ropes on Casas which sends him to the outside, then hits a big middle rope dive. Soberano and Bucanero are left in the ring but Bucanero knocks him out on the turnbuckle. They go to set up Mistico for that double team move they did earlier with Forastero. But this time when Forastero jumps on the ropes Soberano intercepts him for what was a botch but was improvised into an arm drag for the pin. Mistico then gets Bucanero in a flying head scissors into an arm bar for the win. Third Fall: Mistico submits Rey Bucanero with a flying head scissors arm bar.

Some fans did throw money in the ring for that match, so they must have enjoyed it.

Winners: Mistico, Hijo Del LA Park, and Soberano

Caristico, Volador Jr, and Michael Elgin vs Cavernario, Sanson, and Cuatrero

Cuatrero and Caristico start the match off with very fast moving chain wrestling. They each had counters for each other and these leads to Elgin and Sanson coming in. They go back and forth until Elgin hits a big back breaker, then does a head scissor take over to send Sanson out. Elgin expanding the moveset for the Arena Mexico crowd. This brings in Volador and Cavernario and they stare each other down. It quickly divulges to the outside and they assault Volador. Back in the ring Caristico gets launched into the air and Cavernario hits him with a drop kick for the pin. Sanson and Cuatrero hit a move on Elgin and then Cavernario does his running splash for the fall. First Fall: Cavernario pins Elgin with a running splash.

Second round is started with them brawling on the outside to take out Volador, so they can beat on Caristico in the ring. Volador slowly makes his way back into the ring to square off with Cavernario. The one on one sequence doesn’t last long as Volador starts to get doubled. Whenever a teammate tries to make the save they end up taking them out. Volador is finally able to break free and make a come back taking Cavernario out of the ring, and then he hit a big dive over the top. Caristico and Elgin get in the ring and Elgin hits a sit out powerbomb on Cuatrero and Caristico submitted Sanson with a head scissors into an arm bar for the fall. Second Fall: Caristico submits Sanson with an arm bar.

They posture for a little to start the round, but then Cavernario and Volador start at a super fast acrobatic pace and then Volador hits a head scissors take over bringing Cavernario to the outside. He then hits a hurricanrana to the outside on Cavernario. This brings in Elgin and Cuatrero. Elgin runs to his corner and hits Sanson. So when he recovers he comes in the ring to attack Elgin. The two are unable to get a leg up on Elgin however, as he does big moves on both. He gets both of them on his shoulders and hits a double powerslam. After they recover they start to get heat on Elgin, getting him in a 2 man press slam.

Caristico comes in and gets launched by Cuatrero into Sanson, but Caristico counters into a hurricanrana. He hits a big arm drag on Cuatrero and then hits a top rope dive on both of them to the outside. Elgin then comes and does an over the top dive leaving Volador and Cavernario in the ring. Volador gets him to the top and hits a top rope hurricanrana on Cavernario for the win. Third Fall: Volador Jr pins Cavernario with a top rope hurricanrana.

Winners: Caristico, Volador Jr, and Michael Elgin

(CMLL Trios Championship) Ciber the Main Man, The Chris, and Scharly Rockstar vs Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero

Gran Guerrero starts off with The Chris. Surprisingly nobody was attacked during the entrances like has happened the last few matches. They did some very basic grappling on the feet and tagged in Scharly Rock Star and Euforia. These two do some basic grappling as well. So far they are certainly working a different style than previous matches. Euforia gets him in a stretch and when Rock Star gets out of it he tags in Ciber. This brings in Ultimo Guerrero. He quickly gets Ciber in a submission and this leads to the match breaking down into a brawl. They do the Los Guerrero’s spot where two guys hold him on the ropes and the third guy jumps on him, on Ultimo Guerrero. They get everyone back in the ring and the Klan gets all three of them in submissions for the fall. First Fall: The Klan submits all three of them for the fall.

The second fall starts with the Klan beating up on everyone. Finally they start to make a come back and they drop kick the klan off the apron. Euforia then hits a big middle rope dive, Gran Guerrero then hits an over the top rope dive, and after that Ultimo Guerrero hits a top rope splash to the floor. Euforia gets Scharly in an over head stretch while Guerrero gets Ciber in a camel clutch and Gran gets the Chris in a camel clutch and they submit them for the fall. Second Fall: Euforia submits Scharly Rock Star with an overhead stretch.

Euforia and Gran brawl with the Chris and Scharly on the stage and they both hit big dives off the stage. Ultimo hits a corner attack on Ciber. They hit Scharly with a double press slam. Now Gran Guerrero hits the big splash on the ramp, the triple team spot the Klan emulated before. They hit a double press slam off the top on Ciber for a two count. Ciber hits a top rope suplex on Ultimo for a close two count. Ultimo then hits a power bomb off the top which Scharly breaks up the count. Gran and the Chris come in now The Chris hits a big move that Gran kicks out of. Gran hit a death valley driver for a 2 count. Gran then hits a death valley driver into the turnbuckle and Chris kicks out of that too.

A big tower of doom spot is done and it takes everyone out but Ciber who tries to take advantage. Ciber is then left with Ultimo Guerrero and he goes to pin him and hold onto Scharly’s hand to cheat, but Scharly is pulled away. Guerrero then rolls him up and then does what Ciber just did and pins him for the win. Third Fall: Ultimo Guerrero pins Ciber the main man with a roll up.

Ultimo Guerrero challenges them to a cage match. Ciber says he’ll think about it but all the masks and hair are on the line. So whichever team loses, the mask or hair will be lost.

Winners: Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero

LA Park will headline Arena Puebla once again, and the Grand Prix will be streaming on ROH Honor Club at 9:30 pm eastern time.

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