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John Cena’s Crown Jewel Status To Reportedly Be Addressed On RAW

Following last night’s Evolution pay-per-view, we’re not just four days away from the WWE’s next big event, Crown Jewel, and we still don’t know what will happen regarding Daniel Bryan and John Cena.

If you’ve been following along, it was recently reported that both men had refused to take part in the event (see that here) and WWE’s creative was reportedly informed of Cena’s decision last week before RAW (check that out here). Of course at the time, the event was still in jeopardy and it was believed neither man was removed from advertising due to the chance of a location change. Now that Saudi Arabia is still officially the home of Crown Jewel, Cena is still being advertised for the World Cup and Bryan for his WWE Title match against AJ Styles as of last night.

Over the weekend, it was noted that WWE already had a replacement lined up (find that story here) and with tonight’s RAW being the final before Crown Jewel, we’re running out of time for a decision to become official. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer addressed the status of both Superstars, stating that the Cena situation will be addressed on tonight’s RAW.

As for Daniel Bryan, Meltzer noted that he has still heard nothing from WWE on the matter, but they also are not denying the story either. He also speculates that there could be some sort of angle run as late as during Crown Jewel itself, but of course that’s not confirmed.

EA’s Take: I buy that we’ll see something regarding Cena’s status tonight, but not so much Bryan’s being as late as the show itself. I think we’re forgetting that there’s still one more episode of SmackDown Live tomorrow night in Atlanta, Georgia. So, they could very well do something then to address Bryan, unless somehow they have talked him into going. I don’t think that’s the case because it would make him look terrible to the fans that have followed this story, but it’s not completely impossible either.


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