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Levin’s SmackDown Live Review (10/2/2018)



Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch WWE Smackdown
Credit: WWE/YouTube

It’s still the most compelling story in WWE right now. Regardless of the brand you watch and which superstar you root for, the feud between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair has been the best thing this company has going today.

The two women have done two things. First, it has pushed the SmackDown Women’s Title past Ronda Rousey and her current status as the Raw Women’s Champion. Second, the current program has divided the women’s roster on Tuesday nights where both superstars are three steps ahead of everyone else.

WWE has done something great ahead of the Super Show-Down this weekend but has also created nightmares for the creative team once the blue brand moves away from this feud.

Before we get to the review of Tuesday night, can I ask WWE to make some more changes to their announce table and bring Renee Young in for double duty for both Raw and SmackDown Live? Consider it my Hanukkah wish. Please and thank you.

AJ Styles and Samoa Joe 

This one keeps going, either like the Energizer Bunny or a feud you want to see end. These two stars are great in the ring. Joe is amazing on the microphone and is pushing the current WWE Champion to be better as an all-around star.

Now that we know Joe will not be fired and the match will go one with a no-disqualification stipulation this Saturday, will the challenger finally claim the title?

As Styles said, this feud will end in Austrailia. This time, it should be Joe that walks out of the arena with the title, in my opinion. What would make the Styles’ run even better is losing the match and reclaiming it a few months later for a third title run, which puts the Phenomenal One in rarified air in WWE.

R-Truth and Carmella def. Andrae “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega

I’m not sure I get this one. First, I am not digging the new hair color by Carmella. Second, when did WWE decide to make R-Truth more than a bit character on Tuesdays. Third, why isn’t Almas winning matches on his own instead of being part of mixed tag team matches?

WWE has been rumored to push the former NXT star toward the main event storyline and a win at the Royal Rumble. This is not how to get that done. R-Truth has beaten The Miz in recent weeks and now Carmella pins Vega. It’s confusing. The match wasn’t horrible, but still, Almas deserves a better run.

The Bar Shows Up and Interrupts the New Day

There has to be more than the Bar coming into the ring, stopping the cooking show and a brawl breaking out. I like both tag teams but would love to see fresh blood in this division. The match on Saturday morning for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles should live up to the hype, but let’s get on with it already.

Randy Orton Attacks Tye Dillinger

It’s becoming clear that WWE doesn’t know what to do with Randy Orton and his new character or they are plodding to create a more powerful storyline. This week was more of the same as Dillinger sought revenge for being attacked last week and was pummeled by The Viper.


The Aiden English Segment

English has become the most interesting man on Tuesday nights with the accusations of his tryst with Lana and his attack on Rusev. This week, he brought video to the blue brand to support his stance.

Of course, it’s the same old story of an altered video entitled “One Night in Milwaukee” when he knocks on Lana’s hotel door, walks in and Lana says “I want you” but the tape stops.

What I dislike about this program more than anything is Rusev has become a bit softer and is not the menacing brute he was upon his arrival in WWE. Storylines have hurt his presence in the ring and while Lana is every bit the hottie she was upon her arrival, Rusev is now cast as the man who cannot wrestle without outside ring support.

This love triangle has more legs, but will WWE fans deal with its long delivery?

Shelton Benjamin beats Daniel Bryan

I have thought for years if given the chance Benjamin could be the best performer in WWE. Injuries and releases over the years have curbed that from happening. Now Benjamin is back on the blue brand and beat Bryan in the main event.

Of course, the win is aided by The Miz, who distracts Bryan ahead of their match at Super Show-Down. The Miz then assaults Bryan after the match.

If we base Benjamin’s performance before the interference by the A-Lister, then he deserves to be part of the title picture at some point. As for Saturday, this feud between Bryan and The Miz must end.

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