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Mitchell’s Lucha Underground Results & Report! (10/3/18)



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Lucha Underground Season 4, “The Moth and the Butterfly”

The NEW Lucha Underground Champion, Marty “The Moth” Martinez, promises to issue a statement to his Ultima Lucha 4 opponent, Pentagon Dark!


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  • Trios Match: The Rabbit Tribe VS Ivelisse, Joey Ryan & XO Lishus; The Rabbit Tribe wins.
  • Killshot VS Son of Havoc; Son of Havoc wins.
  • Lucha Underground Championship No Disqualification: Marty “The Moth” Martinez w/ Reclusa VS Mariposa; Marty wins and retains the Lucha Underground Championship; will defend the title against Pentagon Dark at Ultima Lucha Cuatro.


Melissa Santos finds Aerostar on the Temple rooftop.

She asks what happened, in reference to Fenix turning to a darker shadow of his former self. The Man of Time and Space realizes now that he “should not have undone what time had already done.” But Fenix was a friend. Melissa says she would’ve done the same, because Fenix is her “everything.” When Catrina took Fenix’s life force for her own, her darkness in return “infected him like a disease.” Fenix wasn’t meant to come back this time. Catrina changed him. Into what? Something evil. Melissa believes she can save him, but Aero says nothing can be done. “He’s already gone.” How is he so sure? Because he’s seen the end. Of? Everything. Is Aerostar’s vision of the future set in stone? Or is there still time to change it?


Trios Match: The Rabbit Tribe VS Ivelisse, Joey Ryan & XO Lishus!

The eclectic collection of the Good, the Bad & the Sleazy were so close to taking the titles from the Reptiles, but not even Joey Ryan could withstand the boa constrictor hold of Daga. But to add insult to injury, the Mad Hatter returned and introduced two new members of the Tribe. The Rabbits would go rabid on Ivelisse, Joey & XO, so naturally this match is for revenge! Will Ivelisse’s new team get it? Or will they just get jumped all over again?

The White Rabbit has his teammates flank the ring. Ivelisse’s team stand their ground, but the moment XO and Joey take their eyes off Paul London & El Bunny, they strike! The bell rings as Bunny kicks Joey out and London stomps Ivelisse. He and Ivelisse start by default, and he scoops her up onto his shoulder. She slips out of the long dart to then arm-drag him down. She arm-drags him again, then avoids his lunge. Ivelisse has the Believers on her side as she springboard arm-drags now. London backs away but with a Cheshire cat smile. Bunny tags in and Ivelisse gives a tag to XO. XO and Bunny circle, then Bunny dodges and runs to springboard headbutt! Cover, TWO! Bunny snapmares and kicks XO hard, then whips. XO reverses but Bunny goes tot he apron. XO’s handspring hits buckles, Bunny swings in to knock XO down.

Bunny gets big air for a big bronco buster! Believers are impressed, and now London tags in. London grabs for XO but XO kicks him away. XO fights back with elbows now but London knees low. London kicks XO back then whips. XO leaps for the sunset flip, TWO! London clobbers XO with a lariat! White Rabbit orders London to show no mercy, so London grabs XO by his hair. XO enziguris London away and tags to Ivelisse! Ivelisse rallies on London and El Bunny! Believers are thunderous as she sends London into Bunny, for a one-and-a-half German Suplex! She goes after London and tags in Joey. They work together for a double whip into XO’s twerk attack! He gets three and then kicks London down for Ivelisse and Joey to double mule kick! Joey covers, but El Bunny breaks it!

Joey rolls to a corner while Bunny rallies on Ivelisse and XO! Bunny headscissors XO all the way out, and finally the White Rabbit tags in. London wrecks XO and Bunny DIVES on Ivelisse, leaving Joey vulnerable to the White Rabbit. Believers rally behind Joey and he SUPERKICKS White Rabbit. White Rabbit stays standing, so Joey SUPERKICKS him again! The White Rabbit still stays up! So Joey resorts to his secret weapon: the lollipop! White Rabbit swats the sticky candy away, then grabs Joey in a BIG saido suplex! But the White Rabbit is not done. He takes out a white glove, puts it on, and uses a mandible claw! He chokes Joey out, the ref has to call it!

Winners: The Rabbit Tribe, White Rabbit by submission

But White Rabbit keeps going Down the Rabbit Hole, and comes up with Joey’s blood on his glove. Ticktock goes the clock, is the eccentric trio’s time already up?


Matt Striker and Vampiro run down the current Ultima Lucha Cuatro card!

The Mack looks to prove he’s not afraid to die when he goes 1v1 with Mil Muertes in a Death Match! Will Mack survive the Man of 1000 Deaths? Or will he kill the grim reaper of lucha libre himself?

El Dragon Azteca Jr. looks to defend Melissa Santos and get even with the dark Fenix in a 2 out of 3 Falls match! Is there still light within the tainted Firebird? Or will he burn the Eagle’s wings?

And THE main event, it will be Pentagon Dark seeking ultimate revenge in his rematch with Marty “The Moth” Martinez! The “Creepy Bastard” still has his message to the Breaker of Bones later tonight, what will Marty have to say about meeting Pentagon 1v1, fair and square?


Killshot VS Son of Havoc!

The Weapon of Lucha Destruction and the Man from the Open Road were Lucha Underground Trios Champions together with The Mack, but not without tension. Killshot didn’t appreciate Havoc replacing his Brother in Arms, Dante Fox. And when it came down to it, Killshot was willing to lose the titles than stay teamed with Havoc. But when Killshot came back around to talk some trash, Havoc got even with him by snatching his mask off! These two will finally have it out, who will survive this two-man war?

Lucha Underground returns as the bell rings, and Killshot goes right at Havoc with a kick! He goes after Havoc’s mask! Havoc breaks free to give body shots and haymakers. Believers are on Havoc’s side as he runs in, but Killshot goes up and over to roll Havoc. He then headscissors but Havoc handsprings to land on his feet. Killshot kips up but right into Havoc’s dropkick! Killshot bails out, but Havoc slingshots over. He lands on the apron but Killshot anchors the feet to then yank Havoc into a fireman’s carry. Killshot tosses Havoc at the railing! Havoc sits down on the bench, but Killshot goes after his mask again! Havoc holds on while Believers boo. Killshot throws in knees then throws Havoc back in the ring.

Believers duel but are mostly on Havoc’s side. Killshot still goes after the mask, pulling at the laces with a smile on his face. He stands on Havoc’s hand so that Havoc can’t resist, then takes that hand to hammerlock stomp it! Havoc clutches his arm while the referee checks on him. Believers continue to cheer even as Killshot chops Havoc. Killshot trash talks and chops Havoc again, but Havoc fires up. Killshot grabs Havoc by his beard, but it’s Havoc who chops and forearms Killshot. Havoc swings, Killshot dodges, but Havoc slips out of the back suplex. Havoc elbows Killshot away, then boots him. Killshot runs back in but Havoc lowers the ropes to dump him out. Killshot manages to handspring and land on his feet. He turns around and narrowly avoids the wrecking ball dropkick, but then gets hit on the second go!

Killshot staggers and Havoc builds speed to DIVE! Havoc sends Killshot to the steps and Believers are fired up. Havoc puts Killshot in the ring, and he climbs up as fans build to a rally. He aims and jumps, dumdum stomps to the back, then the moonsault! Cover, TWO! Havoc knows he’s close, and Killshot is frustrated because of that. Fans are dueling, and Havoc fireman’s carry. Killshot pulls at the mask to escape! Havoc fights his way out, but Killshot clubs his back. Killshot whips but Havoc rebounds for the cutter! Cover, TWO!! Havoc almost got Killshot again, but he’s still got moves to try. Believers rally up as he climbs up. Havoc leaps but Kilslhot gets under. Killshot gets Havoc in a cradling toss into the corner, then knee triggers Havoc in the back!

Havoc is hanging on and Killshot gives him Tree of Woe stomps! Killshot butterflies for the slam, cover, TWO!! Killshot grows frustrated while Believers rally for Havoc. He grabs Havoc’s arm again, and kicks Havoc in the face. Havoc catches that boot, and then reels Killshot in for the forearm. Havoc bicycle boots, then again! He runs, but into Killshot’s boot! Killshot drags Havoc up, runs but into the wheelbarrow. Havoc goes up, but Killshot catches him into an armbar! Havoc resists but Killshot has that elbow! Killshot pulls but Havoc sits up. Havoc escapes, Oklahoma roll but Killshot slips out to La Mahistrol, but Havoc blocks it halfway! Havoc covers, Havoc WINS!

Winner: Son of Havoc, by pinfall

It didn’t take a big move to finish this, it took savvy! However, this isn’t over, as Killshot knee triggers Havoc in the head! The lucha soldier is a sore loser, and decides to take his dog tags and make them into knuckle dusters. He goes over to Havoc to rain down steel on Havoc’s face! Killshot seems to care more about being the last man standing than a man of honor. He also says that since Havoc snatched his mask, he’s going to return the favor! Killshot goes after the laces, and Believers are thunderous as the mask starts coming loose. Havoc holds on but can’t, Killshot gets the mask off! Havoc hides his face, but here comes Antonio Cueto!

“Papa Cueto” knows Killshot knows how much the mask means to Havoc, because Killshot’s mask means just as much to him. Both men are on the run, hiding their faces from those who want after them. Those masks are also symbols of the warriors they have. At Ultima Lucha 4, only one man gets to keep their symbol! Yes, it will be a Mask VS Mask match! Killshot and Son of Havoc put their identities on the line along with their pride! Who will come away still wearing that pride on their face? And who will leave no longer sure of who they are without it?


Marty “The Moth” Martinez heads to the ring!

Of course, Melissa Santos is very reluctant to introduce Marty for many reasons, not least of which is that he is now THE Lucha Underground Champion thanks to 1) paying Antonio Cueto to make the Gift of the Gods Championship an instant cash-in and 2) having his new and equally crazy girlfriend help him beat up an already beat up Pentagon Dark. But controversy and conspiracy aside, The Moth and his black widow enter the ring. Marty introduces himself, and of course the Believers boo. They chant “Cero Miedo!” Marty’s journey started three years ago, when “an egotistical, ego-maniacal” luchadora by the name Sexy star embarrassed the Martinez family! Believers ignore him to chant “Cero Miedo!” Marty explains that Sexy Star hasn’t been forgotten, which is why “Reclusa” was sent after her.

And behold! The Brown Recluse Spider presents Sexy Star’s mask! It is true that Sexy has arachnophobia, and has been missing all season, and now we learn what happened to her. Believers boo, but the “Awesome Queen of the Arachnids” is why we no longer have the Temple’s Wonder Woman. Marty confirms that the only thing that remains is “this silly, stupid mask!” Blame it all on Reclusa. “Adios, Sexy.” However, there’s someone else who humiliated Marty more than Sexy ever did: Pentagon Dark! Believers continue their chant as Marty explains this is all for breaking his arms. Marty took the one thing Pentagon cared about: the championship! But wait, there’s someone else. Someone more beautiful. Melissa senses he means her, and she gives the Cero Miedo hands. Marty says it’s not Melissa, but Mariposa he means!

Marty says that when he was at his lowest point, his sister forced him to focus. And for that, Marty owes her. So his first defense will not be against Pentagon at Ultima Lucha, but against Mariposa here tonight! He does owe her. “So let’s play, just like when we were kids!” Mari appears, which heir to the Moth Tribe will stand atop the Temple?


Lucha Underground Championship No Disqualification Match: Marty “The Moth” Martinez w/ Reclusa VS Mariposa!

Pentagon Dark still gets his shot at Ultima Lucha Cuatro, but will it be against the brother or the sister?

During commercials, Marty made sure he and Mari wouldn’t get in trouble for “playing rough” and got Antonio Cueto to make this No DQ.

Lucha Underground returns from break as the belt is raised and the bell is rung. The screwball siblings go forehead to forehead, but then Marty tries to play nice with a brush of Mari’s shoulder. Mari responds with a headbutt! Marty low blows! He drags Mari up for an atomic drop into the corner, then clubs away on his sister’s back. Then he clubs away on her face! Reclusa likes what he’s doing to Mari’s mask as he tears away. He then clubs away more before dragging Mari out for a draping STO! Marty stomps his sister, then pulls her outside. He picks Mari up and then bowls for chairs! Marty grins while his sister stirs in the rubble. He throws her right into the announce desk! Marty and Reclusa laugh while Mari bleeds from the impact!

Marty drags his sister up and smashes her on the top of the desk! He wants her to bleed, then he stomps her again. Marty drags Mari up for a waistlock, shifts to a wheelbarrow, and then swings her into the side of the desk! Mari has never been this vulnerable before, but Marty shows her no mercy. He puts Mari in the ring and Believers actually rally up for Mari. Marty covers, TWO! Believers tell Marty what they think of him, but Marty throws Mari into a corner. He stomps a mudhole into his sister, but she manages to escape the ring. Marty keeps on her, bringing her to railings. He goes to throw her but she blocks, to throw him into railings instead! Mari finally gets hers as she bounces her brother off steel!

Marty kicks back, powerbomb lift, for a railing bomb! He keeps going, to sit-out bomb her on the floor! Fans lose their mind while Reclusa enjoys watching this sibling rivalry turned ruthless. Marty drags Mari up and around, and puts her in the ring again. He stomps away but then Reclusa drags out a chair! She hands it to Marty and he holds it up triumphantly. Mari sees it coming and dodges the chair shot to then kick it into his face! Believers fire up for the Butterfly, and she low blows him! That really hurts, but Mari shows no mercy in return. Mari goes out and borrows a microphone. “Hey, Marty! You wanna play with chairs? Let’s play, bitch!” Then she kicks him in the face! Marty is stunned while Mari takes the chair and chucks it at his head!

Mari throws the chair on his body again and again, then looks for more chairs! Mari stacks chairs with authority on her brother’s body, maybe a dozen or more! She tops it off with a SMACK of steel against steel against flesh. Once, twice, three times! Four times! Five! Mari doesn’t stop, and Reclusa is angry. Mari’s hit Marty about ten times, and the Believers are thunderous. Even Vampiro gives her a standing ovation. “Ole~ ole ole ole~! Lucha~! Lucha~!” Mari drags Marty out from the chair pile and slaps him before putting him in the ring. But she isn’t done yet, as she sits the chair up. But Marty clobbers her from behind, and Reclusa lurks close by. Mari still drop toeholds Marty onto the chair! Mari stands and takes aim from the corner. She climbs up top, Marty stands up, big missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!!

Mari was so close, but she’s not done yet. She positions the chair while fans shout “This is Awesome!” Mari fireman’s carry but Marty resists. Marty runs but into the Samoan Drop on the chair! Cover, TWO!? Marty survives and Mari is furious. Believers rally up and Mari drags her brother back up. She prepares the Butterfly Effect, but Reclusa strikes with a boot! No DQ means she can get involved as Marty’s insurance policy. Marty drags Mari up, and mocks Cero Miedo to steal the Package Driver! Cover, Marty wins!

Winner: Marty “The Moth” Martinez, by pinfall; still Lucha Underground Champion

The brother retains while the sister simply stains the mat with blood. But Marty isn’t done with Mari yet. Reclusa fetches a microphone while holding Marty’s belt for him. Marty sits his “sweet, sweet sister” up, to tell her that she gave him the focus to be champion. He tastes her blood, and says that same focus will keep him champion! To Pentagon, Marty wants to see you at UL4. But the match they’ll have will be… A Cero Miedo Match! And when Marty beats Pentagon at his own game, he’ll dedicate the win to his sister, Mariposa. And Marty dedicates “this” to Pentagon. He puts Mari in the dark armbar, and breaks his own sister’s arm!! The Believers are in shock, Mari is in pain, but here comes Pentagon!!

Pentagon has a chair, Marty has the belt. Marty runs away with Reclusa, but Pentagon asks if Marty really wants a Cero Miedo match. Marty says “Si! Si!” Then Pentagon has good news for Marty: he accepts. Because Pentagon promises at UL4, he’ll break all of Marty’s bones! And some other things that can’t be translated without censoring… But either way, Pentagon will prove to everyone that only HE has #CeroMiedo! Will Pentagon get the ultimate revenge at Ultima Lucha? Or will Marty use both his new focus and his new girlfriend to keep the gold with him?



My Thoughts:

Another great episode of Lucha Underground, with some nice surprises, too. I like the story building Aerostar and Melissa give at the beginning. Fenix’s transformation is becoming more serious, as Aero implies it will lead to the end of the world. Whenever this show decides to circle back to the story about the coming battle of good and evil, man and gods, the side Fenix is on will surely have a huge advantage. Then he and Azteca will have 2 out of 3 falls at UL4, that will be great, and gives plenty of time for there to be the story of Fenix’s redemption, or perhaps lack of. Killshot VS Havoc was great, and things even out as Havoc wins but Killshot stands tall. Their Mask VS Mask match is going to be big, and could go either way.

The Rabbit Tribe is vicious, but that was obvious from how they discarded Mala Suerte and Saltador so easily. Poor Joey Ryan, he’s the one taking all these submission finishes. But chances are, Ivelisse’s trio will find a way to win in the end, probably at UL4 in a triple threat trios match for the titles. Then the big surprise was Marty having a match with Mariposa for the title. I already had a feeling they found a way to write Sexy Star off for a few real-life reasons, but using a spider-themed character like Reclusa (Laurel Van Ness/Chelsea Green) made sense. Marty VS Mari was brutal, and honestly uncomfortable for me at one point. Mari did great but of course Marty wins so that we get the top Heel going against Pentagon, the hero of LU, in a VERY brutal match type. It’s going to be great!

My Score: 8.7/10

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