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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (10/20/18)



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 370

The ROH World Television AND World Tag Team Championships are on the line! Will Jeff Cobb dethrone Punishment Martinez? Can Coast2Coast defeat The Briscoes?



  • ROH World Tag Team Championships: The Briscoes VS Team Coast2Coast; The Briscoes win and retain the ROH World Tag Team Championships.
  • ROH World Television Championship: Punishment Martinez VS Jeff Cobb; Cobb wins and becomes the new ROH World Television Champion.
  • Chris Sabin VS Marty Scurll; Scurll wins.


ROH World Tag Team Championships: The Briscoes VS Team Coast2Coast!

The schedule originally called for this match to be the main event, but Shaheem Ali & Leon St. Giovanni aren’t waiting all night for their opportunity. C2C has been undefeated in the year 2018, which is why they’re getting this shot, but it won’t really matter if they don’t get it done. Ali & LSG want #DemBoys right now, so Jay & Mark appear! Will the challengers learn first hand to be careful what you wish for?

The introductions are made, the teams get in each other’s faces, but back off. The belts are raised and the bell rings as the Human Rocket starts against the Sussex County Chicken. They circle and tie up. Mark gets the waistlock but LSG the standing switch. Mark reverses to a waistlock and takedown, then a mounted armbar. He slaps LSG around then grinds LSG’s face in the mat. Mark backs off at 4, and drop toeholds LSG right back down. LSG gets up and gets a headlock, but Mark powers out. They collide shoulders but neither man falls. Mark shouts at LSG but LSG gives him a chop! LSG fires forearms and chops then tags Ali. C2C whip Mark but Mark holds ropes to regroup with Jay. Ali has LSG return to their corner, and Mark comes back.

Mark and Ali circle, but Mark hits LSG and Jay clobbers Ali! The Briscoes stomp away on Ali, then Mark whips Ali into the corner. Tag to Jay and Jay stomps a mudhole into Ali. Jay grinds his boot in but backs off at 4. The Briscoes have control while we go to break.

ROH returns as Mark chops Ali. Mark gut wrench slams then covers, TWO. Fans rally as Mark drags Ali over. Tag to Jay and Jay kicks Ali in the ribs. Jay headbutts Ali into the corner a couple times, then tags Mark back in. Mark stomps Ali but Ali fires up. Ali throws body shots but Mark takes them. Mark rakes the eyes then snapmares Ali into a neck wrench. Ali endures as Mark twists as hard as he can. Fans rally and Ali feeds off the energy. Ali throws hands but Mark headbutts him down. Mark suplexes but Ali slips out. Ali staggers back but fights out of the Briscoe corner. He rolls, hot tag to LSG! LSG rallies on Mark with forearms, but runs into an elbow. Mark runs out, but into the swinging gutbuster! LSG runs to hit the rolling neckbreaker!

LSG drags Mark up for forearms, then whips. Jay tags in and Mark kicks low. Jay runs but LSG dodges the clothesline to springboard lariat Mark out! LSG dodges Jay again, to fire forearms and chops. He whips but Jay dodges to kick. Jay throws LSG out hard, then pursues. Ali storms over to Jay, but Mark intercepts with the wrecking ball dropkick! Jay scoops and slams LSH, Mark says “Bang bang!” for the apron elbow drop. Jay throws Ali into the barriers upside down, then Mark chops LSG. Mark feeds LSG to Jay’s boot, then they put LSG back in the ring. Jay looms over LSG while trash talking Ali. LSG fights back, making Jay cuss in anger. Jay boots LSG down and cusses him out a bit more before tagging Mark.

The Briscoes mug LSG, Mark rocks him with an uppercut. Mark kicks Ali off the apron, then drops a fist on LSG. He covers with a face on LSG’s face, ONE. Mark drags LSG up for chops, then tags Jay. Mark holds LSG still for Jay’s running boot! Cover, TWO! LSG fights back but Jay headbutts him down, we go to break.

ROH returns as Jay knocks LSG down at the ropes. Jay taunts Ali while Mark gets in a cheap shot eye rake! LSG fights back but Jay yanks him up. LSG lands on his feet and fights back again. Jay gets him into a back suplex, but LSG slips out! LSG heads for his corner but Jay drags him away. LSG enziguris! Hot tags to Mark and Ali! Ali rallies on both Briscoes with elbows and kicks. He gets Mark in the sidewalk slam, then kips up! But Jay boots him off his feet! Mark gets up and drags Ali up, but Ali fights back. Mark chops, so Ali chops. They keep trading chops, but then Mark kicks low. Mark runs but Ali gets him with a forearm. Ali runs but Mark gets him with a forearm. Mark runs again, but into the discus clothesline!

Mark scrambles to his corner, tag to Jay, and Jay clobbers Ali with a clothesline! Jay stands Ali up for the stiff neckbreaker. Cover, TWO! Jay drags Ali up, tags to Mark, and the Briscoes mug Ali in their corner. Jay feeds Ali to Mark’s Fisherman Buster! Cover, TWO!! Ali somehow survives, and both fans and LSG rally up for him. Jay tags in and hits LSG while Mark whips Ali corner to corner. Mark runs in for a clothesline, Jay runs in for his own. Jay feeds Ali to Mark’s Razor’s Edge, Mark long darts Ali into Jay’s neckbreaker, aka Redneck Boogie! Mark hits LSG while Jay covers, TWO!? Ali survives again, despite the documented neck injury. Jay drags Ali up and tags Mark.

The Briscoes look to finish this but LSG runs in. Jay dodges LSG but that makes him let go of Ali. LSG baits Jay into the corner, then he jumps in for the handspring lariat! Mark comes back in but LSG hits him first. LSG whips Mark, C2C get Mark for Tu Lo Sabes! LSG brings Mark up, Ali comes in for the complete shot facebuster combo! Cover, TWO! Mark survives but C2C doesn’t slow down. They put Mark in a corner, LSG boots Jay away. C2C give double back elbows, then go to their corners! They line it up, Coast2Coast hits the Coast2Coast! But they don’t stop there, as Ali holds Mark down while LSG climbs back up. LSG hits the 450! Ali covers, but Jay breaks it up!

All four men are down, but stirring. C2C stand up first, and while Ali throws Jay out, LSG puts Mark on the top rope. Ali joins LSG and they climb up together. Jay comes back and knocks LSG down! He shoulders Ali in the electric chair, Mark adjusts, and they hit the Doomsday Device! Cover, The Briscoes win!

Winners: The Briscoes, Jay pinning; still ROH World Tag Team Champions

The Briscoes end the win streak of Coast2Coast while holding on to their titles! Jay & Mark continue their ninth reign as champions, will any team ever be able to stop them?


Jay Lethal speaks.

“Matt Taven, you have got a problem with Ring of Honor management, you have got a problem with Ring of Honor fans, and now more importantly, you have got a problem with the Ring of Honor World Champion.” Lethal sees Taven running around with “a belt that means nothing” after attacking him at Death Before Dishonor. Taven has a problem, but Lethal will repeat what his mom used to say: “You may be the one with the problem, but I’ll be the one to solve it.” Is the Franchise Player going to slap some sense into the would-be champion?


Matt Taven and The Kingdom respond.

“It’s nothing personal, Jay. I’m Matt Taven, the real Ring of Honor World Champion.” The self-proclaimed ROH Grand Slam Champion doesn’t see any other truth but his own. Will his truth be proven a lie once he collides with Lethal?


The Briscoes talk backstage.

“Coast2Coast, we tried to tell y’all boys, man. Y’all don’t stand a chance!” The Baddest Tag Team on the Planet stopped the undefeated team of 2018, but that team was only undefeated because they hadn’t met #DemBoys. 1000 days total, and counting! “Who can say that?!”


ROH World Television Championship: Punishment Martinez VS Jeff Cobb!

The Purple Mist has been a force to be reckoned with ever since coming into ROH. However, so has Mr. Athletic, who busted the Top Prospect Tournament 2018 bracket quite literally as he demolished each match. Both men’s power cannot be denied, but only one can be the strongest! Who will walk away from this battle of titans with the title?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! There is no Code of Honor handshake, the two behemoths are too busy staring each other down. The bell rings, and the two get face to face. Martinez ear claps and throws a forearm, but Cobb doesn’t flinch as he gives a forearm and chop back. Martinez kicks low then goes to whip, but Cobb blocks with pure power. Cobb whips Martinez and the two bump shoulders. Cobb comes back with a shoulder and puts Martinez in a corner. Martinez puts up a boot but is reeled into the swinging cradle Athletic-plex!

Cobb drags Martinez up, whips him, but Martinez holds ropes. Martine boots Cobb, turns him around, and gives him a chin check. Cobb stays standing, even after Martinez’s solid discus clothesline! Martinez is shocked, but still dodges the punch to spin Cobb around for a roundhouse! Cobb staggers, Martinez curb stomps! But Cobb gets up? Martinez runs, but Cobb throws the second stomp off! Cobb clobbers Martinez with a clothesline and Martinez falls! Cobb brings Martinez up, whips him, and takes him for a Tour of the Islands!! Cover, Cobb wins!!

Winner: Jeff Cobb, by pinfall; NEW ROH World Television Champion

Unbelievable! The monster is defeated faster than anyone could ever imagine! Cobb’s ROH in-ring debut is not only for the title, he wins the title! If this is just day one, what more can Cobb accomplish?!


Tenille Dashwood heads to the ring!

The Aussie All-Star is still hurt from that attack at Death Before Dishonor, but that was only insult to injury after losing to Sumie Sakai in Sumie’s first Women of Honor World Championship match on PPV. Tenille is here now to speak to Vegas and say that “A lot of people keep asking me how I am. And I keep saying that I’m good, that I’m fine, but that’s not really the truth.” Tenille feels she can be real with the fans, so she lets them know she’s not good, okay, and haven’t been for a long time. She has both an auto-immune disease, a skin condition, and now this hurt shoulder. The shoulder injury has been bugging her for six months, and she stubbornly fights through it, but that’s because not being in the ring is what scares her the most.

Fans show Tenille their appreciation, but she continues to say that after DBD, she was attacked out of nowhere. If she’s being honest about how she feels, she’s pissed off! She doesn’t know who did it, and even if she did, it’s not like she can do anything about it because of this bad shoulder. Tenille is being forced onto the sidelines with surgery on her shoulder. Fans hope she gets better, and she intends to do that. She loves wrestling more than anything. That person who attacked thinks they’re lucky, but Tenille will have a long time to think about what she’ll do to them. If Tenille can fight like she did at DBD at 50%, just imagine what she’ll do at 100! Fans like the sound of that. When and where will Tenille be back? Who will she go after for revenge?


Hangman Page speaks.

“Next week, Scorpio Sky, I’ve got you right here in Las Vegas.” Page loves Vegas, from the gambling to the fighting. Vegas is where Page nearly beat Jay Briscoe within an inch of his life, and where Page escaped his kidnappers. But unfortunately for Scorpio, Vegas really will be the worst town he’s ever been in. Will Hangman hit the jackpot with a win over SoCal Uncensored’s Closer? Or will he go broke trying?


Chris Sabin VS Marty Scurll!

One half of the Motor City Machine Guns is now a lone star as Alex Shelley retires from competition. The Villain wants to snap back from his loss to The Hurricane, and build momentum before the epic trilogy has its finale. With a new World TV Champion, who will make big leaps towards challenging Cobb’s newly minted reign?

Scurll skips the Code of Honor and the bell rings. Sabin and Scurll circle and tie up. Sabin gets a wristlock but Scurll pulls hair. Scurll rolls and spins around to reverse the wristlock and bring Sabin down. Scurll rolls over Sabin and they stand up again. Sabin spins and reverses to a hammerlock, to headlock, back to wristlock. Scurll steps in to slip through to a headlock. Sabin powers out and they bump shoulders. Sabin flexes but so does Scurll. Fans like Scurll’s more. They both run, but both drop down as they expect the other to jump over. They both get up and both hook arms, then both block kicks! Sabin and Scurll argue who lets go first, so the referee helps them both put the feet down. They back off and Vegas applauds.

Scurll fires up the fans more, and the two grapple with a test of strength. Sabin kicks and wristlocks, Scurll spins but Sabin trips him up. Sabin runs but holds ropes to fake Scurll out. He slides under and things speed up, Sabin knees Scurll down. Sabin runs for the calf kick and says “Hail Sabin!” Cover, ONE, but Sabin keeps his cool. Sabin drags Scurll up, wrenches the arm, and ties Scurll up in a standing abdominal stretch. He’s a little disappointed no one chants “Sabin! Woop Woop!” but he shrugs it off as he shifts Scurll into a ghost pin! TWO but Sabin keeps on Scurll with a headbutt. Sabin runs but into an uppercut. Scurll runs and uppercuts Sabin out of the ring, then keeps going to get onto the apron, for a SUPERKICK! Vegas fires up for Scurll while we go to break.

ROH returns once more, and Scurll has Sabin in a straitjacket. Fans rally up and Sabin powers up. Sabin bridges, spins and puts the straitjacket on Scurll. Scurll easily puts it back on Sabin, but Sabin powers his way out. Sabin puts the straitjacket back on Scurll, and brings Scurll to the mat. Sabin goes to bend Scurll backwards, but Scurll rolls through to put the hold back on Sabin! Fans applaud this back and forth, though Scurll shouts for Sabin’s fans to shut up. Sabin gets up, rocks back to lift Scurll, then rocks forward to jump into a wheelbarrow! He victory rolls Scurll, TWO! Scurll mule kicks Sabin, then sunset flips, but Sabin rolls through to Penalty Kick! Both men are down but fans build to a rally. Scurll sits up but Sabin drags himself to a corner.

Fans duel as both men stand. Scurll kicks but Sabin blocks. They both forearm, then again. Sabin spins to forearm, back kick, then runs in for an elbow in the corner. Sabin rolls Scurll out to climb up top, and leap for a missile dropkick! Scurll rolls out but Sabin goes to the apron. Sabin Penalty Kicks Scurll down! Sabin flexes then puts Scurll back in the ring. He uses the ropes for the tornado into a hanging neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Sabin grows frustrated, but fans rally up for him. Sabin brings Scurll up in a fireman’s carry. Scurll slips out, but Sabin mule kicks him. Sabin runs, but into the discus from Scurll! Scurll shoves Sabin but Sabin comes back. Sabin wants the leg takedown but Scurll sits on it! TWO as Sabin sunsets, TWO! Scurll high stacks, TWO into the sunset, TWO! Scurll sits on Sabin again, TWO!

Fans applaud the back and forth again and chant for “ROH! ROH!” Scurll and Sabin stand and again give forearms. Scurll runs into a boot, and Sabin hits a running enziguri! Sabin aims at Scurll in the corner, and hits a helluva kick! Scurll flops down and Sabin goes up top. Scurll stops Sabin with a SHORYUKEN! He climbs up, SUPERPLEX! But Sabin makes it his inside cradle! TWO!! SUPERKICK! Both men are down but Vegas fires up. Scurll stirs while Sabin reaches for ropes. Both men slowly sit up and head for each other.

Sabin headbutts, Scurll chops! Sabin chops back, but so does Scurll. Another chop from Sabin, but Scurll ducks under the clothesline to backslide, TWO! SUPERKICK again, then double underhook. Sabin slips out for a gutwrench roll-up with jackknife! TWO!! Scurll hits a European Uppercut, but runs into a SUPERKICK! Then an enziguri! Sabin goes to suplex, but Scurll counters with his own, to put Sabin in the CHICKEN WING!! Sabin is caught but Scurll can’t get those hands together. But Sabin rolls back to make it a cover, TWO! Scurll rolls Sabin into a crucifix, TWO! Sabin walks into a powerbomb! High stack, TWO, GRADUATION!! Cover, Scurll wins!!

Winner: Marty Scurll, by pinfall

The Villain is victorious, and he didn’t even have to cheat! Will Scurll be ready for his third match with The Hurricane? Will he find himself competing for a singles title in the near future? And what of “Constellation” Chris Sabin? Is there still time for him to become a singles star in ROH?



My Thoughts:

An interesting “Championship Episode” of ROH. It was great for Coast2Coast to “call an audible” with their World Tag Team Championship but I don’t get why the ROH World Television Championship match wasn’t the main event anyway. C2C looked pretty good against The Briscoes, but obviously The Briscoes are far from losing those titles. Or perhaps, C2C are still far from winning those titles. I’m thinking The Briscoes have another go against The Addiction and/or The Young Bucks before losing the belts.

And while I didn’t expect Jeff Cobb to basically squash Punishment Martinez to take the title, it makes some sense given Martinez is now joining the WWE via NXT. No sense in dragging out things if Cobb is going to be the new monster. I still feel this would’ve made a great closing segment, but maybe it would’ve been predictable from watching the clock. In kayfabe, it looks like bad scheduling, but it did add to the shock factor that Cobb won so fast with so much time left in the episode.

Tenille Dashwood announcing her coming shoulder surgery was quite the surprise. Hopefully she does recover soon, and given we never saw who attacked her, Tenille’s time away allows ROH writers to decide who did it and where that story goes. Then the main event by default, Scurll VS Sabin, was pretty great for just the last 10 to 15 minutes of the show. Scurll going over works for both his and Sabin’s story. Sabin is working on becoming a singles wrestler again so struggling a bit works for when he figures it out and racks up some wins. Scurll stays strong as he prepares for both an eventual rematch with Shane Hurricane Helms, as well as a run at some sort of singles title.

My Score: 8.1/10

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