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205 Live = Cruiserweight Division


Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (10/24/18)

The Cruiserweight Division’s hit Network show turns 100! Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami look to settle their grudge with Falls Count Anywhere!



  • Mike Kanellis w/ Maria VS Lince Dorado w/Lucha House Party; Kanellis wins.
  • Falls Count Anywhere: Mustafa Ali VS Hideo Itami; Ali wins.


The most brutal feud in the Cruiserweight Division comes to a climax.

This all started four months ago when Hideo Itami interrupted Mustafa Ali’s battle with Buddy Murphy. Itami went after both men, and said it was simply business. It’s Ali who made it personal. Ali VS Itami two months later, the Beacon of Light was far from 100%. Itami won and Ali was barely able to stand. Drake Maverick made the decision that Ali needed to rest and recover before stepping back in the ring. “The most frustrating thing about being forced to take time off and go home, was that it didn’t need to happen.” Ali sat for a month and watched Itami brutalize the men put in front of him.

Ali wanted Maverick to give him the green light to compete, and take on Itami. Maverick gave in and the two had their rematch. However, this rematch was so brutal that neither man could stand after the referee’s ring count. “It’s more than just important to me to beat Hideo Itami. It’s necessary.” Therefore, the match has been made, and it will be Falls Count Anywhere! There won’t be anything holding them back. Itami wants to send a message and finally get respect, Ali just wants Itami to finally respect him. Where will these men go and what will they do to each other in order to win?


Mike Kanellis w/ Maria VS Lince Dorado w/ Lucha House Party!

The Golden Lynx answered the Man of the Hour’s Open Challenge, only to be blindsided by the man who is both a lover and a fighter. Mike & Maria returned to shock us all, and now the leaner, meaner Mr. Kanellis looks to ruin the party and take the Cruiserweight Division by storm. Will the Power Couple take advantage of this opportunity? Or will Dorado be victorious and turn episode 100 into a fiesta?

The bell rings as Kalisto and Gran Metalik get the “Lucha! Lucha!” chants started. Dorado clocks Mike and he scrambles to a corner. Dorado dares him to bring it, then ducks Mike to throw haymakers and body shots. He whips Mike but Mike reverses. Dorado ducks and comes back with a tilt-o-whirl headscissor and dropkick! Dorado whips Mike but Mike reverses again. Mike sees the handspring coming and gets clear! Maria checks on her husband and says he’s okay. Fans rally up with the matracas, and Mike comes back. Mike swings but Dorado counter punches. Dorado throws fast hands in the corner then stomps in a mudhole. Maria protests as the ref backs Dorado off. Mike gets a kick in, then stalks Dorado to another corner.

Mike bumps Dorado off buckles, then stomps in his own mudhole. TJP watches backstage, and enjoys seeing someone else taking it to the luchadors. Mike chokes Dorado on the ropes and TJP chuckles. Mike chokes Dorado on different ropes, and Maria taunts the Lynx. But then Dorado gets Mike iwth a flapjack and clothseliens him out. Fans rally up and Dorado builds speed, but Maria gets on the apron. The referee says Maria needs to get down, but Mike sucker punches Dorado in the distraction! Mike drags Dorado around for a rain of right hands. Kalisto and Metalik protest but Mike soaks up the heat. Mike drags Dorado up to clobber him down with a clothesline, then another. He and Maria both taunt Dorado as Mike puts Dorado in the corner.

Mike whips Dorado corner to corner, then runs in for a clothesline. He whips Dorado corner to corner again for another clothesline. Mike runs and boots Dorado down! Cover, TWO! Mike and Maria are both frustrated, but Mike keeps on Dorado with a chinlock. Mike pulls Dorado back but fans rally up with the matracas. Dorado gets up but Mike wrangles him back down. Mike drives in his knee, then pulls back on Dorado’s arms. Dorado endures as the “Lucha! Lucha!” chants start up. Dorado gets up but Mike headbutts him back down. Mike blows a kiss to Maria before giving Dorado a stiff right forearm. He puts Dorado in a corner but brings him back out for a big suplex! Cover, ONE, but Mike keeps his cool as he soaks up the heat again.

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Mike drops a knee on the back, then pulls the arms again. Fans rally up again as Dorado endures. Dorado gets up and fights out with elbows. Dorado runs, kicks the back drop away, then hops up for the huricanrana! TWO, SUPERKICK from Mike! Dorado is down and Mike crawls to a cover, TWO! Mike grows frustrated but Maria coaches him back into this. Dorado crawls to a corner but Mike blows a kiss. Mike runs in, but into the spinning heel kick! Both men are down again but another “Lucha! Lucha!” rallies Dorado up. Mike runs in but misses the splash and Dorado rallies. Mike kicks low but runs into a chop! Dorado handsprings to enizguri! Mike crawls to a corner, Dorado runs in for the forearm smash.

Dorado whips but Mike reverses, only to miss and get another enziguri. Dorado puts Mike up top, for the SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO!! Dorado is shocked while Maria is furious. Dorado stalks Mike as he slowly stands. He scoops but the back gives out. Mike blocks the boot but gets another enziguri! Mike is down in the corner again and Dorado fires up. Bronco Buster! Dorado hurries up top, but he has to bail out, and runs into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Maria is frantic as she coaches Mike back up. Mike toys with Dorado, then whips. Dorado gets the Golden Rewind! Mike bails out but Dorado slingshots out onto him! Dorado puts Mike back in then climbs up top. Dorado aims, Shooting Star! But he can’t make the cover right away, ROPEBREAK! Mike survives and Maria is relieved.

Mike bails out but LHS cheer Dorado on. Dorado comes out but he’s pushed aside, and then Mike pushes Kailsto into Metalik! Dorado hits a flying huricanrana from the apron! They go back in the ring, but Mike uses the ropes to jam Dorado! Then Mike hits the ripcord DDT! Cover, Mike wins!

Winner: Mike Kanellis, by pinfall

All is fair in love and war, and Mike found a way to win. Mr. & Mrs. Kanellis celebrate their victory, will this only be the first of many?


Drake Maverick speaks.

The General Manager of 205 Live and the Cruiserweight Division first thanks the WWE Universe for their support these last two years. This brand has it’s 100th episode, and tonight will exemplify what this show has always meant to be: “a showcase of the best Cruiserweight wrestling in the entire world.” Tonight’s main event is exactly that. Hideo Itami is a Japanese legend whose signing to the WWE was international news. Mustafa Ali made it into the Cruiserweight Classic as an alternate. They took different paths, but are both top stars on 205 Live. And next week starts us off strong for the next 100 episodes. Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy needs a #1 contender, so a major match will determine the first shot at the Juggernaut. Episode 101 will be one you won’t want to miss.


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THE Brian Kendrick speaks.

The Man with a Plan asks Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher if they really thought it would be that easy to get rid of him. “Because better wrestlers than you have tried, and I’m still here.” Now, what was that about no mercy? Well then, Kendrick will show Gallagher exactly that next week. Will Kendrick get his revenge? Or will the cruel winter continue with Gallager & Gulak at the helm?


Lio Rush speaks.

The 23 year old piece of gold sets the record straight. He was not defeated last week, and Cedric Alexander didn’t have Lio’s number just off of the Lumbar Check. “That is absolutely insane.” Everyone knows that multi-man matches are about luck. And to be truly better than someone, you win 1v1. And in 1v1 competition, Lio Rush is undefeated. Will that change should Lio and Alexander go 1v1?


Backstage interview with The Body Guys.

Tony Nese and the Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy, claim the division is now theirs. But what is their response to Maverick saying next week’s main event will determine Murphy’s first challenger? Murphy says that Maverick has a chance to show the world what kind of GM he will be. If Maverick has any integrity, then Murphy’s man in the Premier Athlete should be included. Nese should have a shot off that win alone. But Nese will gladly beat whoever. It doesn’t matter which one of them has the title, it’s a new age in 205 Live, so the title picture starts and ends with them. Will Maverick follow the Body Guys’ guide? Or is there more to being a contender than one big win?


Falls Count Anywhere: Mustafa Ali VS Hideo Itami!

The Heart of 205 Live and the Innovator of the GTS look to finally settle the score between each other. There will be no count outs, so there will be no boundaries to where they can go. Where in the arena will this match end? And will this match really end the war between Ali and Itami?

The bell rings and Ali stares down and talks trash with Itami. Ali says he’ll show Itami what respect is. They tie up and go around, but Itami fires off a strike fest! Itami then boots Ali right out of the ring! Itami says “Respect me!” but fans boo and jeer instead. Ali gets up and shoulders back in. Ali slingshots and speeds things up to then hit a big huricanrana! Itami bails out but Ali slingshots onto him! It’s a cover, ONE! Ali brings Itami up but Itami shoves him away. Ali stalks Itami to the barriers, and keeps him from getting into the crowd. Itami hits Ali back and goes to bounce him off steps but Ali stops that. Ali hits Itami back and then bounces Itami off steel steps! Fans fire up with Ali as he drags Itami back up.

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Ali puts Itami into the ring, then gives him a chop in the corner. He gives another chop, then whips Itami corner to corner. Itami reverses, but Ali goes up and over. Ali runs back in but is put on the apron. Ali jumps up but Itami roundhouses him down! He bounces off the apron face first! Itami covers quickly, TWO! Itami is frustrated already, but he’s only just begun. He stomps Ali and fans chant “We Want Tables!” Itami instead puts Ali into barriers! Itami drags Ali into the ring, and stalks Ali to ropes. He whips Ali and knocks him down with the kitchen sink knee. Itami aims and kicks Ali in the rings! Cover, TWO! Itami glares as he kicks Ali in the back. He demands respect and kicks Ali again. Cover, TWO!

Itami drags Ali up into a chinlock, and he grinds Ali down into the mat. Fans rally up and Ali feeds off the energy. Ali gets up and fights out of the hold, but Itami throws him down by his hair. Itami stalks Ali to the ropes and stomps away. He stands Ali up for a kick, then whips him again. Ali sees the knee coming, rolls Itami up and then kicks, SUPERKICKS and then SUPERKICKS to the back of Itami’s head! Itami goes down but Ali does, too! Ali stirs as fans rally up. He and Itami go to opposite corners. Itami runs in, but Ali slips out to swing kick back! Ali rolls in for the facebuster! Cover, TWO! Itami rolls away but going outside won’t matter. Ali goes out and then runs at Itami, but is put into the timekeeper’s area.

Ali hits Itami back, then uses the barriers as a springboard, only for Itami to trip him up! The Beacon crashes and burns while Itami demands respect. Fans boo and jeer instead. Itami goes back to fetch Ali, but Ali springboards off the barriers! Ali throws fast hands, then throws Itami across the announce desk! Ali hears the fans, and clears off the table! He drags Itami up and over, and climbs on top of the announce desk with him. Ali prepares something but Itami gets a leg takedown! Itami stands on Ali’s head as he pulls on the leg in a half crab! Ali endures, fights out, and stands up. Itami boots Ali off the table and into the back of an arm chair! Cover, TWO!! Ali lives and Itami is furious. Itami drags Ali up and tosses him out into the crowd.

Itami grins as he follows, but Ali SUPERKICKS outta nowhere! Cover, TWO! Ali is sore and frustrated, but he brings Itami up. He tosses Itami back to ringside, but Itami roundhouses him off the barrier! Itami stalks Ali and gives him knees before putting him into steel steps. Itami pulls the steps apart, even tho his own back is hurting. He pushes the small half aside to bring the big base around. Ali gets him first and the two brawl towards the ramp. Itami hits Ali back to give him a back suplex, but Ali slips out, only for Itami to flip him over with a lariat! Cover, TWO! Itami glares as he drags Ali back to the ring. They go inside, but Itami still wants to use those steps. He climbs the corner and drags Ali up to join him.

Itami wants something dangerous and Ali knows it! Ali knocks Itami away, but then climbs up, to crossbody! He hits Itami off the steps to the floor, covers, TWO!! Ali can’t believe that Itami survives, but fans are loving this. Ali gets up and starts looking under the ring. He brings out a genuine table! Fans love the look of this, but then Itami boots Ali down on the run! Itami throws Ali down and kicks him as he goes to the other steel steps. Itami drags them around to the side, but then Ali forearms him. Ali runs up the steps but Itami sweeps the legs! Ali hits the steps stomach first! And then Itami brings the other steps around. He’s working on something truly sadistic as he stands the steps up. Itami demands Ali “Respect me!” and slams the steel steps like a vice!

But Ali narrowly avoids certain disaster! Ali chops Itami right off his feet, then whips him at the steps. Itami reverses, Ali uses the steps as a ramp, and jumps at Itami for the tornado DDT! But he doesn’t cover here, he goes back to the table! Fans cheer as he stands it up. Ali brings Itami over and sets him on the wood. Ali climbs up to the very top, aims at Itami, and tells Itami “I always respected you,” before he LEAPS! 450 through the table!! Cover, Ali wins!!

Winner: Mustafa Ali, by pinfall

Both men went to the extremes, but it’s the Heart of 205 Live that wins out! Ali says again that he always respected Itami. Will Itami believe Ali, and let go of his grudge? Can Ali use this major victory to get another shot at the Cruiserweight Championship?

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Backstage interview with Drake Maverick.

After watching the main event, that big victory for Mustafa Ali, probably his biggest yet, the decision was simple. Next week, it will be Tony Nese VS Mustafa Ali, the winner faces Buddy Murphy for the title. That didn’t take long! Can the Beacon of Light shine brighter than the Premier Athlete? Or will we get a Body Guy VS Body Guy battle for the Cruiserweight Championship?



My Thoughts:

A great episode of 205 Live! Mike Kanellis VS Dorado was pretty good, and having TJP watching backstage, what I was sensing might be happening. TJP and Mike will likely give teaming up a try to get tag matches with Lucha House Party. Chances are, that teaming of TJP and Mike won’t work out and LHS will get themselves a nice win. Still waiting on those Cruiserweight Tag titles though. And I like that Lio Rush is being directed towards Cedric Alexander, that makes for a great match up going forward while Alexander isn’t fighting for the title. In a perfect WWE, we’d be getting team-ups of Finn Balor & Cedric Alexander to take on both Lio Rush & Bobby Lashley. But WWE is far from perfect so oh well.

But while WWE isn’t perfect, that main event was amazing! Though for a Falls Count Anywhere match, they didn’t go as wild as I thought. Of course, now that 205 Live is filmed before SmackDown, they can’t make too much of a mess or they’ll throw SmackDown off. But even so, Ali and Itami do great, and naturally the Face goes over. Now with Nese VS Ali next week to name a new challenger, which I guess also means the Cruiserweight Championship doesn’t have a rematch clause, this could go either way. Ali could win to renew his rivalry with Murphy, or Nese could win and the Body Guy team is already faced with tension over there only being one title to go around. I’m actually hoping they go with Ali first, Nese needs to build his ego more before forcing Murphy to question their partnership.

My Score: 8.5/10

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