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205 Live = Cruiserweight Division


Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (10/3/18)

The Ungentlemanly Alliance promises #NoTitleNoPeace, so while neither of them are Cruiserweight Champion, they are all going to wreak havoc!



  • Akira Tozawa VS Jack Gallagher w/ Drew Gulak & THE Brian Kendrick; Tozawa wins.
  • TJP VS Kalisto; Kalisto wins.


Drake Maverick sets the scene for tonight.

The next Cruiserweight Championship match is just days away. Cedric Alexander once again defends against Buddy Murphy, but this time it will be in Murphy’s hometown of Melbourne, Australia. We’ll check in with both men to see how they’re preparing for their showdown at Super Show Down.

But first, the Stamina Monster faces off against the Extraordinary Gentleman. Akira Tozawa was a casualty of the cruel campaign for a Cruiserweight title match by the Ungentlemanly Alliance. Drew Gulak led Jack Gallagher & THE Brian Kendrick on an assault that left both Akira Tozawa and Colin Delaney down and out. Tozawa wants payback on the entire trio, and has already settled things with Kendrick. Can Tozawa continue his campaign of vengeance against Gallagher? Or will he have to settle for just one victory?

Then in the main event, we get a first-time-ever of former Cruiserweight Champions! The FilAm Flash revealed he’s never cared for the luchador traditions, which only angered THE Lucha House Party amigos. Kalisto steps up to get payback for Lince Dorado, but will he instead tap out to TJP’s array of technical abilities?


Akira Tozawa VS Jack Gallagher w/ Drew Gulak & THE Brian Kendrick!

The bell rings and Tozawa circles with Gallagher. Fans “AH! AH!” already, to Gallagher’s chagrin. They tie up and Gallagher powers Tozawa to ropes. Gallagher backs off but then Tozawa “AH!” spooks him. They tie up again and Gallagher gets a wristlock. Tozawa rolls through and gets a takedown. Tozawa goes after a toehold, but Gallagher flips him over. Gallagher laces the legs together and pulls on them with a deathlock. He floats to a headlock but Tozawa powers out. Tozawa prepares a back drop but Gallagher makes it a backslide. TWO and Tozawa jackknifes Gallagher. Gallagher bridges, turns and sunset flips, TWO! Tozawa sits on it, TWO and Gallagher has the sunset flip, TWO! Tozawa sits again, TWO and then penalty kick to screaming senton! Normal cover, TWO!

Tozawa keeps the fans fired up as he “AH! AH!” and stalks Gallagher. He stomps a mudhole into Gallagher, then backs off at 4. Gallagher grabs that foot to bring Tozawa in for the fireman’s carry. Tozawa slips out and then chops Gallagher! He chops again! He fakes the chop, then hits the jab! Gallagher flops out of the ring but Kendrick distracts on the apron. Tozawa hits the Man with a Plan, but gets tripped up by Gulak! Gallagher returns and boots Tozawa in the head! Fans boo and jeer while Gallagher rains down rights. Cover, TWO, but Gallagher keeps his cool. Gulak taunts Tozawa while Gallagher drags him up. Gallagher gives Tozawa a European Uppercut, then straight rights in the corner. He backs off at 4, but Tozawa hits back. Gallagher clubs Tozawa down then wraps on a chinlock.

Gallagher thrashes Tozawa around and traps an arm, but Tozawa endures. Fans rally up and Tozawa feeds off the energy. Gallagher snapmares and runs Tozawa over with a shoulder. Cover, TWO! Gallagher clubs Tozawa to ropes, then brings him up. Gallagher whips and elbows Tozawa down. Fans boo but Gallagher soaks up the heat. Cover, TWO, so it’s back to a chinlock. Gallagher adds an arm, almost a cobra clutch, to the hold, but Tozawa endures. Fans “AH! AH!” for Tozawa and he gets up, but Gallagher wrings out the arm to stomp it! Gallagher drops an elbow, then drags Tozawa up for haymakers. Tozawa is dazed but Gallagher goes after him with a half surfboard. Gallagher pulls on the arms and scrapes his boot on Tozawa’s head, but fans rally up again.

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Gallagher transitions to a cravat and snapmare, but runs into headscissors! Tozawa kicks, slides under and kicks again! Gallagher’s in the drop zone, so Tozawa heads up. Tozawa aims but Gallagher bails out. That doesn’t stop Tozawa, he hops down to build speed and DIVE! The Tozawa Torpedo hits its target! Tozawa gets Gallagher up and into the ring as Gulak and Kendrick panic. Tozawa climbs again and hits a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Kendrick and Gulak are relieved but Tozawa is surprised. Tozawa hears the fans and he grabs Gallagher, but Gallagher blocks the back suplex. Gallagher standing switches but Tozawa tilt-o-whirls into an Octopus Hold! Gallagher powers out to tilt-o-whirl slam Tozawa down! Then Gallagher goes after a modified Half Crab that’s part kneebar.

Fans rally and Tozawa crawls, to get the ropebreak! Gulak and Kendrick are frustrated, but Gallagher keeps focus. Tozawa is on the apron, and Gallagher bumps him off buckles. Gallagher hops up to drag Tozawa up, then he mocks all the fans who boo and jeer. Tozawa counters with a gordbuster! Gallagher is down, Tozawa aims, SUPER SENTON! Cover, Tozawa wins!

Winner: Akira Tozawa, by pinfall

Tozawa gets away from Gulak, and has two wins over the Ungentle Men! The #NoTitleNoPeace campaign is starting to slow down, will they be left behind in the title hunt?

Gulak grimaces as he grabs a microphone. Fans boo as he speaks, saying this team of his is not living up to its full potential. So to Kendrick, Gallagher and the simpletons in attendance, let’s turn our attention to the titantron for hiiiiis… POWERPOINT! PRESENTATION! It returns!! The plan for a Better 205 Live continues with step 10: No Mercy! Is that Kendrick in the slide? Gulak says that Alexander was dead to rights, but he survived, so that was mercy. Mercy equals weakness. Therefore, as this team has no place for weakness, they have to get rid of their weak link. Or for former champions who have lost their edge.

Kendrick realizes what Gulak is up to, so he strikes first! Then he goes after Gallagher! He throws Gulak out then puts Gallagher in the Captain’s Hook! Gulak drags Kendrick up in the GuLOCK, and Gallagher adds body shots. Gulak and Gallagher label Kendrick as weak, and therefore unnecessary. But because they show no mercy, they continue the beating with stomps and elbows! Gulak puts the GuLock back on and Gallagher adds more body shots. Kendrick is left for dead and left out in the cold, will the duo of Gulak & Gallagher be the two that give us a Better 205 Live?


205 Live looks at the training of both Cruiserweight Champion, and Challenger!

The countdown to Super Show Down is just days away. Last week, Drake Maverick talked with both men about their previous championship match. Cedric Alexander noted that he won that time because of one thing: pride. But Buddy Murphy countered by saying that Alexander’s “pride” barely held onto that title. Alexander says he’s willing to dig deeper than ever before, driven by that pride. He vows not to let Murphy make a name for himself off of his. But Murphy says that while Alexander is the champion, he is the Juggernaut and no one can stop him. Melbourne will make or break Alexander’s legacy, but he refuses to be broken. Murphy vows to bring the #AgeOfAlexander crumbling down around him, and then walk out of the rubble the NEW Cruiserweight Champion. Who will succeed while the other falls?

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Backstage interview with Drake Maverick.

The 205 Live GM addresses Mustafa Ali VS Hideo Itami ending in a double count-out. Ali was very reckless in his match with Itami, and we’re all lucky neither man is injured. Both men are recovering this week, but this rivalry is clearly not over. It will come to a conclusion, so Maverick must schedule their rematch as something “nobody wants to miss.” What kind of match does Maverick mean? And will it be the Beacon of Light or Innovator of the GTS that survives it?


Lio Rush issues an Open Challenge!

But not for this week, no. The Man of the Hour will take on anyone on 205 Live next week. The 23 Year Old Piece of Gold is very confident after his win over the Scottish Supernova to make such a match. Who will answer the call? Will they be able to end Lio’s undefeated streak in the Cruiserweight Division? Or will they simply #FeelTheRush?


TJP VS Kalisto!

The Cruiser-Great competed in a mask in Mexico for years, and hated every second of it. He doesn’t care that luchadors have respect or tradition, he only cares about winning by any means necessary. Will TJP defeat the Lucha Dragon the same way he did the Golden Lynx? Or will Kalisto teach TJP some respect when he gets some revenge?

TJP shows even less respect to Lucha House Party when he wears one of their merch shirts to the ring, to simply tear it up and throw it in Kalisto’s face. The referee keeps Kalisto back, then rings the bell. Kalisto has the fans on his side as he dodges TJP’s sneak attack. They circle and Kalisto gets a waistlock. TJP turns around to get the wristlock and takedown. Kalisto bridges up but TJP pushes him down. Kalisto keeps his shoulders up, but TJP goes to put his full weight. This just allows Kalisto to put his feet up and then monkey flip TJP over. They’re both down so they bridge to keep shoulders up. Kalisto rolls but TJP goes to monkey flip, only for Kalisto to counter with a takedown.

Now Kalisto goes to cover TJP with the wristlocks, but TJP puts his shoulders up. Kalisto goes to put his full weight on TJP, but TJP counters with the monkey flip. Kalisto lands on his feet and TJP kips up to his. The fans fire up and follow the “Lucha! Lucha!” chants. TJP pushes Kalisto and then arm-drags but Kalisto rolls through. Kalisto bumps shoulders then back kicks TJP. He front kicks then runs, then handstands over TJP to come back with a headscissors! Kalisto sweeps and covers, TWO, but he gets the armlock. Fans chant “Lucha! Lucha!” while TJP endures. TJP works his way around to sideways headscissor Kalisto. Kalisto gets up and avoids the swipe to then shimmy shimmy at TJP. TJP swipes again, now Kalisto flosses. TJP whips but Kalisto rolls off and arm-drags.

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Kalisto flips and then headscissors TJP, TJP bails out. Kalisto runs to fake TJP out! TJP is furious over Kalisto making him look foolish. He runs in, but into the bodyscissor cradle, TWO. Kalisto kicks then whips but TJP reverses. Kalisto handstand walks but gets dropkick’d out of it! TJP grimaces whiel Kalisto sits on the apron. TJP triangle jumps for the wrecking ball dropkick! Kalisto is down, but TJP drags him up by his mask. TJP rams Kalisto into barriers, then puts Kalisto in the ring at 6. TJP slingshots for the senton, then takes his time to soak in the heat. Kalisto clutches his ribs while TJP looms over him. TJP drags Kalisto up by his mask again, then whips. Kalisto hits buckles hard, but TJP just soaks up the heat. Kalisto rolls to ropes but TJP hears the “Lucha! Lucha!”

TJP walks over but into body shots. Kalisto clubs TJP’s back but TJP body drops only for Kalisto to sunset flips. TJP rolls through to get the legs, figure four for the turn over, Queen Angelito Stretch! He yanks the tail off the mask! And then he taunts Kalisto with it before giving him the surfboard stomp! Cover, TWO! Kalisto crawls for his tail but TJP stands on Kalisto’s hand. TJP stomps the hand, then takes the tail to toss it. TJP drags Kalisto up again for a whip then a big back elbow. He scrapes Kalisto’s face with his foot, then covers. TWO, but TJP keeps on Kalisto with an armlock. TJP grabs the far arm and pulls it as far back as he can. He even goes after the fingers.

Fans rally and Kalisto powers up. Kalisto fights back with body shots and a jawbreaker! Kalisto runs but TJP follows for a springboard Russian leg sweep! Then a modified double armbar! Fans keep rallying as Kalisto rolls it over for a jackknife cover, TWO! TJP stomps Kalisto then drags him up for a backbreaker. TJP grinds his heel into Kalisto’s head, but backs off at 4. Fans boo more but TJP just mocks the lucha dance. TJP even dabs on him. TJP drags Kalisto up for a big suplex, that’s one amigo. He gets the back suplex for the second amigo, then covers. TWO, and TJP grows frustrated. TJP drags Kalisto up again and whips. He runs in but Kalisto goes to boot. TJP blocks that to give back a EuroUpper.

TJP slams Kalisto down in the drop zone, to then hop up and somersault senton! Cover, TWO! Kalisto survives and TJP grows further frustrated. TJP wraps on a chinlock but fans rally up for Kalisto. Kalisto feeds off the energy and fights back again. Kalisto mule kicks then runs, but into a flapjack! TJP drags Kalisto up again, scoops and slams, then goes back up top. TJP takes aim while fans boo and jeer. He mocks the lucha dance, then swantons, but misses! Kalisto elbows TJP away, then boots him. Kalisto hops up, for a flying seated senton! Then he runs for a corkscrew crossbody! Kalisto kicks and kicks then whips but TJP reverses. Kalisto dodges, rolls, Listo Kick! Then the spike-rana! Cover, TWO!! The Lucha Dragon’s late rally hasn’t finished this just yet.

Both men are down but fans build to a rally. Kalisto starts up another “Lucha! Lucha!” chant as TJP rises. Kalisto wants but is denied the Salida, TJP puts him on the apron. But Kalisto kicks TJP away, to then climb back up. TJP roundhouses Kalisto down, then throws Kalisto with a cross-arm toss! Cover, TWO! Both men are tiring out but this match is far from over. TJP drags himself back up and then hops to the top rope. He aims at Kalisto but Kalisto kicks him now! Kalisto drags himself up to join TJP but TJP fights back. They headbutt and Kalisto kicks TJP again. TJP is barely hanging on while Kalisto climbs up again. Fans echo “Lucha! Lucha!” as Kalisto stands, for the SUPER VICTORY BOMB! TWO!?

Both men are slowly stirring, but Kalisto prepares with another “Lucha! Lucha!” TJP stands and Kalisto wants it, but no Salida as TJP dropkicks the leg out! Kneebar!! Kalisto endures as TJP grape vines both legs. TJP drags Kalisto away from ropes, but Kalisto backs up for a cover, TWO! And the Kneebar is still on tight! Kalisto endures, knuckles under, and gets the ropebreak! TJP is furious now, he wants to end this. He throws furious forearms, then goes after the mask! The ref reprimands him but TJP doesn’t care! Here comes Lince Dorado! TJP hits him first, but then Kalisto surprises TJP with a victory roll! Kalisto wins!!

Winner: Kalisto, by pinfall

The Lucha Dragon wins but TJP makes him pay for it! TJP snatches the mask off!! Lince runs TJP off but TJP takes his trophy. Gran Metalik also appears and both luchadors dare TJP to come back and fight. TJP refuses, he vows to do this to all of them. Will TJP get the sweep when he faces Metalik down the line? Or will the King of the Ropes teach the FilAm Flash to regret his disrespect?

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My Thoughts:

A pretty solid episode of 205 Live, as they know how to use the concept of “less is more.” Tozawa VS Gallagher was a great match, and I’m really surprised Tozawa won. I suppose it teases that Tozawa VS Gulak could give us a full sweep of the Ungentle Men, but I was also surprised by Gulak & Gallagher kicking Kendrick out of the club like this. It’s not clear where this will lead, but perhaps Kendrick helps Tozawa defeat Gulak as more Kendrick getting revenge on Gulak & Gallagher than siding with Tozawa. I’m also still waiting on Cruiserweight Tag Titles, and so maybe G&G can go further than G, G & K.

TJP VS Kalisto was also great, and it’s great for Kalisto to get the win so that TJP doesn’t sweep Lucha House Party. Of course, TJP stands tall after taking Kalisto’s mask, so TJP VS Metalik could go either way. The promo package for Alexander VS Murphy was good, but I can’t see this changing Alexander retaining. I would love if Murphy won just so things are freshened up a bit, but chances are that won’t happen. Maverick gives us some intrigue for Ali VS Itami, I’m thinking it should be a Last Man Standing match. And Lio’s open challenge, I hope Dar accepts that, there aren’t really any other Cruiserweights open to that, unless they want Alexander to take it after retaining at Super Show Down. Lio should reach the title sooner rather than later, so maybe this can be his shortcut.

My Score: 8.5/10


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