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WWE MYC 2018


Mitchell’s WWE Mae Young Classic 2 Results & Report! (10/3/18)

The second WWE Mae Young Classic moves into its second round! Mercedes Martinez and Meiko Satomura collide in a battle of international veterans!



  • Toni Storm VS Hiroyo Matsumoto; Storm wins and advances.
  • Kacy Catanzaro VS Rhea Ripley; Ripley wins and advances.
  • Taynara Conti VS Lacey Lane; Lane wins and advances.
  • Mercedes Martinez VS Meiko Satomura; Satomura wins and advances.


The 2018 WWE Mae Young Classic has its Sweet 16!

There are any number of underdog, Cinderella and international icon stories still left in the brackets, and who knows how many brackets were busted in just the first round! But we’re far from done, because now the MYC must cut things down to eight! Half of the round happens in one night, who will take one step closer to WWE Evolution?


Toni Storm VS Hiroyo Matsumoto!

The second round opens strong with these two forces of nature! The Aussie Storm and returning MYC competitor overcame her United Kingdom rival in Jinny, while Lady Godzilla went power for power against Rachel Evers. Whose Joshi Strong Style will prove to be the stronger tonight and send them to the quarterfinals?

The two shake hands to show their respect, and the bell rings. Fans duel between “Let’s Go, Toni!” and “Destroyer!” Toni and Hiroyo tie up and go around the ring. They break, circle again then tie up. Toni gets the wristlock but Hiroyo reverses to her own. Toni spins and bridges to roll and reverse back. She brings Hiroyo to the mat then pulls on the arm. Hiroyo gets up and fights back to get a headlock. She gets the headlock takedown, but Toni pries her way out to get the arm again. Toni wrenches and wristlocks, but Hiroyo reverses around to another headlock. Toni gets the headlock and the takeover, but Hiroyo gets the headscissors. Fans like this back and forth as Toni works her way out of the hold.

Fans rally up and Toni pops out to then offer another handshake. Hiroyo takes it, but then she kicks low! She chops Toni then chops her again. She whips Toni but Toni reverses. Hiroyo holds ropes and slips out, but Toni counters the hotshot. Toni shoulders out but Hiroyo counters to the middle rope hotshot! Hiroyo climbs up while Toni catches her breath. Hiroyo leaps for a big missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Toni gets to ropes while Hiroyo grins. Hiroyo looms over Toni while fans rally up. Toni throws forearms and kicks then goes to snap suplex, but Hiroyo blocks. Hiroyo goes to suplex and gets Toni up and over! Cover, TWO! Hiroyo brings Toni up for a chop that knock hers back down. She stomps Toni then brings her up. Fans duel while Hiroyo scoops Toni for the backbreaker.

Toni gets to a corner but Hiroyo is on her with a mudhole stomp. Hiroyo grinds her boot in and then backs off. She runs corner to corner but Toni counters with a snap German Suplex! Now Toni fires up, and she runs at Hiroyo for the hip attack! And the Perfect Plex! Cover, TWO! Toni grits her teeth as she brings Hiroyo up for forearms. Hiroyo answers and now we go back and forth with strikes. Toni gets an edge but Hiroyo gives back palm strikes from both sides. Hiroyo fires up but turns around into Toni’s forearm! Toni runs but Hiroyo follows. Toni dodges but Hiroyo still comes back with a clothesline! Hiroyo fires up and brings Toni up. She wants a bomb but Toni back drops. Hiroyo sunset filps, high stacks, TWO, into the Boston Crab!

Hiroyo sits down low on it and Toni endures the bending of her back. But Hiroyo sits all the way down in her Half Crab! Toni screams in pain, but still drags herself over for the ropebreak! Hiroyo lets go and brings Toni into the drop zone. Hiroyo climbs, Vader Bomb knee drop! Cover, TWO! Toni survives but Hiroyo is far from done with her. Hiroyo waits for Toni to stand, then runs, but into a headbutt! Another snap German Suplex! Bridge cover, TWO!! Toni keeps going, and wants another German, but Hiroyo resists. Hiroyo fights her way out, and goes for the saido suplex. Toni resists with a wheelbarrow lock, but Hiroyo still gets Toni up and down for the Rock Drop! Cover, ROPEBREAK!

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Hiroyo goes for another, but Toni wheelbarrows to the victory roll, TWO!! BIG clothesline from Hiroyo, cover, TWO!! Hiroyo can’t believe it, but she won’t stop there. She clubs Toni with another clothesline, and then another. Hiroyo wants the hat trick, as do the fans at Full Sail. Toni stands, Hiroyo reels her in, but Toni gets around and rolls Hiroyo into a jackknife clutch cover! TONI WINS!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall; advances to the quarterfinals

The Storm shocks Lady Godzilla, and maybe even herself! Toni perhaps survives Hiroyo’s strength, but a win is a win. Toni goes into the quarterfinals once again, but will this second time bring her to the finals?


Kacy Catanzaro VS Rhea Ripley!

The American Ninja Warrior turned Wrestler surprised many with not just her gymnastics inspired moves but also her victory over the Daughter of the Desperado. Meanwhile, the Aussie with an Attitude used that newfound attitude to take out the Afrolicious MJ Jenkins. Can Kacy become the Cinderella story of this tournament? Or will Rhea rip up that fairy tale ending before it even begins?

Kacy is again the underdog on both size and experience, and she can’t get Rhea to shake her hand either. The bell rings and Rhea swings. Kacy gets under and gets the waistlock, but Rhea easily shakes her off to then whip and run Kacy over. Rhea “applauds” Kacy but then things speed up. Kacy leaps but Rhea catches her. Kacy silps out to kick away at the leg, but then Rhea kicks. She misses and Kacy keeps moving to then handspring headscissor! Rhea stays standing, and then blocks the whip with just power. She whips Kacy in but Kacy goes up and over. Rhea puts Kacy on the apron but Kacy dropkicks her away. Kacy slingshots and switches up to headscissor Rhea! Just like she did to Reina Gonzalez! Rhea rolls and staggers, but she sees Kacy coming in. Kacy gets hotshot’d on the ropes! Cover, ONE!

Rhea stomps Kacy then brings her up to put her in the corner hard. Kacy bounces off buckles but Rhea keeps on her. Rhea drags Kacy up and prepares a suplex, but Kacy counters to a cradle! TWO and Rhea dropkicks Kacy down! Cover, TWO! Rhea grows frustrated but fans are on Kacy’s side. Rhea kicks Kacy in the corner, then throws her by her hair. Kacy crawls but Rhea kicks her while she’s down. Rhea mocks the “spider monkey” as she throws her down again. She dropkicks Kacy back down, covers, ONE! Rhea grows annoyed with Kacy and clubs her SO hard! Fans duel and Kacy fights back. Rhea clubs her back down then drags her back up, for a stalling suplex. Rhea shows off now as she walks around with Kacy before slamming her down. Cover, TWO!

Kacy continues to frustrate Rhea, and Rhea brings her around for an inverted Cloverleaf! Kacy endures and reaches for ropes, but Rhea holds on tight. Fans rally and Kacy gets moving around, but Rhea yanks her up higher. Kacy flips and throws Rhea, but Rhea just boots her back down. Rhea stomps, covers, TWO! Rhea shoves Kacy around then brings her back up. She says Kacy doesn’t belong, then whips, but Kacy comes back to tilt-o-tilt-o-whirl DDT!! Both women are down but Full Sail is fired up! A ten count begins but Rhea rolls out to save herself from that. Kacy stands and takes aim at Rhea, for a slingshot corkscrew plancha!

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Both women wipe out again, but Kacy gets Rhea in. Kacy runs and rallies with forearms and a dropkick! She fires up, run sin and hits a must-see lariat! She even adds an elbow! Kacy aims, springboards, but flops! Rhea clubs Kacy but Kacy keeps fighting! She goes for it again, double springboard missile dropkick! Then a spinning splash! Cover, TWO! Rhea crawls to a corner but fans are fired up all over again. Kacy handsprings but Rhea catches her to kick her in the ribs. Then the pumphandle, for the Rip Tide powerbomb! Cover, Rhea wins!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall; advances to the quarterfinals

The Cinderella Story ends for the American Ninja Warrior and the Aussie prodigy moves on. Will Rhea redeem herself in her second MYC by going all the way to the end?


Taynara Conti VS Lacey Lane!

The Brazilian Black Belt beat the bubbly and “glumsy” Jessie Elaban while the 3D Academy alum managed to conquer The Mountain in Vanessa Kraven. Size is no longer a factor, so whose skill and ability best the other to bring them a victory?

Lacey wants a handshake, but Taynara gives a martial arts bow instead. Either way there’s respect to start the match. The bell rings and the two circle. Fans are on Lacey’s side as she gets the wristlock. Taynara counters and throws her, then dares her to come back. Lacey does but Taynara throws her again. Lacey gets up and dodges Taynara to then swing around and roll Taynara, TWO! Taynara gets a waistlock now but Lacey bucks her off to boot her down! Lacey runs in but is sat down on the second rope for Taynara to then throw her down by her hair! Taynara kicks Lacey while she’s down, then tells the ref to back off.

Taynara goes to drag Lacey out but Lacey holds ropes. So Taynara kicks Lacey’s arm! Lacey holds on with the other arm so Taynara kicks that arm! Taynara lifts Lacey up to monkey flip and mount, TWO! Taynara is already frustrated so she drags Lacey up for a half nelson. Fans rally up and Lacey fights out. Lacey runs but Taynara reels her in by her hair. Lacey slips around to throw Taynara by HER hair! Taynara staggers and Lacey lariats. Lacey wrenches and hammerlocks to then hammer away on Taynara before giving her a complete shot! Cover, TWO!! Lacey was close and fans rally up for her. She brings Taynara up but Taynara knees low. Taynara says the trophy is hers! She picks Lacey up but Lacey fights out of Taynara’s hold to Crucifix Pin Bomb! Cover, Lacey wins!!

Winner: Lacey Lane, by pinfall; advances to the quarterfinals

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That victory was fast, and Taynara is furious! Lacey denies Taynara her Taya Goshi and her supposed destiny, but can Lacey continue her Cinderella Story all the way to a happy ending? For that matter, who will she meet in the next round? That’s to be decided in tonight’s main event!


Mercedes Martinez VS Meiko Satomura!

Mean Ms. Martinez wants to outdo her run in the inaugural MYC and squashed the dreams of the Queen Bee, Ashley Rayne, to take the first step. But the Japanese Joshi legend stands in her way after having dismissed Killer Kelly. Both women have hundreds of matches under their belts, but who will move one step closer towards THE match at WWE Evolution?

The two veterans shake hands and bow because of the utmost respect they have for each other. The bell rings and they circle as Full Sail fires up again. They tie up and push back and forth. Meiko gets the arm then the wristlock, but Mercedes works her way under to get the takedown. Mercedes traps the leg while rejecting Meiko’s headscissors. Mercedes shifts to a cravat then a facelock as fans rally. Meiko gets up but Mercedes goes from wrench to shoulder breaker to wristlock. Meiko rolls and reverses to the wristlock. Mercedes gets up as Meiko goes for the hammerlock. Meiko arm-drags to then get the armlock on the mat. Fans duel while Mercedes works her way up and out. Meiko wrenches the wrist again, then starts kicking! She sweeps the leg and drops the knees, cover, TWO! Meiko backs off while Mercedes stands.

The two circle but Meiko kicks to then get the headlock. Meiko spins to a drop toehold to then float over to the facelock! Mercedes works against the hold but Meiko butterflies the arms. Mercedes works her way out and then powers Meiko up for the Northern Lights Suplex! Cover, TWO! Mercedes is on Meiko with the facelock. Meiko works against it but Mercedes shifts to a headlock and takeover. Meiko bridges then headscissors. Mercedes endures the squeeze, but she rolls around to pop her way out. Then she gives Meiko a big palm strike! Mercedes glares as she stands Meiko up for more palm strikes, and a SHARP chop! Meiko hits back with palm strikes but Mercedes’ forearm rocks her back. Mercedes drags Meiko up for a whip but Meiko reverses, only to end up in the two-hand choke slam! Cover, TWO!

Mercedes grits her teeth as she goes for a ground ‘n’ pound of elbows. She keeps that leg trapped while pulling on Meiko’s head in a guillotine. Meiko endures and fights out with forearms. Mercedes slams forearms down then staggers away, but she’s not done yet. She drags Meiko up and gives her a big European Uppercut. She fires more forearms in the corner, then another sharp chop. Mercedes whips Meiko corner to corner but Meiko blocks the boot to give a swift roundhouse! Meiko fires herself up now as she climbs up top! She glares down at Mercedes but Mercedes uses the ropes to trip her up. Mercedes drags Meiko out for the draping swinging neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Fans duel as Mercedes drags Meiko back up.

Mercedes goes for the fisherman but gets caught into a Fujiwara Armbar! Mercedes rolls but Meiko holds on! Meiko pulls back hard but Mercedes rolls again, to get the ropebreak! Meiko lets go but the damage is done. She drags Mercedes up for a mule kick, then a stiff kick to the chest. Mercedes sits up but for another kick, then another kick! Meiko stomps Mercedes then climbs up top. Frog Splash! Cover, TWO!! Mercedes survives and Meiko is shocked. Meiko keeps her focus as she drags Mercedes up again. She wraps on a headlock but Mercedes counters with a saido suplex! Mercedes crawls to the cover, TWO! Mercedes gets to a corner and fires herself up while Meiko stirs. Fans fire up with Mercedes as she drags Meiko to her feet.

Mercedes fisherman but Meiko counters with a knee and a DDT! Meiko brings Mercedes around for stomps, then up for another, stiffer DDT! Meiko runs to hit the running handspring knee drop! Cover, TWO!? Mercedes survives, Meiko is furious, but fans are loving this! Meiko drags the limp Mercedes up and “This is Awesome!” Meiko fireman’s carry but Mercedes fights out. The Pele is BLOCKED but that knee connects! Mercedes keeps going, fisherman to the Fisherman Buster! Cover, TWO!? Meiko survives and now Mercedes can’t believe it! Full Sail can’t, either, but they’re loving it! They give a standing ovation for this instant classic!

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Mercedes lurks behind Meiko and kicks her in the ribs. She goes after the legs, and then the arms. Mercedes wants and gets the surfboard, into the Dragon Sleeper! But Meiko resists with everything she has! She elbows Mercedes and gets free. Meiko runs to windmill kick Mercedes down! Mercedes staggers and Meiko runs for a step-up scorpion kick! Cover, Meiko wins!!

Winner: Meiko Satomura, by pinfall; advances to the quarterfinals

An absolute classic finishes this half of the Sweet Sixteen! Both women are among the elite of Women’s Wrestling around the world, but only one could join the Elite Eight! Meiko Satomura continues her first MYC run while ending Mercedes’ second. But even in defeat, Mercedes shows respect and admiration for the all-time great. This living legend faces Lacey Lane in the next round, will she end yet another youngster’s dream?



My Thoughts:

An incredible night of action for just the first half of round two. All four matches were amazing but especially that main event. Storm VS Matsumoto was a great story of the younger Toni having to endure and survive the veteran Hiroyo’s savvy and strength. Toni therefore shows her savvy when she wins by a special roll up and not a finisher. As I said last week, it makes sense for Toni to win, she’s a cornerstone of the NXT UK Women’s Division so she needs to build momentum with that brand’s debut still on the way. Rhea Ripley wins for similar reasons, but also because not every underdog can win. Kacy does great, not letting her moderate mistake mess her up, but Rhea wins because this new attitude needs to be worth something. I forget what the brackets were but I’d love to see Toni VS Rhea one day.

Taynara Conti VS Lacey Lane was one of the faster matches in this tournament, which was a surprise in itself. Taynara is really expressive and vocal so she’s going to be great as a Heel. She’s had some play in NXT but she’s likely in waiting until Shayna Baszler and/or Kairi Sane moves up to main roster. Lacey herself is young and can go far in the next wave of NXT Women, and is becoming the other underdog story in this tournament. However, knowing that she goes up against Meiko now, she’s likely ending her great run next round. Mercedes VS Meiko was amazing and that’s not just hype. Both women are so great from top to bottom, it’s a shame this was only a Sweet Sixteen and not a Semifinal match instead, but there’s just so much talent it’s hard to keep everyone.

My Score: 8.8/10

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