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WWE Mixed Match Challenge


Mitchell’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge 2 Results & Report! (10/23/18)

The Mixed Match Challenge champions are in action again as Team AWESKA takes on the Day One Glow! Plus, the new GLORIOUS Team Paws take on Team B’n’B!



  • Bobby Roode & Natalya VS Finn Balor & Bayley; Balor & Bayley win.
  • Jimmy Uso & Naomi VS The Miz & Asuka; Miz & Asuka win.


It’s episode six of the Mixed Match Challenge!

Raw’s Team Paws has had some bad luck. Between Kevin Owens going down with injury and the record still going 0-2 despite the GLORIOUS substitute, they’re near the bottom of the block. But the Queen of Harts and Bobby Roode look ready to bounce back and finally get on the board. However, Balor & Bayley being 1-1, they don’t want to lose any more momentum. Can B’n’B be #TooSweet? Or will Natty & Roode finally get on the board?

Then in the SmackDown Block, the most must-see Mixed Match Challenge champions continue their roll from last season and look to be an AWESOME 3-0. However, Mr. & Mrs. Day One Glow look to stop this streak before it’s too late. Will The Miz & Asuka remain spotless? Or will they feel the #UceGLOW along with their first L?


Backstage interview with Team B’n’B!

The Extraordinary & The Huggable saw the fan art from the WWE Universe. Finn loves posting stuff like that on his Instagram. But anyway, the team is 50-50, what are they feeling going against Team Paws? They’re hoping to build a win streak, and that starts tonight. B’n’B went up against Braun Strowman & Ember Moon, and Strowman is a Monster. But Finn is hoping to meet them again in the later rounds. And while Bayley teams with Natty at Evolution, there can only be one winner here. It doesn’t matter who Natty has, she’s not beating B’n’B! Bayley and Balor are bold, but will they blaze a trail to the top of the block?


Backstage interview with Team Day One Glow!

Jimmy & Naomi know they’re up against the undefeated AWESKA, but they’re ready to be the first team to beat them! Naomi’s reluctant, she and Asuka have become friends. Jimmy says she better fight her friend like they fight. The fire is behind the Glow, but will they be able to follow through against the WWE MMC champions?


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Bobby Roode & Natalya VS Finn Balor & Bayley!

Natalya and Roode make their entrance, and Roode is happy to see Natty’s own GLORIOUS robe! As for Bayley & Balor, Balor enjoys himself some of the Bayley Buddies! Fans chant “Too Sweet! Woop Woop!” while Natty gives Bayley that cat ears. The teams sort out, and Finn starts against Roode. Robes and jackets are taken off and the bell rings. Finn offers Roode his jacket, Roode offers Finn his robe. They put on each other’s gear, but Roode has a hard time fitting inside. Finn helps him out, and the two show off. Roode does a great collar pop and then boops Finn with a Too Sweet. Finn winds it up… to be GLORIOUS! Roode gets a bit riled up and goes to take off the jacket, but again gets stuck. Finn attacks, and goes to steal the Glorious DDT! Roode drops out and gets to his corner.

The referee insist they get the jacket and robe out of the ring. Natty helps Roode get the jacket past his elbows, but Roode realizes he should just tag and worry about the jacket ringside. Natty tags in so Bayley joins her. Bayley has Newark on her side but Natty doesn’t mind. They circle and tie up and Natty gets the headlock takeover. Bayley counters with the headscissors, but Natty pops out. Bayley goes back in for a headlock takeover of her own. Natty headscissors but Bayley pops out. Fans applaud, as do Finn and Roode. The women tie up and Natty gets the wristlock. Bayley rolls and reverses the wristlock, but Natty rolls and spins to reverse it back. Natty shifts to a hammerlock, but Bayley works her way out.

Bayley gets her own hammerlock but Natty slips out to fireman’s carry takedown into an armlock on the mat. Bayley headscissors again, but Natty moves around to pop out again. Natty and Bayley shake hands but then Natty uses it to roll Bayley up. TWO, but Bayley and Natty laugh it off in the name of “friendly competition.” Bayley offers another handshake, but she uses it to get Natty in a roll up! TWO, and Bayley kicks Natty low. Natty denies Bayley2Belly and goes for the Sharpshooter! Bayley denies that and things speed up. Natty tosses Bayley out, then asks if fans want to see her dive. She builds speed, but Roode tags in? Roode says Natty doesn’t do dives. Natty says she does, but Roode’s pretty sure she doesn’t… Finn comes in an rolls Roode up! TWO, and Roode knees low.

Roode whips but Finn reverses. Roode sunset flips but Finn rolls through to dropkick! Finn throws up Too Sweet before hitting a running chop. He whips Roode corner to corner but Roode reverses. Finn goes up and over but runs into boots. Roode hops up for the blockbuster! Cover, TWO! Roode puts Finn in a chinlock while we check on Jimmy & Naomi doing stretches. Back in the ring, Finn fights back but Roode clubs and chops him to a corner! Roode whips Finn corner to corner but Finn comes back with a slingblade! Natty rallies the fans for Roode but Finn crawls for his corner. Roode stops Finn short, but Finn forearms him. Roode forearms, and now it’s a fight to see who makes the tag. Finn ducks Roode to hit the elbow drop DDT! Cover, but Natty breaks it!

Bayley uses Finn as a step stool to leap onto Natty! Bayley is pumped, because “that was ugly but I did it!” Finn is happy for her, too, and they look to hug. But Natty drags Bayley out of the ring! Double clotheslines take both of them out! Roode rolls up Finn, TWO! Finn runs but into a spinebuster! Cover, TWO!! Finn survives and Roode is frustrated. Fans duel as Roode heads to a corner. Roode climbs up, wanting to steal Coup de Grace! He aims, but Finn gets clear. Finn blasts Roode with the shotgun dropkick! Then Finn climbs up to give the real deal COUP DE GRACE! Cover, B’n’B wins!

Winners: Finn Balor & Bayley, Finn pinning

The Extraordinary & Huggable go 2-1 while Team Paws are 0-3! Can Balor & Bayley give the undefeated #MonsterEclipse and #CountryDominance a run for their money? Will Roode & Natty ever get on the board?


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Jimmy Uso & Naomi VS The Miz & Asuka!

During SmackDown, The Miz lost to Rey Mysterio while Jimmy and his brother Jey won over AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan. Naomi and Asuka were both involved in a big brawl relating to the #1 Contender’s Battle Royal, where The Empress stood tall. Which side of this match will break even on the night?

Miz checks the crowd this week. Asuka? “YAY~!” Miz? “Boo~!” Asuka? “YAY~!” Miz? “Boo~!” Miz again. “YAY– Oh…” Gotcha! But then, Naomi and Jimmy make their entrance and it’s #GlowTime. Asuka can’t help but get into Naomi’s music. The teams sort out and it’s ladies first. Naomi and Asuka are a little reluctant, they’re both friends now. Newark is on the Uso side as they chant, but Miz gets Newark on Asuka’s side. Asuka and Naomi tie up and go around. Asuka wrenches to a wristlock, but Naomi rolls and reverses. They go around as Asuka reverses back and gets a headlock. Asuka throws Naomi with a headlock takeover but Naomi denies the cover. Naomi headscissors out and things speed up. They both go for hip attacks but miss, and then laugh. They high ten and do their secret friend handshake.

Miz is disgusted by it! He can’t believe Asuka hugged her. They’re supposed to fight! Miz tags in and tells her “There’s no hugging in wrestling!” Good thing Bayley isn’t hearing this… Jimmy comes in and says “Everybody hugs.” Bayley would appreciate that. Jimmy hugs Naomi, and even Asuka hugs Jimmy! Miz is again furious, they’re opponents. “No hugs!” “Yes, hugs!” Jimmy wants to hug it out. Miz says no, but he’s outnumbered 3v1! He runs away from the hugs, and doesn’t even care about the match anymore? Jimmy drags him back into the ring! And then hugs him! Miz freaks out and grabs for ropes. Then Miz elbows Jimmy away to run him over. “I’ll hug myself!” Miz runs and things speed up. Jimmy hip tosses Miz down but Miz pushes him away. Miz misses his A-List lariat in the corner and Jimmy goes up.

Miz trips Jimmy up, and we check on Mr. & Mrs. Machka in the comment section. Rusev doesn’t like Miz, he cheats too much. But “Mizka”, er, Asuka, is good. He and Lana crack up, thinking that should be the real name for the team. Back to the ring, Miz snapmares Jimmy into a chinlock. Fans rally and Jimmy feeds off the energy. Jimmy fights back with body shots then back suplexes. Miz slips out but runs into a SUPERKICK! Fans rally for both sides as both men crawl. Hot tag to Naomi! Naomi rallies on Asuka and lights her up with the kicks! But Asuka blocks, then ducks the enziguri. Asuka runs but misses her kick. Naomi kips up and mule kicks. She whips but Asuka reverses into the pop up knee! Asuka runs in, blocks the boots but gets the enziguri.

Naomi goes up but Miz pulls Asuka out of the way of the split-leg moonsault! Asuka rolls over and tags Miz. Jimmy comes in and he rallies! Mule kick, frame it, uppercut! Then Samoan Drop! Fans fire up with Jimmy as he calls for the “UCE! OH!” but runs into a boot! Cover, but Naomi breaks it! Asuka comes in but she gets a roundhouse. Naomi scares Miz into an uppercut. Miz and Asuka are in opposite corners, so Mr. & Mrs. “UCE! OH!” run in, double hip attacks! Asuka and Miz bail out and Jimmy builds speed. But he runs into Miz’s haymaker! Naomi slingshots and gets Asuka! Miz gets Jimmy with the Finale! Cover, AWESKA wins again!

Winners: The Miz & Asuka, Miz pinning

And the undefeated streak continues! They’re the first team to go 3-0 in the round robin, but Asuka can tell, Miz used her as a shield again. Miz swears up and down he didn’t, but perhaps that doesn’t matter so long as they keep winning. However, Fenomenal Flair is on their heels, and this round robin isn’t over. Can AWESKA stay undefeated all the way to TLC? Or will someone surprise them and spoil it all?

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