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Mitchell’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge 2 Results & Report! (10/30/18)



WWE Mixed Match Challenge

Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 reaches its halfway point! Can #Mahalicia finally win while giving #MonsterEclipse their first loss?


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  • Braun Strowman & Ember Moon VS Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox w/ The Singh Brothers; Strowman & Moon win.
  • AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair VS Rusev & Lana; Styles & Flair win.


It’s week 7 of the Mixed Match Challenge Season 2!

Two undefeated teams put their streaks on the line while two other teams try to get on the board! The Monster Among Men and the War Goddess have meshed together pretty well, while the Modern Day Maharaja and Crazy like a Fox haven’t. It’s 2-0 VS 0-2, will there be a major change going into the second half of Season 2? Meanwhile, The Phenomenal One and the Queen of Flair look to keep their own streak while coming off some rough nights. Can Mr. & Mrs. MACHKA make the best of this opportunity? Or will they fail to win their own #ChopOff challenge?


Backstage interview with #Mahalicia!

They and the Singh Brothers look to use their strategy of Foxy isolating Ember so that Jinder Mahal can destroy Braun Strowman! Mahal has been saying all week that he’s going to embarrass and humiliate Strowman tonight! Mahal speaks up and says he has NOT been saying such things. The plan is to Shanti, to spread inner peace. Alicia gets fiery as she says Mahal brings inner peace but he also brings two morons with him! The Singhs are insulted, but Alicia says those two should be fodder for the Monster. The team will do better without the dead weight. Mahal begs Strowman via the camera he show mercy, Mahal never said anything like what Alicia claims. He just wants to help Strowman. The Singhs also beg for mercy for their own well-being. Will Shanti be shattered as #Mahalicia #GetTheseHands?


Braun Strowman & Ember Moon VS Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox w/ The Singh Brothers!

Given the words Alicia just had about what Mahal will do to Strowman, her team’s chances of winning might’ve gone from slim to none. Forget winning, will #Mahalicia even survive the #MonsterEclipse?

The bell rings and the teams sort out. Mahal works up what courage he has as he starts with Strowman. Alicia says Mahal won’t #GetTheseHands, Strowman is gonna #GetThoseHands, as in Mahal’s. Mahal wants Strowman to breathe and meditate, but Alicia keeps saying “Those hands!” Mahal and Strowman tie up, Strowman shoves Mahal down with ease! And then he flexes his monstrous muscles. Alicia fans Mahal off and says use “Those hands!” Mahal calls for a test of strength? Strowman takes him up on that challenge, and brings Mahal to his knees instantly! Mahal gets away quickly, and Strowman dares him to show us what he’s got. Mahal gets up, runs, and collides shoulders with Strowman, but Strowman barely budges! He tries again, but he still doesn’t move the Monster.

Mahal says Strowman should try, so Strowman runs. Mahal ducks down and Strowman has to jump over him, but Strowman comes back to run Mahal over! Alicia is shocked when Mahal tags out! The women meet now, and Alicia says Ember’s gonna get her hands! They tie up, Ember gets a waistlock, but Alicia works her way to a headlock. Ember powers out but Alicia runs her over with a shoulder. Fans rally up for Ember as Alicia runs. Things speed up as Alicia continues to duck and dodge. Ember moves aside, and Alicia still runs the ropes? No one but Alicia understands what she’s doing. Alicia tires herself out, the Singh Brothers give her water and fan her off. She turns around, into Ember’s dropkick! Alicia bails out of the ring, Ember hits a baseball slide! The Singhs say that’s cheating, but Ember puts Alicia in.

Sunil swipes at Ember, Ember jumps over. Ember enters, and gets a swinging neckbreaker! Cover, ONE, but Alicia keeps on Ember with a chinlock. Fans rally for Ember as she endures the squeeze. We check backstage to see Rusev & Lana warming up for their match after this. Lana gives sample chops, Rusev likes. Back in the ring, Alicia still has Ember in the chinlock. Ember endures but refuses to give up. Alicia pulls her back as she puts knees into Ember’s back. Fans rally and Ember gets up. Ember pries her way out and arm-drags Alicia off. Alicia runs into a roll up, TWO! Alicia whips Ember and boots her down! Cover, TWO! Alicia grows frustrated but she wraps Ember back into a chinlock. Fans rally again and Ember fights against the hold. Ember gets up but Alicia throws her back down by her hair.

Alicia clobbers Ember as she crawls, then drags her away. Alicia puts the chinlock back on and grinds her down. Ember sits up but Alicia stays on. Fans continue to rally for Ember as she fights back up. Alicia clobbers and clubs Ember down, but that only angers her. Ember grits her teeth as she gets up again. Ember fights out, but Alicia whips, only for Ember to come back with the tilt-o-whirl headscissors! Alicia runs in but is dumped out! Mahal panics as Ember crawls for her corner. He rushes in and stops Ember! Ember kicks Mahal away, hot tag to Strowman! Strowman rallies with big shoulder tackles. He throws hands on Mahal in a corner, then runs corner to corner for the big splash! Then he clubs Mahal down with one hand!

The Singhs drag Mahal out, but Strowman pursues! The Singhs are wary of Strowman as he approaches. He chases them around the ring! Ember flies in to wipe both Singh Brothers out! She’s good, so Strowman keeps going to bulldoze Mahal! Strowman puts Mahal in the ring, and fans chant “Get These Hands!” But Alicia turns Strowman around and puts on her Mad Hatter hat. She chest bumps Strowman, but he takes her hat. “I’m the captain now!” No he’s not! Foxy, look over there. ECLIPSE!! Ember gets Alicia out, Strowman scoops Mahal up, for a Mad Hatter Monster Slam! Cover, #MonsterEclipse wins!

Winners: Braun Strowman & Ember Moon, Strowman pinning; improve to 3-0, Mahal & Fox are 0-3

The undefeated stay undefeated! Will Strowman take this Mixed Match Challenge momentum to defeat The Beast? Will Ember Moon use this to be poised right behind Nia Jax for a Raw Women’s Championship opportunity? Can #Mahalicia ever get things figured out?


AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair VS Rusev & Lana!

The Phenomenal One is still WWE Champion, but he got jumped and choked out by the Destroyer, Samoa Joe. The Queen of Flair failed to get her title back as she was not the Last Woman Standing, and is still very sore both physically and emotionally. Can they pull it together and still come out undefeated? Or will they suffer their first loss on this #RavishingRusevDay?

Before there’s the #ChopOff, both teams borrow a sign from the crowd for a #SignOff! Lana is the Best, Lana #1 VS Fenomenal Flair! Fans like both. Styles and Rusev return the signs and we get to business.

The bell rings and it’s time for the #ChopOff! Rusev dares Styles to chop him, but Lana chops Charlotte first! Charlotte chops back and it stings much more. Rusev chops Styles, Styles chops Rusev. Lana chops Charlotte, then again, then again and again and again! One at a time, Lana, one at a time! Charlotte gives Lana one and it’s equal to all the rest. Rusev gives Styles one and it gets through. Styles shows Charlotte his red chest. Lana and Rusev mock the strut, but Styles gets his turn. We check on the FABULOUS Truth, ordering pizza. From the sounds of the in-ring action, Styles’ chop affects Rusev.

Lana takes her turn again, aims at Charlotte’s chest, and chops! And chops and chops and chops! Again, Rusev scolds Lana for taking too many shots. Charlotte takes her turn, and it floors Lana! It would seem Charlotte Flair wins her half of the #ChopOff. But Rusev defends this isn’t over. He says this one’s for Mama Rusev! He chops and floors Styles! Fans chant “Rusev Day! Rusev Day!” but Styles gets up. Rusev and Charlotte shake hands as the respective winners, but now it’s time for them to #ChopOff! But, this is Mixed Match Challenge, that’s not how these go. The referee allows it as Rusev tears off his shirt. Charlotte chops but Rusev stays up. Charlotte chops again but still nothing. She chops, Lana clobbers Charlotte from behind! Lana says “Kiss this!” as she twerks.

Charlotte flounders up and questions Lana’s twerking. Charlotte does the worm! Lana is not impressed, she kicks Charlotte down low. She whips but Charlotte reverses and puts her in a corner. Lana elbows back, then gets her with a headscissor ax kick! She hits a Ravishing Bulldog, then a Lana-rooni! Lana dares Charlotte to get up, and hits her with a Ravishing Facebuster! Cover, TWO! Lana mocks the “WOO~” and the strut, but Charlotte gets up to give her a back suplex! Both women are down and woozy, tag to Rusev. The men run in but Styles rallies. Styles hits a Phenomenal Blitz, then a corner clothesline. Styles gets Rusev up, notes he’s heavy, but still hits an Ushigoroshi! Cover, TWO!

Styles keeps his cool, and Atlanta is back on Styles’ side. He brings Rusev up for the Clash, but Rusev back drops him away. Rusev runs corner to corner but into boots! Styles is on the apron as fans duel. He springboards in but Rusev dodges. Rusev shoves Styles but Charlotte tags in. Lana runs in and tilt-o-whirls Styles into a Russian Leg Sweep. Charlotte boots Lana down! Cover, TWO! Charlotte drags Lana to a drop zone, and climbs up top. But Rusev gets Lana out of the way so he can take the moonsault! Lana rolls Charlotte up, TWO!! Charlotte gets Lana down, and in the Figure Four! Then Figure Eight! Lana taps, #FenomenalFlair wins!

Winners: AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair, Charlotte by submission; improve to 3-0, Rusev & Lana are 0-3

Another undefeated team remains undefeated! The Phenomenal One regains momentum towards his Crown Jewel match that’s now against Samoa Joe. Will Styles return to the States as WWE Champion? Or will Joe finish their story with his dreams coming true? And what of Charlotte and the 5v5 Women’s Elimination Tag Match at Survivor Series?



My Thoughts:

Okay I needed to share thoughts this time as it is the halfway point and we’re starting to see where the blocks are going. We stand at four undefeated teams with #MonsterEclipse, #CountryDominance, #FenomenalFlair and #AWESKA. There was a lot of fun stuff tonight, but naturally Strowman & Moon stay undefeated, as do Styles & Flair. Bobby Lashley & Mickie James take on Finn Balor & Bayley next week while SmackDown does Jimmy Uso & Naomi VS R-Truth & Carmella. The Raw match has a lot more stakes behind it because if B’n’B win, that’s one less undefeated team. I’m sensing Lashley & Mickie will win so that we can have all four undefeated teams on the same night for major drama towards the finals at TLC. However, given certain things in the work right now, I’d love if they decided to completely change things up.

If Braun Strowman wins at Crown Jewel, then he should have a WWE Universal Championship match at TLC. Therefore, either Lashley & Mickie come out the winners of Raw Block, or we go with some real fan favorites in Finn Balor & Bayley. Then to meet them on the SmackDown side, if AJ Styles isn’t WWE Champion come December, I would love if Styles & Flair were the SmackDown Block winners. The Mixed Match Challenge finals being Finn & Bayley VS Styles & Flair, for all that story and star-power while the titles are still free to be defended, that’s what WWE should do. As always, I dread that Vince won’t do that, because he’s Vince. But what better way to make this Facebook Watch program matter then to give us that #TooSweet rematch on top of bringing back Bayley VS Charlotte? It just makes sense.

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (1/25/21)

Will the Empress still reign?



Coverage Raw 2021

Raw is revving up towards the Royal Rumble!

The Royal Rumble is this Sunday, but a lot could change right before it! Will Asuka still be Raw Women’s Champion after a rematch with twisted Alexa Bliss?


  • Charlotte Flair VS Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax; Charlotte wins, by disqualification.
  • Six Woman Tag: Charlotte Flair, Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke VS Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax & Lacey Evans; Flair, Rose & Brooke win by count out, but restarted, Jax, Baszler & Evans win by pinfall.
  • Slapjack w/ Retribution VS Xavier Woods; Woods wins.
  • Sheamus VS John Morrison w/ The Miz; wins.
  • R-Truth VS AJ Styles w/ Omos; wins and
  • United States Championship Opportunity Gauntlet Match: Matt Riddle VS The Hurt Business; wins and
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka VS Alexa Bliss; wins and


Drew McIntyre is back!

The WWE World Champion is healthy and ready for his match this Sunday at the Royal Rumble PPV! McIntyre has the mic, and he says it feels so good to be back on Raw! McIntyre thanks the fans for their get-well wishes all over social media. The outpouring of support means the world to him. McIntyre was lucky with the COVID symptoms. He’s 100% now and will be for the Rumble, but he’ll dedicate his match to those dealing with COVID. We will get through this together.

But speaking of being sick, McIntyre would have to be out of his mind if he took Goldberg lightly at all. McIntyre watched Goldberg since McIntyre was a teen. Goldberg came out of nowhere and rose to the top, running through opponent after opponent, 173-0 to then defat Hulk Hogan for the championship! Then he went through The Rock, the rest of the WWE, and then just disappeared. The last thing to go in a heavyweight fighter is their power. Goldberg returned the exact same animal he’s always been, set a new streak, and has beaten every new champion he’s faced! But McIntyre vows to END the new streak! This Sunday, McIntyre is STILL going to be WWE World Champion!

McIntyre says he’s fired up and wants to start things right, but here comes The Miz and John Morrison. Miz says this Sunday IS the Royal Rumble, and McIntyre VS Goldberg will be one for the ages! WWE’s Godzilla VS King Kong! Two of the hardest hitting monsters of all time! But when something that big happens, there tends to be consequences… What might those be? Well, at the very least, one or both of them, by the end, could end up injured! Oh no~! Then what would happen? Well we can’t give that away. Oh c’mon! Well okay. “Hey, John~! Whichever superstar is left standing by the end of that match will be?” A sitting duck! CORRECT!

And then these two hit the ring. CORRECT! And then they beat the hell out of whoever is champion! COOOOOORRECT! And then, Mr. Money in the Bank, will cash-in, and all you’ll hear is… “The winner, and NEW WWE World Champion… THEEEE MIIIIIZ~!” But here comes Goldberg! McIntyre waits as the pyro goes off, and out steps the Icon himself! No faking it with Gillberg this time, Goldberg storms his way to the ring with a mic of his own! Challenger stares down champion and says, “You. Me. Sunday. You’re next.” Miz and Morrison like that and then egg the two on. But that only gets Goldberg and McIntyre glaring at them.

McIntyre and Goldberg drag Miz and Morrison into the ring! SPEAR for Miz! CLAYMORE for Morrison! Then back to staring the other down! McIntyre raises the belt, but will Goldberg be raising it after the Rumble?


Backstage interview with Charlotte Flair!

The Royal Rumble is Sunday, but she’s going 1v1 with Shayna Baszler for the first time! If there’s one thing Charlotte does well, it’s performing under pressure. Shayna should bring that invisible crown, because it’s one thing to say you’re a queen, it’s another to be one. Charlotte loves defying odds, and she’s always willing to bet on herself, #MsWrestleMania. So the “situation” with Lacey Evans and her father won’t cause an issue? Charlotte says she’s seen her dad in a lot of dark places, this might be his darkest. Charlotte knows Lacey’s intentions. It’s one thing to have the last name Flair, it’s another to carry the weight of that name. But for now, Charlotte focuses on Shayna.

Charlotte Flair VS Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax!

While the Empress of Tomorrow is busy with Lil’ Ms. Bliss, the Queen will see how ready the Queen of Spades is this close to their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship rematch! Will Shayna be rolling towards the huge Sunday double header she has planned for herself?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Charlotte headlocks, but Shayna pries out to wrench and whip. Charlotte reverses, runs in but blocks a boot to give an elbow! Charlotte spins Shayna around into the ropes, elbows her down, then runs to dropkick Nia down for good measure! Shayna rushes in to get the sleeper! Charlotte rams Shayna into buckles, throws her off, then BOOTS her down! Charlotte gets the legs, Figure Four but Shayna fights it off! They move around, NIA drops a leg!!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by disqualification

The challengers mug Charlotte! Charlotte fights back but here come Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose! The Sexy Muscle Friends fight Shayna and Nia off of Charlotte! Shayna kicks Mandy’s leg but Charlotte CLOBBERS Shayna! But here comes LACEY EVANS! Lacey brawls with Charlotte and it is chaos as Raw goes to break!


Six Woman Tag: Charlotte Flair, Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke VS Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax & Lacey Evans!

Raw returns, and battle lines have been drawn! Will the Queen and Sexy Muscle Friends get payback together against the troublemakers?

Mandy starts with Lacey and the two circle. They tie up, Lacey pulls hair, but lets off as the ref counts. Lacey does the strut but Mandy gets the arm. Mandy wrenches and yanks but Lacey uses a leg to pry free and wrench back. Mandy gets around to headlock, throw Lacey down and keep her down. Lacey pulls hair again, then headscissors free. Lacey copies the “WOO~!” but Mandy kicks free. Mandy headlocks again, Lacey powers out but things speed up. Mandy KICKS Lacey while she’s down! Mandy headlocks again, shifts around, and tags in Dana. They bring Lacey around to double suplex! Dana covers, TWO!

Dana keeps on Lacey with a whip and runs her over with a shoulder! Dana flexes, covers, TWO! Dana keeps Lacey away from her corner with a whip and hip toss! Handspring and stomp! Cover, TWO! Dana grows annoyed, she drags Lacey back over and tags in Charlotte. Lacey scrambles away to tag Shayna! Shayna and Charlotte continue where things left off, Charlotte blocks a kick to run and baits Shayna into buckles! But Shayna dodges the splash to fire off fast hands! Shayna KICKS the leg, but Charlotte avoids the knee to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Charlotte scoops and EXPLODERS Shayna to then kip up! Charlotte swipes at Lacey but goes after Shayna.

Charlotte brings Shayna over, tags in Dana, and Dana tags Mandy. Snapmare and double handspring BOOT! Mandy covers, ONE! Mandy drags Shayna back up, tags Dana in and they stomp away in the corner! Dana CHOPS and Charlotte lets out a “WOO~!” Dana CHOPS again, then tags in Charlotte. Charlotte and Shayna scrap, Charlotte CLUBS Shayna down then whips her to a corner. Shayna reverses but Charlotte tumbles up and out to then hit back with forearms! Charlotte KNEES Shayna through the ropes then drags her to the floor! Shayna hits the steps on the way down and hurries away. Nia checks on her teammate but the ring count is climbing! Shayna shoves Charlotte in at 8 but can’t get in herself, she’s COUNTED OUT!

Winners: Charlotte Flair, Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke, by count out

The Queen managed to get in the heads of her opponents and it cost them! Will it be this easy when it’s Charlotte and Asuka VS Shayna and Nia?

Raw returns, and it is NOT over! Adam Pearce had this match restart over commercial, and now Nia is throwing Dana around! Dana BOOTS then kicks low to throw forearms! Dana runs, Nia reels her in but Dana throws elbows! Dana handsprings and headscissors to throw Nia into a corner! Dana runs and handspring sin to back elbow! Dana keeps moving, but Nia CLOBBERS Dana! Cover, TWO! Nia drags Dana over and tags in Lacey. Lacey gets in Dana’s face and knocks her down, but the ref reprimands. Lacey drops down for a cover, TWO! Lacey stomps Dana in frustration, drops knees on Dana’s hand, then digs her into the ropes! The ref counts and Lacey lets off.

Lacey taunts Charlotte, tags Shayna, and they mug Dana in the corner. Shayna fires off body shots, snapmares Dana and KICKS her in the back! Shayna covers, TWO! Shayna has Dana’s arm, twists the wrist and STOMPS the arm! Nia tags in and goes after the arm with a cobra clutch! Dana endures as Nia smothers her then thrashes her around! Nia brings Dana up but Dana throws more elbows! Dana pushes but Nia pushes back, and Nia blocks the huricanrana! Dana manages to sunset flip but Nia breaks free, but Dana avoids the sit down! Hot tag to Mandy and Lacey! Mandy dodges Lacey to DECK Shayna, then Mandy fires off, and FLAPJACKS!

Mandy fires up, picks Lacey up and powers her to a corner! Mandy fires off forearms, the ref counts but Mandy runs to give Lacey a KNEE FROM A ROSE!! Cover, but Shayna breaks it! Charlotte SPEARS Shayna! Nia CLOBBERS Charlotte! Nia drags Lacey to the corner to tag in! Nia aims at Mandy, Lacey drags Charlotte out but Charlotte glares. They run into the empty ringside area and Dana tags in! Nia still runs in but only gets POST! Dana manages to hit the ROLLING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Nia survives but Dana heads up top! But Nia drags her off with a ROCKET LAUNCHER TOSS!

Nia snarls and drags Dana up again, into a lift, for a CHOKE SLAM!! And a LEG DROP! Cover, Nia’s team wins!

Winners: Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler & Lacey Evans, by pinfall

Count out, controversy, whatever it is, that’s all the past now! Nia and Shayna are rolling towards the Royal Rumble, will they leave tag team champions as well as a Women’s Rumble winner?


Raw shares a WWE Network Exclusive from last week.

After Retribution’s Mace beat Xavier Woods, Mustafa Ali had a message. “Kofi, Xavier, people love watching you because you are their escape from reality.” But retribution is the reminder of reality! So get well soon, Kofi.

And in a message from earlier today, Ali answers Kofi’s burning question of why Retribution is after The New Day. To have the audacity to ask that! Kofi’s greatest moment came from Ali’s worst! KofiMania happened at Ali’s expense. That was Ali’s spot in the Elimination Chamber and it could’ve been Ali’s moment at WrestleMania! Ali feels the New Day took everything from him, so will he try to take everything from them?

Slapjack w/ Retribution VS Xavier Woods!

Raw returns as Woods makes his entrance. Woods is in no mood after having faced Ali’s allies twice already. The bell rings and Woods shotgun dropkicks Slapjack down! Woods throws hands, CHOPS Slapjack to a corner, then CHOPS him more! Woods whips corner to corner then back drops Slapjack high and hard! Slapjack flounders but Woods is on him. Slapjack throws Woods to the apron but Woods forearms back! Slapjack KNEES Woods, ROCKS him with a right, then slingshots out then in for an ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Slapjack digs Woods’ face into the mat, then stomps him down!

Slapjack stomps Woods more, digs his face into the mat more, then stomps him again! Slapjack goes to a corner, hops up and leaps, but Woods avoids the stomp! Woods shoves Slapjack then blocks punches to give punches! And CHOPS! And CHOPS again! Woods fires off over and over, whips but Slapjack reverses, only for Woods to tilt-o-whirl to a Russian Leg Sweep! Woods fires up again before he dodges and LEG LARIATS! Woods whips, Slapjack reverses and UPPERCUTS! Woods boots back, and hits the HONOR ROLL! Cover, TWO!! Slapjack survives and Ali has T-Bar make a move.

Woods sees T-Bar coming but Slapjack rolls Woods, only for Woods to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, Woods wins!!

Winner: Xavier Woods, by pinfall

Mace chases Woods, but Woods gets out, only for T-Bar to BOOT Woods! T-Bar puts Woods back in and Retribution surrounds him! Ali says to “SHUT HIM DOWN!” T-Bar and Mace give Woods a DOUBLE CHOKE BOMB! Ali gets Slapjack up to get a chair and Slapjack does as ordered. T-Bar and Mace sit Woods up and Slapjack hands the chair to Ali. Ali scowls and demands Woods look at him. Ali raises the chair up, but he smirks as he spares Woods. Ali takes a seat and has Reckoning fetch him a mic.

“All this talk about wanting to be King of the Ring, but man, do you sure look like a peasant right now.” But like a real king, ALI will show mercy. “And for that, you are going to do exactly what I say. You are going to deliver a message to Kofi Kingston.” Tell Kofi that Ali heard the sad news that Kofi won’t make it to this year’s Rumble. But tell Kofi not to fear, “a replacement has been found. And his name is Mustafa Ali!” The tables have turned, and now the Beacon is ready to shine.


Matt Riddle finds R-Truth backstage.

Truth says he heard something. The Hurt Business is throwing a surprise party for him! How does he know that? Well it was Truth’s birthday last week, but he heard about a special VIP Lounge tonight! He’s getting 24 carrots! Well that makes sense as Capricorn, sign of the goat. BAAAH~! Now, don’t spoil the surprise! The secret is safe with Riddle, bro. Wait, someone got their wires crossed. Will Truth be sorely disappointed when the VIP Lounge isn’t what he thinks?


The Hurt Business heads to the ring!

The WWE United States Champion, Bobby Lashley, is going to be in the Men’s Royal Rumble this year, but his associates will be taking on Matt Riddle later on in a unique contender’s match challenge. But first, the VIP Lounge is decked out in black and gold as MVP says the BIGGEST things are popping, the littlest things are stopping, so relax and enjoy the view because the VIP Lounge is for people better than you. And MVP is stoked to see Bad Bunny is going to be at the Rumble and knows the after party will be lit! Lashley wanted this meeting for something important, MVP addresses the match with Riddle. Riddle may be brain dead but he is crafty. Let us not lose focus on that task in hand, Cedric Alexander.

Now, to Lashley’s business. “Sometimes you have to believe in somebody else’s belief in you.” Look at them! They all look good! Raw Tag Team and United States Championships. They believed! And more importantly, the beauty is that they’ve only just begun. So true. Benjamin says that looking at their individual accomplishments, it is hard to think that only a year ago- Alexander says that the Hurt Business is on a roll, thanks to MVP! Lashley says they collected some “outstanding debts,” to present something to represent their appreciation. It is only fitting that while these three are dripping in gold. MVP should have some gold, too. They present to him… #THB, the Hurt Business gold chain!

MVP tries it on, and loves it! It is not often that MVP is at a loss for words, but he doesn’t have any. Alexander takes credit working with the designer. Benjamin says Alexander doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But here comes R-Truth! PARTY~ TIME~! What?! Why!? Stop the music!! Truth says it is weird that the guest of honor isn’t on the list but sometimes it happens. He is NOT on the list! Truth says it is rude to eavesdrop, but he heard about this surprise party! Truth’s birthday was last week, but better late than never. No, this has NOTHING to do with Truth! This is all about MVP! Really? THB: Truth, Happy Birthday. And where the carrots at?

No, Truth. Just stop. Wait, dance break? Lashley says Truth is right. They’ve been so busy, Lashley forgot it was Truth’s birthday. And to make it up to him, they do have something for him, in the ring. MVP remembers now! Yeah, here we go. Oh wait, the other Raw superstars come out to go after the 24/7 Championship! They bust down the velvet rope, Tucker Knight rolls Truth up but Humberto Carrillo pushes him off. Lashley RAMS Carrillo into barriers! Gulak gets a haymaker, Lashley CLOBBERS Tucker and Benjamin throws Drew Gulak into steel steps! But Matt Riddle gets in to give MVP a FINAL FLASH knee! Riddle gets away but the Hurt Business tells him he’ll still pay! Will the Bro put the hurting on the Hurt Business from top to bottom?


R-Truth talks with Adam Pearce.

Truth “hides” but he asks about Royal Rumble opportunities. Truth wants to prove he can enter the MITB match and win! No, Truth, no… AJ Styles and Omos come over. Styles understands what Truth is really talking about. And being the nice guy Truth is, benevolent even, he’ll help Truth out. Styles is benevolent? Truth is a Capricorn! Sigh… Pearce arranges a match between Truth and Styles, and they accept! Truth says if Styles is benevolent, Truth is a Capricorn, and Omos must be a Taurus. Truth had a Ford Taurus, it broke down and… Well anyway, will Truth be able to prove he is worthy of the Rumble with just days left to get in?


Sheamus VS John Morrison w/ The Miz!

The Fella saw the Guru and A-Lister get blasted by McIntyre and Goldberg earlier, and figured why not get in on the fun? Will Sheamus use Morrison as a great warm-up before entering the Men’s Rumble this Sunday?


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A former King of Pancrase and Triple Crown champion steps up to challenge for the GHC National title at Budokan! NOAH shaping up for their biggest event in a decade! 




A former King of Pancrase and Triple Crown champion steps up to challenge for the GHC National title at Budokan! NOAH shaping up for their biggest event in a decade!


Hajime Ohara tests positive for COVID-19

It was announced on the 22nd January that Hajime Ohara had tested positive for Covid after a routine PCR test. The Osaka card was changed with YO-HEY filling in for him. Ohara has not shown any symptoms of fever, cough or loss of taste so far, and temperature taken on the morning of the 24th January was normal. Ohara is isolating at home, and true to form is studying (he was taking an online English class), and and eating nutritiously. He is determined to be back to NOAH for The Budokan.

In Osaka, the roster paid tribute to him, with YO-HEY making the Muy Bien sign, and Naomichi Marufuji finishing his promo (tantrum) with “Muy Bien”.

Kenoh from Murakami to Masakatsu

In a match that lasted only nine minutes and forty seconds, which was really for how long it needed to last, Kenoh defeated Kazunari Masakatsu for the GHC National title in Osaka on the 23rd January 2021. The match started off somewhat MMA style, and went to mat wrestling. Kenoh got his own back on Murakami for felling him with a closed fist, by doing the same, but this seemed to only make Murakami mad and he unleashed a volley of kicks and punches on Kenoh. After a brief loss of temper, Kenoh came to his senses and realized that he was going to have to take Murakami down, and he did it by using the sleeper hold, which caused the referee to stop the match.

Almost immediately after the match had finished, Masakatsu Funaki made his challenge. He simply pointed at the belt and asked Kenoh to be his next challenger. Kenoh accepted the challenge, and set it for the Nippon Budokan (12th February 2021), but backstage rather than scream abuse about his opponent, he actually said that he was it was exciting and he was looking forward to it. Murakami he said he had also enjoyed the match with, although he admitted to being scared by him.

Masakatsu Funaki seemed to have a few different reasons for challenging; he had the image of being a champion alongside Mutoh, Kenoh was not something he had experienced before, and he felt that the time was now to do it. He was also complimentary about Kenoh, saying that he was “in his thirties and riding high”. Funaki makes the third MMA fighter to have challenged Kenoh.


Event recap: HIGHER GROUND 2021 (January 23rd, Edion Arena Osaka 2nd Stadium)

Post match interviews: HIGHER GROUND 2021 (January 23rd, Edion Arena Osaka 2nd Stadium)


~ Atsushi Kotoge admitted some jealousy of Daisuke Harada.

~ Mohammed Yone did some catering for the roster on the way home from Osaka.

~ Naomichi Marufuji won the chop challenge against Go Shiozaki, then got annoyed at it being pointed out that he beat Shiozaki in the challenge, but wasn’t the one to make the pin and win the match. Pointed out that HE was the senior to them, and would take both their belts, “so I can enter last and show them off”. And then walked off.

~ Takashi Sugiura says he aims to create a new record, and become the GHC Heavyweight Champion at the age of 50, however if Keiji Mutoh defeats Go Shiozaki for it, he will do it when he is 60.


ALL the titles, except the GHC Heavyweight Tag, have been challenged for and the matches will take place at The Budokan. Fans are hoping that Katsuhiko Nakajima and Masa Kitamiya will challenge, especially as they are teaming together against Takashi Sugiura (Kazushi Sakuraba is absent) on NOAH’s last show before The Budokan, on the 31st January.



Sunday 31st January: “HIGHER GROUND 2021” (11.30am JST, Korakuen Hall.)


NOAH’s 23rd January show from Osaka will be available to view on WRESTLEUNIVERSE on Tuesday 26th January. The GHC National title match, and the main event were streamed live through Periscope.

The 31st January event at Korakuen Hall has not had broadcast details announced yet.


“Parasyte” Kazunari Murakami’s plan to take over the REIWA Ark

“For us, The Budokan is the beginning rather than the “Return” ~ Interview with Yoshiki Inamura

Kazushi Sakuraba has an astonishing determination to “become the Takako Tokiwa” of the Pro Wrestling World

Pro Wrestling Casebook ~ a shock ran through Michinoku, when Kenoh announced he was joining Noah (2013)

“Aiming to become the GHC Champion, in the year of my 60th birthday” ~ Takashi Sugiura

GIF taken from Noah’s Periscope

Match graphic taken from the Official NOAH Twitter


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