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Mitchell’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge 2 Results & Report! (10/30/18)



WWE Mixed Match Challenge

Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 reaches its halfway point! Can #Mahalicia finally win while giving #MonsterEclipse their first loss?


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  • Braun Strowman & Ember Moon VS Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox w/ The Singh Brothers; Strowman & Moon win.
  • AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair VS Rusev & Lana; Styles & Flair win.


It’s week 7 of the Mixed Match Challenge Season 2!

Two undefeated teams put their streaks on the line while two other teams try to get on the board! The Monster Among Men and the War Goddess have meshed together pretty well, while the Modern Day Maharaja and Crazy like a Fox haven’t. It’s 2-0 VS 0-2, will there be a major change going into the second half of Season 2? Meanwhile, The Phenomenal One and the Queen of Flair look to keep their own streak while coming off some rough nights. Can Mr. & Mrs. MACHKA make the best of this opportunity? Or will they fail to win their own #ChopOff challenge?


Backstage interview with #Mahalicia!

They and the Singh Brothers look to use their strategy of Foxy isolating Ember so that Jinder Mahal can destroy Braun Strowman! Mahal has been saying all week that he’s going to embarrass and humiliate Strowman tonight! Mahal speaks up and says he has NOT been saying such things. The plan is to Shanti, to spread inner peace. Alicia gets fiery as she says Mahal brings inner peace but he also brings two morons with him! The Singhs are insulted, but Alicia says those two should be fodder for the Monster. The team will do better without the dead weight. Mahal begs Strowman via the camera he show mercy, Mahal never said anything like what Alicia claims. He just wants to help Strowman. The Singhs also beg for mercy for their own well-being. Will Shanti be shattered as #Mahalicia #GetTheseHands?


Braun Strowman & Ember Moon VS Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox w/ The Singh Brothers!

Given the words Alicia just had about what Mahal will do to Strowman, her team’s chances of winning might’ve gone from slim to none. Forget winning, will #Mahalicia even survive the #MonsterEclipse?

The bell rings and the teams sort out. Mahal works up what courage he has as he starts with Strowman. Alicia says Mahal won’t #GetTheseHands, Strowman is gonna #GetThoseHands, as in Mahal’s. Mahal wants Strowman to breathe and meditate, but Alicia keeps saying “Those hands!” Mahal and Strowman tie up, Strowman shoves Mahal down with ease! And then he flexes his monstrous muscles. Alicia fans Mahal off and says use “Those hands!” Mahal calls for a test of strength? Strowman takes him up on that challenge, and brings Mahal to his knees instantly! Mahal gets away quickly, and Strowman dares him to show us what he’s got. Mahal gets up, runs, and collides shoulders with Strowman, but Strowman barely budges! He tries again, but he still doesn’t move the Monster.

Mahal says Strowman should try, so Strowman runs. Mahal ducks down and Strowman has to jump over him, but Strowman comes back to run Mahal over! Alicia is shocked when Mahal tags out! The women meet now, and Alicia says Ember’s gonna get her hands! They tie up, Ember gets a waistlock, but Alicia works her way to a headlock. Ember powers out but Alicia runs her over with a shoulder. Fans rally up for Ember as Alicia runs. Things speed up as Alicia continues to duck and dodge. Ember moves aside, and Alicia still runs the ropes? No one but Alicia understands what she’s doing. Alicia tires herself out, the Singh Brothers give her water and fan her off. She turns around, into Ember’s dropkick! Alicia bails out of the ring, Ember hits a baseball slide! The Singhs say that’s cheating, but Ember puts Alicia in.

Sunil swipes at Ember, Ember jumps over. Ember enters, and gets a swinging neckbreaker! Cover, ONE, but Alicia keeps on Ember with a chinlock. Fans rally for Ember as she endures the squeeze. We check backstage to see Rusev & Lana warming up for their match after this. Lana gives sample chops, Rusev likes. Back in the ring, Alicia still has Ember in the chinlock. Ember endures but refuses to give up. Alicia pulls her back as she puts knees into Ember’s back. Fans rally and Ember gets up. Ember pries her way out and arm-drags Alicia off. Alicia runs into a roll up, TWO! Alicia whips Ember and boots her down! Cover, TWO! Alicia grows frustrated but she wraps Ember back into a chinlock. Fans rally again and Ember fights against the hold. Ember gets up but Alicia throws her back down by her hair.

Alicia clobbers Ember as she crawls, then drags her away. Alicia puts the chinlock back on and grinds her down. Ember sits up but Alicia stays on. Fans continue to rally for Ember as she fights back up. Alicia clobbers and clubs Ember down, but that only angers her. Ember grits her teeth as she gets up again. Ember fights out, but Alicia whips, only for Ember to come back with the tilt-o-whirl headscissors! Alicia runs in but is dumped out! Mahal panics as Ember crawls for her corner. He rushes in and stops Ember! Ember kicks Mahal away, hot tag to Strowman! Strowman rallies with big shoulder tackles. He throws hands on Mahal in a corner, then runs corner to corner for the big splash! Then he clubs Mahal down with one hand!

The Singhs drag Mahal out, but Strowman pursues! The Singhs are wary of Strowman as he approaches. He chases them around the ring! Ember flies in to wipe both Singh Brothers out! She’s good, so Strowman keeps going to bulldoze Mahal! Strowman puts Mahal in the ring, and fans chant “Get These Hands!” But Alicia turns Strowman around and puts on her Mad Hatter hat. She chest bumps Strowman, but he takes her hat. “I’m the captain now!” No he’s not! Foxy, look over there. ECLIPSE!! Ember gets Alicia out, Strowman scoops Mahal up, for a Mad Hatter Monster Slam! Cover, #MonsterEclipse wins!

Winners: Braun Strowman & Ember Moon, Strowman pinning; improve to 3-0, Mahal & Fox are 0-3

The undefeated stay undefeated! Will Strowman take this Mixed Match Challenge momentum to defeat The Beast? Will Ember Moon use this to be poised right behind Nia Jax for a Raw Women’s Championship opportunity? Can #Mahalicia ever get things figured out?


AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair VS Rusev & Lana!

The Phenomenal One is still WWE Champion, but he got jumped and choked out by the Destroyer, Samoa Joe. The Queen of Flair failed to get her title back as she was not the Last Woman Standing, and is still very sore both physically and emotionally. Can they pull it together and still come out undefeated? Or will they suffer their first loss on this #RavishingRusevDay?

Before there’s the #ChopOff, both teams borrow a sign from the crowd for a #SignOff! Lana is the Best, Lana #1 VS Fenomenal Flair! Fans like both. Styles and Rusev return the signs and we get to business.

The bell rings and it’s time for the #ChopOff! Rusev dares Styles to chop him, but Lana chops Charlotte first! Charlotte chops back and it stings much more. Rusev chops Styles, Styles chops Rusev. Lana chops Charlotte, then again, then again and again and again! One at a time, Lana, one at a time! Charlotte gives Lana one and it’s equal to all the rest. Rusev gives Styles one and it gets through. Styles shows Charlotte his red chest. Lana and Rusev mock the strut, but Styles gets his turn. We check on the FABULOUS Truth, ordering pizza. From the sounds of the in-ring action, Styles’ chop affects Rusev.

Lana takes her turn again, aims at Charlotte’s chest, and chops! And chops and chops and chops! Again, Rusev scolds Lana for taking too many shots. Charlotte takes her turn, and it floors Lana! It would seem Charlotte Flair wins her half of the #ChopOff. But Rusev defends this isn’t over. He says this one’s for Mama Rusev! He chops and floors Styles! Fans chant “Rusev Day! Rusev Day!” but Styles gets up. Rusev and Charlotte shake hands as the respective winners, but now it’s time for them to #ChopOff! But, this is Mixed Match Challenge, that’s not how these go. The referee allows it as Rusev tears off his shirt. Charlotte chops but Rusev stays up. Charlotte chops again but still nothing. She chops, Lana clobbers Charlotte from behind! Lana says “Kiss this!” as she twerks.

Charlotte flounders up and questions Lana’s twerking. Charlotte does the worm! Lana is not impressed, she kicks Charlotte down low. She whips but Charlotte reverses and puts her in a corner. Lana elbows back, then gets her with a headscissor ax kick! She hits a Ravishing Bulldog, then a Lana-rooni! Lana dares Charlotte to get up, and hits her with a Ravishing Facebuster! Cover, TWO! Lana mocks the “WOO~” and the strut, but Charlotte gets up to give her a back suplex! Both women are down and woozy, tag to Rusev. The men run in but Styles rallies. Styles hits a Phenomenal Blitz, then a corner clothesline. Styles gets Rusev up, notes he’s heavy, but still hits an Ushigoroshi! Cover, TWO!

Styles keeps his cool, and Atlanta is back on Styles’ side. He brings Rusev up for the Clash, but Rusev back drops him away. Rusev runs corner to corner but into boots! Styles is on the apron as fans duel. He springboards in but Rusev dodges. Rusev shoves Styles but Charlotte tags in. Lana runs in and tilt-o-whirls Styles into a Russian Leg Sweep. Charlotte boots Lana down! Cover, TWO! Charlotte drags Lana to a drop zone, and climbs up top. But Rusev gets Lana out of the way so he can take the moonsault! Lana rolls Charlotte up, TWO!! Charlotte gets Lana down, and in the Figure Four! Then Figure Eight! Lana taps, #FenomenalFlair wins!

Winners: AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair, Charlotte by submission; improve to 3-0, Rusev & Lana are 0-3

Another undefeated team remains undefeated! The Phenomenal One regains momentum towards his Crown Jewel match that’s now against Samoa Joe. Will Styles return to the States as WWE Champion? Or will Joe finish their story with his dreams coming true? And what of Charlotte and the 5v5 Women’s Elimination Tag Match at Survivor Series?



My Thoughts:

Okay I needed to share thoughts this time as it is the halfway point and we’re starting to see where the blocks are going. We stand at four undefeated teams with #MonsterEclipse, #CountryDominance, #FenomenalFlair and #AWESKA. There was a lot of fun stuff tonight, but naturally Strowman & Moon stay undefeated, as do Styles & Flair. Bobby Lashley & Mickie James take on Finn Balor & Bayley next week while SmackDown does Jimmy Uso & Naomi VS R-Truth & Carmella. The Raw match has a lot more stakes behind it because if B’n’B win, that’s one less undefeated team. I’m sensing Lashley & Mickie will win so that we can have all four undefeated teams on the same night for major drama towards the finals at TLC. However, given certain things in the work right now, I’d love if they decided to completely change things up.

If Braun Strowman wins at Crown Jewel, then he should have a WWE Universal Championship match at TLC. Therefore, either Lashley & Mickie come out the winners of Raw Block, or we go with some real fan favorites in Finn Balor & Bayley. Then to meet them on the SmackDown side, if AJ Styles isn’t WWE Champion come December, I would love if Styles & Flair were the SmackDown Block winners. The Mixed Match Challenge finals being Finn & Bayley VS Styles & Flair, for all that story and star-power while the titles are still free to be defended, that’s what WWE should do. As always, I dread that Vince won’t do that, because he’s Vince. But what better way to make this Facebook Watch program matter then to give us that #TooSweet rematch on top of bringing back Bayley VS Charlotte? It just makes sense.

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