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Mitchell’s WWE Mixed Match Challenge 2 Results & Report! (10/9/18)



WWE Mixed Match Challenge

The Monster & The Moon take on Team B’n’B to see who stays undefeated in the Mixed Match Challenge! Plus, The Fenomenal Flair VS The FABULOUS Truth!



  • Braun Strowman & Ember Moon VS Finn Balor & Bayley; Strowman & Moon win.
  • AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair VS R-Truth & Carmella; Styles & Flair win.


It’s week 4 of Mixed Match Challenge Season 2!

The round robin means no rest for the weary as Team B’n’B must compete again already after scoring a win over #Mahalicia last week. But their small win streak is already in danger as they go up against The Monster Among Men and the War Goddess! Will Balor & Bayley #GetTheseHands? Or will they be #TooSweet for Strowman & Moon?

Meanwhile, the #FenomenalFlair is a bit worse for wear after SmackDown earlier tonight. Charlotte fought so hard to regain the SmackDown Women’s Championship, but couldn’t take advantage of Becky Lynch not having Champion’s Advantage. Then they went crashing through the stage’s LED wall via Charlotte’s vicious Spear! AJ Styles himself isn’t at 100%, he had a grueling match with Samoa Joe at Super Show Down as well as a very competitive match with The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin. Is this the time for the FABULOUS Truth to strike and get on the board while bringing the undefeated duo down?


Unfortunately, there is a setback in the Raw Block.

After Kevin Owens had a match with a much more brutal Bobby Lashley, the Prizefighter is no longer able to compete and must drop out of the Mixed Match Challenge! This leaves the Queen of Harts, Natalya, without a partner! Who will be available to replace him in the remaining 10 weeks of competition?

Not one to be left out of the conversation, Lio Rush walks in, chanting for his man, “Lashley! Lashley!” The Manager of the Hour heard all the talk, and says that he has his own update on Kevin Owens: “He’s done!” It doesn’t matter who Natty gets, because #CountryDominance, Mickie & Bobby, came to dominate, came to collect, and obviously came to win. Will the 23 year old piece of gold’s confidence in Mickie-Bobby cause their downfall? Or will they have that much of an easier time making it to the finals at WWE TLC?


Backstage interview with #MonsterEclipse.

They respond to Team B’n’B’s claims from last week that they’re not worried at all about this match-up. Their plan for defeating Balor & Bayley is no different than their plan from last week against Team Pawz, nor from Strowman’s plan to defeat The Shield from last night’s Raw. And Ember beat Nia Jax, a huge accomplishment. Strowman & Moon feel pretty good, Balor & Bayley are no match for them. Will they succeed in their mission? Or will the underdogs surprise them?


Braun Strowman & Ember Moon VS Finn Balor & Bayley!

After this match, there will be one less undefeated team in the MMC round robin! Will it be #MonsterEclipse or Team B’n’B that will #GetThisLoss?

Indianapolis chant “Get These Hands!” for Strowman, but then “Too Sweet! Woop Woop!” for Finn. The teams sort out and it’ll be ladies first. Ember and Bayley hear the dueling chants as they circle. They tie up and go around, but Ember gets the headlock. Bayley powers out but Ember runs her over with a shoulder. Ember runs but things speed up and Bayley hip tosses. Ember lands on her feet to arm-drag but Bayley comse back with a shoulder. Bayley smiles but Ember kips up, so Bayley runs her over again. Ember rolls away and fans fire up as Bayley throws up Too Sweets. Finn returns them and fans start singing “Hey~ we want some Bayley~!” Bayley encourages it, but Strowman tags in. Finn enters as “Get These Hands!” takes over.

Finn kicks Strowman’s leg, then dodges the hands. Strowman still grabs Finn and puts him in a corner. Finn slips out then kicks back, but Strowman comes running back in. Finn dodges and Ember rushes in. Bayley enters and Finn gives her a boost for the headscissors! Ember and Bayley go out, then Finn gets moving. He hits Strowman with all his weight but Strowman simply staggers. Finn tries again but runs into a hand! Strowman clubs him down with the other hand! Strowman drags Finn up for a neck wrench! Finn endures while Strowman says “Nobody gets out of these hands!” Fans rally up while we see The Fabulous Truth warming up to face “Ric Flair.” Carmella has to correct Truth, again.

But back in the ring, Strowman shifts to a chinlock and pulls on Finn’s head. Bayley rallies the fans for Finn and Finn gets up. Strowman shoves Finn and runs him over with one arm! Cover with just a foot, ONE! Strowman stalks Finn, then taunts Bayley that she’d love to save him. He kicks Finn then whips him corner to corner hard! Strowman roars while Finn crawls on the mat. Strowman toys with Finn but fans rally up. Finn fights back but it’s not enough, as Strowman headbutts him and then grinds a boot into the corner. Strowman drags Finn up and scoops him. Finn slips out, but can’t get the leg takedown. Strowman lifts and Finn slips out again. Finn reaches for Bayley but Strowman holds him back. Finn is fingertips away from Bayley, but Strowman whips him to the Monster Eclipse corner.

Strowman runs in but into boots, and Finn runs out. Strowman catches Finn again to power him into an open corner! Finn crumples while Strowman sneers. Bayley and fans rally, Indy wants some Bayley. Strowman runs in but Finn dodges, hot tag to Bayley! Ember comes in but it’s Bayley who rallies with lariats. Bayley puts Ember on the outside for the hotshot! Ember gets up and dodges Bayley but Bayley goes up and over. Ember catches Bayley and gives a shout out to Strowman, for a gutbuster! Bayely gets to a corner while Ember howls. Ember hits a big back elbow, but then Bayley follows up with a big knee! Bayley runs but Ember dodges, springboard crossbody! Cover, TWO! Ember glares while Strowman argues with the ref.

Ember drags Bayley up but Bayley ear claps her. Bayley runs to rock Ember with another knee! Cover, TWO! Bayley throws forearms, so Ember responds. Ember then counters to kick, kick and enziguri! Ember hurries to a corner but Bayley knows what this means and yanks her right off. Bayley blocks the kick and spins Ember into the Bayley2Belly! Cover, but Strowman yanks Ember out from under! Strowman tags in while Bayley protests. Finn returns but is still pretty sore. But he dodges Strowman to send him into the post! Strowman staggers while Finn climbs up. Finn leaps to double stomp Strowman on the back! Strowman goes down, and Finn hurries to go back up! Fans fire up, but Strowman narrowly avoids Coup de Grace! Bayley wipes Ember out with a flying crossbody! MONSTER SLAM for Finn! Cover, Monster Eclipse wins!

Winners: Strowman & Moon, Braun Strowman pinning

The Monster and his War Goddess are on a roll! They’re the first 2-0 team in this entire tournament, will they be the team to go all the way?


Natalya speaks on needing a replacement partner.

The Queen of Harts is confident she’ll be ready for #CountryDominance, though she’ll need a new pair of paws to tag to. But who?

Country Dominance responds to this news.

Lio Rush knows that “My man,” Bobby Lashley, and Mickie of the Hour, are on their way back to dominate. Mickie knows Natty will need more than two paws to beat them. As for Kevin, their man, Lashley beat him down and out. It doesn’t matter who is in, because this team will win. Will Natty’s new partner big someone that can spoil the win streak of Mickie-Bobby? Or will that new partner simply feel the #VeteranImpact?


AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair VS R-Truth & Carmella!

The FABULOUS Truth may be a bit out of sync because of Truth’s general confusion, but they’re still in great shape to take on the battered and bruised #FenomenalFlair. Is this the beginning of a FABULOUS comeback? Or will even a wounded Queen and tired Phenomenal One still be able to come out on top?

Naturally, Charlotte is careful with that bad arm, but Truth & Carmella tease Styles for forgetting to help with the ropes. Truth and Carmella asks Indy, “What’s up?!” but then Charlotte counters with “WOO~!” “What’s up?!” “WOO~!” And repeat. The fans were going along with both, so they move on to the match. The men start and Truth makes a point to help Carmella through the ropes. Truth and Styles circle and tie up, and Truth gets a headlock. He’s very proud of that, but Styles powers out. Things speed up but Truth holds ropes to stop himself. Truth fakes out Styles’ jump, but Styles says he almost tricked Truth.

Truth decides to break it down with a dance break, and Styles shows he’s got some ol’ running man moves! Now it’s on, as Truth does the Floss. Styles pops and locks, so Truth hits the Shoot. Time for a real dance break as the ladies tag in. Carmella does a fabulous floss, Carmella just struts like the Nature Boy. Charlotte does her best to twerk, and then she brings in the cabbage patch. Carmella splits, Truth jumps and splits over her. Charlotte shows her splits and a shimmy, but now it’s on Styles. Can Styles split? He jumps, but no. It just hurts. Well he has kids. Carmella throws Styles with a headscissors! But then covers up when Charlotte shows chop. It’s a stand off as fans “WOO~!” Charlotte backs off, that arm can’t chop anyway. But she still does!

The Flair chops knock Carmella off her feet, and Charlotte dares her to come back for more. Carmella tentatively enters but then runs when Charlotte gives chase. They go around the ring, and around again, and then again. Fans are liking this Indianapolis 5. Carmella gets in the ring but then Charlotte finally catches her. Charlotte wants the Figure Four but Carmella pushes her away. Carmella wants a time out but there’s no such thing, Charlotte baseball slides her down! Charlotte puts Carmella in and gets her in a big back suplex. She goes for the legs again but Carmella pushes her away. Charlotte turns around to jackknife, TWO as Carmella puts on the Code of Silence!

Carmella squeezes but Charlotte endures. Charlotte powers up and lifts Carmella, but Carmella victory rolls. TWO, double clotheslines take them out! Jimmy & Naomi are watching and commenting, confident they can win against Fabulous Truth. Carmella and Charlotte crawl for their corners, and get the hot tags! Styles rallies on Truth and hits a big corner clothesline. He fireman’s carry to Ushigoroshi! Cover, but Carmella breaks it. Styles scolds Carmella but then Charlotte chases her off again. Truth pops up to kick low and run, for the Scissor Kick! Cover, but Charlotte drags him off! The favor was returned, but then Carmella gives a FABULOUS Kick to Charlotte! Styles is up, but he hits Truth. He wants the Clash, but Truth back drops. Carmella helps Truth resist the sunset flip, but then Charlotte comes to trip Carmella! The cover, Fenomenal Flair wins!

Winners: Styles & Flair, AJ Styles pinning

They may not be at 100%, but the champion and Queen are still victorious! They’re the first 2-0 team for SmackDown, will they make it all the way to WWE TLC? And will the Fabulous Truth ever get on the board?




Joe’s Lucha Libre Weekly: News & Analysis



Joe Lucha Libre Report
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As the year winds down, we see all of our favorite companies setting up for 2019. Joe will give us a nice snapshot of where some of our favorite Luchadors are headed, down the home stretch of 2018.


Arena Mexico Last Friday

Volador Jr and Ultimo Guerrero wrestled in the main event in a rare singles match with nothing on the line. It was a really good match that saw Volador winning. That’s interesting and since he pinned the heavyweight champion, I wonder if that’s a program that look for. Volador doesn’t seem to be any less over since losing his hair so why not keep booking him strong? When he grows his hair back fully it could help a younger talent get over again. He’s clearly talented enough to stay over. Atlantis, El Valiente, and Diamante Azul took on Rush, El Terrible, and La Bestia del Ring. This was a DQ finish which saw the former winning. It’s typical for a Los Ingobernables match. There wasn’t much else important on the show. It wasn’t a huge show and only drew 6,000 fans. Looks like they’re back to the pre LA Park numbers.

Arena Puebla Monday

The main event of this show was Volador against El Terrible. He challenged him on a previous show to a singles match because he’s tired of the way Los Ingobernables acts during their matches. He won the match in a match that wasn’t very good and featured a lot of posturing. The third fall was okay but it was really slow moving. Caristico, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja faced Cavernario, Hechicero, and Rey Bucanero. This was a really fun match. Caristico, Oro, and Roja have good chemistry together. They ended up winning the match in three falls.

Arena Mexico Tuesday

Atlantis, Diamante Azul, and Stuka faced Cavernario, El Terrible, and Euforia in the main event. It was an okay match. Atlantis was moving decently in this match. The former won the match when Atlantis got Cavernario in a torture rack. The co main event featured, Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr, and Black Panther facing off against Mephisto, Luciferno, and Rey Bucanero. This also wasn’t a bad match. Blue Panther can still go at a reasonably high rate for a man who is almost 60. He did two middle rope dives. But the latter team won with an elaborate submission, as Mexico is known for.

Arena Mexico Friday Preview

The main event for this show is Caristico, Volador Jr, and El Valiente vs Ultimo Guerrero, Sanson, and Cuatrero. An interesting pairing for the latter team. Also interesting to know that Rush will be on MLW live on Friday interest of being in Mexico.  The co main event is Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and Flyer vs Shocker, El Terrible, and Rey Bucanero. Sounds like a fun match up. There is a lightning match between Soberano Jr and Forastero. That should also be a fun match.


AAA had a show. Yeah, that had a show. Moose returned to AAA which is cool, I like Moose. Dr. Wagner, Psycho Clown, and Pagano faced Moose, Blue Demon Jr, and Rey Escorpion in the main event. It was a brawl like match where Pagano unceremoniously pinned Moose in the main event. The OGTs faced Porde de Norte in the co main event in which was a fun match. Aerostar faces Monster Clown in a strap match and he won. It was somewhat brutal but not as crazy as I’ve seen in AAA. It was pretty much a nothing show.

They have a show on Christmas. Branded as the AAA vs Elite. Elite being a dead brand they resurrected just for storyline reasons. I’m not watching that live probably because I’m not an animal. Psycho Clown, La Parka, and Pagano will face Electro Shock, Taurus, and Rey Escorpion in the main event. The co main event sees Averno, Chessman, and Super Fly face Australian Suicide, Golden Magic, and Jack Evans. Hijo Del Vikingo, Luchador Sorpersa, and Halcon 78 Jr face Emperador Azteca, Samoano, and Tonga. Faby Apache and Lady Shani face Lady Maravilla and Keyra. Chicano, Vanilla, and Villano III Jr face Chica Tormenta, Demus, and Toxin. Then there’s a minis match.

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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Results: Power Struggle 2018 Part 3!



NJPW Power Struggle 2018

NJPW Power Struggle concludes with Chris Jericho defending his IWGP Intercontinental Championship against the King of Darkness, Los Ingobernables’ EVIL!


This coverage of Power Struggle will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

Gifs can be found at



  • Jay White & Bad Luck Fale w/ Gedo VS Kazuchika Okada & Trent Barreta; Okada & Barreta win.
  • The Golden Lovers VS Hiroshi Tanahashi & David Finlay; The Golden Lovers win.
  • IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho VS Evil; Jericho wins and retains the IWGP Intercontinental Championship.


NJPW and AXS set the scene!

Y2J took the IWGP Intercontinental Championship from Tetsuya Naito after a brutal attack, and then continued that brutality after the match! The King of Darkness rescued the leader of Los Ingobernables de Japon, and now looks to take the title from Chris Jericho. Jericho didn’t appreciate Evil interfering in his business, and attacked Evil at the King of Pro-Wrestling event. Jericho vows to finish this, with the title on the line! Will the Walls of Jericho crumble when Darkness Falls? Or is the Greatest of All Time at What He Does going to prove just that to conclude Power Struggle 2018?


Jay White & Bad Luck Fale w/ Gedo VS Kazuchika Okada & Trent Barreta!

The Switchblade attempted a mutiny of Chaos but failed to overthrow the Rainmaker, so he joined up with the Bullet Club Firing Squad instead. Now Okada and Chaos want payback, and look for it in this tag team match. Will Okada make White and Gedo pay for their betrayal? Or will he and Trent #BreathewiththeSwitchblade?

Before the bell rings, Okada rushes White! White bails out but Okada pursues with a slingshot plancha! Trent goes after Fale while Okada whips White into railing. The bell rings just so this match can happen. Fans move aside as Okada brings White past the railing. Okada bowls White into chairs then rocks him with European Uppercuts. Okada brings White back to ringside and throws White into the apron’s edge. Trent keeps the Underboss on the ropes in the ring with chops and haymakers. White hits Okada at the corner! White throws Okada into railing now! Fale throws Trent out while White returns the favor, bowling Okada through chairs! Fans are again around the action as White clubs Okada.

White brings Okada back around and whips, but Okada reverses to send White back into railing! Okada boots White up and White ends up across both blue and white railing. Okada drags him out, draping DDT to the floor! Trent keeps on Fale with a wrecking ball dropkick and Fale staggers. Fans fire up and Trent builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit takes Fale down! Trent comes back but Fale brings him up in a bearhug. Fale rams Trent into a post, then runs him over with a clothesline! Okada grinds a boot into White and a 20 count finally begins. The count reaches 7 but Fale puts Trent in the ring. Fale throws big hands and close-range clotheslines. He whips Trent corner to corner hard and Trent tumbles up and then back down. Fale squashes him in the corner! And the splash! Cover, TWO!!

Trent survives and fans fire up. Okada glares at Gedo, who begs for some mercy. Fale choke slams Trent and Okada goes to save Trent but Gedo anchors his feet! Fale brings Trent up but Trent slips through to a sunset flip! Trent & Okada win!!

Winners: Kazuchika Okada & Trent Barreta, Trent pinning

But Fale won’t let Trent enjoy it, as he stomps him out! White clobbers Okada and throws him into barriers. White keeps going but Okada hits back. They brawl but the Young Lions try to separate them. The Young Lions get knocked around and the brawl continues. White keeps on Okada but Okada hits him back! They both go into chairs, but Gedo gets involved. Gedo gets knocked away but White clobbers Okada again. Gedo wants White to retreat, but White goes right at Okada again! Okada almost gets White with a gut wrench but Gedo gets White away. Okada blasts his way through the Young Lions to again brawl with White! Gedo separates White once more and things finally settle down.

White gets a mic and dares Okada to a 1v1 match any time, anywhere, no one else around. Okada replies, “Let’s do this right now!” But White doesn’t accept that, and takes his anger out on Young Lions. When will White man up to face Okada like he says?


The Golden Lovers VS Hiroshi Tanahashi & David Finlay!

The Best Bout Machine and The Once in a Century Talent compete for THE IWGP Heavyweight Championship, as Hiroshi Tanahashi has the challenging rights contract he won in the G1 Climax. But before their Wrestle Kingdom 13 showdown, we get a sampler as they join forces with friends for a tag team battle! Will Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi hit two birds with one stone by proving they are a top level tag team while Omega proves he’s better than Tanahashi? Or will The Ace and the #BlockChampion gain major momentum going into the biggest NJPW event?

The teams meet and Tanahashi mocks the Cleaner’s finger gun. Tanahashi and Omega start arguing, then they start fighting! The bell rings and the brawl continues. Tanahashi hist, Omega hits, and back again. Tanahashi gets an edge and whips but Omega holds the ropes. Omega boots Tanahashi but misses the V-Trigger. Tanahashi swings but Omega dodges, and back again. The two stare down but the fans fire up. Omega and Tanahashi cool off, and Omega tags to Ibushi. Tanahashi tags to Finlay, and fans rally for both of them. Ibushi and Finlay circle and tie up. Finlay gets a waistlock but Ibushi gets the standing switch. Finlay reverses to a wristlock bu Ibushi reverses back. Ibushi wrenches but Finlay reverses, shifts to a headlock, but Ibushi reverses to a hammerlock and headlock. Finlay powers out and things speed up, Finlay dropkicks Ibushi down!

Ibushi checks his teeth while Finlay brings him up. Omega manages a tag as Finlay whips Ibushi. Things speed up as both Lovers hurdle Finlay. Ibushi roundhouses Finlay, and Omega hits the Kotaro Krusher bulldog! Omega covers, TWO! Omega brings Finlay up and bumps him off the buckles, then tags to Ibushi. Ibushi stomps Finlay, then throws forearms. Ibushi eggs Finlay on so Finlay gives forearms back, but Ibushi’s one forearm knocks Finlay over. Tag to Omega, and Omega mugs Finlay. Omega whips Finlay and runs him over with a back elbow. He stands Finlay up in an open corner for haymakers and CHOPS! Omega whips Finlay corner to corner hard and Finlay hits the mat. cover, but Tanahahsi breaks it. So Omega throws Tanahashi out and follows after! Omega whips Tanahashi into railing!

Omega returns to Finlay but Finlay hits back. They brawl, forearms for EuroUppers. Finlay runs but into the kitchen sink knee. Omega spots Tanahashi returning and slingshots out to take him down! Omega gets up and assures Ibushi he’s got this. But he enters and collides with Finlay! Tanahashi returns to his corner, Finlay gives him the tag! Tanahashi rallies on the Lovers, blocks Omega’s boot, and hits a dragon screw! Fans fire up with Tanahashi as he stalks Omega, Tanahashi runs but Omega dodges to fireman’s carry. “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton but a little slow to the corner. Omeag’s moonsault misses and Tanahashi dropkicks the leg out. Tanahsahi runs into a CHOP, but he palm strikes back! V-Trigger outta nowhere! Omega then ducks to snap dragon suplex!

Omega fires up and drags Tananashi into the Electric Chair. Tanahashi spins through to the Twist ‘n’ Shout! Fans rally up while both men are down. Ibushi and Finlay return to their corners, and reach out as Omega and Tanahashi crawl. Hot tags bring them both in, but both men dodges each other. Ibushi fires off a strike fest, then a Penalty Kick to standing corkscrew! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Ibushi as he drags Finlay up. Finlay resists and fights out with elbows. Finlay forearms but Ibushi hits back. They brawl, fighting Irish spirit against Japanese bushido. Finlay staggers but EuroUppers. Ibushi forearms and they go back and forth. Ibushi kicks, then runs, but into a BIG urenage! Cover, TWO!! Finlay keeps his focus as he vows to finish this. He aims from a corner, but his cutter is blocked int a straitjacket German! Bridge, TWO!

Ibushi has both hands, but misses Kamigoye! Tanahashi Slingblades Ibushi, but gets Omega’s V-Trigger! Omega scoops Finlay up, and Ibushi comes in, Golden Indietaker! But they’re not done with Finlay, they sit him up for the Golden Trigger, only for Tanahashi to crossbody them both! Tanahashi runs again, but into V-trigger and roundhouse combo! Ibushi drags Finlay back in, Golden Trigger hits!! Cover, Golden Lovers win!

Winners: The Golden Lovers, Kota Ibushi pinning 

Victory for the Cleaner and Golden Star! Omega taunts Tanahashi with both his belt and Tanahashi’s briefcase. Tick tock, Wrestle Kingdom is coming. Will Omega prove he can trump The Ace? Or will The Once in a Century Talent take the title for his own once more?


IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho VS Evil!

The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla has done what he wants when he wants since coming to NJPW, and that doubly goes for the two members of Los Ingobernables de Japon he’s gone after. Y2J left Tetsuya Naito bloody, and ambushed Evil as one of his acolytes. Will The King of Darkness make him pay for such disrespect? Or will Jericho simply add Evil to the List of wrestlers he’s defeated?

Jericho seems to mock LIJ as he takes his time with his wardrobe. He pulls off one mask to reveal he has another. Evil doesn’t wait for him to take that mask off, he attacks! The bell rings to get this match going, and Evil throws forearm after forearm into Jericho. Evil rakes Jericho’s eyes then whips him corner to corner. Jericho’s boot is blocked and Evil clotheslines back. Evil whips Jericho again, but Jericho bails out fast. Jericho wants to walk away already but Evil pursues him. Evil attacks Jericho and bowls him into chairs! Fans get clear as Evil clubs away. Jericho hits back and they brawl in the front row. Evil chops Jericho then follows him back to ringside. Evil bumps Jericho into a post, then suplexes him to the floor!

Jericho writhes but Evil looms over him. Evil has media clear out while he searches under the ring. Evil brings out a table! He sets it up nearby while Jericho leans on railing. Evil goes back to Jericho but the brawl continues. Evil throws Jericho into the apron, then brings him over to the table. Red Shoes tells Evil not to do it, but Evil still wants to use the table. Evil lifts but Jericho resists. Jericho back drops Evil to the ground! Jericho comes back to stomp Evil, then whips Evil into railing! Fans rally while Jericho confiscates a camera. Jericho films himself stomping Evil, then gives the camera back. Jericho uses his shirt to choke Evil, then dumps Evil over railing!

Red Shoes reprimands Jericho but Jericho goes to the commentary area. Jericho clears things out and slams Evil on the desk. Then he drags Evil onto that desk, and gives Evil a DDT to the desk! “Everything is Jericho!” while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns, and Jericho gloats over Evil. Jericho swats Young Lions and gets in Red Shoes’ face before going back to Evil. Jericho tosses Evil back over the railing then tosses the desk at more Young Lions! He takes the NJPW banner and blows his nose in it! Fans boo and jeer as Jericho tosses the banner away. Jericho talks trash to commentary before dropping double ax handles on Evil. He puts Evil in the ring and climbs up top. Evil stands and Jericho brings him down with a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Jericho stomps Evil out, then mocks the fans chanting for Evil. Jericho toys with Evil as he brings him up for chops. Evil staggers to a corner and Jericho gives him more chops, and forearms. Evil chops back but Jericho dropkicks him! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally for Evil but Jericho toys with him more. Jericho slaps Evil around but that angers Evil. Evil kicks and chops and haymakers back! Evil rakes eyes but runs into a SUPERKICK! Jericho hits the Lionsault! Cover, TWO! Evil survives again, but Jericho keeps his cool. Jericho drags Evil back up, scoops and slams him, then flexes his muscles. He stomps Evil in the face and kicks him in the back. Jericho goes to a corner and climbs while fans rally. Evil stops Jericho up top and gives him a chop. Evil climbs to join Jericho, but Jericho resists. They fight up there, and Jericho headbutts Evil down. Jericho adjusts as Evil stands, for a flying back elbow! Cover, TWO! Jericho stays calm while fans rally. Jericho flips the fans off then goes back to Evil. He still toys with Evil, so Evil hits back with chops!

Jericho kicks and scoops Evil, but Evil slips out. Evil blocks Jericho’s kick and hands it to Red Shoes, and kicks Jericho in the thigh! Evil throws punches and clotheslines Jericho out! Fans rally as Evil fetches Jericho. Evil brings Jericho up to club him, then whips him. Jericho reverses but Evil reverses back, Jericho collides with railing! Evil fires up and searches under the ring. Evil finds chairs! And he uses one on Jericho’s ribs! Evil puts it around Jericho’s head, and throws him at the post!! Jericho staggers, chair still around his head, and Evil SMACKS it off with another chair! Fans fire up for the ferocity, but Evil isn’t done with Jericho. Evil stalks Jericho and puts him back in the ring. Evil runs corner to corner for the corner clothesline! Then hits a fisherman suplex! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally and Evil brings Jericho up. Evil throws Jericho into buckles then stomps in a mudhole. Red Shoes counts and Evil backs off at 4. Evil runs back at Jericho, but the dropkick is blocked! Jericho wants the Walls but Evil resists. Evil throws Jericho off but Jericho dumps him out! Jericho hits the triangle jump dropkick! Evil hands on, so Jericho builds speed, only to run into a shoulder. Evil’s table is nearby, so Evil lines up a shot. He drags Jericho up, but Jericho resists the suplex. Evil keeps trying, but only manages to bring Jericho to the apron. Jericho breaks free of the facelock but gets a headbutt for it. Evil tries a new way, and leaps for an urenage through the table!! Both men crash and burn through the wood, and we go to break!

NJPW on AXS returns to find both men are still down. Red Shoes brings a 20 count, but neither man stirs until about 10. Evil sits up first at 13, followed by Jericho. They head for the ring and enter at 16. Evil climbs up top, aims and leaps, and the SUPER Back Senton manages to graze Jericho! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and Evil grows frustrated, but fans rally up. Evil drags Jericho up and wants a fireman’s carry but Jericho fights. Jericho rolls Evil up and gets the Walls of Jericho! Evil endures this iconic stretch and crawls for ropes, but Jericho pulls back while talking trash. Fans rally and Evil feeds off it to crawl further. Evil gives one last gasp, and gets the ropebreak!

Jericho lets go, thinking he won, but he didn’t. Jericho argues with Red Shoes, then shove shim down. Evil clobbers Jericho with a clothesline! Cover, TWO!! Evil lines up another shot, but Jericho elbows to counter. Jericho springboards but the Lionsault misses! Evil rolls through to fireman’s carry Jericho, Darkness Falls!! Cover, TWO!? Jericho barely survives and Evil can’t believe it! Fans rally again, and Evil prepares his shot. Evil slashes Jericho’s throat, drags him up, but Jericho victory rolls through! TWO, Jericho dodges but the Code Breaker is blocked. Double clotheslines bring both men down! Fans rally yet again and both men slowly stir.

Jericho CHOPS Evil, but Evil responds with a CHOP of his own. Jericho throws forearms but Evil responds. Now Jericho rakes the eyes then runs, but Evil follows, only to get a Code Breaker! Cover, TWO!! Evil barely survives and Jericho can’t believe it. Jericho slaps Evil as he tells him to stay down. Jericho rains down rights and bounces Evil’s face off the mat. “Everything is Jericho!” as he climbs up top. Evil stands again, and catches the ax handles. Jericho gets out of the STO but Evil blocks the clothesline. Evil hits his STO! Cover, TWO!! Jericho still lives and Evil is stunned! Evil prepares again, runs, and clotheslines Jericho again! Evil wants another but Jericho pushes him at Red Shoes! Jericho’s kick is blocked, Evil fireman’s carry, DARKNESS– Huricanrana! Roll through, to Walls of Jericho!!

Evil is stuck in the middle of the ring, but he crawls for ropes. Jericho sits deep, but Evil keeps trying. Evil gets close, but Jericho brings him away! Jericho gets an angle on the hold, Evil taps! Jericho wins!!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by submission; still IWGP Intercontinental Champion

The first defense is successful, and Jericho smiles an evil smile. But as always, he attacks afterward! He puts Evil back in the Walls of Jericho, even as the bell rings and Red Shoes shouts. But here comes Naito! Naito makes another save and he tees off on Jericho! Jericho bails out fast, taking the title with him. Naito invites Jericho to return but Jericho doesn’t. Jericho holds his hands and belt up high, but Naito gets a mic. “Chris Jericho, your next opponent… Is me.” Los Ingobernables de Japon’s Testuya Naito, “against self-proclaimed worldwide superstar, Chris Jericho. I’m gonna bury you, cabron.” The Ungovernable Charisma wants to make Jericho pay, will we see that happen at Wrestle Kingdom?


Backstage Interviews

Chris Jericho says his match with Evil was an instant classic. That’s the first classic that Evil has ever had, but #257 for Jericho. Jericho has classic after classic after classic. He’s the GOAT for a reason. For those who don’t get that, perhaps the Japanese audience, it stands for Greatest of All Time. And it’s not a tagline, it’s not a catchphrase, it’st he truth. Find someone in the history of this world who has more Intercontinental Championship reigns that Y2J, he dares you! But you can’t! And not just because they pretend to not speak English. They won’t because “the foreigner won”. Jericho is undefeated in NJPW against Japanese, and he’ll stay that way.

Evil’s great, that was a great match, best in a long time for Jericho, but Jericho won like he said he would, and now Evil is famous thanks to him. Naito is famous thanks to Jericho, too. If Naito wants to be famous again, he should find someone else. Jericho says no more rematches for Naito ever. However, Jericho isn’t the match maker. Will NJPW management deem Naito worthy of another shot? Will Naito make the best of that opportunity and take the title back? Or will NJPW never, ever, EVER, be the same again?



My Thoughts:

What a great conclusion for the Power Struggle event. I’m surprised we got three matches, but two of them were surprisingly quick. The chaos in the minor Chaos VS Firing Squad match was great, it was like two separate singles matches rather than a tag team match. Chaos gets the rather meaningless win, and clearly White’s halfhearted “anywhere, any time” challenge implies Wrestle Kingdom will see Okada VS White as a blow-off. Now what would really make this match mean more is if there is a stipulation relating to who controls Chaos. If White wins, he and Gedo run Chaos as an extension of the Firing Squad so that their numbers grow. Of course, many of the Chaos members probably won’t go for it, and they would help Okada win in that scenario. But I’m sure Okada wins, stipulation or not.

The Golden Lovers VS Tanahashi & Finlay was great for being under 10 minutes. They barely slowed down once things got going, and while Omega and Tanahashi aren’t involved in the finish, it establishes Omega has an edge going into Wrestle Kingdom’s title match. There is a lot going on for The Elite as we go into 2019, with any number of things being reason for why Omega himself might be staying or going. I’d imagine the results of this IWGP Heavyweight Championship match is a major indicator of what is happening for Omega and by extension, The Elite. Then the IWGP Intercontinental Championship main event was really great. Jericho’s NJPW attitude has really kept him fresh, and he definitely meant it when Evil gave him a great match. Jericho VS Naito rematch is coming, and that could go either way by my estimation.

My Score: 8.6/10

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