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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Report! (10/22/18)



WWE Raw Cover image

The biggest men of Raw are now at odds! Will Drew McIntyre regret kicking Braun Strowman off his feet? Or will the Monster Among Men #GetTheseHands instead?



  • Finn Balor VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush; Finn wins.
  • Sasha Banks w/ Bayley & Natalya VS Ruby Riott w/ The Riott Squad; Riott wins.
  • Apollo Crews VS Elias; Elias wins.
  • Fatal 4 Way: Nia Jax VS Dana Brooke VS Tamina VS Ember Moon; Ember wins.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler VS Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins; Ambrose & Rollins win and become the new Raw Tag Team Champions.


Roman Reigns heads to the ring!

The WWE Universal Champion is dressed casually, but he looks anything but relaxed. The Shield is still tense, and Crown Jewel is on its way, so there’s any number of reason Roman would be feeling stressed. He enters the ring and takes the mic as Providence both cheers and jeers The Big Dog. Roman takes a moment to hear the fans before he speaks. “I feel like I owe everybody an apology.” For months up to year, Roman has spoken as Roman about being here every week, being a fighting champion and being a workhorse, “but that’s all lies.” The reality is, he’s actually Joe Anoa’i, and he’s been living with leukemia for the last 11 years. Leukemia has returned, and he can’t be the fighting champion he promised to be. He must relinquish his title.

Joe will take whatever they send his way but he’s not saying this for pity. He has faith. At age 22, he was diagnosed with Leukemia, and he quickly put it in remission, but that was the hardest part of his life. Joe had no money, no home and a baby on the way. Football gave up on him, but the WWE took him in. And then when he made it here on the main roster, he was put front and center, and “y’all have made my dreams come true.” Cheers, boos, the fans always reacted to him, and that’s what is important. He will always be thankful for that. Fans actually chant “Thank you, Roman!” It almost brings Roman/Joe to tears.

Roman/Joe thanks the fans back but says the fans know how this works. Life isn’t fair. Right now, the best thing he can do is go home and focus on family and health. But he makes this clear: he’s not retiring. After whooping leukemia’s ass a second time, he’s coming home. And when he does, it won’t be about titles, it will be about a purpose. He’ll come back to show us all, as well as his family from his children to his wife, that when life throws a curve ball, Roman will stand in the batter’s box, choke up and swing for the fences! He vows to be back “very, very soon.” Roman thanks the fans once more, “I love you. Believe that.”

With a heavy heart, Roman drops the mic and gives up the belt. Providence gives him a standing ovation and another “Thank You, Roman!” The Shield brothers, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, come out to hug their best friend. And together, they give a very heartfelt and emotional Shield fist bump. We wish Roman Reigns/Joe Anoa’i well in this truly serious fight.


Finn Balor VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush!

The Extraordinary Man has been on a roll as of late, but the Rocky Mountain Machine’s Hype Man of the Hour just won’t let him enjoy it. Lio has touted the greatness of Lashley ever since becoming his manager, but that doesn’t mean anything until you get in the ring. Will Finn show up big bad Bobby? Or will he be run over by the Heavyweight who’s back to Dominate?

Lio chants “Lashley! Lashley!” as Bobby walks out on stage. The two walk down to the ring together, then Lio chants Lashley’s name more. The bell rings and Finn has the fans on his side. Lashley kicks Finn low then brings him up to club him back down. Lio says Finn doesn’t know who he’s messing with. Lashley scoop slams Finn fast and hard, covers, ONE. Lashley keeps on Finn with a nerve hold. Finn endures but gets out, only for Lashley to push him to the ropes. Lashley runs, but into Finn’s dropkick! Lashley rolls out, but Finn builds speed. Lio sees it and gets in the way! So Finn goes after Lio! They go around, but Lashley ambushes Finn from around the corner! Lashley is in control as we go to break.

Raw returns and Finn endures both Lashley’s nerve grip and Lio chanting for Lashley. Fans rally for Finn and Finn powers his way up. Finn gets up but Lashley knees low and puts him in the corner. Lashley punches Finn down, then soaks in the heat. Finn steadies himself while Lashley flexes. Lio talks Lashley up as Lashley knocks Finn down again. Lashley continues to flex and Lio continues to hype him up. Lashley stalks Finn, then drags him up for the Canadian rack. Finn fights out and body drops Lashley. Lashley sunset flips but Finn rolls through to dropkick! Both men stagger up, and lashley runs into Finn’s boots,. Finn rallies with forearms but they only stagger Lashley. Finn wants the takedown but Lashley pulls him off it. He tries again and gets Lashley down for double stomps!

Fans fire up as Finn aims at Lashley, for the running chop! Lashley grabs Finn and puts him in the corner. Lashley runs into more boots, but still catches Finn’s crossbody! Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO! Finn barely survives but he still gets away. Lashley drags Finn back up and suplexes, but Finn gets out again. Finn hits the Slingblade! Finn hurries up top, but has to leap over Lashley. He turns around into a big lariat! Lashley drags Finn up as Lio chants for him again. Canadian rack but Finn slips out and rolls Lashley up, Finn wins!!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

The Extraordinary Man gets the better of both Big Man and Hype Man to get the victory! Lashley is steaming and Lio is shocked, but can Finn continue to be #TooSweet against them?


Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre talk backstage.

The Show-Off appreciates what the Scottish Stud did at the end of Raw last week, but now they’ve got Braun Strowman hunting them. McIntyre says he simply saw the writing on the wall, and that Strowman was going to go after them both. It was kill or be killed. These two need to focus on tonight’s tag title match, but even after that, they’ve set the example. Ziggler can cement his legacy to become the Best in the World in the World Cup. McIntyre says Strowman needed them more than they needed him. McIntyre isn’t afraid. And Ziggler won’t have to worry about a thing. But then where’s he going? “Monster hunting.”


Sasha Banks w/ Bayley & Natalya VS Ruby Riott w/ The Riott Squad!

The Boss has the Huggable One and the Queen of Harts by her side, just as she will at WWE Evolution. These three will face the full Squad this Sunday, but can Sasha stop the Riott tonight? Or will Ruby be rolling into the inaugural All Women’s PPV to help her Squad take over?

Raw returns and the Squad make their entrance. We see the Squad share their dreams. Liv and Sarah dream of causing pain and suffering. Ruby vows to make their opponents’ dreams become nightmares. #WeWinWeRiott! The bell rings, and this match begins.

Ruby and Sasha circle but The Squad creeps close. Sasha gets away to her side before tying up with Ruby. They go back and forth and Ruby puts Sasha on the ropes. They break but then go again. Sasha gets the waistlock but Ruby gets the headlock. Sasha powers out but Ruby runs her over. Ruby taunts Bayley but Sasha gets a wristlock. Ruby stomps Sasha’s feet and gets a headlock. Sasha powers out and things speed up, Sasha runs Ruby over. She drop toeholds Ruby down to then add meteora! Cover, TWO! Ruby hurries to her side, then sucker punches Sasha down. Ruby throws Sasha down by her hair, then covers. TWO, but Ruby keeps her cool while pie facing Sasha. Sasha hits back with body shots but Ruby clubs her to ropes.

Ruby chokes Sasha on the ropes, but stops at 4. Fans rally up and Sasha chops Ruby back. Sasha goes acrobatic to arm-drag Ruby, then runs into a corner. Ruby back elbows her but Sasha denies Nightshade! Sasha knees Ruby out, but the Squad saves Ruby from the dive. Both trios argue, but Sasha hits Ruby and puts her in the ring. Sasha climbs up but Ruby mule kicks her down! The Squad Leader has control while we go to break.

Raw returns again, and Ruby stomps Sasha out in front of Bayley and Natty. Liv and Sarah like what they see, but then Sasha throws forearms! Sasha runs, but into an STO! Cover, TWO! Ruby grows frustrated, but she keeps on Sasha by wrapping on a cravat. Sasha endures the neck wrench, and fans rally up behind Natty and Bayley. Sasha feeds off the energy but Ruby brings her back down. Ruby adds more pressure, but fans continue to rally. Sasha gets up again and fights out. Sasha arm-drags Ruby, then boots Ruby as she runs back in. Ruby tries again but Sasha puts her into buckles. Sasha sees Ruby coming back and gets her with a back slide. Ruby rolls through but gets a knee! Sasha rallies now, and dropkicks Ruby to a corner. Sasha fires up and runs in, for meteora! She climbs up, another meteora!

The Squad freaks out as Sasha gets Ruby with the backstabber! Bank Statement Crossface is on, but Ruby blocks the hands. Bayley intercepts Sarah Logan and they scrap. Liv jumps on and they throw Bayley down, but then Natty run sin. Liv wipes Natty out but Sasha backs them both off. Sasha decks each of them, but returns into Ruby booting her to buckles! Then, Riott Kick! Cover, Ruby wins!

Winner: Ruby Riott, by pinfall

Chaos and teamwork are one and the same for Ruby’s team. They roll on towards Evolution, but will the continue the Riott when it’s 3v3?


From the bowels of the arena, The Brothers of Destruction speak.

“Respect? Triple H and Shawn Michaels want to lecture us on respect?” The respect Undertaker and Kane had for DX died from DX’s own dishonesty. This reunion is built on a bed of lies. Michaels claims he stayed away out of respect, but deep down in his soul, what killed him in the shadows was nothing more than fear. The fear that HBK would feel helpless all over again. Fear that he’d be humiliated again. And fear that Taker would put HBK so far down, he’d never be able to return.

Crown Jewel will see the Brothers of Destruction reunite to face DX for the first time ever! And it will be where all of HBK’s fears come true. DX had three words for Taker and Kane: “Are you ready?” Their answer: “Rest… In… Peace…!”


Nia Jax speaks.

“At WWE Evolution, the world will see that women can do anything.” It’s about drive and determination. Nia vows to win the Evolution Battle Royal to become #1 contender again. Will the Irresistible Force clear the field of both past, present and future stars of WWE Women’s Wrestling?


Degeneration X is here!

Triple H and Shawn Michaels are just under two weeks away from their first tag team encounter with The Brothers of Destruction! Undertaker and Kane accepted their challenge and issued an ultimatum, now DX will respond in kind!

“Lot of big words being thrown around lately.” Namely, “fear”. Fear is what kept HHH in the boardroom or that kept HBK in retirement. HHH has news for Taker, “it’s going to take a lot more to instill fear in us than taking your lunch hour, grabbing a GoPro, walking down the stairs of Knoxville City Hall, stepping into the boiler room, throwing on your mask, and making some kind of idle threat.” HBK hates to break it to you, but neither of them is running for mayor. There’s another word being thrown around: nostalgia. HBK hoped that meant “new merch” but no. Nostalgia is sentimentality. They realized, nostalgia is just a polite way of saying “old.” But then again, nostalgia wise, there’s a movie out now, Halloween. And then 70K people were packed into the MCG to see “nostalgia”. Maybe “old” is the polite way of saying “better”?

Now DX has been running this for 22 years. Their X means DX is better! Today, it might be the past, but there’s another X that says “they’re better”, that speaks to the future, and the future is now. Guess what, they run that X, too! Fans know they’re talking about “NXT! NXT!” The thing is, if they bring the old X to Crown Jewel, it won’t be for nostalgia. It will be to “kick, your, ass!” And if you’re not down with that– Wait, the lights are flickering… And the bell tolls! The Undertaker and Kane speak from a cemetery now.

“Pride goes before destruction.” “And arrogance precedes a fall.” DX’s reunion will be their annihilation. Bring your dreams and aspirations to Crown Jewel, they’ll bring depravity and despair. HHH should’ve stayed away, and HBK should’ve stayed retired. You can’t outrun the Reaper, and you won’t survive The Brothers of Destruction. Tombstones are prepared for HHH & HBK, because this first match between them will be DX’s last match against anyone. Their bodies will be put here, but their blacked souls will be owned by them. They will be tormented by failure in the deepest pits of Hell. “And you will never rest… in… peace…!!” The Brothers of Destruction give one more ultimatum, will they bring it to fruition?


The Vacated Universal Championship match is official!

Though Roman Reigns is out, Brock Lesnar still gets his contractual rematch clause, and Braun Strowman still gets the second shot he earned. Will it be the Beast or the Monster that takes that belt for their own?


Dana Brooke speaks.

“WWE Evolution means changes here. It means opportunity and it means making history.” Dana’s been overlooked, but she vows to get all eyes on her.


Paul Heyman is here!

The Advocate introduces himself, but not in his usual way, because his thoughts and prayers go out with the “champion of a man you know as Roman Reigns.” Heyman is humbled to have been among the locker room and in the presence of “such courage and such greatness.” He will go home tonight and explain this to his children, and hopes they’ll understand that what we all love about this show, this company and this industry is that what we saw tonight was sacrifice. What Roman did was sacrificed his career aspirations because he couldn’t fulfill the obligations of being a champion. To everyone who walks through the locker room, the title deserves the best anyone has to offer. The WWE Universe, the fans, those who take pride in watching, have the right to point to the champion and say “That is everything this show has to offer.”

Until just before this show began, Raw had the right to brag that the Universal Champion was the best. But now what? Roman doesn’t want the show to stop just because he can’t defend it, “the show must go on.” And so it does. Crown Jewel, Brock Lesnar VS Braun Strowman, only one will stand up and say “I’m the one that carries on the legacy that Roman Reigns brought to this ring.” And as far as Heyman is concerned, that ain’t Strowman. There’s only one being worthy of the title, of being our champion, of walking into the Octagon saying “I am the best WWE has to offer!” And that man is BROCK, LESNAR! Braun can walk around all he wants saying he’s a Monster, Lesnar doesn’t just say he’s a beast, he IS a beast, and Strowman isn’t in Lesnar’s league! Not in his category, stratosphere, nor species!

But here comes Braun!! The Monster has a mic and he glares right at Heyman as he stands on stage. Fans chant “Get These Hands!” as Strowman says the only words Heyman should say is that Strowman is gonna beat Lesnar’s ass all over Crown Jewel! Then he’ll bring the Universal Championship back to Raw. And not when he wants, but every single Monday! Strowman’s had his differences with Roman, but when Roman beats leukemia, Strowman promises to give him his shot. But for now, Lesnar will #GetTheseHands! But Strowman gets a CLAYMORE from McIntyre! The Monster Hunter hit his prey, because he wants first crack at a champion monster. Will he regret getting a shot in this close to Crown Jewel?


Dolph Ziggler finds Drew McIntyre backstage.

The Show-Off is pumped up and proud, no one has done that to Strowman at all. Charly Caruso comes over and admits that while impressive, isn’t McIntyre worried about the consequences? No. That’s the problem with superstars. They’re always worried. McIntyre isn’t a child scared of monsters. What he just did, that was the swift kick of reality. Strowman knows the truth now. And now, let’s focus on what actually matters: the Raw Tag Team Championships. McIntyre & Ziggler head out, but will they really be able to hold onto gold while an angry Monster is around?


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter is in Providence, plays his guitar, and says that him being here means they are blessed. He asks as always, “Who Wants to Walk With Elias?” Providence sounds up for it, but Elias says they’re not ready. He speaks on Apollo Crews interrupting, and he has a song about it. So please silence phones– Apollo interrupts again!

Apollo Crews VS Elias!

The incredible athlete wants his time to shine, but the Drifter won’t let him do it at his expense. Who will have the spotlight on them after tonight?

The bell rings and they tie up. Apollo gets the headlock and takedown, but Elias gets up. Elias works to power out, but then Apollo runs him over. Things speed up and Apollo shows off his agility, then dropkicks Elias down. Apollo gets another headlock takeover, but Elias gets right back up. Elias powers out again, but Apollo holds ropes. Apollo sends Elias out to then slingshot. Elias moves and goes after the feet but gets a kick and an asai moonsault! Crews has control while we go to break.

Raw returns and Elias grinds Apollo in a headlock on the mat. Apollo endures while fans duel. He gets up but Elias brings Apollo back down. Apollo powers his way back up and arm-drags Elias, but Elias holds on! Elias keeps the squeeze on Apollo, and uses legs for leverage. Apollo still gets up, pries his way out and arm-drags Elias again. He dodges Elias in the corner, then throws forearms. Elias blocks the boot but gets the enziguri! Apollo mule kicks and runs to boot, then whips Elias into a leaping lariat! Apollo kips up and fires up, for the standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! Apollo keeps his cool and fans rally up. Both Apollo and Elias slowly stand, but Apollo lifts Elias! Elias slips out and whips Apollo but Apollo counters into a Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO!

Apollo grows frustrated, but keeps going. He lifts Elias but Elias grabs ropes. Elias dumps Apollo out but Apollo comes back in, for a big knee lift! Then, Drift Away! Cover, Elias wins!

Winner: Elias, by pinfall

The Drifter gets back at Apollo for the interruptions, and continues on his roll. Will Elias find himself headed for a title opportunity? Will Apollo be able to find that breakthrough victory he needs for his own title aspirations?


Kurt Angle speaks.

“I’ve faced some of the greatest WWE superstars of all time.” That’s all in the past, but Angle has an itch to scratch. He was one of the best, but now he’s in a tournament to prove he’s still the best. It won’t be easy, there are some big names. There’s Seth Rollins, who loves to #BurnItDown, Jeff Hardy who is #Immune2Fear, The Miz who is an A-Lister that talks and talks but also wins and wins, the ultimate underdog Rey Mysterio who Angle is no stranger to, The Show-Off Dolph Ziggler who is is himself very motivated to validate his career, The Viper Randy Orton who is even more dangerous than before, and of course, JOHN CENA! Angle knows first hand Cena has #RuthlessAgression, but Cena’s built a great career since then.

This is both a great challenge and a great opportunity for the Olympic Gold Medalist. Angle may not be the same man 15 years ago, but he believes he’ll be the Best in the World. “Oh it’s true, it’s damn true.” Who will emerge from this amazing field of eight to win the inaugural WWE World Cup?


Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias, again.

The Drifter feels so good after winning, he’s giving us another shot. He has a song for us, but wait, now Baron Corbin is interrupting! The Constable apologizes, but as acting GM, he has to keep the show rolling. There’s still stuff to come like the Raw Women’s Championship contract signing. There’s no time for Elias. He talked to Stephanie McMahon– Elias knows Stephanie, he knows she’d want to hear his performance. Maybe, but Corbin is her acting GM, so this is far more important. And stop looking at him like that. If Stephanie didn’t like Elias, Corbin would fire Elias. Now get off the stage. Providence says “No! No!” but Elias snaps back. He was writing a new song while Corbin was sucking all the fun out of the building.

Elias sings, “I~I~ can see the fear in your eyes, you come out here spreading lies. The Lone Wolf was rising fast, but now you’re Stephanie’s puppet with her hand up your–” Corbin stops the mics for Elias’ singing and guitar. And then he orders Elias off the stage. Elias nods and stands up, and walks backstage. Corbin smugly grins and continues speaking. Fans cheer, because Elias is back, and he SMASHES the guitar on Corbin! Fans have never loved Elias more! Did The Drifter just write his own pink slip? Or will Corbin have other consequences for Elias in mind?


Michael Cole presides over the Raw Women’s Championship contract signing.

He introduces the challenger, the longest reigning Diva’s Champion, Nikki Bella. Of course, Nikki has Brie with her as she walks to the ring. Nikki shows off her strikes as if to say she can do what Ronda does. Cole then introduces the champion, the Baddest Woman on the Planet, Ronda Rousey! Providence is much more excited to see Ronda, and Ronda even gives away replica gloves to young girls in the front row.

Ronda hits the ring and the Bellas immediately bail out just in case. Nikki and Brie know Ronda’s here to fight, but they’re just here to sign a contract. And the last place they’d give the match away for free is in Providence. Ronda promises she’s not here to fight tonight. She wants Nikki to sign the contract so that Ronda can beat Nikki down on Sunday. Because unlike the Bellas, her word is her bond. Plus, if these two could hurt Ronda, Ronda’s mom would be ashamed of her. The Bellas enter the ring tentatively, and are surprised that Ronda kept her word. Her word is her bond, and there’s no physical danger, because the one and only Ronda gave them her word.

But speaking of Mama Rousey, Nikki remembers Ronda promised her mom she’d win the Olympics, and the world championships, and that she’d never get hurt to retire undefeated. Then, did Ronda give her mom her word? Her mom is already ashamed of her. And imagine what her mom will think when a Diva beats her for that title. Nikki and Brie smugly smile as Ronda doesn’t fight back. Nikki signs the contract, and SLAPS Ronda! Clearly they’re pushing Ronda to see if she’ll keep her word about keeping her word. Ronda just smiles and signs her part of the contract. The match is now official, and Ronda promises that on Sunday, “I will end you. I give you my word.” Ronda’s easy switch from smile to death glare is more than enough to scare The Bellas. Will the Bellas regret ever toying with the Baddest Woman on the Planet?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose.

The Shield brothers are still shaken up from earlier tonight. Can they put into words their emotions? “There are no words to describe the ride that the three of us have been on together the last six years.” Nor are there the words for the ups, downs, highs, lows and everything else. They don’t really know what to do or say, but they know they just have to do what they always do: win. Rollins agrees, there are no words, but there are plenty of emotions. Those emotions will be focused into beating Ziggler & McIntyre to become the new Raw Tag Team Champions, for Roman! “Believe that.” Hearts are on fire, will Rollins & Ambrose #BurnItDown later tonight?


Fatal 4 Way: Nia Jax VS Dana Brooke VS Tamina VS Ember Moon!

Raw returns as the Irresistible Force, the former statistician, the Daughter of Super Fly and the Prophecy of Flame look to grab one last bit of momentum before the WWE Evolution #1 Contender’s Battle Royal! Ember knows that WWE Evolution means writing their own legacies, fighting for their futures, and striving to Eclipse the norm. The stars will align for her, the Shenom, to risk it all and win it all. But how will she fair in a fight that’s first fall to a finish?

The bell rings, and all four women slowly approach. Nia hits Dana and Ember hits Tamina. Nia tosses Dana and Ember powers Tamina to a corner, but Nia goes after Ember. She throws Ember aside so that she can go against Tamina again. But then Dana and Ember dropkick each of them. The smaller women are pushed around by the bigger, and the battle lines are drawn. But then Dana rolls Ember, TWO! Ember and Dana start fighting, but Tamina brings Dana around. Dana hits her, but then Nia scoop slams Dana. Nia runs Tamina and Ember over, then rolls all over Dana with the senton!

Tamina goes after Nia but Nia gives her shoulders. Nia shrieks but misses in a corner, and Tamina fires off! Tamian whips but Nia blocks. Nia whips Tamina to a corner, to hit a big corner splash. Then the fireman’s carry, but Tamina slips out to SUPERKICK! ECLIPSE from Ember! Ember covers, Ember wins!

Winner: Ember Moon, by pinfall

The Moon sees all and takes advantage of the chaos. However, it’ll be even more chaotic with dozens more opponents and the over-the-top stipulation. Can Ember Eclipse everyone? Or will someone else rise up to bring the Moon crashing down?


Titus O’Neil speaks for Susan G. Komen.

We are six days away from making history with WWE Evolution, so in honor of that, the WWE look to make history by defeating something else. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so WWE joins Susan G. Komen in that fight. Breast cancer has taken many victims, and Titus’ own grandmother was not so fortunate to survive. However, WWE and Raw honor six survivors from Providence, who not only survived but beat breast cancer! Titus proudly introduces each champion in this fight, who inspire everyone around the world. First is a woman who is four months pregnant, Claire DiCenzo! Next to her is Lindsey McGloughlin, followed by Susan Lane, the newlywed Monique Costa, Patrice Shelton, and Cheryl Cuddy. The WWE invites you to join the fight, because #BreastCancerisUnacceptable! Give it up for the six survivors!


Backstage interview with Trish Stratus & Lita.

This pair of Hall of Fame women’s’ champions go against Alexa Bliss & Mickie James 2v2. How do they feel about how they’re being taken so lightly? Well, you’d hope superstars would be past this. But the more jokes Alexa & Mickie say, the better for them. Trish & Lita always take each other to the limit, and have proven they bring out the best in each other. Evolution will be no different. But then Alicia Fox comes over. Alicia vows her friends make history by making the HoF team history and packing them home. But this is just a distraction as Mickie comes out and attacks Lita & Trish from behind! Mickie & Alicia beat the two legends down, but referees break up the fight.

Mickie tells Charly “That is how we do it around here these days!” But then Trish & Lita come back for more! Lita tosses Alicia then helps Trish whip Mickie! “That’s who we do it in the Atittude Era!” “See you Sunday!”


Raw Tag Team Championships: Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler VS Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins!

The Shield look to honor their best friend with this victory here, can they once again become champions together? Or will the Show-Off and the Stud keep hold of their gold on the road to Crown Jewel?

Raw returns as Ziggler & McIntyre make their entrance. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we begin with Ambrose and McIntyre. McIntyre kicks low and clubs Ambrose to then scoop. Ambrose slips out and tags Rollins, but McIntyre kicks both. McIntyre runs but into double kicks. They throw McIntyre down, then intercept Ziggler. The Shield double suplex Ziggler, then clothesline each man out! Rollins and Ambrose have control while we go to break.

Raw returns as Ambrose fights against Ziggler’s chinlock. He knees low then runs, and catches Ziggler’s jump into a flapjack hotshot! Fans rally, hot tag to Rollins! The Architect rallies on Ziggler, chops McIntyre, then hops up to jump over Ziggler. Things speed up and Rollins DIVES on McIntyre! Then he stops Ziggler to catapult him out! Fans fire up with Rollins as he again DIVES! Rollins gets both champions at the same time! He puts Ziggler in and climbs up top. McIntyre throws him down! Ziggler runs for the Famouser! Cover, TWO! Ziggler slowly gets up and drags Rollins over. Tag to McIntyre, who stomps Rollins out. McIntyre taunts Ambrose then kicks Rollins back down. Tag to Ziggler and Ziggler gets his stomps in. Ziggler taunts Ambrose, then goes back to rake Rollins’ face into a chinlock.

Fans rally as Rollins endures. Rollins powers his way up and fights back with elbows. Ziggler hops on for a sleeper hold, and Rollins fades under Ziggler’s weight being a backpack. But Rollins gets a second wind and makes his way to his corner. Ziggler rakes Rollins’ face but Rollins counters with a back suplex! Both men are down but heading for their corners. Tag to McIntyre, and he reels Rollins in. Rollins slips out but gets chops. He gives an enziguri and McIntyre goes down! Rollins heads for his corner, dodges Ziggler first, but McIntyre whips. Rollins SUPERKICKS McIntyre out of the ring! Ambrose is ready as Rollins crawls over, but Ziggler trips him up! Ambrose chases Ziggler but runs into McIntyre!

McIntyre gets back in the ring but gets a mule kick. Rollins runs but McIntyre elbows him, into the inverted Alabama Slam! Cover, TWO! McIntyre is furious but the champions are back in control while we take one last break.

Raw returns once again, and Ambrose has McIntyre on the top rope. He climbs up to join McIntyre, but McIntyre resists the superplex. McIntyre shoves Ambrose away but Ambrose ducks under the clothesline. Rollins tags in as Ambrose runs and gives McIntyre a neckbreaker! Rollins climbs up and hits the frog splash! Ambrose DIVES onto Ziggler! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre survives, he and Ziggler are still champions! Fans know “This is Awesome!” Rollins climbs up but McIntyre gets him from behind. McIntyre climbs up but Rollins resists. Rollins trips McIntyre up and gets him in the Tree of Woe, but McIntyre sits up to SUPER German Suplex Rollins! But Ambrose dropkicks in. Ziggler drags Ambrose out to throw him into barriers. Ziggler climbs up now, but Rollins leaps up to SUPERPLEX, roll through to Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO!!

Both men are down but stirring as Providence chant “Burn It Down!” Rollins stomps along, and Ziggler stands up. Mule kick, but Ziggler dodges the stomp. Ziggler wants but is denied Famouser, so he goes for a sunset flip. Rollins rolls through and deadlifts, to bomb Ziggler at McIntyre. McIntyre catches Ziggler, but almost gets Dirty Deeds. He shoves Ambrose to hit Claymore! Rollins throws McIntyre out but Ziggler puts Rollins into a post. ZIGZAG! Cover, TWO!? Rollins survives and Ziggler is furious! Fans chant “YES! YES!” because they love this entire thing! Ziggler gets up and McIntyre returns. Ziggler drags Rollins up, McIntyre runs, but Ambrose trips him up. Then BRAUN comes out! McIntyre throws Ambrose aside and Rollins rolls Ziggler! TWO, Rollins goes at Ziggler but gets the ref! Then double clotheslines take Rollins and Ziggler out!

Strowman continues to storm his way down the ramp and to ringside. McIntyre locks eyes with the Monster, and fans are ready to see this clash. Strowman rushes in and fights with McIntyre. He clotheslines McIntyre out and then rocks him with clubbing hands all the way to the crowd! The brawl is heavy hitting, and Strowman throws McIntyre into chairs! Then he throws him into more chairs and more barriers. They make their way to the far side, and there’s nothing McIntyre can do to stop the onslaught! They run backstage, leaving Ziggler all alone! Ziggler realizes this, so he decides to take the belts as weapons. Ambrose stops that, and then mule kick to CURB STOMP!! Cover, Ambrose tosses in the referee, The Shield win!!

Winners: Ambrose & Rollins, Seth Rollins pinning; NEW Raw Tag Team Champions

They did it! Ambrose & Rollins win the titles back, and best of all, it was dedicated to their partner, their friend, their brother, Roman Reigns. But then Ambrose gives Rollins Dirty Deeds?! The Lunatic Fringe, emotionally torn as he is, still attacks Rollins?! Ambrose’s anguish is clear as day on his face, as is Rollins’ confusion. And Ambrose goes back for more!! Providence is just as distraught, but Ambrose won’t stop. He wants Rollins to “say it again”, but Rollins has no idea what he means. Ambrose dumps Rollins out of the ring, then mutters to himself. He stalks Rollins, to then throw him into the timekeeper’s area! Ambrose stomps Rollins, and says “Watch your damn mouth!” Ambrose tosses Rollins his share of the belts, before pulling up the floor padding!!

Rollins slowly stands up, Ambrose goes after him! Ambrose brings Rollins over and says “You asked for this!” He gives Rollins Dirty Deeds to concrete! Ambrose throws his Shield shirt down while fans boo and jeer the Lunatic Traitor. Ambrose leaves Rollins for dead, and it would seem that without Roman to pick up the pieces, The Shield is dead, too. What was it Rollins said that set this in motion? Or was Ambrose always this unstable?



My Thoughts:

This was a roller coaster night of true emotional ups and downs. I had just recently heard of the talk that Roman Reigns was missing house shows and the assumption was an injury. No one could’ve guessed it was something as serious as leukemia. I’m pretty sure I speak for all of us here at The Chairshot that we wish him a speedy recovery, just as he plans on.

But then, for both better and worse, the rest of tonight was about “the show must go on.” Finn VS Lashley was pretty good, that’s obviously the plan for those two as we move forward, but I still would love to see Finn VS Lio Rush at least once during this time. As I had guessed, we’re getting Six Woman Tag of Riott Squad VS Natty & Boss-Hug Connection at Evolution. The battle royal keeps getting more and more big names for it, but I’m hoping the winner is Asuka, with Ember Moon as next choice. Asuka needs something to turn her back towards the SmackDown Women’s Championship, so this would be a big help to that. Then Evolution can have Joshi Strong Style represented with Asuka, Io Shirai as Mae Young Classic winner and Kairi Sane as NXT Women’s Champion.

I think Elias just turned Face tonight as he smacks Baron Corbin, and that’s great. Elias has recently reached that point with the fans, despite that Seattle Sonics burn, and this is the right time for him to be a Face. Paul Heyman gives us a promo that is both heartfelt and worked shoot, as was Strowman’s. McIntyre getting a shot in on Strowman was great for their story, too. It doesn’t really matter who is Face or who is Heel in that story, it’s still going to be great to see Strowman get the title at Crown Jewel to then have a program with McIntyre. The Raw Tag Team title match was incredible, and Providence was definitely feeling the motivation of “This one’s for Roman!” which only added to the excitement. It was great that The Shield wins, that was probably the right move for all the good feels.

But then comes the confusing and almost controversial part, where Ambrose still turns on Rollins. I thought they scrapped the idea because The Pack split up to give us McIntyre VS Strowman. Then I thought there was no way they could bring the story out because of the real circumstances around Roman. But it seems Vince McMahon only cares so much, and still gave the order for Ambrose to turn on Rollins. The timing is awful because it brings the mood down. Sure it gives Ambrose immense heat as a Heel now, but they could’ve and perhaps should’ve waited until after Crown Jewel, after something else happens for their duo to “trigger” Ambrose, and then you still get Heel Ambrose VS Face Rollins. Doing it here just seems like Vince being stubborn about what he wants to happen.

My Score: 8/10

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