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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report (10/3/18)



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The Top One Percent accused The Leviathan of taking out Aleister Black before NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, and paid for it! Will EC3 even survive past tonight?



  • Candice LeRae VS Lacey Evans; Evans wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Forgotten Sons VS Torry Kirsh, Cesar Rise & Vinny Mixon; The Forgotten Sons win.
  • Johnny Gargano VS Tony Nese; Gargano wins.
  • EC3 VS Lars Sullivan; Sullivan wins.


Nikki Cross lurks in the bowels of Full Sail.

“Games are fun. Games are fun! Especially games you can play with other people.” Nikki knows she had “fun” last time with Bianca Belair. So much fun. Nikki hopes to do it again and again. But she hopes Bianca isn’t too afraid, since they didn’t “behave” last time. “Speaking of bad behavior…” Nikki knows. She knows! She knows who attacked Aleister, but will she share her secret?


Candice LeRae VS Lacey Evans!

Mrs. Wrestling didn’t appreciate the Lady of NXT making a move on Mr. Wrestling amidst the uncertainty in both his and her careers. Will the Model Soldier end up on Ms. LeRae’s Wild Ride? Or will she use her Woman’s Right to derail Candice?

The bell rings and the two stare down. Lacey boops Candice’s nose so Candice slaps that hand away. Lacey shoves but Candice shoves back. They tie up and go to the mat. Lacey has control but then Candice gets up and arm-drags her down. They get back up and Lacey puts Candice in the corner. She grinds forearms in Candice’s face as she breaks the hold. Candice comes back with a chop! Candice bumps Lacey off buckles, then off more buckles. She keeps going, but Lacey tosses her to the apron. Candice returns with the step-in springboard facebuster! Cover, TWO! Lacey powers Candice back to a corner, but then Candice boots her away. Candice goes out and up, but Lacey ducks under the leap. Lacey runs Candice over with a big shoulder!

Candice is reeling while Lacey is seething. Lacey stalks Candice, then puts her in a corner for buckle bumps and a mudhole stomp. Lacey backs off, but comes back with the swinging bronco buster! Cover, TWO! Lacey dabs the sweat off herself with her handkerchief. She throws it at Candice but Candice shoves back. Lacey puts Candice in a corner to then wrap the arm around the ropes! The ref counts, but Lacey stops at 3 to throw Candice with headscissors. Lacey holds on with the headscissors to squeeze Candice’s head, while getting in some push-ups! Candice pops out but Lacey is on her again, bouncing Candice’s face off the mat. Lacey pulls her and puts on a chinlock, but fans rally up for Candice. Candice stands but is thrown down again. Lacey kicks Candice, covers, TWO!

Lacey puts on a half nelson with the cobra clutch, then pulls on Candice’s hair behind her back! The ref doesn’t see it, but fans do. Fans rally up for Candice, but Lacey grinds Candice down. Lacey uses her chin, too, but the referee reprimands her for hair pulling. Fans rally again and Candice powers up to arm-drag Lacey off. Both women stagger, but Lacey runs into a kick. Candice puts Lacey on the apron but Lacey sweeps the legs! The slingshot elbow misses! Both women are down but Lacey stands first. Candice follows as fans build to a rally. Enziguri! Lacey crawls while Candice runs in. Candice fires off forearms and lariats! She blocks a kick to give a kick, then gives a shotgun dropkick on top!

Candice runs at Lacey in the corner for the back elbow and snapmare. Candice climbs up, and flies for a flying complete shot! Cover, TWO!! Mrs. Wrestling was so close but not close enough against the former Marine. Candice has Lacey in double chicken wings, but Lacey denies the Unprettier. Lacey throws Candice down by her hair again, then rests in the corner. Lacey says Candice is a loser, “just like your husband!” Them’s fighting words! Candice fires off furious forearms and haymakers from all sides! The referee counts and Candice backs down, only to come back for more! She gets stomps in, too! The referee warns her, this could disqualify her. Candice backs off, but then walks right into the Woman’s Right!! Cover, Lacey wins!!

Winner: Lacey Evans, by pinfall

Emotions cost Candice like they did Johnny Gargano, and Lacey makes good on it. The Lady of NXT climbs up the ladder, will she find herself reaching the NXT Women’s Championship past Evolution?


NXT looks ahead to the coming North American Championship Triple Threat!

Adam Cole was the inaugural but Ricochet is the current. But that doesn’t mean the WWE United Kingdom Champion doesn’t want his part in the new title’s history. The NXT NAC represents the Era of NXT we are in: Cole’s Era. This match represents more than just the title, it represents “where we’re going. This represents NXT’s future.” The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne himself is the second-ever WWE UKC, and quite literally owns that division. But he wants to be on top of the world, so this is the next step. However, the One and Only current NAC says he will be the one to go around the world to defend this title against anyone and everyone to build the legacy of both belt and man. Cole wants to make something very clear: the NAC legacy starts and ends with him.

Dunne knows that’s what Cole thinks, but his legacy as UKC is something that’s real. Ricochet respects Dunne because they’re both true fighting champions. Dunne has proven he can build something from the ground up. Ricochet says the NAC’s legacy is in good hands. Cole says the only reason anyone cares is because he got this started. Ricochet says the belt was just a prop for Cole, but Cole promises to bring the most important title back to the most important man. Ricochet isn’t worried about the triple threat, he’s excited. Dunne is, too, because three talented individuals are going to raise the prestige. Cole vows to restart the legacy, Ricochet vows to make it mean more “than anyone thinks it ever could”, and Dunne vows to become the champion of two continents. Will we see a One and Only Champion, a dual champion, or a two-time champion, “baybay”?


Tommaso Ciampa speaks.

The NXT Champion says that “When you’re at the top, they will always try to chop you down.” They’ll talk, speculate, and even lie, “all to try and steal that spotlight for themselves.” Perhaps it’s just to cover up their own tracks and hide their own guilt. Ciampa says Velveteen’s Dream is fitting, because he’s living in a dreamworld where Ciampa is the one who attacked Aleister Black. But they both know exactly what Aleister “experienced.” Ciampa advises Dream to “be careful.” Keep your thoughts to yourself, and stay out of the champ’s spotlight. Because Ciampa ended the fairy tale and exposed the mystique. So Velveteen better be careful, or he’ll turn the Dream into a Nightmare. The Psycho Killer’s ultimatum has been sent, but will Dream heed his warning?


Six Man Tag: The Forgotten Sons VS Torry Kirsh, Cesar Rise & Vinny Mixon!

Steve Cutler, Wesley Blake & Jaxson Ryker have come to #DoUntoOthers and never be forgotten again. Will they soon make Kirsh, Rise & Mixon be the ones easily forgotten?

Cutler wears a special face mask because of his broken nose, but the former Marine won’t let that keep him out of action. Ryker starts for his team, and he bulldozes through Rise! He throws Rise to the other corner, so Vinny tags in. Vinny runs into a huge urenage! Ryker toys with Vinny, then tags Cutler in. Cutler tags Blake while Ryker puts Vinny in a Tree of Woe. Cutler hits a hesitation dropkick, then Ryker helps Blake with a hip toss senton! Vinny is vulnerable as Blake looms over him. Blake goes after the arm with a thrashing armlock, then drags Vinny over to the Forgotten corner. Blake blocks Vinny from getting to the ropes, the grinds his forearm on his face! He stops at 4 to then throw Vinny into a corner. Blake grinds his forearm in more then stops at 4.

Blake runs in but Vinny dodges to hot tag in Kirsh! Kirsh clotheslines Blake but Blake stays standing. Kirsh tries again but gets clobbered by Blake! Blake tags Cutler, and Cutler hops up. Ryker tags while Blake drags Kirsh up in a dragon sleeper, for Cutler to drop double stomps onto the inverted DDT! They both bumrush Vinny & Rise, then come back as Ryker enters. Together, Cutler & Blake feed Kirsh to Ryker, for the slingshot powerbomb! Cover, Forgotten Sons win!

Winners: The Forgotten Sons, Ryker pinning

This trio of expendables are undefeated both apart and together, and they’re only just getting started. Will they find themselves dominating multiple divisions soon enough?


Shayna Baszler prepares for WWE Evolution.

The Queen of Spades has a rematch with the Pirate Princess for the NXT Women’s Championship. This will be their fourth time facing 1v1, so Shayna reflects on their first time, back in the inaugural Mae Young Classic finals. It’s hard to really share her opinions of Kairi Sane because both have changed so much, that even their mentalities aren’t the same. Shayna does admit she has gotten too comfortable. Fight camp is far more grueling than anything the “girls” at NXT do. Shayna is going back to basics with her friends, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. She’s building back up. The world has evolved, Women’s Wrestling has evolved, so Shayna will also evolve.


Backstage interview with Tony Nese.

The Premier Athlete is normally on WWE 205 Live, but what brings him to NXT? NXT has the top competition today, doesn’t it? Everyone sees Nese prove himself on 205 Live, so he’s going to takeover Full Sail. He has eight reasons why he will, but will those eight be enough to defeat Johnny Wrestling?


Backstage interview with “Ms. Belair.”

The Un-De-Fea-Ted EST wants to be addressed with the respect she deserves. But Nikki Cross wants her rematch against Bianca, so what is her response? Bianca isn’t here to play, and she doesn’t care what “scraggly” Nikki wants. Bianca is still un-de-fea-ted, and that’s not gonna change. Nikki had her chance, but she ain’t got no sense. Bianca will not just beat Nikki, but she’ll embarrass her. And stay Un-de-fea-ted! Will she stay undefeated after having another go with the Loony Lass?


Johnny Gargano VS Tony Nese!

Johnny Wrestling may have had his shortcomings and mistakes as of late, but he’s moving past his obsession with Tommaso Ciampa one match at a time. Will he make progress with that against the Premier Athlete? Or will the Abs of 205 Live start making moves in NXT?

The bell rings and fans duel between “Johnny Wrestling!” and “Johnny Failure!” Gargano ties up with Nese but Nese gets the wristlock. Gargano rolls and handsprings to reverse back. Nese get a headlock but Gargano powers out, only for Nese to run him over. Things speed up and Nese catches Gargano. Gargano slips out and shoves, to then follow and headscissor Nese! Nese bails out but Gargano runs, only to get run over by an elbow! Nese kicks Gargano in the corner and stomp a mudhole. Fans continue to duel as Nese chops Gargano sharply. Nese whips Gargano corner to corner but Gargano goes up and over. Gargano rolls, Nese goes up and over, but then Gargano goes up to school boy kick Nese!

Nese staggers and Gargano clotheslines him against the ropes! Nese bails out but Gargano builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit from one southpaw to another! Fans fire up and Gargano smiles. Gargano feels a bit more like himself now, and he puts Nese up against barriers for a chop. He puts Nese back in the ring and “Johnny Freakin’ Wrestling” climbs up top! Nese stops him with a swipe at the legs, and Gargano is stuck up top. Nese knees Gargano up to the fireman’s carry, then drops him for the gutbuster. Cover, TWO! Nese stomps away on Gargano, covers, TWO! Nese puts on a rear bearhug then slams Gargano down to the mat. Roll to a cover, TWO! Nese puts Gargano in a body scissors and squeezes. Fans rally up as Gargano endures, but Nese brings an arm over to chop Gargano on the chest!

Nese squeezes again and even toys with Gargano, but that only angers Gargano. Gargano pries at the feet, breaks the grip, and makes it a cover. TWO and Nese has the squeeze back on. Fans rally as Gargano works around to start throwing forearms. Nese pushes him away but then goes back to the bearhug. Gargano fights out but Nese shoves and sweeps! Nese then hops up, triangle moonsault! Gargano evades but Nese lands on his feet, so Gargano hits the slingshot DDT! Fans cheer and duel while Gargano gets himself up. Nese crawls away but walks into haymakers. Gargano rallies with forearms, then enziguris Nese to a corner. Gargano runs in but Nese puts him on the apron. Nese runs, but into the slingshot spear! Cover, TWO! Gargano keeps his cool while Nese survives.

Gargano puts Nese in a corner to stomp a mudhole of his own. He backs off at 4, but then Nese puts Gargano in the corner. Gargano comes back with forearms, Nese shoves to give Gargano a forearm! Nese handsprings to dodge the forearm, tot he kick, knee, and kick. Gargano jumps the sweep to buzzsaw! Then mule kick, but Nese rolls up to deadlift! Sunset flip counter, TWO! Gargano runs, tilt-o-whirls to a takedown! GargaNO Escape, but a roll over! TWO and another lift, buckle bomb!! The referee checks on Gargano while fans declare “This is Awesome!” Both men are down but stirring. Gargano makes sure his arms are still good while he rolls out of the ring. Nese stands and slingshots, but goes to the apron when Gargano dodges. Gargano swings and Nese cartwheels over him, but he turns around into a forearm!

Gargano puts Nese back in, then slingshots again, but Nese blocks the DDT! Nese tosses Gargano back out! And then FLIES! Direct hit, then Nese puts Gargano back in quick. Nese climbs up, 450 splash!! Cover, TWO!! Gargano survives and it shocks the Premier Athlete! Fans love it, though, as they chant “NXT! NXT!” Nese drags himself up, gritting his teeth. He drags Gargano to a corner and positions him. He scrapes his shoe on Gargano’s face, then runs side to side. Gargano dodges the knee to give an enziguri! Gargano runs but Nese reels him in, German Suplex to buckles! Kneepad down, but SUPERKICK!! Gargano runs for a BIG clothesline! Fans fire up for Gargano as he grits his teeth and puts on the GargaNo Escape! Nese taps, Gargano wins!

Winner: Johnny Gargano, by submission

Johnny Failure no more, Gargano’s back on track! He borrows a fan’s sign and holds it up high with pride. Is Johnny Freakin’ Wrestling going to find his way back to the NXT Championship?


NXT takes a look at the One-Two Combination of Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch!

The brawler from Boston and the brawler from Britain went toe to toe, head to head and punch for punch in a short series of singles matches and found out they were both tough as nails. They decided that instead of fighting against each other, they should fight alongside each other. Their combined 25 years of experience and their humble beginnings help them click as a duo. Lorcan & Burch didn’t mind that Chicago wasn’t on their side at first, but were proud of themselves that the crowd was on their side by the end. They were #1 contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championships once, they’ll surely be contenders again. When and where will these “two average blokes” strike again? Who will be the tag team champions when that day comes?


EC3 VS Lars Sullivan!

The Top One Percent hasn’t quite had #VictoryAfterVictoryAfterVictory, but he definitely didn’t do himself any favors when he pointed fingers in the Aleister Black assault investigation. The Leviathan already loves to dismantle his opponents, but how much of EC3 will be left when Lars Sullivan gets through with him?

EC3 skips the pageantry of his entrance to go right at Sullivan! He ducks the big hands to throw hands of his own! EC3 boots Sullivan out of the ring and fans fire up, but Sullivan returns. The bell rings and EC3 kicks Sullivan out again. EC3 goes out to pursue but Sullivan grabs him around the throat. EC3 breaks free to shove Sullivan into steel steps! But Sullivan is up quick to grab him again! EC3 pushes Sullivan into steel again, but Sullivan still comes back for more. Another shove and finally Sullivan falls! The referee checks on both men but EC3 is up first. Fans fire up as EC3 gets back in the ring. Sullivan clutches his back but EC3 is on him again. Sullivan knees low and puts EC3 in the ring.

The Mile High Monster climbs back in, bleeding from cuts on his back, but EC3 is on Sullivan with haymakers! EC3 chops Sullivan then tries to scoop but Sullivan fights out. Sullivan shoves EC3 to a corner, but misses and hits post! The ring shakes with the impact, then shakes as EC3 scoop slams Sullivan! EC3 gets the fans to say his name as he drops the elbow. Cover, ONE! EC3 goes after Sullivan with a facelock. Sullivan powers EC3 to a corner and into the buckles, then stands him up for big shoulders. Sullivan backs off at 4 to then toss EC3 across the way! EC3 gets to the corner but Sullivan runs in for the big corner splash! Sullivan backs up to run back in, but gets a back elbow. EC3 hops up and leaps for the missile dropkick! Then the STO-DDT! Cover, TWO!

Sullivan grits his teeth while EC3 brings him up by his beard. EC3 hooks Sullivan’s face then clubs that bloody back. EC3 runs and boots Sullivan’s face, but then Sullivan clobbers EC3 with a clothesline! Sullivan roars as he grabs EC3 for the atomic toss! But he’s not done with EC3, he drags him up for those vicious crossface forearms! EC3 is dazed while Sullivan covers, ONE!? EC3 surprises Sullivan with his resilience, but Sullivan makes him pay with a neck wrench. Fans build to a rally as EC3 endures. EC3 powers his way up, but Sullivan knees low. Sullivan lifts EC3 but EC3 slips out. EC3 gets a waistlock but Sullivan fights out with elbows. EC3 tries again, and gets a GIANT German Suplex! He adds a corner splash, then climbs up. Sullivan staggers as EC3 leaps for the crossbody! Cover, TWO!

EC3 keeps his focus while Sullivan catches his breath. EC3 manages a fireman’s carry but Sullivan fights out. Sullivan clobbers with another clothesline, and now EC3 bleeds from his brow. Sullivan roars, lifts EC3, but EC3 fights out. EC3 runs and clotheslines them both out of the ring! Fans fire up with EC3 but Sullivan catches him for a Freak Accident on the apron! Sullivan returns and climbs up top! MONSTER FALLING HEADBUTT! Cover, Sullivan wins!

Winner: Lars Sullivan

The Top One Percent shows the wounds of war, but he pushed the Leviathan to his limits. Sullivan still wins in the end, where will this path of destruction lead him next?



My Thoughts:

Another solid episode of NXT here, packed full again. Nikki Cross does great to plug both her story with Bianca Belair and her role in the Aleister Black incident. Bianca also has a good response and we’ll get this rematch in a couple weeks, I’m thinking Nikki is Bianca’s first loss in NXT. Or Aleister Black shows up to interrupt and ask Nikki about the attacker. Either way, this will make for a fun good-bye for Nikki Cross before she joins SAnitY on SmackDown. The promo for the North American Championship triple threat was great, that is going to be a Takeover worthy match. Ciampa’s promo implies Ciampa VS Dream, and that’s going to be great, too. And might count as Dream’s Face turn.

Candice VS Lacey was great, and it really shows how far Lacey has come since debuting in NXT. Lacey is definitely the second best Heel behind Shayna Baszler. Shayna’s fight camp package was good, it reminds everyone that she’s not just a pro-wrestler and adds some edge to the rematch with Kairi Sane. The Forgotten Sons are still squashing jobbers, but that’s fine because we needed to see how all three of them work together. I wonder if these guys will make a shift to Face so that they can have a trios feud with The Undisputed Era. Or the Era can go Face since fans love those guys so much already. Then we get the surprise package for Lorcan & Burch, I wonder if this means they’re going to make some kind of tag team run when they return again.

Sullivan VS EC3 was so good, even for being short. Sullivan wins, obviously, but man EC3 looked strong in losing. EC3 can still make runs for titles, such as the North American Championship once that Triple Threat happens. Either that or Sullivan goes first and then EC3 comes back for payback and the title once Sullivan takes the belt off of whoever has it. There’s a lot of moving parts in the singles division, especially with Keith Lee currently building himself up and Matt Riddle coming in the near future. Sullivan VS Lee for a title would be great, actually, so definitely start fantasy booking that.

My Score: 8.6/10

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