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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report (10/3/18)



NXT cover image

The Top One Percent accused The Leviathan of taking out Aleister Black before NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, and paid for it! Will EC3 even survive past tonight?



  • Candice LeRae VS Lacey Evans; Evans wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Forgotten Sons VS Torry Kirsh, Cesar Rise & Vinny Mixon; The Forgotten Sons win.
  • Johnny Gargano VS Tony Nese; Gargano wins.
  • EC3 VS Lars Sullivan; Sullivan wins.


Nikki Cross lurks in the bowels of Full Sail.

“Games are fun. Games are fun! Especially games you can play with other people.” Nikki knows she had “fun” last time with Bianca Belair. So much fun. Nikki hopes to do it again and again. But she hopes Bianca isn’t too afraid, since they didn’t “behave” last time. “Speaking of bad behavior…” Nikki knows. She knows! She knows who attacked Aleister, but will she share her secret?


Candice LeRae VS Lacey Evans!

Mrs. Wrestling didn’t appreciate the Lady of NXT making a move on Mr. Wrestling amidst the uncertainty in both his and her careers. Will the Model Soldier end up on Ms. LeRae’s Wild Ride? Or will she use her Woman’s Right to derail Candice?

The bell rings and the two stare down. Lacey boops Candice’s nose so Candice slaps that hand away. Lacey shoves but Candice shoves back. They tie up and go to the mat. Lacey has control but then Candice gets up and arm-drags her down. They get back up and Lacey puts Candice in the corner. She grinds forearms in Candice’s face as she breaks the hold. Candice comes back with a chop! Candice bumps Lacey off buckles, then off more buckles. She keeps going, but Lacey tosses her to the apron. Candice returns with the step-in springboard facebuster! Cover, TWO! Lacey powers Candice back to a corner, but then Candice boots her away. Candice goes out and up, but Lacey ducks under the leap. Lacey runs Candice over with a big shoulder!

Candice is reeling while Lacey is seething. Lacey stalks Candice, then puts her in a corner for buckle bumps and a mudhole stomp. Lacey backs off, but comes back with the swinging bronco buster! Cover, TWO! Lacey dabs the sweat off herself with her handkerchief. She throws it at Candice but Candice shoves back. Lacey puts Candice in a corner to then wrap the arm around the ropes! The ref counts, but Lacey stops at 3 to throw Candice with headscissors. Lacey holds on with the headscissors to squeeze Candice’s head, while getting in some push-ups! Candice pops out but Lacey is on her again, bouncing Candice’s face off the mat. Lacey pulls her and puts on a chinlock, but fans rally up for Candice. Candice stands but is thrown down again. Lacey kicks Candice, covers, TWO!

Lacey puts on a half nelson with the cobra clutch, then pulls on Candice’s hair behind her back! The ref doesn’t see it, but fans do. Fans rally up for Candice, but Lacey grinds Candice down. Lacey uses her chin, too, but the referee reprimands her for hair pulling. Fans rally again and Candice powers up to arm-drag Lacey off. Both women stagger, but Lacey runs into a kick. Candice puts Lacey on the apron but Lacey sweeps the legs! The slingshot elbow misses! Both women are down but Lacey stands first. Candice follows as fans build to a rally. Enziguri! Lacey crawls while Candice runs in. Candice fires off forearms and lariats! She blocks a kick to give a kick, then gives a shotgun dropkick on top!

Candice runs at Lacey in the corner for the back elbow and snapmare. Candice climbs up, and flies for a flying complete shot! Cover, TWO!! Mrs. Wrestling was so close but not close enough against the former Marine. Candice has Lacey in double chicken wings, but Lacey denies the Unprettier. Lacey throws Candice down by her hair again, then rests in the corner. Lacey says Candice is a loser, “just like your husband!” Them’s fighting words! Candice fires off furious forearms and haymakers from all sides! The referee counts and Candice backs down, only to come back for more! She gets stomps in, too! The referee warns her, this could disqualify her. Candice backs off, but then walks right into the Woman’s Right!! Cover, Lacey wins!!

Winner: Lacey Evans, by pinfall

Emotions cost Candice like they did Johnny Gargano, and Lacey makes good on it. The Lady of NXT climbs up the ladder, will she find herself reaching the NXT Women’s Championship past Evolution?


NXT looks ahead to the coming North American Championship Triple Threat!

Adam Cole was the inaugural but Ricochet is the current. But that doesn’t mean the WWE United Kingdom Champion doesn’t want his part in the new title’s history. The NXT NAC represents the Era of NXT we are in: Cole’s Era. This match represents more than just the title, it represents “where we’re going. This represents NXT’s future.” The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne himself is the second-ever WWE UKC, and quite literally owns that division. But he wants to be on top of the world, so this is the next step. However, the One and Only current NAC says he will be the one to go around the world to defend this title against anyone and everyone to build the legacy of both belt and man. Cole wants to make something very clear: the NAC legacy starts and ends with him.

Dunne knows that’s what Cole thinks, but his legacy as UKC is something that’s real. Ricochet respects Dunne because they’re both true fighting champions. Dunne has proven he can build something from the ground up. Ricochet says the NAC’s legacy is in good hands. Cole says the only reason anyone cares is because he got this started. Ricochet says the belt was just a prop for Cole, but Cole promises to bring the most important title back to the most important man. Ricochet isn’t worried about the triple threat, he’s excited. Dunne is, too, because three talented individuals are going to raise the prestige. Cole vows to restart the legacy, Ricochet vows to make it mean more “than anyone thinks it ever could”, and Dunne vows to become the champion of two continents. Will we see a One and Only Champion, a dual champion, or a two-time champion, “baybay”?


Tommaso Ciampa speaks.

The NXT Champion says that “When you’re at the top, they will always try to chop you down.” They’ll talk, speculate, and even lie, “all to try and steal that spotlight for themselves.” Perhaps it’s just to cover up their own tracks and hide their own guilt. Ciampa says Velveteen’s Dream is fitting, because he’s living in a dreamworld where Ciampa is the one who attacked Aleister Black. But they both know exactly what Aleister “experienced.” Ciampa advises Dream to “be careful.” Keep your thoughts to yourself, and stay out of the champ’s spotlight. Because Ciampa ended the fairy tale and exposed the mystique. So Velveteen better be careful, or he’ll turn the Dream into a Nightmare. The Psycho Killer’s ultimatum has been sent, but will Dream heed his warning?


Six Man Tag: The Forgotten Sons VS Torry Kirsh, Cesar Rise & Vinny Mixon!

Steve Cutler, Wesley Blake & Jaxson Ryker have come to #DoUntoOthers and never be forgotten again. Will they soon make Kirsh, Rise & Mixon be the ones easily forgotten?

Cutler wears a special face mask because of his broken nose, but the former Marine won’t let that keep him out of action. Ryker starts for his team, and he bulldozes through Rise! He throws Rise to the other corner, so Vinny tags in. Vinny runs into a huge urenage! Ryker toys with Vinny, then tags Cutler in. Cutler tags Blake while Ryker puts Vinny in a Tree of Woe. Cutler hits a hesitation dropkick, then Ryker helps Blake with a hip toss senton! Vinny is vulnerable as Blake looms over him. Blake goes after the arm with a thrashing armlock, then drags Vinny over to the Forgotten corner. Blake blocks Vinny from getting to the ropes, the grinds his forearm on his face! He stops at 4 to then throw Vinny into a corner. Blake grinds his forearm in more then stops at 4.

Blake runs in but Vinny dodges to hot tag in Kirsh! Kirsh clotheslines Blake but Blake stays standing. Kirsh tries again but gets clobbered by Blake! Blake tags Cutler, and Cutler hops up. Ryker tags while Blake drags Kirsh up in a dragon sleeper, for Cutler to drop double stomps onto the inverted DDT! They both bumrush Vinny & Rise, then come back as Ryker enters. Together, Cutler & Blake feed Kirsh to Ryker, for the slingshot powerbomb! Cover, Forgotten Sons win!

Winners: The Forgotten Sons, Ryker pinning

This trio of expendables are undefeated both apart and together, and they’re only just getting started. Will they find themselves dominating multiple divisions soon enough?


Shayna Baszler prepares for WWE Evolution.

The Queen of Spades has a rematch with the Pirate Princess for the NXT Women’s Championship. This will be their fourth time facing 1v1, so Shayna reflects on their first time, back in the inaugural Mae Young Classic finals. It’s hard to really share her opinions of Kairi Sane because both have changed so much, that even their mentalities aren’t the same. Shayna does admit she has gotten too comfortable. Fight camp is far more grueling than anything the “girls” at NXT do. Shayna is going back to basics with her friends, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. She’s building back up. The world has evolved, Women’s Wrestling has evolved, so Shayna will also evolve.


Backstage interview with Tony Nese.

The Premier Athlete is normally on WWE 205 Live, but what brings him to NXT? NXT has the top competition today, doesn’t it? Everyone sees Nese prove himself on 205 Live, so he’s going to takeover Full Sail. He has eight reasons why he will, but will those eight be enough to defeat Johnny Wrestling?


Backstage interview with “Ms. Belair.”

The Un-De-Fea-Ted EST wants to be addressed with the respect she deserves. But Nikki Cross wants her rematch against Bianca, so what is her response? Bianca isn’t here to play, and she doesn’t care what “scraggly” Nikki wants. Bianca is still un-de-fea-ted, and that’s not gonna change. Nikki had her chance, but she ain’t got no sense. Bianca will not just beat Nikki, but she’ll embarrass her. And stay Un-de-fea-ted! Will she stay undefeated after having another go with the Loony Lass?


Johnny Gargano VS Tony Nese!

Johnny Wrestling may have had his shortcomings and mistakes as of late, but he’s moving past his obsession with Tommaso Ciampa one match at a time. Will he make progress with that against the Premier Athlete? Or will the Abs of 205 Live start making moves in NXT?

The bell rings and fans duel between “Johnny Wrestling!” and “Johnny Failure!” Gargano ties up with Nese but Nese gets the wristlock. Gargano rolls and handsprings to reverse back. Nese get a headlock but Gargano powers out, only for Nese to run him over. Things speed up and Nese catches Gargano. Gargano slips out and shoves, to then follow and headscissor Nese! Nese bails out but Gargano runs, only to get run over by an elbow! Nese kicks Gargano in the corner and stomp a mudhole. Fans continue to duel as Nese chops Gargano sharply. Nese whips Gargano corner to corner but Gargano goes up and over. Gargano rolls, Nese goes up and over, but then Gargano goes up to school boy kick Nese!

Nese staggers and Gargano clotheslines him against the ropes! Nese bails out but Gargano builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit from one southpaw to another! Fans fire up and Gargano smiles. Gargano feels a bit more like himself now, and he puts Nese up against barriers for a chop. He puts Nese back in the ring and “Johnny Freakin’ Wrestling” climbs up top! Nese stops him with a swipe at the legs, and Gargano is stuck up top. Nese knees Gargano up to the fireman’s carry, then drops him for the gutbuster. Cover, TWO! Nese stomps away on Gargano, covers, TWO! Nese puts on a rear bearhug then slams Gargano down to the mat. Roll to a cover, TWO! Nese puts Gargano in a body scissors and squeezes. Fans rally up as Gargano endures, but Nese brings an arm over to chop Gargano on the chest!

Nese squeezes again and even toys with Gargano, but that only angers Gargano. Gargano pries at the feet, breaks the grip, and makes it a cover. TWO and Nese has the squeeze back on. Fans rally as Gargano works around to start throwing forearms. Nese pushes him away but then goes back to the bearhug. Gargano fights out but Nese shoves and sweeps! Nese then hops up, triangle moonsault! Gargano evades but Nese lands on his feet, so Gargano hits the slingshot DDT! Fans cheer and duel while Gargano gets himself up. Nese crawls away but walks into haymakers. Gargano rallies with forearms, then enziguris Nese to a corner. Gargano runs in but Nese puts him on the apron. Nese runs, but into the slingshot spear! Cover, TWO! Gargano keeps his cool while Nese survives.

Gargano puts Nese in a corner to stomp a mudhole of his own. He backs off at 4, but then Nese puts Gargano in the corner. Gargano comes back with forearms, Nese shoves to give Gargano a forearm! Nese handsprings to dodge the forearm, tot he kick, knee, and kick. Gargano jumps the sweep to buzzsaw! Then mule kick, but Nese rolls up to deadlift! Sunset flip counter, TWO! Gargano runs, tilt-o-whirls to a takedown! GargaNO Escape, but a roll over! TWO and another lift, buckle bomb!! The referee checks on Gargano while fans declare “This is Awesome!” Both men are down but stirring. Gargano makes sure his arms are still good while he rolls out of the ring. Nese stands and slingshots, but goes to the apron when Gargano dodges. Gargano swings and Nese cartwheels over him, but he turns around into a forearm!

Gargano puts Nese back in, then slingshots again, but Nese blocks the DDT! Nese tosses Gargano back out! And then FLIES! Direct hit, then Nese puts Gargano back in quick. Nese climbs up, 450 splash!! Cover, TWO!! Gargano survives and it shocks the Premier Athlete! Fans love it, though, as they chant “NXT! NXT!” Nese drags himself up, gritting his teeth. He drags Gargano to a corner and positions him. He scrapes his shoe on Gargano’s face, then runs side to side. Gargano dodges the knee to give an enziguri! Gargano runs but Nese reels him in, German Suplex to buckles! Kneepad down, but SUPERKICK!! Gargano runs for a BIG clothesline! Fans fire up for Gargano as he grits his teeth and puts on the GargaNo Escape! Nese taps, Gargano wins!

Winner: Johnny Gargano, by submission

Johnny Failure no more, Gargano’s back on track! He borrows a fan’s sign and holds it up high with pride. Is Johnny Freakin’ Wrestling going to find his way back to the NXT Championship?


NXT takes a look at the One-Two Combination of Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch!

The brawler from Boston and the brawler from Britain went toe to toe, head to head and punch for punch in a short series of singles matches and found out they were both tough as nails. They decided that instead of fighting against each other, they should fight alongside each other. Their combined 25 years of experience and their humble beginnings help them click as a duo. Lorcan & Burch didn’t mind that Chicago wasn’t on their side at first, but were proud of themselves that the crowd was on their side by the end. They were #1 contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championships once, they’ll surely be contenders again. When and where will these “two average blokes” strike again? Who will be the tag team champions when that day comes?


EC3 VS Lars Sullivan!

The Top One Percent hasn’t quite had #VictoryAfterVictoryAfterVictory, but he definitely didn’t do himself any favors when he pointed fingers in the Aleister Black assault investigation. The Leviathan already loves to dismantle his opponents, but how much of EC3 will be left when Lars Sullivan gets through with him?

EC3 skips the pageantry of his entrance to go right at Sullivan! He ducks the big hands to throw hands of his own! EC3 boots Sullivan out of the ring and fans fire up, but Sullivan returns. The bell rings and EC3 kicks Sullivan out again. EC3 goes out to pursue but Sullivan grabs him around the throat. EC3 breaks free to shove Sullivan into steel steps! But Sullivan is up quick to grab him again! EC3 pushes Sullivan into steel again, but Sullivan still comes back for more. Another shove and finally Sullivan falls! The referee checks on both men but EC3 is up first. Fans fire up as EC3 gets back in the ring. Sullivan clutches his back but EC3 is on him again. Sullivan knees low and puts EC3 in the ring.

The Mile High Monster climbs back in, bleeding from cuts on his back, but EC3 is on Sullivan with haymakers! EC3 chops Sullivan then tries to scoop but Sullivan fights out. Sullivan shoves EC3 to a corner, but misses and hits post! The ring shakes with the impact, then shakes as EC3 scoop slams Sullivan! EC3 gets the fans to say his name as he drops the elbow. Cover, ONE! EC3 goes after Sullivan with a facelock. Sullivan powers EC3 to a corner and into the buckles, then stands him up for big shoulders. Sullivan backs off at 4 to then toss EC3 across the way! EC3 gets to the corner but Sullivan runs in for the big corner splash! Sullivan backs up to run back in, but gets a back elbow. EC3 hops up and leaps for the missile dropkick! Then the STO-DDT! Cover, TWO!

Sullivan grits his teeth while EC3 brings him up by his beard. EC3 hooks Sullivan’s face then clubs that bloody back. EC3 runs and boots Sullivan’s face, but then Sullivan clobbers EC3 with a clothesline! Sullivan roars as he grabs EC3 for the atomic toss! But he’s not done with EC3, he drags him up for those vicious crossface forearms! EC3 is dazed while Sullivan covers, ONE!? EC3 surprises Sullivan with his resilience, but Sullivan makes him pay with a neck wrench. Fans build to a rally as EC3 endures. EC3 powers his way up, but Sullivan knees low. Sullivan lifts EC3 but EC3 slips out. EC3 gets a waistlock but Sullivan fights out with elbows. EC3 tries again, and gets a GIANT German Suplex! He adds a corner splash, then climbs up. Sullivan staggers as EC3 leaps for the crossbody! Cover, TWO!

EC3 keeps his focus while Sullivan catches his breath. EC3 manages a fireman’s carry but Sullivan fights out. Sullivan clobbers with another clothesline, and now EC3 bleeds from his brow. Sullivan roars, lifts EC3, but EC3 fights out. EC3 runs and clotheslines them both out of the ring! Fans fire up with EC3 but Sullivan catches him for a Freak Accident on the apron! Sullivan returns and climbs up top! MONSTER FALLING HEADBUTT! Cover, Sullivan wins!

Winner: Lars Sullivan

The Top One Percent shows the wounds of war, but he pushed the Leviathan to his limits. Sullivan still wins in the end, where will this path of destruction lead him next?



My Thoughts:

Another solid episode of NXT here, packed full again. Nikki Cross does great to plug both her story with Bianca Belair and her role in the Aleister Black incident. Bianca also has a good response and we’ll get this rematch in a couple weeks, I’m thinking Nikki is Bianca’s first loss in NXT. Or Aleister Black shows up to interrupt and ask Nikki about the attacker. Either way, this will make for a fun good-bye for Nikki Cross before she joins SAnitY on SmackDown. The promo for the North American Championship triple threat was great, that is going to be a Takeover worthy match. Ciampa’s promo implies Ciampa VS Dream, and that’s going to be great, too. And might count as Dream’s Face turn.

Candice VS Lacey was great, and it really shows how far Lacey has come since debuting in NXT. Lacey is definitely the second best Heel behind Shayna Baszler. Shayna’s fight camp package was good, it reminds everyone that she’s not just a pro-wrestler and adds some edge to the rematch with Kairi Sane. The Forgotten Sons are still squashing jobbers, but that’s fine because we needed to see how all three of them work together. I wonder if these guys will make a shift to Face so that they can have a trios feud with The Undisputed Era. Or the Era can go Face since fans love those guys so much already. Then we get the surprise package for Lorcan & Burch, I wonder if this means they’re going to make some kind of tag team run when they return again.

Sullivan VS EC3 was so good, even for being short. Sullivan wins, obviously, but man EC3 looked strong in losing. EC3 can still make runs for titles, such as the North American Championship once that Triple Threat happens. Either that or Sullivan goes first and then EC3 comes back for payback and the title once Sullivan takes the belt off of whoever has it. There’s a lot of moving parts in the singles division, especially with Keith Lee currently building himself up and Matt Riddle coming in the near future. Sullivan VS Lee for a title would be great, actually, so definitely start fantasy booking that.

My Score: 8.6/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (3/26/19)

Kurt Angle brings his Farewell Tour to SmackDown!



SmackDown cover image

SmackDown Women’s Champion, Asuka, still needs a challenger for Wrestlemania! Will she meet Naomi, Carmella, Mandy Rose or Sonya Deville in New York?



  • Charlotte Flair VS ???; changed to…
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Asuka VS Charlotte Flair; Flair wins and becomes the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.
  • Kurt Angle VS AJ Styles; Styles wins, by disqualification.
  • Tag Team Gauntlet: wins and


Awwww~ Mohegan Sun Arena!

SmackDown begins with The New Day! Fans cheer them on, but especially Kofi Kingston after Vince McMahon again pulled opportunities out from under him. The New Day toss pancakes and pick up mics. “So if we could be serious for a minute,” Xavier Woods brings up that the past few months have been a roller coaster. Big E notes that the WWE Universe has followed them from New Day Sucks to New Day Rocks over the last five years almost. This has been an absolutely incredible ride together, and a hell of an experience, so they want to thank the WWE Universe for that. But, Xavier and Big E have spoken, and considering the countless obstacles in Kofi’s way, walking away did come up. They’ve done a lot of great things and made a lot of great friends, but fans don’t want them to go.

The thing that’s been the hardest is watching how poorly Kofi has been treated. Not just recently, but the last 11 years. Power of Positivity isn’t just a catchphrase. Kofi Kingston exudes that positive energy! Their brother, Kofi, doesn’t know the word “quit”! And while The New Day needs to make a decision, they can’t make it until they get answers. Unfortunately, the man with those answers is Mr. Vince McMahon. The New Day ask Vince to come out and address them face-to-face to talk about these issues. And they’ll wait all night long if they have to. Fans cheer Kofi and The New Day on, and Vince McMahon does appear! Vince swaggers out to the ring while fans sing along with his song.

Vince joins The New Day in the ring and grabs himself a mic. “First of all, I’d like to say-” But Daniel Bryan interrupts! The Planet’s Champion wants everyone to just hold on a moment. Bryan tells Vince not to waste a breath on placating the fragile egos. If the New Day wants to quit, then let them quit! Because guess what? The New Day is a “stale novelty act” that Vince created! They can get three more superstars, make them a trio, and make them even more popular than The New Day! Because Kofi is just a “B+ Player!” Vince wants to speak but Bryan brings up how Kofi lost last week, he lost at Fastlane and how he lost at Elimination Chamber.

Don’t let anyone from Big E, Woods and “the parasites in the crowd” get in your head! Vince’s instincts have been 100% RIGHT in Bryan’s mind. It’s the fans who are wrong. That’s the reality. No the reality is that Bryan is afraid to face Kofi 1v1! Bryan is now everything he used to fight against! Bryan is a hypocrite! And that’s why he’s here. Bryan tries to deny it but Vince tells Bryan to shut up! Vince talks to the New Day. They’re gonna quit? No, they’re not gonna quit. All this Power of Positivity and quitting talk, that’s all a bluff to Vince. Everyone loves The New Day, mostly. But Kofi is still a B+ Player. Bryan kisses up to Vince, but Vince starts to wonder if the others are a B+ Tag Team.

All the respect for Kofi, Vince understands that. But can Big E & Xavier Woods win it for Kofi? Bryan doesn’t like the sound of that. Vince says Kofi is not getting any more chances, but if Big E & Xavier Woods can win a tag team gauntlet, then Kofi gets his shot! Bryan and Rowan can’t believe this, but this surprises even The New Day. Can Big E and Woods survive to raise Kofi up? Or is this just another trap set by The Chairman?


Backstage interview with Becky Lynch!

The Man returns to SmackDown, and is excited to have the Raw Women’s Championship Triple Threat in the Wrestlemania main event. Becky won the Beat the Clock Challenge last night, and is ready to win at Mania. Now, Becky brings the people and “Ronnie” brings the title, but what is Charlotte bringing? What does that “undeserving third wheel” bring to this match? The Queen interrupts, by her music hitting!

Charlotte Flair heads to the ring!

“Third wheel? Undeserving?” The Queen will show us how deserving she really is. She’s in action, after the break!


Charlotte Flair VS ???

SmackDown returns and we find her opponent is ASUKA!! The Empress of Tomorrow is still the SmackDown Women’s Champion, and her contender will be determined later tonight. Will Charlotte prove she can beat one champion before going after the other?

Wait, did the ring announcer just say this is for the championship!? Both Charlotte and Asuka are crazy! But is there a chance The Queen will be going into the Raw Women’s Championship Triple Threat with one belt already!?

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Asuka VS Charlotte Flair!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this insanity!

Charlotte and Asuka circle and tie up. They push each other around but Charlotte puts Asuka on the ropes. Charlotte lets up at 3 but misses her chop. Asuka wrenches the arm but Charlotte works against the wristlock. Charlotte reverses but Asuka kicks and uses the ropes to flip through. Asuka wrenches back but Charltote throws her down by her hair. Charlotte drags Asuka up into a headlock but Asuka fights back. Asuka powers out and reels Charlotte in for a headlock of her own. Charlotte endures and fans duel, but Charlotte rolls to a cover! ONE, but Asuka holds on. Charlotte powers out this time but things speed up. Asuka sees Charlotte’s dodge coming and kicks her mid-roll! Charlotte bails out while we go picture in picture.

Charlotte catches her breath while pacing about. Asuka dares her to return but Charlotte takes her time. Charlotte slides in but then back out. Asuka stays back but still sees Charlotte slide back in. Asuka waistlocks but Charlotte blocks the suplex. Charlotte elbows but Asuka elbows back. Charlotte whips Asuka to a corner and blocks the boots. She elbows Asuka then puts her leg on the rope to drop a knee! Asuka rolls but Charlotte’s on her with more knees to the leg. Charlotte stalks Asuka to the corner before wrapping the leg on ropes. Charlotte pulls but the ref counts, so she backs off at 4. Asuka clutches her leg but Charlotte drags her out to sit down on it. Charlotte brags before dragging Asuka to other ropes for another sit down. Asuka rolls Charlotte up, TWO!

Charlotte CHOPS Asuka, then catches the hip attack! Asuka rolls through to a kneebar! Charlotte flails and reaches, but then sits back to pry Asuka off for a deadlift back suplex! Cover, TWO! Asuka survives but Charlotte keeps her cool. Charlotte stands and toys with Asuka. The ref reprimands Charlotte as she drags Asuka up by her hair. Charlotte throws Asuka with a Fall Away Slam, then nips up to strut. Charlotte sees Asuka stand but misses the sliding dropkick. Asuka hits a sliding dropkick of her own! Charlotte goes down but Asuka fetches her back into the ring. Asuka dodges Charlotte’s shoulder to kick her back, but then runs into Charlotte’s clothesline! Charlotte catches her breath while we return to single picture.

Charlotte drops a knee right on Asuka’s head! Asuka writhes while fans duel. Charlotte circles Asuka like a shark while daring her to stand. Asuka gets up and avoids the neckbreaker to put on an Octopus Stretch! Charlotte endures as Asuka pulls back hard! Charlotte powers her way out but Asuka sunset flips, TWO! Asuka counter punches Charlotte but Charlotte kicks out the bad leg! Charlotte stomps away on that leg and says “You’re nothing anymore!” But Charlotte runs to get a CODE BREAKER! But Asuka can’t cover from her bad leg bothering her. Asuka and Charlotte crawl and Charlotte throws pie faces. Asuka SLAPS back! She fires off then kicks Charlotte to a corner. She hits a hip attack in the corner, then gives Charlotte a big German Suplex! BUZZSAW! Sliding Wizard! Cover, TWO!

The Queen crawls while The Empress stalks her. Asuka kicks away on Charlotte’s back against the ropes! Asuka fires up and runs, but her hip attack misses. Charlotte BOOTS Asuka down! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte grows frustrated but she climbs up high. Moonsault, but into boots! And the ASUKA LOCK! Charlotte rolls back to a cover, TWO! Asuka’s back hand is blocked, but not her back heel kick! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte survives and Asuka’s shocked, but we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Charlotte CHOPS Asuka. And CHOPS, but Asuka blocks, only for Charlotte to CHOP again. Charlotte scoops but Asuka slips out to a roll up! ONE and Charlotte wants the Figure Four! Asuka resists again and again, so Charlotte stomps her down. Charlotte grabs the legs, Figure four but Asuka pushes her into buckles! BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO!! Asuka cannot believe Charlotte survives again, but she keeps going. She climbs up top now, but Charlotte stops her with a forearm. Charlotte climbs up to join Asuka, for a SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!? Both the move and the survival are shocking! Charlotte isn’t sure what to do to end this, but she swears to end it one way or another. She crawls to Asuka and both women grab each other by the hair. They start scrapping, and Charlotte rains down forearms!

Charlotte catches her breath, and Asuka suddenly gets her in an armbar! And a triangle hold! Charlotte deadlifts Asuka for a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO?! Figure Four, but cradle counter!! Charlotte gets free but Asuka wants the chicken wing. Charlotte arm-drags but Asuka rolls, only for the Figure Four to be put on! Figure EIGHT! Asuka taps, Charlotte wins?!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by submission; NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion

The unbelievable has happened! The Queen reigns over SmackDown again, but is bringing that title to the Triple Threat main event!! What will this mean for the already historic Wrestlemania match in New York?! For that matter, what does this mean for tonight’s SmackDown Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Match?!


Kurt Angle heads to the ring!

The Farewell Tour finally comes to SmackDown! He takes on the Phenomenal One, after the break.


Kurt Angle VS AJ Styles!

The Olympic Gold Medalist and the Phenomenal One have met in the ring before, but not in the WWE! This first-time-and-last-time-ever match is big, but will it go Angle’s way? Or will Styles make it Phenomenal?

SmackDownr eturns with AJ Styles’ backstage interview. Before going against The Viper, he’s about to take on a Hall of Famer. This is Angle’s final match on SmackDown, is Styles focused enough for the moment? Styles is honored to be Angle’s last SmackDown opponent. He is honored to be part of Angle’s career. Angle has done more than most can even dream of. This is far from just a tune-up or an exhibition. Angle laid the foundation for the House That AJ Styles Built! And with that, Styles makes his entrance and this match begins!

Angle and Styles shake hands and even hug, and the fans love that. They tie up and Angle gets a waistlock to a German Suplex! Angle stalks Styles as he staggers up, but Styles escapes the Angle Slam. Styles catches Angle to a Calf Crusher! Angle endures the leg submission, but he manages to roll through! ANKLE LOCK! Styles endures now, but he rolls and sends Angle into buckles. Both Angle and Styles are down from bad legs, and here comes ORTON! RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!

Winner: AJ Styles, by disqualification

The Viper spoils the Farewell to SmackDown, but gets an ANGLE SLAM! Angle saves Styles from Orton tonight, but the fun was already ruined. Will Styles get back at Orton for this and more at Wrestlemania?


Backstage interview with Rey Mysterio & Dominic.

Father and son are both excited for Wrestlemania, but they have words for how Samoa Joe conducts himself. Joe is not like Rey Mysterio. All Joe cares about is himself. And at Wrestlemania, Mysterio will teach Joe a lesson when he stands up for both himself and his family to become the new United States Champion. Will Mysterio represent to dethrone the Destroyer?


The Miz is here!

The Most Must-See WWE Superstar is in the Mohegan Sun Arena, and we’ll find out why after the break.


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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Report! (3/25/19)

Kurt Angle’s Farewell Tour leads him to who!?



WWE Raw Cover image

Raw grows wilder as Mania draws nearer! Will Ronda Rousey face any consequences? Will Roman Reigns accept Drew McIntyre’s challenge? Angle VS SAMOA JOE?!



  • Beat the Clock Challenge: Ronda Rousey VS Sarah Logan; Rousey wins in 1:25.
  • Beat the Clock Challenge: Charlotte Flair VS Ruby Riott; Flair fails the Beat the Clock Challenge.
  • Beat the Clock Challenge: Becky Lynch VS Liv Morgan; Lynch wins in 1:18, and wins the challenge.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Contender’s Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush VS Finn Balor; changed to…
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Contender’s Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush & Jinder Mahal w/ The Singh Brothers; Finn wins and will challenge Bobby Lashley for the title at Wrestlemania.
  • Aleister Black & Ricochet VS The Revival; Black & Ricochet win.
  • Sasha Banks w/ Bayley VS Natalya w/ Beth Phoenix; Banks wins, by disqualification.
  • Baron Corbin VS Apollo Crews; Corbin wins.
  • Kurt Angle VS Samoa Joe; Angle wins.
  • Last Man Standing: Drew McIntyre VS Dean Ambrose; McIntyre wins.


Beat the Clock Challenge: Ronda Rousey VS Sarah Logan!

The Raw Women’s Champion and her two Wrestlemania opponents will main event Wrestlemania! But that’s in a couple weeks. Tonight, there’s a lot of pride on the line as the Baddest Woman on the Planet divides up the Riott Squad with The Queen and The Man! Who will be the fastest winner on Raw to have bragging rights going into New York?

Before the match, Ronda picks up the mic. Boston wants Becky but they’ll have to hear the champ out first. “For the first time ever, women are going to be the main event at Wrestlemania!” The Raw Women’s Championship, Rousey VS Flair VS Lynch! And Ronda only has one thing left to say: “You’re welcome.” She throws down the mic, but then picks it back up to say something else. Not that the fans appreciate any of her words. Ronda vows to make Charlotte and Becky tap out at the same time! But just as she drops the mic, she picks it up again. She has no idea what this Beat the Clock Challenge is, it sound stupid, so let’s just get this farce over with. Now she’s done talking. Sarah Logan makes her way out and the challenge truly begins!

But wait! The Man makes sure to come out and say something herself! “It’s good to be back in Boston!” And Ronnie, stop being so weird. Ronda came here with her big money contract and the whole world yawned. Every opportunity, every advantage, the best of the best, and yet no one gave a damn until The Man came around! The fans know that the best thing to happen to Ronda is Becky! That’s why they’re the main event of Mania! And one more thing, Ronda knows how this ends: Ronda’s title above Becky’s head, and her own head beneath Becky’s boot.

But here comes The Queen, too! Charlotte has her own mic and just hears “Blah blah blah”. Yes, the women are the main event! But not because of Becky nor because of Ronda. It’s all because of what Charlotte’s done! That’s why she was handpicked to be the main event! Charlotte and Becky stand-by ringside while Ronda finally gets to her Beat the Clock Challenge with Sarah.

The bell rings and the timer starts counting while Sarah bails out! Ronda gives chase and Sarah keeps away from Ronda. Ruby and Liv try to block Ronda’s path but Ronda blasts through them. Sarah turns around and dropkicks Ronda down! Then she whips Ronda hard into ropes! Ronda clutches her arm while Sarah stomps away. Sarah grabs the legs and ties them up for an inverted cloverleaf! Ronda endures the leg hold as Sarah drags her away from the ropes! Ronda grits her teeth and sees the clock climb as she claws her way back. She gets the ropes but then climbs up and around  to drag Sarah into a hanging armbar! She lets go at 4 but goes after Sarah with a SUPERWOMAN PUNCH! Ronda puts on the armbar and Sarah taps! Ronda wins!

Winner: Ronda Rousey, by submission, and in 1:25

The time has been set, will either Queen or Man be able to do better than the Baddest Woman on the Planet?

Charlotte steps into the ring and takes her turn.

Beat the Clock Challenge: Charlotte Flair VS Ruby Riott!

The bell rings and the time ticks down. Charlotte goes fast but Ruby dodges and dumps her out! Charlotte hurries back in and boots Ruby down. She CHOPS and CHOPS on Ruby, then gets a takedown. Ruby pushes Charlotte away and we hit the minute warning. Ruby kicks Charlotte on her return, then wrenches. Charlotte decks Ruby with a right! Then hits the backbreaker to STO! Charlotte has to hurry, but Ruby dodges Natural Selection! Ruby gets a complete shot! Cover, TWO!! Ruby just has to play defense with 20 seconds left. She grabs Charlotte’s arm and toys with her. Riott Kick, CAUGHT! Figure Four on, Figure Eight! Ruby holds on, time runs out!!

Charlotte fails the Beat the Clock Challenge

Ronda knew Charlotte wouldn’t, but now Becky wants her shot.

Beat the Clock Challenge: Becky Lynch VS Liv Morgan!

The Man is ready but the Juvenile Delinquent distracts her, and Charlotte BOOTS Becky in that distraction! The Queen takes her frustrations out on her, and then lets Liv do what she wants. Liv shouts for the bell and it rings. Liv fires off a mudhole stomp on Becky but backs off at 4 with shrill shrikes. She stomps Becky right back down then drags her to a cover, TWO! The Squad keeps Liv focused as she thrashes Becky around in a chinlock. Becky endures as we reach less than a minute. Boston rallies and Becky fights her way up. Becky arm-drags out then throws haymakers and European Uppercuts! Things speed up as Becky rallies! Calf kick at 30 seconds but Becky keeps going.

Becky wants the arm but Liv school boys Becky into buckles! Liv gets away with 15 seconds, but her code breaker is blocked! Jackknife cover, Becky wins!!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall

And with seven seconds to spare! Ronda doesn’t care, because what does this matter in a Triple Threat? But Becky still feels good that she did better than both Ronnie and Charlie. Will she feel great when she beats them both for the title?


WWE Intercontinental Championship Contender’s Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush VS Finn Balor!

The Extraordinary Man managed to beat both the Almighty and the Man of the Hour in a situation like this before, but now he has to do it again to earn a title match at Wrestlemania. Lashley & Lio come out and Lio tells Finn’s Road to Wrestlemania goes through them. This is not a road Finn wants to be on. Finn could’ve quit while he’s ahead, but now he’ll be forced to leave the game as a hot piece of garbage, just like Gronkowski. Boston takes offense to that. But as much as Lio wants to be part of ending Finn’s dreams, it’s Braun Strowman’s fault that he’s not medically cleared to compete. But that’s okay, Lashley has a different tag team partner now: Jinder Mahal!

WWE Intercontinental Championship Contender’s Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush & Jinder Mahal w/ The Singh Brothers!

The Modern Day Maharaja joins forces with the Rocky Mountain Machine! Will they leave Finn for dead on the side of the Road to Wrestlemania?

The bell rings and Lashley starts. Fans fire up for Finn as he ties up with Lashley. Lashley knees low then throws Finn to his corner. Lashley throws body shots then puts Finn in another corner for more body shots. He whips Finn corner to corner hard, but Finn dodges! Finn shoulders in but has to fight off Mahal and the Singh Brothers! Lio distracts and Lashley blasts Finn down! The deck is stacked for Finn as we go to break.

Raw returns and Finn fires forearms on Lashley. But Lashley shoves Finn back and tackles him into the corner! Lashley rams his shoulder in on Finn again and again but backs off at 4. Lashley goes corner to corner but Finn Slingblades him down! Mahal tags in and whips Finn. Finn reverses, Mahal sunset flips but Finn rolls through to dropkick Mahal down! Finn dodges Mahal and forearms Mahal into Lashley! Then he gets Mahal with the elbow drop DDT! Lashley returns but gets a takedown and double stomps! Finn clotheslines Mahal out! Finn builds speed but the Singhs swipe his feet! Mahal returns but Finn sends him out, to FLY! He hits EVERYONE! Finn puts Mahal in fast, then climbs up top! COUP DE GRACE!! Cover, Finn wins!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the WWE Intercontinental Championship

He’s going to Wrestlemania! Lashley again loses because of who he teams with, but now it’ll be Finn and Lashley 1v1.  Lashley takes his anger out on the Singhs, then SPEARS Mahal! Will Finn finally get the better of Bobby directly? Or will he get dominated by the Dominator on the Grandest Stage of Them All?


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter is already in New York, Times Square even. There have been many iconic stars performing on Broadway, but Elias will be bigger than them all! Times Square is buzzing to walk with Elias. Elias has gotten used to this, so he’ll play something for us. Wait, this other bearded guitarist wants in. Elias is a solo act. But typical New Yorkers: big ego, little talent. Go sell out a subway station, Elias has Mania to focus on. Will Elias really be the hit he thinks he is?


Aleister Black & Ricochet VS The Revival!

The Embodiment of the End and the King of Flight look to take over Tag Team wrestling in the WWE from NXT to the main roster. The Dusty Rhodes Classic isn’t quite over, but can this unexpected duo stake a claim for the Raw Tag Team Championships in time for Wrestlemania?

Forget the bell, it’s time to brawl! The moment Dash & Dawson hit the ring, Aleister & Ricochet start hitting them! Dash & Dawson turn things around and whip Aleister and Ricochet at each other, but Aleister gives Ricochet a boost to missile dropkick Dawson down! Aleister then throws forearms and kicks on Dash. Ricochet adds an enziguri and Dash cowers in his corner. Fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” as Aleister dares Dash to bring the fight. The bell rings and Dawson anchors Aleister’s feet! Dash fires off then tags in Dawson. The Revival mug Aleister then put him in an open corner. Dawson throws uppercuts then drags Aleister out for a hammerlock. Dawson brings Aleister to the mat but Aleister endures.

Fans rally as Aleister works his way up. Aleister powers his way towards his corner but Dawson throws body shots and forearms. Aleister roundhouses Dawson down then tags in Ricochet! The unexpected duo double whip then leap frog with Dawson, before Aleister sweeps the legs and Ricochet adds a basement dropkick! Dash runs in but is sent right back out! Aleister fakes The Revival out, but Ricochet gets them around the corner! Dash goes down but Dawson gets a Meteora! The #TopGuys are down on the ground while we go to break.

Raw returns and Dawson grinds his forearm in Ricochet’s face. Fans rally as Ricochet endures the seated abdominal stretch, then stands up and heads for his corner. Aleister reaches out to him but Dawson scoop slams Ricochet down. Dawson drops but misses the elbow, and again! Dash tags in as Ricochet rolls to the apron. Ricochet shoulders in then slingshots, but into Dash’s arms! Dash and Dawson combine for an assisted brain buster! Cover, TWO! Ricochet survives and The Revival grows frustrated. Dash drags Ricochet over but Ricochet throws forearms. Dash knees low then Dawson tags back in. Dawson stomps and toys with Ricochet, then whips. Ricochet kicks Dawson down, but Dash tags in. Dash runs over but Ricochet dodges to get him with a neckbreaker!

Ricochet and Dash are down but crawling for their corners. Dash tags Dawson, Ricochet tags Aleister! Aleister rallies on The Revival! Aleister sweeps the legs to drive in the knee! Dash returns, but The Revival get a double quebrada! Aleister throws Dash out then goes after Dawson. Dawson punches but gets a strike fest! Another swift knee, cover, TWO! Aleister keeps his focus as he stalks Dawson. He lifts Dawson with his foot but Dash drags Ricochet off the apron! Aleister goes after Dash but Dawson sunset flips! TWO, and both men dodge. Dawson fakes Aleister out for a DDT! Cover, but Ricochet breaks it! Dash shoves Aleister out and The Revival double whips. Ricochet tags in and Aleister goes up and over. Aleister hits a DOUBLE Black Mass?! Ricochet hits his 630! Cover, Ricochet & Aleister win!

Winners: Aleister Black & Ricochet, Ricochet pinning

The Revival miscalculate and now NXT’s air strike has another victory! But The Revival are quick to point out they’re still the champions. Will the #TopGuys have to put those titles on the line at Wrestlemania against the Dutch Destroyer and the One and Only?


Drew McIntyre is here!

The Scottish Terminator vows to destroy The Shield one by one! He made his challenge to Roman Reigns last week, will he get his answer? We find out, after the break.

Raw returns and McIntyre has a mic. “I don’t give a damn if you like me, but you will respect me.” McIntyre says a week is a long time to wait for an answer. He’s actually a little nervous, and Roman might still be unsure what to say. So McIntyre will share some footage, and wants us to know that he could’ve finished Roman any time but didn’t. The footage is as expected, McIntyre attacking Roman Reigns from out of nowhere and kicking his head into a post. Then last week, McIntyre challenged Roman to a match but actually wants Roman to say “No” because of how badly McIntyre will beat him at Wrestlemania.

Now in the present, McIntyre really hopes Roman’s family members got through his thick skull to say no. McIntyre “exterminated” the roach, Dean Ambrose. And then last week, McIntyre beat the #1 Contender, Seth Rollins! McIntyre is sure what the superstar, Roman Reigns, wants and that is “Yes”! But McIntyre appeals to Joe Anoa’i, the man, husband and father. Hasn’t his family been through enough? “Think of your children!” They already watched Daddy fight for his life once. Do they really have to go through that again at Wrestlemania when they know it’s a losing battle? Fans chant for Roman, and McIntyre says he’ll wait all night if he has to. But Roman Reigns appears now!

Roman goes to the ring and grabs himself a mic. Roman and McIntyre stare down, and Roman says he accepts the challenge. But listen very closely to what Joe has to say. “Don’t you ever run your mouth about my wife and kids.” Roman fires off haymakers! He gets McIntyre down and then throws him into a post! McIntyre tumbles out but Roman’s still on him with big uppercuts. Roman throws him into barriers, then back into the ring. Fans are fired up as Roman walks over, but McIntyre low blow uppercuts Roman back! McIntyre drags himself to a corner while Roman gasps and sputters. McIntyre aims with a glare as Roman stands. CLAYMORE! Referees appear and get McIntyre to leave, but the damage is done. Will Roman get his revenge at Wrestlemania?


Drew McIntyre spots Dean Ambrose backstage.

“What did you call me out there? A cockroach?” McIntyre “exterminated” him? Doesn’t feel that way. So how about another try tonight? Ambrose VS McIntyre, Last Man Standing!! McIntyre does not know how Ambrose is standing now. But he promises Ambrose won’t be standing after tonight. Is Ambrose trying to get himself killed?!


Sasha Banks w/ Bayley VS Natalya w/ Beth Phoenix!

This match didn’t quite finish last week since Nia Jax & Tamina interfered. But now The Boss of Boston and the Queen of Harts will have it out! Can Natty punch a Wrestlemania title match ticket for the Divas of Doom?

The bell rings and Sasha and Natty tie up. Natty puts Sasha on the ropes but backs off to slap her! Sasha slaps back! Then goes acrobatic for an arm-drag! Sasha blocks and arm-drags Natty again, then grins as she circles with Natty again. Natty blocks a kick and throws Sasha down, to then hook the legs for a Surfboard! Natty holds Sasha high overhead, but Sasha endures as Boston cheers her on. Sasha slips free and rolls out, then hits a basement meteora! Cover, TWO! Sasha keeps her cool while she drags Natty up. Natty rolls Sasha up, TWO! Natty brings Sasha up but Sasha sunset flips, only for Natty to block to the Sharpshooter! Sasha fights out and shoves Natty all the way out!

Beth keeps Bayley at bay while Sasha fetches Natty. Natty throws hands, then throws Sasha at the apron. Sasha spins around and headscissors Natty down! Then a knee into the barriers! Sasha leaves Natty behind while we go to break.

Raw returns and Natty has Sasha in a Canadian torture rack. Sasha endures as Bayley and Boston rally for her. Natty keeps up the pressure but Sasha slips out to a sunset flip! Cover, TWO, but Sasha blocks a kick to give a kick! Sasha runs and wheelbarrows, but Natty sits Sasha down! Natty then walks over Sasha, but gets tripped! Sasha gets the Bank Statement crossface! Natty reaches, crawls, but rolls Sasha away to a Sharpshooter!! Sasha endures now, reaches for the ropes, but Natty drags her away! Sasha finds a second wind and rolls Natty into a corner! Bayley and Boston are relieved, but the Samoan Dynasty attacks again! They get Bayley, then rush the ring! SUPERKICK for Sasha!

Winner: Sasha Banks, by disqualification

The Glamazon rushes the ring to tackle Tamina! And she throws hands on Nia! Fireman’s carry, but Tamina saves Nia. Beth still fights and runs Nia over! She deflects the Superkick to fire off on Tamina! She gets the chicken wings, for the Glam Slam! Natty regroups with Beth and they hold the ring! Fans let Beth know “You Still Got It!” Not only that, but Beth still wants it! She wants tag title gold with her fellow Diva of Doom! Will the Boss & Hug Connection have legendary opponents for Wrestlemania? And what of the Samoan Dynasty? Or the IIconics?


The WWE reveals the newest Hall of Fame inductees: The Hart Foundation!

Bret Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart were the Best There Is, Best There Was, and the Best There Ever Will Be in tag team wrestling. It means so much to the Hart Family, especially Natalya, that The Anvil is finally going in!


Backstage interview with Kurt Angle!

The Olympic Gold Medalist continues the Farewell Tour against Samoa Joe! Why such a tough challenge this close to Wrestlemania? Angle appreciates Joe for coming over from SmackDown for the night. And this tour is about retiring on his terms. Angle promises to be ready for Baron Corbin, and Joe will be his greatest test yet. But Corbin comes over and chuckles. Corbin appreciates watching this farewell tour. How many years has Angle been around? How old is he? Does he realize the fans are cheering not because he’s a great competitor, but because they feel sorry for him? Considering he’s half the man he used to be. Corbin promises the news after Mania will be “Former Gold Medalist tarnishes his career”. Angle simply tells Corbin, “Screw you.” Will Angle show Corbin he’s still good enough when going against the United States Champion?


Backstage interview with The Boss & Hug connection.

Clearly the Women’s Tag Team division is heating up. Nia and Tamina keep attacking, The IIconics won last week, and- Sasha says they vowed to take on anyone, anywhere, anytime! So how about all three teams at Wrestlemania?! A Fatal 4 Way!? Are the inaugural champions going to become former champions in New York?


It’s time for another Moment of Bliss!

The Goddess doesn’t sit on stage, she heads right for the ring. Will she be able to reconcile the Monster Among Men and Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost?

Raw returns as Alexa sits on her set in the ring. “Welcome to A Moment of Bliss.” Alexa isn’t sure what it is, but since becoming the host, the Wrestlemania card gets better and better. The women are main eventing now! Is she good or what? But Alexa is at a crossroads, because with two weeks left, she feels like her moment and her reputation are in jeopardy. She shares footage of when Colin Jost put his foot in his mouth when he mouthed off to Strowman. Strowman put his hands around Colin’s throat and almost choked the man out. Then when Colin tried to apologize with a car, Strowman ripped the car apart! “That looks like a recipe for a public relations disaster.” So Alexa hopes this becomes A Moment of Healing. First, The Monster Among Men himself, BRAUN!

Strowman storms out to the ring and shakes hands with Alexa before taking a seat. Alexa welcomes Strowman and knows what happens when Strowman’s temper gets the best of him. Strowman’s flipped an ambulance with Roman Reigns inside, yanked down the stage on top of Brock Lesnar, and utterly destroyed one of Vince McMahon’s limousines. “Sure did.” Then what would happen if Michael Che and Colin Jost were to #GetThoseHands? The saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” Jost got him that tiny little convertible, Strowman thought about smashing Jost’s face in. Thank you for sharing your feelings, because that is the first step in the healing process. The next is listening, because via satellite, Michael and Colin!

Michael and Colin say hi, and Colin tries to compliment Strowman. Colin admits he made a mistake in Philly. He won’t put on a Mets hat, he’ll put on a Yankees hat. Boston hates that. Michael says that as a lifelong fan of the WWE, and even of Strowman, Michael respects Strowman. But Strowman also responded badly when he went after Colin. Colin may not be funny, but he’s a good guy. Colin wants to be a mentor, sincerely. He went to Harvard. His parents paid millions of dollars to get him on the Women’s Cross Country Team. Wait… Well, anyway, Colin can definitely teach Strowman how to eat, or how to read, or how to do his taxes.

And Colin knows Strowman is big and strong at 5’11” and 180 pounds, but they can talk this out. Michael says this isn’t how to do it. Colin sent him a car! Strowman, consider therapy! Or at least pay Colin back, with interest, and get him an autograph from Brock Lesnar. Or maybe they won’t go to Wrestlemania! Fans don’t care but Alexa can’t let that happen. Strowman has an idea. Michael said someone needs to take care of this, one way or another. Strowman goes with “option number three.” If Colin wants to make this right, he’ll get in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal! No way! He’s not- Listen up, smart guy! Get in the battle royal or Strowman will find you when you’re all alone! Michael accepts for Colin! WHAT?!

Listen, there’s a chance Colin will get hurt in the Battle Royal, but he will DEFINITELY be dead if this happens backstage. Michael promises Colin will be in that match and Michael will correspond alone. Colin says Michael’s the real WWE fan so he’s in, too! Colin starts a chant, but Strowman tells him to shut up. Can Alexa make this happen? As the host of Wrestlemania, she can’t do this for Strowman’s blood-lust. Michael breathes a sigh of relief, but Alexa was just kidding. This is happening! And if Michael and Colin no-show, they’ll be wondering for the rest of their lives when they’ll #GetTheseHands!


Elias is still in New York.

The Drifter has made his way to Madison Square Garden, “the world’s most famous arena.” Now it’s not Boston’s Garden, because that houses a bunch of slobs. Elias has sold this place out three times already, more than Billy Joel ever cold. Elias is given change? Does this city have no idea who he is?!


Baron Corbin VS Apollo Crews!

“Boston’s Favorite Son” is apparently anything but that, as he has every other accolade of his listed. But will he at least redeem himself from last week’s quick defeat?

Raw returns and Apollo rolls Corbin up! TWO, but Apollo mule kicks and sunset flips. TWO, and now Apollo crucifix, TWO! Apollo dropkicks Corbin to a corner then baits Corbin in. Corbin slides out then in but into a dropkick! Corbin staggers and Apollo clotheslines him out! Apollo hits the moonsault off the apron, then runs back in, only for Corbin to toss him into the post! Corbin refreshes the count to drag Apollo up and throw him into barriers. He puts Apollo back in the ring then shoves him into buckles. Corbin lifts and tosses Apollo down! Cover, TWO! Corbin argues with the ref, but then points to the Wrestlemania sign to taunt fans that he’s still going, whether we like it or not.

Corbin drags Apollo up but Apollo clotheslines him back! Apollo baits Corbin into the corner again, then enziguris him down! Apollo climbs and leaps, frog splash! Cover, TWO!! Corbin survives and gets to a corner. He puts Apollo on the apron but Apollo shoulders in. Apollo slingshots and runs, but into End of Days! Cover, Corbin wins!

Winner: Baron Corbin, by pinfall

The Lone Wolf has redeemed himself, but this is far from satisfactory. He drags Apollo up for another End of Days! Corbin grins and applauds, but will he be feeling good after facing Kurt Angle at Mania?


Seth Rollins is here!

The Architect, Mr. Royal Rumble 2019, goes to the ring and grabs a mic. Boston is ready to “Slay The Beast!” so Rollins cuts to the chase. Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins are not cut from the same cloth. The two roads that meet at Wrestlemania could not be any different. But there is only one road out, and it will be forged with the Universal Championship and by the man who will define the WWE’s future. It will either be Rollins or Lesnar, “and that’s really heavy.” But Rollins wants to carry that burden! Rollins wants to be a champion who inspires people. The champions who inspired Rollins were Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Triple H, and even John Cena. But Brock Lesnar does not inspire people.

It goes without saying that this will be Rollins’ biggest match yet. Rollins has wanted it for a long time, but until recently, he didn’t realize how much it means to the fans. Rollins did a meet ‘n’ greet and everyone who came up to him, regardless of who they were, they all said the same thing. Fans chant “Burn It Down!” and “Slay The Beast!” and Rollins says it was something like that. “Please beat Lesnar at Wrestlemania.” Rollins promised he’ll do everything he can to stop Lesnar, but now he has no choice. He MUST beat Brock Lesnar! Rollins refuses to let Lesnar be the champion that defines this company! In 13 days, Rollins will stand up to the bully that is The Beast.

And what Lesnar doesn’t understand is that with an army behind Rollins, he WILL be unstoppable! Together, they will march to Suplex City and #BURN IT- “Ladies and Gentlemen!” The Advocate, Paul Heyman, is here in Boston to say, “Thank you.” Heyman thanks Rollins for letting him know that the match is now a “Handicap Match”. It’ll be the reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion, BROCK LESNAR VS Seth Rollins & The WWE Universe. Heyman likes Lesnar’s odds, because Rollins’ chances of winning are zero. “Do you know how pathetic you sound, Seth?” Rollins needs the fans’ love, support and affirmation? Or perhaps their thoughts and prayers? Heyman mocks other requests for thoughts and prayers, but especially Rollins needing help not being beaten and victimized by Lesnar.

Heyman says Rollins needs those thoughts and prayers, because Rollins doesn’t have a thought on how to defeat Lesnar, nor a prayer in doing so. This isn’t personal, but when Lesnar does win, Rollins needs to take it personally when he and the WWE Universe fail at Wrestlemania. Heyman tosses the mic but Rollins chases him up the ramp! Rollins scares Heyman and Heyman suddenly says he’s just saying this because Lesnar wanted him to. Rollins laughs. This isn’t about getting thoughts and prayers, this is about answering them. “We are going to Wrestlemania! We are going to beat Brock Lesnar!” And WE are going to BURN IT DOWN!! Rollins carries the banner for the fans, but will he plant the flag in Suplex City’s ashes?

Kurt Angle makes his way out, and the “You Suck!” turns to Heyman. The Olympic Gold Medalist brings the Farewell Tour to Boston, but will it continue to be successful on the Road to Wrestlemania?


Kurt Angle VS Samoa Joe!

Angle and the Samoan Submission Machine have met before, but they’ll have their first and last match in the WWE in Boston! Will Angle win over the WWE United States Championship? Or will Joe tuck Angle in and make him go to sleep before ever making it to Wrestlemania?

Raw returns as Samoa Joe makes his entrance. Joe has a mic and asks Angle to forgive him. He forgot his bouquet of flowers to give to him. And though Joe knows the “scumbag New England mouth-breathers want it”, it’ll be a cold day into Hell before Angle can just ride off into the sunset. This is Wrestlemania Season, and stars around the world are getting ready for the big night. For Angle’s last night in Boston, Joe has a special gift. A good night’s sleep is very important, and Joe couldn’t think of a better way to say good-bye than putting Angle out once and for all. The bell rings and this very tense good-bye match begins!

Joe and Angle stare down, and then Joe headbutts Angle down! Joe stomps away on Angle, then stands him up for those swift jabs! Angle counter punches but Joe rakes his eyes! Joe brings Angle out and snap suplexes, but barely gets Angle over. Angle gets to a corner but Joe throws more hands. Fans rally behind Angle and he gets a waistlock on Joe! Joe elbows him off and snapmares him for stomps! Joe dropkicks Angle in the back, but Angle comes back with haymakers. Angle gets Joe on the ropes but Joe dumps Angle out, to DIVE! Joe bulldozes Angle into barriers and we go to break.

Raw returns and Angle fights his way out of Joe’s sleeper hold. Angle runs but Joe runs him over! Joe taunts Angle as he sits up. Joe puts him in the corner and trash talks before throwing more hands and CHOPS! Angle staggers away and Joe headbutts. Joe throws more jabs then brings Angle out for forearms. Joe runs but Angle ducks to German Suplex! Angle holds on for a second German Suplex! And then the hat trick! Cover, TWO! Angle gets back up and stalks Joe, but Joe fights out of the Angle Slam. Angle kicks but runs into an atomic drop. Joe boots and back sentons! Cover, TWO!! Angle lives and Joe is livid, but Joe keeps his eyes on Angle as he gets to a corner. Angle dodges Joe in the corner, ANGLE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Joe survives and Angle can’t believe it.

Angle fires up and goes for the ankle! Joe pushes him away, then gets up, to catch Angle for a powerslam! Cover, TWO!! Angle barely escapes but Joe keeps his focus. Joe puts Angle in a corner and on the top rope. Joe wants the Buster but Angle pushes him away. Angle hits a missile dropkick! The straps come down and Angle stalks Joe again. Angle lifts but Joe slips out to fire forearms and headbutts. Joe grabs Angle but Angle arm-drags him away. Angle rocks Joe with a right but runs into the sleeper! Joe squeezes and Angle fades, but fans give him a second wind! Angle rolls Joe to a cover, Angle wins!

Winner: Kurt Angle, by pinfall

The Farewell Tour wins by the skin of Angle’s teeth! Joe is shocked, will he be able to snap back before facing Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania? And what of Angle going over to SmackDown to face the Phenomenal AJ Styles?


Triple H is here!

The world heard what The Animal, Dave Batista, had to say about why he wants one more match at Wrestlemania, but now we hear The Game’s response, after the break.

Raw returns and HHH can’t believe the fans were giving an ovation that entire commercial break. It really was, trust him. But first thing’s first, congrats to the Raw Women’s Championship match for being THE main event at Wrestlemania. Congrats to them and all the women of WWE, past, present and future, because this was not given, it was earned. That’s the kind of thing that makes HHH happy. Just like coming out and realizing this mic is dry, unlike the one Batista spit all over. But some things upset HHH, like this thing buried in his pocket. He presents an envelope and a letter from Batista’s attorney. The letter states that Batista will not be competing at Wrestlemania after all. Unless HHH agrees to another stipulation.

This letter goes on and on, Batista says a lot of things like his recent realization that HHH started Evolution to protect himself. Really? Just figured that out 13 years later? Batista also realized that the moon isn’t made of cheese, so a big week for him. Batista also believes Evolution did nothing for him, except before then, he was just The Deacon following Reverend D-Von around. And then after Evolution, he was a world champion. Batista also believes HHH had an obsession that kept Batista down. Yet six world title reigns later, Batista quit when he couldn’t beat John Cena. Batista also thinks HHH kept Batista away from here, because HHH just refused to return his phone calls. HHH called Batista, but Batista’s manager said they should move Wrestlemania’s date to accommodate Batista’s shooting schedules.

But when the letter finally gets to Batista’s stipulation, as HHH will read now to properly reflect Batista’s feelings… “If you would like me to appear then at Wrestlemania, you will give me what I want. What I really, really want. I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want.” This goes on and on for pages! But the bottom line, Batista wants HHH’s career on the line. If Batista wins at Wrestlemania, HHH will never compete in the ring again. HHH tells “Dave” that he beat up a 70 year old man a year after being on his deathbed, all just to get a match at Mania. HHH agreed to that match, 75 THOUSAND people, and yet Batista still demands something. This is just another attempt by Batista to quit. HHH will not let Batista quit. He will make Batista stand up to his commitment.

Batista believes HHH is obsessed with Batista? HHH doesn’t give a crap about him! The only thing HHH is obsessed with is kicking Batista’s ass. And at this point in their careers, if HHH cannot beat a “self-deluded douchebag”, then he has no business being in the ring. If Batista wants HHH’s career on the line, “you’ve got it.” The Game plays Batista’s game, but will Batista regret even wanting to play?


Elias makes quite the haul.

“New York recognizes talent.” Elias has always felt that way. There’s maybe $2000 in his guitar case. New York is the greatest city in the world, so long as Elias is here. Elias will leave no doubt that there is one universal truth. And that is… you need to watch your money. A pickpocket gets away with some of Elias’ tips, but Elias will make way more than that at Wrestlemania. And then no one will doubt that WWE truly stands for #WalkWithElias. The pickpocket comes back to take the entire guitar case!


Last Man Standing: Drew McIntyre VS Dean Ambrose!

The Scottish Terminator thought he had terminated the Lunatic once and for all, but it seems even a Claymore off the stage wasn’t enough. Will Ambrose get payback for himself in such an extreme match? Or will McIntyre be the only one standing on the Road to Wrestlemania?

Raw returns once again as McIntyre makes his entrance. Ambrose is raring to go but the referee has him wait. The bell rings and Ambrose fires off! Ambrose punches and stomps McIntyre in a corner but McIntyre fights his way back out. McIntyre CHOPS Ambrose, then drags him up to CHOP again. McIntyre drags Ambrose up but Ambrose dodges to fire forearms. Ambrose whips but McIntyre reverses. Ambrose kicks and dumps McIntyre out. The Lunatic climbs up top and leaps but misses his Lunatic Elbow! McIntyre watches Ambrose as the count begins. The count climbs to 5 before Ambrose drags himself up. Ambrose stands at 8, but McIntyre is on him with a swinging slam into barriers! Ambrose is down again while we go to one last break.

Raw returns once again, and Ambrose headbutts McIntyre off the top rope. Ambrose adjusts and leaps but into a kendo stick SMASH! McIntyre SMACKS Ambrose more, then digs the stick’s bare tip into Ambrose’s face! McIntyre lets up to SMACK Ambrose against the ropes. The stick is splintered and McIntyre holds it up proudly. McIntyre dares Ambrose to stand back up, but Ambrose ducks and clotheslines McIntyre out! Ambrose builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit sends McIntyre into the barriers! They’re both down as the count begins. The count passes 5 but Ambrose is right up. McIntyre stands, too, but Ambrose throws hands. The Glasgow Kiss rocks Ambrose! McIntyre, bleeding from his back, brings Ambrose under the ring, to catapult guillotine him into the steel frame!

The referee counts on Ambrose but Ambrose is stirring. He stands at 5, but McIntyre has the steel steps! McIntyre rams Ambrose down! The referee counts again as Ambrose sputters and crawls. Ambrose forces himself up at 7! But McIntyre puts him back in the ring. McIntyre takes a chair from the timekeeper’s area and brings it into the ring. He wedges it in the corner and throws Ambrose. Ambrose slides to a stop and baits McIntyre in! McIntyre meets chair! DIRTY DEEDS! The count begins on McIntyre, but the Terminator stands at 8! Ambrose boots him back down then rains down rights! Ambrose hurries to fetch a TABLE! He sets it up in the corner to the liking of the fans. McIntyre manages to stand, and tackles Ambrose through the table!!

Fans lose their minds as the count begins again. McIntyre glares at Ambrose as Ambrose crawls from the wreckage. The count passes 5, then 7, and Ambrose stands at 9! CLAYMORE!! McIntyre knocks Ambrose right back down, and the count begins again. Ambrose slowly sits up but McIntyre looms over him. The count hits 10, McIntyre wins!

Winner: Drew McIntyre

The Terminator steps on Ambrose like the roach he called him. Will McIntyre do the same to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania?



My Thoughts:

Wrestlemania’s growing closer, but it seems Raw is slowing down. There was literally no need for the Beat the Clock Challenge tonight, and certainly not if someone other than Ronda was going to win it. Granted, the fans loved seeing Becky beat Ronda’s time, and it is something Becky can brag about in the two weeks left, but what does any of this do? The announcement that the three of them are THE main event should’ve been enough. They can talk, take credit, all of that, but there’s no need for matches like this at this point in time. For that matter, not even sure about next week having a Six Woman Tag where they join forces against Riott Squad. Pretty sure there will be dysfunction, and yet also a way where The Riott Squad still loses. This build’s homestretch just hit a speed bump.

I’m not entirely sure why Vince insists Finn has to beat everyone other than Lashley to prove he’s worthy of the title. I suppose it’s great for Lashley, but Mahal being dragged in was obviously so Lashley could lose without taking the pin. Finn VS Lashley, actually going 1v1, is still going to be good, and I’m still hoping Finn finally gets that win on Lashley directly to put this to bed. Elias’ New York promos were great, but especially the last one. I wonder if his greatest performance, aka greatest interruption, will actually be bigger than Jeff Jarrett now… Aleister & Ricochet are doing great, though at the cost of The Revival. I have a bad feeling that if Aleister & Ricochet are going for main roster tag titles at Wrestlemania, that means The Forgotten Sons win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic!!

So glad to see The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Fatal 4 Way IS happening! At the same time, Bayley seeing some of the Samoan sneak attack coming was good, because it really should’ve been obvious. This also gave Beth a great moment for herself to confirm that she’s coming back for this match. I still feel like it’s between Boss & Hug retaining or the IIconics taking the belts to SmackDown. SmackDown really needs to work on their Women’s Roster overall, so I’m leaning towards Boss & Hug retaining in a big way. The Strowman celebrity angle is starting to be like screeching brakes on the Road to Wrestlemania. For what it’s worth, everyone is properly selling the dialogue, it just seems weird that Colin and Michael will be in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. I really hope Strowman still wins it all, that’s the only way to salvage this.

Corbin VS Crews was alright, but it’s probably one of the things that makes the most sense tonight. Corbin needed to keep himself afloat or he really would look like the wrong choice for Angle’s farewell match at Mania. Of course, the Farewell Tour is still hitting the right notes. Angle VS Joe was a bit slow at the start but it got going, and naturally Angle wins. It actually helps both stories, Angle’s and Joe’s, that the win was a quick pin and not a finisher. It’s good to push Angle not quite being in his prime, to bring concern that he might not beat Corbin. And for Joe, it seems quick pins are becoming his weakness as this happened when Mysterio pinned him. Also good to know Angle VS Styles and Angle VS Mysterio are coming, those are going to be great for the Farewell Tour, too.

As for Ambrose constantly getting beat by McIntyre, I can’t be sure the reason other than to boost McIntyre. Roman’s brawl with McIntyre was good, and I suppose it makes sense for McIntyre to stand tall thanks to dirty tactics. McIntyre VS Ambrose was good, but the commercial interruption and the shortness overall kept it from being great. If the Beat the Clock Challenge wasn’t a thing, all of that match time could’ve gone to this. Perhaps this is not only to boost McIntyre, but to make it seem less and less likely Ambrose will even be able to help Roman at Wrestlemania. Rollins had a great promo with Heyman tonight, but there’s no guarantees he actually will #SlayTheBeast. It might only be Roman having a good night at Wrestlemania at this point.

My Score: 7.7/10

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