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NXT UK Coverage


Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (10/24/18)

NXT UK rolls on with more action and more in-ring debuts! While Tyler Bate wants part of the tag team titles, will he still win in singles against Wolfgang?



  • Ligero VS Mike Hitchman; Ligero wins.
  • Dakota Kai VS Killer Kelly; Kai wins.
  • Ashton Smith VS Tucker; Smith wins.
  • Tyler Bate VS Wolfgang; Bate wins.


Ligero VS Mike Hitchman!

The luchador of Leeds has been all over the United Kingdom and the world, and is one of the most experienced superstars on the roster. But the Wild Boar of Wales looks for payback from their Royal Albert Hall match back in June, which you can find exclusively on WWE’s Youtube!

The bell rings and Cambridge is behind Ligero. Hitchman kicks and clubs away on Ligero and fans boo. Hitchman fireman’s carry but Ligero pops out and brings Hitchman to the ropes. Ligero is bucked off but ducks the lariat to speed up and huricanrana! Fans fire up as Ligero brings Hitchman up. Hitchman punches back and whips Ligero but Ligero slips under. Ligero blocks a kick and sweeps the legs, then hits a standing moonsault! Cover, ONE, but the Boar backs off to a corner. Ligero runs in but is put on the apron, only to leap back in. He baits Hitchman into a back elbow, then hops up for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Ligero keeps his cool as fans rally up behind him. He brings Hitchman up but Hitchman blocks the whip with strength.

Hitchman whips Ligero to a corner, then rams his shoulder in! He pumphandle exploder suplexes Ligero, then covers, TWO! Hitchman keeps his cool as he wrenches Ligero’s neck. Fans rally up but Hitchman shifts to a half nelson. Hitchman adds a chinbar, but Ligero endures. Ligero pries his way out and gets to his feet. Ligero shoves Hitchman, runs into a tilt-o-whirl but makes it his own splash! Cover, ONE, but Ligero rallise with lariats! Hitchman gets to a corner, Ligero runs in for the clothesline, then runs for the shotgun dropkick! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up again as Ligero aims at Hitchman. Hitchman reels Ligero into the fireman’s carry to toss him, and drop a back senton! Ligero gets to a corner, Hitchman hits the inverted tumbleweed cannonball! Cover, TWO!

Hitchman is furious but he keeps on Ligero with a whip. Pop-up Powerbomb! Cover, TWO! Hitchman is shocked but fans are behind Ligero. Ligero crawls for a corner as Hitchman takes aim. Hitchman runs in but into a boot! Ligero goes up and over Hitchman to mule kick a leg out. Ligero runs, springboard tornado DDT! Cover, Ligero wins!

Winner: Ligero, by pinfall

The bull bests the boar in both men’s NXT UK TV debut! Will Ligero light up the roster and climb towards the WWE United Kingdom Championship?


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Dakota Kai VS Killer Kelly!

Normally, Team Kick’s Captain is part of the American NXT. But now that the United Kingdom’s NXT has opened, Dakota is open to trying her hand, and her feet, at a new Women’s Division. However, she’ll be going up the lethal lady from Lisbon, Portugal who loves to kick, punch and whatever else she needs to do to win. Will Dakota’s start in NXT UK also be her end?

The bell rings and fans duel. Dakota and Kelly tie up and push each other around. Kelly gets the headlock and the takeover, but Dakota makes it an armlock! Kelly stands up, Dakota whips but Kelly reverses. Dakota goes up and over to then get to the far corner. Kelly runs in but Dakota goes up to roll her up, TWO! Dakota gets a leg takedown to hit the double stomp! Kelly sits up, to get a Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Dakota brings Kelly up but Kelly gives a jawbreaker. Kelly runs at Dakota in the corner for a superman forearm! Then she runs to boot Dakota down! Cover, TWO! Kelly keeps on Dakota with a ground ‘n’ pound of hammer fists. Dakota covers up but Kelly stomps her and stalks her.

Kelly grabs the legs to start the surfboard, and grabs the arms. Kelly brings Dakota up, into the dragon sleeper! Dakota is stuck but fans rally up. Dakota pries out of the sleeper, but Kelly shoves her forward on her face. Kelly brings Dakota back up, suplex into a corner. Fans rally up as Kelly aims and shouts. Kelly runs in for the hesitation dropkick! Cover, TWO! Fans applaud Dakota’s toughness, but Kelly brings her up. Kelly wants the German Suplex but Dakota victory rolls, TWO! Kelly blocks Dakota’s punch with a boot, then gets the German Suplex release! Dakota flounders to a corner and Kelly fires up again. Kelly runs in but into a drop toehold. She hits buckles while Dakota gets away.

Dakota sees Kelly coming and blocks to counter punch. Dakota throws forearms, then the scorpion kick! Bicycle boot! Kelly’s in the corner now, and Dakota goes around the world for the boot! Then side to side for the wash! Dakota drags Kelly out and fires up, for the sunset backstabber! Cover, Dakota wins!

Winner: Dakota Kai, by pinfall

The Captain kick-starts her NXT UK run with a victory! Is this just the first of many?

In-ring interview with Dakota Kai.

Dakota made a very impressive debut with that win. How does she feel? “It feels pretty damn good.” Dakota has been privileged to perform all over the world, from Australia to the States, from New Zealand to Japan, but “nothing compares to performing in front of you guys, the UK crowd.” Cambridge appreciates that. But with that said, the NXT UK Women’s Championship is on the way. And it doesn’t matter if it’s US or UK, if there’s a title on the line, Dakota wants in! “And I’m not afraid to kick anyone’s head off who gets in my way.” Can Dakota continue towards the top and be the inaugural title holder? Can Killer Kelly make a comeback in her own time?


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Eddie Dennis has more to say.

The long-time friend of Mark Andrews and Pete Dunne shares more about his shared experience with the High-Fiving, Stage-Diving rockstar and the Bruiserweight. There was always a bit of an age gap, and as Dennis approached his 30’s, becoming a principal to an elite private school, Dunne and Andrews were stuck at home with their parents struggling to become wrestlers. But as they were “flying themselves to America and Japan”, they became big names in the independent wrestling scene. January 2017, Dennis watched them both compete in the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament. Dennis watched his friends live their dream without him. “Ask yourselves: How do you think that made me feel?” Clearly Dennis has some bitterness, but who will he take that out on once he debuts?


Zack Gibson heads to the ring!

Liverpool’s Number One failed to become the UK’s Number One over the Summer in the second WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament. However, he did push Pete Dunne to his limits, and that in itself is an accomplishment. Gibson is here in Cambridge and the fans shower him with boos and jeers as he says he is “soon to be recognized as the world’s number one!” But more importantly, he’ll soon be NXT UK’s Number One. “At the Royal Albert Hall, I beat Jack Gallagher, I beat Flash Morgan Webster and I beat Travis Banks, so I can stand here and say I am the 2018 WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament winner!” Three matches in one night and with no rest or time to prepare. Yet still, he walked to the ring to fight Pete Dunne. Cambridge tells him “You Suck!” but he wants his mic turned all the way up.

Gibson continues to say that while having no rest, Gibson still took Dunne to the limits. A fresh Gibson can beat a fresh Dunne on any given night, “and the Bruiserweight knows it.” That match was meant to be Gibson VS Dunne, but it turned into Gibson VS Dunne & the entire Royal Albert Hall waving their shoes and distracting him at every moment. Cambridge sings “If you hate Gibson, stand up~!” Gibson also feels he has been denied the rematch he deserves, yet Noam Dar gets his shot after weeks of preparation, only to let the title slip through his fingers. Cambridge says “If you hate Gibson, shoes up!”

Gibson wants Dunne to ignore the fans, and to know that the next time they face off, “the result will be very, very different.” Gibson declares himself the future of NXT UK and the future champion, “because this is a face you can build a brand around.” Not like Noam Dar. Dar was an embarrassment in the Cruiserweight Classic, on 205 Live and in last week’s NXT UK premiere. If you put Dar into an internet search, you’ll just get Dar doing his “ridiculous, rotten poses.” But here comes Dar! The Scottish Supernova skips the mic and wants a fight.

But GM Johnny Saint comes out to hold this fight off. “Don’t even think about it.” Both of them are called into the GM’s office instead! Dar taunts Gibson for being in trouble. Gibson pleads as he follows Saint and Dar to the back. What will Saint have to say about Liverpool’s Number One and Scottish Supernova wanting at each other and at the UK Championship?


WWE and NXT UK, meet Ashton Smith.

Birmingham’s brawler hits hard with “pure aggression and fire.” He’s fast and scrappy and isn’t afraid to do what he has to in order to win. Witness Ashton’s NXT UK TV debut, next!

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Backstage interview with Travis Banks.

The Kiwi Buzzsaw was last seen at the Royal Albert Hall, but how is he feeling on the verge of an NXT UK debut? Banks trains in martial arts, that’s what got him here. He hopes to be champion, but must first get back at the Coffey Brothers. Mark and Joe are his first targets, but will even a Kiwi Buzzsaw be able to cut them down to size?


Ashton Smith VS Tucker!

It’s a Birmingham and Belfast battle as the young star takes on the lifelong underdog. Who will be victorious in their NXT UK TV debut?

The bell rings and the two circle. Smith and Tucker tie up, Smith snapmares Tucker but backs off. They circle again and tie up. Smith blocks a hip toss to give an arm-drag and fans cheer. Tucker is a bit frustrated but he does applaud Smith for that one. They tie up again and Tucker knees low to club Smith on the back. Tucker chops Smith then wrenches the arm. He whips Smith to a corner, then runs in. Smith gives a back elbow, then runs for the leap frog. He runs and sunset flips, TWO and Tucker mule kicks. Tucker chops and snapmares to a cover, TWO! Tucker brings Smith up, clubs him and puts on a headlock. Smith powers out but Tucker knocks Smith down with forearms. Fans applaud as things speed up.

Tucker stops the monkey flip to make it a cover! TWO and now Smith has the cover, TWO! They separate and stand off, fans applaud. Tucker kicks Smith’s leg and clubs his back. He chops Smith more, then throws forearms. Tucker runs but into a dropkick! Smith has Tucker in a corner and whips him corner to corner. Tucker wants a time out, saying it’s his back. But then he sucker punches Smith and gives him heavy forearms. Tucker throws more hands, then suplexes Smith! Cover, ONE, but Tucker has him in a chinlock. Fans rally up and Smith fights up. Smith suplexes but Tucker slips out, only to walk into another! Smith fires up and throws hands. Tucker mule kicks and front kicks, but Smith blocks the superkick. Smith flips Tucker for a bicycle boot!

Tucker staggers back, Smith runs in, big knee strike! He keeps going side to side, for the boot wash! Tucker flops down and Smith fires up. Smith runs at Tucker, gets him in the dragon sleeper, Ash Cloud ripcord DDT! Cover, Smith wins!

Winner: Ashton Smith, by pinfall

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It may be called the Ash Could, but Smith’s finisher isn’t just blowing smoke. Smith wins in his debut, will he continue on towards title contention?


WWE and NXT UK, meet Danny Burch.

“I didn’t come from much.” Born and raised in the East End, nothing’s come easy. But he’s proud to have scratched and clawed to get his opportunities. Burch has done well in American NXT but is ready to make his mark in his home country. He’s built 15 years of experience, and with this new brand, he feels it’s all led up to this moment. Burch wants to be remembered as one of his own, and Burch wants nothing more to be WWE UK Champion. He makes his debut next week, who will be facing the highly motivated British brawler?


Tyler Bate VS Wolfgang!

The inaugural WWE UK Champion wants to find his way back to that belt, but the Last King of Scotland wants his own rematch with the Bruiserweight. Which man denies the other a step towards the title?

Fan chant for the “Big Strong Boy!” as the bell rings. Bate and Wolfgang circle as fans start singing for Bate. Wolfgang doesn’t want any of it as he ties up with Bate. Bate tries to push Wolfgang back but Wolfgang puts him on the rope. Wolfgang backs up to look as if he’ll mock the mustache, but instead howls. Bate and Wolfgang circle again as fans rally up. They tie up, and Bate gets the wristlock. Bate wrenches but Wolfgang gets the waistlock. Fans chant “Big Strong Boy!” as Bate pries his way out and gets a headlock. Wolfgang lifts Bate and puts him on the apron gently. Wolfgang howls again, but Bate isn’t intimidated.

Bate and Wolfgang circle, and Bate calls for the test of strength! Wolfgang grins, and decides to test Bate. They approach and lock knuckle locks on. They push each other and Wolfgang brings Bate to a knee! Bate gets back up as fans rally behind him! Bate starts pushing Wolfgang! But Wolfgang comes back, so Bate rolls back, spins and kips up to a dropkick! Bate kips up again to check the mustache and flex. Wolfgang checks his teeth, then circles with Bate again. They tie up again, and Wolfgang knees low. But Bate fireman’s carry! Wolfgang slips out and gets to a corner. Bate runs in but Wolfgang tosses him! Wolfgang runs to give Bate the kitchen sink knee, then an elbow drop. Cover, TWO!

Wolfgang stalks Bate into European Uppercuts. Fans rally up as Wolfgang suplexes and hangs Bate out on the ropes. Bate flops to the floor while fans boo and jeer Wolfgang. Wolfgang comes back but Bate tries to fight back from the mat. Wolfgang kicks Bate in the ribs, and Bate crawls to a corner. Bate hits back even so, and gives Wolfgang some EuroUppers! Wolfgang forearms Bate, then gives him EuroUppers. Fans duel now as Wolfgang whips Bate to a corner hard. Cover, TWO! Wolfgang keeps his cool as he puts Bate in a bearhug. He rolls Bate around as he squeezes. Fans rally up and Bate endures. Bate feeds off the energy and fights back. Wolfgang lifts Bate and keeps that bearhug on! Wolfgang thrashes Bate around, but fans still rally for Bate.

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Bate fights out with an ear clap! He boots Wolfgang from a corner, then throws those boxing blows! Bate whips but Wolfgang reverses. Wolfgang blocks a boot but gets the kick, then the flying EuroUpper! Both men slowly stir as fans cheer. Bate runs in at Wolfgang for the EuroUpper! He wants the exploder but Wolfgang denies it. Wolfgang whips but Bate comes back with the rebound lariat! Wolfgang doesn’t fall, so Bate gives him another! Still nothing, so Bate tries a third! Wolfgang drops to a knee, but Bate brings him up for an airplane spin! Around and around and around Bate goes, and he dumps Wolfgang down. Standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang survives and fans duel again.

Bate stands up, double underhooks, but Wolfgang denies it with a back drop. Bate lands on his feet, knees Wolfgang away, but leaps into the German Suplex! Both men stand, Wolfgang SPEARS Bate! Cover, TWO!! Bate lives and fans are fired up! Wolfgang wants to finish it here as he climbs up top. Bate leaps up to headbutt him back! Bate climbs up to join Wolfgang, but Wolfgang fights him off. Wolfgang adjusts, Howler swanton misses! Bate gets Wolfgang up, but Wolfgang shoves him, so he comes back with the rolling kick! Then the double underhook, Tyler Driver ’97! Cover, Bate wins!

Winner: Tyler Bate, by pinfall

The Big Strong Boy is victorious in his NXT UK in-ring debut! Between the Tag Team and singles Divisions, is Bate poised for no less than one title in the near future?



My Thoughts:

A solid second episode for NXT UK. Very little time wasted with talking, we get a lot of action in in just an hour. Ligero VS Hitchman was a pretty great opener, and I didn’t even realize they had a match that wasn’t included in the WWE United Kingdom Championship special back in June. Ligero is definitely a great get for WWE, he helps build up the card in the eyes of the UK scene. I was surprised to see Ashton Smith being built up, but he does have great attributes that can’t be taught. The show is building itself from scratch, but whatever mid-card they end up with will still be very solid.

I’m also liking that in NXT UK, Dar is upper-mid, perhaps even top of the card material. Dar VS Gibson will be a great match, but I’m betting Gibson wins to make his point that he deserves another shot at Pete Dunne. Tyler Bate VS Wolfgang was a really good main event, and Bate winning here is fine. Bate needs to be strong in singles as well as tag if Mustache Mountain is to be a credible choices for those NXT UK Tag Team Championships. The Coffey Brothers are also strong choices, but they’ve got Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster and Travis Banks coming after them. Throw in Eddie Dennis, who had a great promo, I think Dennis goes after Andrews, leaving Webster & Banks to be a makeshift team to go at the Coffey Brothers.

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The Women’s Division is also looking good. I’m surprised to see Dakota Kai here as well as NXT US, but she’s well-liked by both crowds so she’ll go far. She might need to tighten up that sunset flip backstabber destroyer combo if it’s meant to be her finisher. And unless there are big call ups from NXT US to the main roster, Dakota might be better suited to NXT UK so she can have a chance at a title. If anything, Dakota could potentially find herself contending for both, or in a position we recently saw with the NXT North American VS United Kingdom Championships. Dakota as a champion defending against another champion, or even challenging both champions, would be great for her.

My Score: 8.2/10


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