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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (10/31/18)



NXT UK Coverage

It’s All Hallows’ Eve, and we’re treated to a double dose of NXT UK! Will Noam Dar make Zack Gibson pay for calling him an “embarrassment” to the Division?



  • Episode 3: Trent Seven VS Saxon Huxley; Seven wins.
  • Episode 3: Flash Morgan Webster VS Mark Coffey w/ Joe Coffey; Webster wins.
  • Episode 3: Danny Burch VS Sam Gradwell; Burch wins.
  • Episode 3: Noam Dar VS Zack Gibson; Gibson wins.
  • Episode 4: Mustache Mountain VS Saxon Huxley & Sam Gradwell; Mustache Mountain wins.
  • Episode 4: Isla Dawn VS Nina Samuels; Dawn wins.
  • Episode 4: Jordan Devlin VS Tucker; Devlin wins.
  • Episode 4: Travis Banks Mark Andrews VS Wolfgang; Andrews wins.


Trent Seven VS Saxon Huxley!

The Man from Mustache Mountain wants after the NXT UK Tag Team Championships, but that requires there to be a Tag Division. So in the meantime, he’ll take on singles action against the Muscle Cat! Will the Seven Stars shine bright tonight? Or will the Mystical Machine make a molehill out of Mustache Mountain?

Before the match, we hear Saxon’s message to the NXT UK Universe. This brand has been what he’s been waiting for since losing in the inaugural WWE UK Championship tournament. He’s burned off the deadwood, and now he unleashes the “Divine Beast” that was dormant within him. The bell rings, and we begin!

Fans sing for Seven as he circles with Saxon. They tie up and push each other around. Seven puts Saxon in a corner but backs off at 2. Seven and Saxon circle again, then tie up. Now Saxon powers Seven to a corner. Saxon backs off but grabs Seven’s arm. He throws hands and wrenches the wrist. Seven spins and squats to get free. Seven chops but Saxon blocks with a forearm. Saxon throws forearms and has Seven in a corner, to then push him all the way to the other corner. He throws in a knee and brings Seven out, but Seven gives him a CHOP! And another chop, and then fakes the chop to hit a DDT! Fans fire up as Seven runs in at Saxon for another chop! Seven wrings Saxon out but Saxon ducks to shove and tackle! Cover, TWO!

Saxon keeps his cool as he stomps Seven. He clubs Seven down then covers, TWO! Seven gets to a corner, but Saxon is on him with haymakers. Seven hits back but Saxon clubs him down again. Cover, TWO! Fans tease Saxon for looking like “Tarzan Jesus!” for wearing those tiger stripe tights. Saxon clobbers Seven then taunts the crowd. Fans jeer as he drags Seven up. Saxon puts Seven in a cobra clutch, and brings Seven back down. Fans rally up for Seven and he powers up. Saxon swings Seven out for a shoulder ram, then puts the clutch back on. Seven endures as Saxon thrashes him around.

Fans continue to rally and Seven gets up. Seven fights with body shots but Saxon knees low. Saxon swings Seven out in an attempt to steal the lariat, but Seven dodges to hit HIS Seven Star Lariat! But he doesn’t cover here, he gives Saxon more sharp chops! He lights Saxon up in a corner, then whips him corner to corner. Seven runs in but into a boot. Saxon runs out but into a back drop! Saxon staggers up, Seven chops him again. Seven walks into a right hand but gives a back hand, then a snap dragon suplex! Seven lifts Saxon in the torture rack, for a Burning Hammer! Cover, Seven wins!

Winner: Trent Seven, by pinfall

Saxon was strong but Seven still gets it done in singles competition! Both Seven and Bate look strong in recent singles matches, but who will meet them in tag team competition?


NXT UK, meet The Coffey Brothers.

Joe and Mark made quite the impact in the 2018 UK Championship Tournament special, but not in a match. They ran over Mark Andrews, Travis Banks and Flash Morgan Webster with ease. The brothers have each other’s back, but how will younger Mark fair against Flash (Ah~) Morgan Webster in their shared NXT UK TV in-ring debut?


Backstage interview with Flash Morgan Webster.

What is his game plan for the ruthless Mark Coffey? Simple, it’s the Modfather style and innovation he brings every match. The Coffey boys have been a thorn in his side since Royal Albert Hall. Flash vows to get payback, because #InModWeTrust.

Flash Morgan Webster VS Mark Coffey w/ Joe Coffey!

The High-Fiving, Stage-Diving Mark Andrews failed to get his revenge on older brother Joe, and ended up in a fight with both brothers in the NXT UK premiere. However, the Modfather helped Andrews out and ran the Coffey Brothers off. Will Flash fair better against younger brother Mark? Or will he end up in his own 2v1 assault?

The bell rings and the two circle. Flash keeps on the outside but Mark corners him. Mark throws heavy hands, but Flash gets away. They circle again, Flash ducks to give kicks from left and right. Mark shoves but Flash speeds things up. Flash runs and manages an arm-drag, then another. He gets a third, then has the armlock. Fans applaud but Mark gets up. They end up on ropes, and Flash lets Mark go. Mark whips Flash but Flash speeds things up again to hit a huricanrana, then a Penalty Kick to imploding senton! Cover, TWO! Mark rolls out and regroups with brother Joe. Flash takes aim at them both, but Joe gets in the way. Fans boo while the referee reprimands Joe.

Flash swings at Joe, but gets Mark’s running uppercut! Mark stomps away as fans boo. Mark drops knees, then throws forearms. Flash gets up but Mark is on him with a European Uppercut. Mark wrenches Flash into a Russian leg sweep, then drags him up for a back suplex. Bridge cover, TWO! Joe coaches up his brother as Flash gets to ropes. Mark throws hands again, then whips Flash corner to corner hard. Flash hits the mat, Mark covers, TWO! Mark keeps his cool as he rains down rights. Flash sits up but Mark keeps knocking him down. Mark drags Flash up, wrenches the arm and hits a big back suplex. Cover, TWO! Mark tries again, TWO! And again, TWO! Mark grows frustrated that Flash won’t stop fighting.

Flash kicks back but Mark stomps him. Flash keeps fighting and now it’s a back and forth brawl. Fans fire up as Flash fires off many strikes. Mark shoves him back, but Flash goes up and over to then run and spin Mark, before hitting a corkscrew quebrada! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as both men stand. Mark staggers but Flash counter punches him. Flash rocks Mark with a right then a knee trigger! Mark rolls out again, and Joe goes to his side. Joe tries to block Flash again, so Flash goes to the apron and gets around him for a swinging huricanrana! Flash puts Mark in but has to keep his eye on Joe. Flash goes back to Mark but Mark gets him in a suplex! Cover, TWO! Flash crawls while Mark grows frustrated.

Mark brings Flash up, rocks him with a EuroUpper, but then misses the clothesline. Flash pushes him away, then leaps. His leg doesn’t quite get him all the way there, but he jumps again for an enziguri! Flash keeps going as he climbs up. Joe goes after him but Flash gives him a Penalty Kick! Mark rocks Flash with a forearm, then suplexes him in. Flash slips around to a crucifix pin, Flash wins!

Winner: Flash Morgan Webster, by pinfall

The Modfather had his head on a swivel, and he gets the win. But he also gets a beating! The Coffey Brothers clobber him down, but here come Mark Andrews AND Travis Banks! The Kiwi Buzzsaw wants his part of the payback, and the two of them stand on the apron. Mark and Joe bark at them, ready for a fight, but Flash gets his helmet! The Coffey Brothers realize they’re outnumbered, so they get out quick and retreat. Mark and Joe get away for now, but when will they have to face the consequences of their Royal Albert Hall attack?


NXT UK, prepare to meet Jinny.

“Alluring, but savage. Captivating, but cruel.” The fierce fashionista will teach everyone a lesson in fashion they’ll never forget. She’s got style, she’s got grace, and looks to put the growing NXT UK Women’s Division in its place. Who will join Jinny on the catwalk for a fashionable fight?


Danny Burch VS Sam Gradwell!

The Boston Brawler has done alright in the American NXT alongside Oney Lorcan, but now he wants to remind the UK that he’s one of their own. Meanwhile, the man Pete Dunne sucker punched in the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament is back to prove he’s not to be overlooked. Burch and Gradwell are gritty as they come, but who will hit harder and get the win?

The bell rings and Gradwell mouths off at the fans mouthing off at him. Burch gets his attention, he’s Gradwell’s opponent. Gradwell agrees, and we have a brawl! They throw forearms back and forth, and Burch gets an edge. Burch throws EuroUppers until Gradwell falls! Burch puts Gradwell in a corner for a mudhole stomp. Gradwell hits back with a sucker punch, then a clubbing forearm. Gradwell gives EuroUppers back, then says “Shh!” as he clobbers Burch on the back! He snapmares Burch down for a falling headbutt! Fans tell Gradwell “You Look Stupid!”, perhaps a reference to a resemblance to Sheamus. Gradwell ignores the jeers as he brings Burch up for body shots. He reels Burch into a fireman’s carry but Burch slips out for a German Suplex! Gradwell is up so Burch clotheslines him down! Cover, TWO!

Burch keeps his cool while Gradwell checks his shoulder. Burch stands Gradwell up for EuroUppers, and dares Gradwell to get up each time. Gradwell slips out of the facelock to a Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO! Gradwell kicks Burch while he’s down, but the ref stops him. He gets up and eggs Burch on now. He toys with Burch but Burch just grits his teeth. Gradwell grabs an ear, Burch breaks free to rock Gradwell with a right! Both men are down but fans rally up. The ref starts a 10 count, but both men get up at 5. Fans sing as Burch and Gradwell egg each other on.

Gradwell runs in for a forearm, Burch gives a body shot back. They brawl, Gradwell throwing heavy forearms but Burch using boxing style. Burch gets a boot, staggers about, but ducks under to give back forearms. He stands Gradwell up, Gradwell gives him a EuroUpper, but Burch comes back with a headbutt! Burch is on Gradwell, suplex lift for a top-rope draping DDT! Cover, Burch wins!

Winner: Danny Burch, by pinfall

The match wasn’t pretty, but it was bloody gritty! Burch wins his NXT UK TV debut, and will surely look to climb up to the Bruiserweight’s UK Championship.

In-ring interview with Danny Burch!

What a great performance! How does it feel to be performing back in the UK? Burch says it’s amazing to be back! He was born in London, he’s a proud Englishman, and no matter where he goes, this here will always be home for him! Fans appreciate that sentiment. Burch continues to say this means so much, “because for 15 years, I traveled the world, flying the flag for British Wrestling”, with his blood, sweat and tears so that he could be anywhere in the world, look anyone in the eye, and know he’s earned their respect. Fans know “You Deserve It!”

But in seriousness, Burch knows he can look in the eyes of anyone in the NXT UK locker room, that he’s earned their respect. Burch is in the prime of his career, in the best shape of his life, but this isn’t about respect anymore. He wants someone’s attention. And that someone is the WWE UK Champion, Pete Dunne! Burch calls out the Bruiserweight. British Strong Style? Burch was British Strong Style while Dunne was in diapers with snot running down his face. But in all due respect, Burch isn’t hard to find. He’ll be in the locker room, simply saying, “Come ‘n’ have a go if you think you’re hard enough!” Burch calls his shot, will the Bruiserweight give him it?


NXT UK, meet Jordan Devlin.

The Irish Ace is ready to be known as something more than just Finn Balor’s student. Devlin has a mean streak as the “most explosive, aggressive and athletic” superstar on the roster. Everyone will find out they’re not in the United Kingdom, but in the Kingdom of Jordan Devlin.


Noam Dar VS Zack Gibson!

The Scottish Supernova got his shot at Pete Dunne in the series premiere while Liverpool’s Number One had his back at Royal Albert Hall. Neither man succeeded in dethroning the Bruiserweight, but now they look to prove who deserves yet another chance. Who will win this match to make big moves back towards the WWE UK Championship?

The bell rings and the two circle. Cambridge jeers Gibson but he tunes it out as he ties up with Dar. He brings Dar down into an armlock, but Dar gets up. Gibson wrenches the arm but Dar rolls through to wrench back. Gibson rolls but Dar brings him back down. Dar wrenches the arm but Gibson gets up. He keeps on Gibson as he encourages the fans to sing “If you hate Gibson, shoes up!” Dar then shifts to a facelock and takedown. Cover, ONE, and the two back off. Dar puts his feet up to say he agrees with the fans. Gibson says Dar needs to ignore the fans, but Dar shoes off his shoe as further point. Dar circles with Gibson again and they tie up. Gibson gets the arm, wrenches and rolls Dar, then wrings out the arm.

Dar gets to a corner, but fans continue to jeer Gibson with songs. Gibson and Dar circle again, and Dar gets a waistlock. Gibson gets the arm and a wristlock takedown. He wants the armbar but Dar bridges. Dar works his way out of the headscissor, then has Gibson in a leg butterfly stretch. Dar shifts that into an Indian Deathlock, and wants to take Gibson’s boots off! Gibson resists so Dar just completes the lock and snaps it back. Dar then shifts to Penalty Kick the shins. Gibson backs away to ropes so Dar gives him a breather. They circle and tie up, Gibson rolls Dar into a grounded armlock. Gibson works over the wrist but Dar gets up. Fans rally as Dar endures the attack on the arm. Dar tries a few different counters but Gibson holds on. Dar tries to throw Gibson off but Gibson holds on.

Gibson trash talks Dar but Dar gets up and gets Gibson in a facelock. Gibson holds on as Dar continues to attempt powering out. Dar throws body shots, then uses a leg to flip thruogh. Gibson whips him at a corner but Dar goes up and around to roll Gibson. Gibson tries to sit on the cover but Dar sunset flips it. ONE, crucifix pin, TWO! Dar keeps on Gibson with a backslide attempt that goes around and around, but Gibson breaks free to knee low. Gibson runs but Dar goes sideways to sweep the leg! Gibson clutches his ankle while getting to ropes. Fans sing for Dar as he aims at Gibson. Gibson stands on the apron as Dar goes over, but Gibson hotshots the arm! Gibson hobbles up but Dar sweeps the legs again!

Dar goes out to the apron while Gibson’s on the ground. Gibson grabs Dar’s leg, yanks him in, and wants a suplex. Dar has the guillotine facelock so Gibson shoves him off. Dar uses the ramp to hit a flying dropkick to the knees! Gibson clutches his legs while the referee checks on him. Fans fire up with Dar as he brings Gibson up. Dar throws forearms, then puts Gibson in the ring. Cover, TWO! Dar brings Gibson up, quick back suplex and cover, TWO! Gibson survives but still works on getting his legs working. Dar is on Gibson, throws forearms again, then whips. Gibson reverses into a hammerlock DDT! Gibson doesn’t cover, he grounds ‘n’ pounds! Fans say “If you hate Gibson, stand up!” Gibson stands and fans boo.

Gibson hobbles to Dar and throws stomps and forearms in the corner. He reels Dar into a lariat, then covers, TWO! The fans sing “If you hate Gibson, sit down!” Gibson has Dar in a keylock, then brings him around for a half nelson chinbar. Fans rally for Dar and Dar works his way up. Gibson grabs Dar’s arm and wrenches the wrist. Dar snapmares Gibson but Gibson holds onto the hand. Gibson hammerlocks and stomps the arm on the mat! Gibson mocks the pinkies out while he slaps Dar around. Fans sing for Dar as he gets up and fights back. Gibson takes Dar down and tweaks the ankle! Gibson goes back to the arm but fans don’t stop cheering for Dar, even as Gibson throws Dar with an armbar suplex! Dar crawls but Gibson toys with him. Fans again say “If you hate Gibson, stand up!”

Dar ducks the clothesline to give throat chop, headbutt and uppercut! Dar runs in but gets an enziguri! Gibson hops up but Dar sweeps his legs again! Gibson flounders to a corner, Dar hits a big back elbow! Dar reels Gibson in, Northern Lights Suplex! Float over cover, TWO! Both men are down and fans again stand up. Dar fires himself up and brings Gibson up. Fisherman Suplex! Cover, TWO!! Dar almost had Gibson, but Gibson’s still hurting. Dar stalks him to ropes and unleashes strikes! Gibson shoves Dar away then wrings the arm. Dar rolls through but runs into throat chops! Gibson hops up, leaps for a flying code breaker! Cover, TWO!! Dar lives and Gibson can’t believe it! Fans rally for Dar as he and Gibson stir.

Gibson sits up first, and he stalks Dar. Gibson drags Dar over and gets the arm. Dar reaches for ropes but Gibson brings Dar around for forearms. Then the armlock! Gibson rear mounts but Dar resists and gets the ropebreak! Gibson doesn’t let up so Dar throws him out. Dar shoves Gibson away but Gibson comes back for more, powerbomb on the ramp! Fans lose their minds while the referee checks on Dar. Gibson returns to the ring and wants the count to end this. Fans boo but the count begins. Dar stirs but the count passes 5. Dar crawls, returns to the apron at 9, and gets in just in time! But Gibson is on him, with the Shankly Gates! Gibson sits down deep as he pulls back hard. Dar endures, reaches, and gets another ropebreak! Gibson backs off and fans chant “YES! YES!”

Gibson continues to say Dar needs to ignore the fans. He throws a forearm in Dar’s face, then mocks Dar’s other poses. Gibson kicks Dar while he’s down, then throws more forearms. He toys with Dar, but Dar hits him back! Dar sweeps the legs yet again! Dar is up and fans fire up, pinkies out! Gibson ducks the kick! Then has the arm again! Dar victory rolls Gibson, TWO!! So close, and even Gibson is shocked he got free. Gibson runs but misses, Dar sweeps the legs. Dar hurries to a corner while Gibson is down. Dar climbs up, takes aim, and double stomps the knees!! Gibson is writhing and shouting in pain, but fans know “You Deserve It!” Dar grits his teeth while Gibson begs for mercy.

Gibson drags himself up, and throws a forearm. Dar hits back and now we have a brawl. Dar hits, Gibson goes after the hand, but Dar gives him an elbow. But Gibson gets the arm again! So Dar kicks the leg. They go back and forth, and Dar drops down for a kneebar! With heel hook! Gibson rolls and kicks with his good leg until he’s free. Gibson crawls to a corner but Dar grabs the bad leg. Dar gets an enziguri for it, but then catches the missile dropkick into an Ankle Lock!! Gibson writhes and reaches but Dar grapevines the leg!! Fans are thunderous but Gibson again uses his good leg to fight. Now we have palm strikes back and forth. Dar and Gibson fight fast and furious and the fans love it!

Gibson gets the ear! The ref counts and he lets go at 4. Both men are down but fans chant “UK! Woop Woop!” Dar and Gibson get to opposite ends. They stand, Gibson runs in but into a boot. Dar hops up, leaps but misses the double stomps. His own leg buckles a bit, Gibson throws him into a post! Gibson lifts Dar up, Helter Skelter! Cover, Gibson wins!

Winner: Zack Gibson, by pinfall

Liverpool’s Number One got more of a fight from the Scottish Supernova than he expected. But in the end, Gibson managed to capitalize on an opening, and takes the win. Will Gibson get another go at the Bruiserweight? And will he prove himself right, that a 100% Gibson beats a 100% Dunne?



Mustache Mountain VS Saxon Huxley & Sam Gradwell!

Trent Seven & Tyler Bate told any and all would-be tag teams to step up and step into the ring with the “big strong boys”. The NXT UK Tag Team Championships are coming, will the former NXT US Tag Team Champions add them to the collection? Or will this new combination of Mystical Machine and human thunderstorm ruin their plans?

The teams sort out and the Muscle Cat starts against Seven in a rematch from last episode. They circle with the bell and tie up. Saxon pushes Seven to a corner then shoves. Seven shoves back and now it’s a shove fight. Saxon forearms Seven, but Seven CHOPS Saxon. Seven chops again, then fakes the chop. Saxon just saw this trick, so he reverses and rocks Seven right out of the ring! Saxon backs off but Gradwell gets a cheap shot in! Gradwell puts Seven in for Saxon as Tyler protests. Saxon covers, TWO! He takes his frustration out on Seven with stomps. Saxon drags Seven up as fans sing for “Jesus! Hoo, Hah! I wanna know~ oh, If you’ll be my God!”

Gradwell tags in and he mugs Seven with Saxon. Gradwell pulls Seven back against the ropes but lets go at 4. He stomps Seven hard, but Seven scrambles for his corner. Gradwell is on him with a chinlock and clubbing forearms. Gradwell toys with Seven, then scoop slams him down. Falling headbutt added, cover, TWO! Fans rally for Mustache Mountain as Gradwell drags Seven to his corner. Saxon tags in and the mugging continues. Saxon clubs Seven down, and keeps him away from Tyler. He throws another forearm and Seven drops. Saxon toys with Seven, but keeps him away again as he drags him around for an elbow drop. Fans rally as Saxon drags Seven up.

Saxon rocks Seven but Seven gets mad. Saxon throws another, but Seven eggs him on! Another haymaker rocks him, though, and Saxon drags Seven up. Saxon throws another forearm, Seven comes back with the backhand. Seven hurries for his corner, dumps Saxon out, but then Gradwell runs in! Seven sends Gradwell out, onto Saxon! Hot tag to Tyler! Tyler builds speed and FLIES onto both Gradwell and Saxon! Tyler puts Saxon in, and blasts him with a running uppercut. And then another! He whips corner to corner but Saxon reverses. Saxon runs in, but into Tyler’s strong exploder! Tyler kips up, then hits the shooting star! Cover, TWO! Fans chant “Big Strong Boys!” as Tyler tags in Seven. Seven brings Saxon around but Saxon spins out to shove Seven into Bate. Bate tumbles out while Saxon tumbles into a tag from Gradwell.

Gradwell boots Seven, then hauls him up. Saxon comes in, combination spinebuster and backstabber! Then Gradwell turns Seven over for a half crab! Gradwell pulls back while Seven endures. Fans rally up and Seven drags himself towards ropes. Gradwell brings him back, but then Tyler runs in. Saxon intercepts, but Tyler picks him up to ram him into Gradwell! Seven is free while Tyler and Saxon slump out of the ring. Gradwell brings Seven up but Seven throws a heavy forearm. Gradwell hits back with his own, but Seven gives him the back hand. Seven staggers into Tyler’s tag, then gets Gradwell in a full nelson. Tyler runs in, rebound lariat and dragon suplex! Cover, Mustache Mountain wins!

Winners: Tyler Bate & Trent Seven, Tyler pinning

Seven & Bate issued the challenge, and have succeeded in the first go. Will they continue to conquer the competition? Or will a team come along and surprise us all?


Travis Banks has been attacked!

The Kiwi Buzzsaw was set to face the Last King of Scotland in this episode’s main event, but now referees are digging him out of a chair pile! NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint comes in to see this, and calls for medics. Travis might not be in any shape to compete now, who takes his place against Wolfgang? And more importantly, who did this to the returning superstar? Though, given Travis’ history with the Coffey Brothers, do we really need to look very far?


NXT UK, meet Isla Dawn.

The Glasgow Goddess hits precise and hits hard. She fell short in Royal Albert Hall and in the WWE Mae Young Classic, but she’ll have her chance to redeem herself, up next!


NXT UK, Jinny is still on her way.

“Sweetheart, don’t let my good looks fool you.” Jinny knows that when people look at her, they’re intimidated. At the end of the day, everyone will wish they were just like Jinny.


Backstage interview with Johnny Saint.

He gives us an update on the condition of Travis Banks after that blindside attack. Mark Andrews comes looking, too, and has an answer for everyone. He knows it’s the Coffey Brothers. Those two think they can get away with anything, but that’s not true. The High-Fiving, Stage-Diving superstar volunteers to take Travis’ place and show the Coffey Brothers “exactly what they’re messing with.” Saint considers this option, what will his decision be?


Isla Dawn VS Nina Samuels!

The Devil’s Rose lost to the Lightning from Down Under in the series premiere, but that won’t deter her from making a big move in the NXT UK Women’s Division. Will she turn it around in her second appearance? Or will the Scottish Sorceress put a spell on her?

The bell rings and they circle and tie up. Nina powers Isla to a corner, but backs off at 2. She pie-faces Isla, but Isla smirks as she sees the way Nina plays. They circle again, tie up, and Isla pushes Nina back. Nina turns it around and has Isla back in a corner. Nina backs off at 2 but then toys with Isla. She swings but Isla dodges to hit back. Isla gives a EuroUpper then snapmares for a mule kick. She keeps moving, Penalty Kick! Nina scrambles away to the apron. Isla is on her there, but gets a hotshot. Nina drags Isla’s arm and yanks her into a snap suplex. Cover, TWO! Nina keeps her cool as she bumps Isla off buckles.

Nina stands Isla up to wrap the arm around ropes. She wrenches hard but backs off at 4. Nina whips Isla out but right back in to the buckles! Isla goes down hard and Nina backs off with a grin. She drags Isla up, cover, TWO! Nina keeps on Isla and her bad arm, but Isla fights her off. Nina grabs Isla’s hair while wrenching the arm. Isla feeds off the fan rally and arm-drags Nina away. Nina runs but into Isla’s kicks! Isla gets a half nelson but Nina fights out. Nina suplexes but Isla makes it a small package, TWO! Nina lines up a shot but misses, Isla’s kick hits! Isla has Nina in a special gut wrench suplex! Cover, Isla wins!

Winner: Isla Dawn, by pinfall

Isla is successful in her NXT UK TV debut! Can she climb her way up to the top of the Women’s Division and challenge for the coming championship? And what if Nina’s chances of getting in on the gold?


Exclusive interview with Pete Dunne.

The Bruiserweight has been WWE UK Champion for over a year since taking the title from Tyler Bate at TakeOver: Chicago. How has his life changed since then? Dunne had a chip on his shoulder for 12 years, but what’s changed is that everyone from the locker room to the fans that he is the Best in Britain. Danny Burch has called Dunne out, wanting to be the next challenger. What is Dunne’s response? It doesn’t matter how prepared Dunne is, it’s on Burch. Dunne has beaten man after man after man, but it’s up to Burch to reach Dunne’s level.

Burch also said he was British Strong Style before it was a thing, does that intimidate Dunne? Dunne will let Burch say he invented British Strong Style, but Dunne says he perfected it and took it around the world. Then what does the Bruiserweight need to do to retain his title? Burch wants Dunne’s attention, he’s got it. Dunne will hurt Burch and walk out still the WWE UK Champion.


A decision has been made!

Johnny Saint honors Mark Andrews’ request, and it will be the High-Fiving, Stage-Diving going against the Last King of Scotland! Will Andrews be able to overcome Wolfgang to then focus on the Coffey Brothers?


Eddie Dennis speaks.

He had us consider his feelings “watching my friends Mark Andrews and Pete Dunne” live their dream, without him. Dunne has the title and Andrews has the fans, but Dennis has the drive. The youngest principal in all of the UK now quit to dedicate himself to his first love. Headmaster Dennis is ready to accomplish greatness. Four months back in, he tried out for WWE. At ten months back in, he has his contract. And he was working through an injury during that. His “friends” set the foundation of the UK Division, but Dennis vows to build this brand around him. Dennis is here, and he has “everything to prove.” Will he make up for time lost when he finally arrives in NXT UK?


Jordan Devlin VS Tucker!

The Irish Ace is ready to shoulder the weight of a nation as he fights up towards the top of the UK Division. However, the lifelong underdog won’t just stand down and let himself drop to 0-2. Can Tucker Super Duper Kick-start a comeback? Or will Devlin step out of Finn Balor’s extraordinary shadow and be the new face of a people?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up and Devlin gets the wristlock. Tucker rolls, handsprings and snapmares, but Devlin reverses back quick. Devlin whips but Tucker goes up and handsprings. Tucker keeps moving, and hits a springboard back elbow! Tucker handsprings and enziguris Devlin! Cover, ONE! Tucker brings Devlin up but Devlin reverses out to urenage and standing moonsault! Cover, ONE! Devlin grounds ‘n’ pounds Tucker, then chokes him. The referee backs Devlin down, but he goes at Tucker with a stiff forearm. Devlin wrings Tucker’s arm out, hammerlock and stomp! Tucker clutches that arm but Devlin gets the arm again. Devlin uses his legs to hammerlock and tweak the arm! Tucker writhes but Devlin drags him up for a EuroUpper. Devlin has Tucker in a corner and gives him a sharp chop. He wrenches Tucker’s arm in the rope but backs off at 3.

Tucker chops but Devlin forearms. Devlin misses a chop, Tucker fires off chops and forearms. Tucker runs but into a dropkick! Cover, TWO! Devlin grows frustrated, but he puts Tucker in a high keylock. Fans rally as Tucker endures. Tucker fights his way up, but Devlin knees low. Devlin back suplexes but Tucker lands out to hit a slingblade! Cover, ONE, tries again, ONE! That bad arm clearly limits Tucker’s covers, but he has fans on his side. Devlin crawls to a corner and Tucker runs in for a screaming clothesline! Tucker throws Devlin down, then steps in for the complete shot! Cover, TWO! That was close but Tucker isn’t deterred.

Tucker uses the one good arm to climb up top. Tucker aims but Devlin gets knees up for the swanton! Devlin fireman’s carry but Tucker slips out. Tucker wants his kick but Devlin counters with an elbow. Devlin gets the fireman’s carry again, and throws Tucker down with a modified driver! Cover, Devlin wins!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

The Irish Champion wins, and vows to carry the entire nation with him to the top. There are many eyes on the Bruiserweight, will Devlin position himself to go after the title soon enough?


Exclusive interview with Danny Burch.

He has 15 years of experience, has it prepared himself to be the next WWE UK Champion? Burch asks back, “Have you ever tried so hard and never, ever made it?” Y’know, you try out for something, but you’re told you’re not good enough. So you work a whole year and try again, only to be rejected again. That was Burch’s life in wrestling. Now some would quit and walk away, but not Burch. He’s made out of stern stuff, and he is ready to be the new UK Champion. But Dunne has had the belt for over a year, and is seemingly unbeatable. Dunne’s an “interesting animal”, and almost flawless in all aspects. All Burch can do is be the best he can be so that Dunne doesn’t get ahead.

Dunne systematically breaks down opponents and is willing to do almost anything to win. What is Burch willing to do to win? It’s not what he’s willing to do. He’s fine with Dunne taking things that far, because “that’s just another day in my life, mate. I’m right at home.” So what would it mean to be WWE UK Champion and the face of a brand? Burch will answer that in two weeks when he has that belt around his waist. The challenger is ready, and we know the champion is ready. Who will have that coveted piece of gold after all is said and done?


Mark Andrews VS Wolfgang!

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to see that the Kiwi Buzzsaw was taken out by the Coffey Brothers in a preemptive strike. However, the rocker from Wales won’t let them get away with it. Will Andrews get a big win before going after the Coffey boys? Or will he find he’s bitten off more than he can chew?

The bell rings and fans are on Andrews’ side. He and Wolfgang circle then tie up. Wolfgang powers Andrews to a corner, but backs off cleanly. Wolfgang howls and fans echo it. Andrews comes out to circle and tie up with Wolfgang again. Wolfgang puts Andrews in another corner, then on the top rope. Wolfgang tells Andrews he’s watching him closely. Andrews hops down and they go a third time. Andrews gets a waistlock but Wolfgang pries his way out. Fans rally as Andrews spins and handsprings to get a headlock. Wolfgang lifts Andrews but Andrews holds on. Wolfgang tries again but Andrews still holds on. Andrews grinds the headlock but Wolfgang lifts him again.

Andrews sunset flips but Wolfgang stays standing. Wolfgang yanks Andrews up, but Andrews wheelbarrows into an arm-drag! Andrews tries another but Wolfgang blocks with strength. Wolfgang yanks Andrews back up but Andrews just arm-drags on the other end. Andrews dropkicks Wolfgang to a corner, then runs in. Wolfgang puts him on the apron but gets a swing kick. Andrews springboards and hits a huricanrana! Wolfgang wants a timeout, but Andrews DIVES! Wolfgang catches him, fireman’s carry and trophy lift, to toss him on the apron! Fans applaud the power game while Wolfgang takes his time returning. Andrews is in a corner, so Wolfgang stomps a mudhole into him. The fans duel now as Wolfgang drags Andrews up for a whip corner to corner. Andrews hits buckles hard and then hits the mat.

Wolfgang stalks Andrews but Andrews hits back with body shots. Andrews stands to throw forearms but Wolfgang knees low. Wolfgang brings Andrews around and up in another trophy lift! Wolfgang goes to throw Andrews all the way out, but Andrews escapes! Andrews throws hands and chops, but Wolfgang shoves him away. Andrews fires off furious palm strikes! Wolfgang clobbers him with a forearm! Andrews mule kicks, front kicks but his whip is blocked. Wolfgang whips Andrews, Andrews slides to dropkick Wolfgang again! Fans fire up as Andrews runs back at Wolfgang. Andrews gives a 619 to Wolfgang’s back, then slingshots in to victory roll Wolfgang into Stomp 182! And then standing corkscrew senton! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang grits his teeth while fans rally up.

Andrews throws more forearms, then a kick. Wolfgang blocks that and throws the foot down, but Andrews ducks the clothesline. Andrews runs and springboards for a crossbody! But Wolfgang turns it into a gutbuster! Wolfgang aims at Andrews, and runs in for the SPEAR! Cover, TWO!! Andrews lives and Wolfgang is furious. Wolfgang’s fans say “One More Time!” so he waits for Andrews to sit up. Andrews hits back with body shots, but Wolfgang throws hands. Wolfgang drags Andrews up into a fireman’s carry for the wasteland slam. He steps on Andrews to go to the corner. He jumps up, but misses the moonsault! Andrews hurries up, he jumps, moonsault into a tornado DDT! Wolfgang rolls out of the ring, but Andrews builds speed to FLY! Direct hit, and the fans fire up!

Andrews puts Wolfgang in as fans duel. Andrews runs in, tilt-o-whirl but Wolfgang blocks the DDT! Wolfgang suplexes, Andrews hits Stun-Dog Millionaire! Andrews hurries up while Wolfgang is down. Andrews aims, shooting star!! Cover, Andrews wins!

Winner: Mark Andrews, by pinfall

Andrews didn’t have to take this match, but he did, and he won! Will Andrews take this momentum and use it to get even with the Coffey Brothers?

Andrews looks Wolfgang in the eye and admits it was a very close match. He offers the Last King of Scotland a handshake of respect. Fans hope Wolfgang takes it, and he does. Wolfgang himself has a bit of a climb in store if he wants to get somewhere in the UK Division, can he do it?

But wait! The Coffey Brothers blow past Wolfgang and right into the ring! Andrews fights them off 2v1 but that doesn’t go his way. Joe & Mark beat Andrews down, but what is Wolfgang going to do? He doesn’t do anything, so it’s up to Flash Morgan Webster to make the save again! However, the Coffey Brothers are ready this time, and Flash doesn’t have his pilot helmet. They beat Flash down, but still Wolfgang just watches. Fans convince him, so Wolfgang finally gets in the ring and the Coffey Brothers run away again. Wolfgang stands with Flash, only to clothesline him!?

It would seem the Last King of Scotland is on the side of the Glaswegian giants, but they want proof. They want him to beat up the man he just shook hands with. They feed Andrews to Wolfgang, and Wolfgang gives Andrews a pop-up powerslam! Scottish blood is thicker than water, will these three take over all of the UK Division?



My Thoughts:

A great pair of episodes, but I just wish they’d given some warning. My schedule concerns aside, I’m thinking this format is so that they can get through the backlog of episodes so that we’re closer to present day. For one, the backlog is reason why we couldn’t have an NXT UK Women’s Championship as part of WWE Evolution. Secondly, we can get either NXT UK titles on a TakeOver come Survivor Series weekend, or they get their own specials on like a Friday or something.

Both episodes have pretty solid matches, but only a few really added things to story. Seven VS Saxon in Episode 3 was great, and it clearly fed into the Mustache Mountain VS Huxley & Gradwell in Episode 4. Gradwell & Huxley already look to make a good combination, maybe they’ll stick together just to fill the Tag Division. Also I like that fans picked up on Gradwell looking like a less pale Sheamus. Anyway, the building story of Andrews-Webster-Banks VS the Coffey Brothers is pretty good. Seeing those three stick together is cool, but since it was 3v2, it should’ve been clear someone would join Joe & Mark Coffey in the fight. Wolfgang going Heel is a good move for him, it’ll give him a much needed spark.

Isla Dawn VS Nina Samuels was a pretty good match. It could’ve gone either way, but I feel like Isla is one of the many women NXT UK wants to bring up to give us that Women’s Championship tournament. Dakota Kai VS Toni Storm is next and that in itself could be a preview of the tournament. I’m thinking that since Toni Storm won the Mae Young Classic this year, that means she wins this match, too. There are a lot of women still to be introduced and hyped up, such as Jinny, but pretty sure Toni Storm getting the MYC nod means she’s going to go pretty far.

Burch VS Gradwell was great for how stiff it was. Burch calling out Dunne was great, too, and I really look forward to his match with Dunne as part of next week’s episode batch. I feel like Dunne will retain, but it’d be quite shocking in a good way if Burch found a way to win. Dar VS Gibson was also great, and I suppose it works for Gibson to win. Dar might still have things to do in 205 Live, so he can settle for being just a step outside of the title scene. I’m expecting that whether it’s Burch or Dunne, Gibson makes a move to be the next challenger to see if he really can beat Dunne when at 100%.

My Score: Episode 3 – 8.5/10; Episode 4 – 8.2/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (1/30/23)

We’re on the Road to WrestleMania!



It’s the Raw after the Royal Rumble!

Two Rumble matches, two Nightmares as winners! Cody Rhodes and Rhea Ripley will both share their plans for WrestleMania tonight on Raw!


  • Elimination Chamber Match Qualifier: Seth Rollins VS Chad Gable w/ Otis; Rollins wins and advances to the United States title Elimination Chamber match.
  • Candice LeRae w/ Mia Yim VS Iyo Sky w/ Damage CTRL; Sky wins.
  • Elimination Chamber Match Qualifier: Johnny Gargano w/ Dexter Lumis VS Baron Corbin w/ JBL; Gargano wins and advances to the United States title Elimination Chamber match.
  • The Miz VS Rick Boogs; Boogs wins.
  • Elimination Chamber Match Qualifier: Dolph Ziggler VS Bronson Reed; Bronson wins and advances to the United States title Elimination Chamber match.
  • Cody Rhodes VS Finn Balor w/ The Judgment Day; Cody wins.


Cody Rhodes is here!

The American Nightmare is the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble winner, having made his return after surgery on his torn pectoral! Cody gets the pyro but fans are already plenty fired up as he goes to the ring. Cody gets the mic as fans chant his name. The fans also chant, “You Deserve It!” as Cody looks up at the WrestleMania sign. Cody soaks up the energy and then says, “So… What do you guys wanna talk about? I think it goes without saying, but every week there’s someone new watching this show, so I’ll go ahead and say it. I am not the same person when I started this journey over 15 years ago on this very show.

“I’ve thought a lot, though, about 19-year-old me, first day on the job, pulling up to this metal barn, Ohio Valley Wrestling. There’s a sign on the door that says, ‘Tomorrow’s superstars today.’ And I’m sitting in my beat-up Volkswagen Jetta, and I remember, I vividly thought to myself, ‘I’m gonna be WWE Champion inside of two years.’ Hey, I was ambitious, albeit a little delusional, because I also thought, ‘I’m gonna be the next John Cena.'” Cody says if he could go back, maybe write a letter to young Cody, what would he say? Cody wonders if he’d tell himself, “I don’t think it’s gonna go down like that, chief.”

Would Cody reveal that one night in London, you’re gonna get slapped so hard on live TV that your knees buckle. “You’re gonna be Dashing Cody Rhodes, and you’re gonna give out grooming tips. You’re gonna win the Intercontinental Championship and restore it to its former retro glory. You’re gonna paint your paint and become less than. That triumph will become tragedy will become triumph all over again.” Would Cody tell himself that the lovely lady ring announcer becomes his wife? Would Cody tell himself that he’s gonna lose his 295 best friend but gain a 6 pound one back that has his same eyes?

Would Cody tell himself that he’s gonna be on fire at some point, bleed all over the world, and that in 2015, he does what everyone tells him not to and goes on excursion? And that one part of that excursion is fully focused on the industry’s health and neglecting his own? Or that on January 28th, 2023, at the Royal Rumble, he outlasted 29 others and punched his ticket, the very first in the family to do this, and go under the brightest lights on the biggest stage at WrestleMania?

Fans fire up again and chant Cody’s name, and Cody tells them, “Truth be told, I wouldn’t tell him a single thing. I wouldn’t tell him a single thing because every single piece on this broken road, every splinter on this upward ladder has been unequivocally, 100% worth it!” Fans cheer that! Cody says he is here tonight, he heard the fans singing his song, and that song will still be his song, but the most important words are those very first ones, because those are his own. “Wrestling has more than one royal family.” In fact, WWE has more than one royal family.

“But for that to be true, for it to be real, for it to be venerated, validated and vindicated in my heart, I have to stand across from another. I have to stand across from an entire bloodline. I have to stand across from the Tribal Chief, the Head of the Table.” Fans already boo, knowing who he’s calling out. Cody says he has to stand across from one who is essentially the LeBron James of WWE, the biggest star on the planet, a man who has held the title for over 800 DAYS. Cody must stand across… from Roman Reigns. Fans chant “ROMAN SUCKS!” but Cody says, “I’m sure you can hear it, I have a great deal of respect for Roman.”

But what’s next, Cody has the same sincerity: WrestleMania is in 62 days. That might be just 62 normal days for Roman, but that is 62 days “from the rest of my life.” At WrestleMania, undesirable has already become undeniable, but it will be uncrowned until that night when it ends. At WrestleMania, pull up a chair, sit wherever the hell you want, because on that night, someone else will be eating. After WrestleMania, Roman can be the Tribal Chief, the Head of the Table, the biggest star in the world, but what he won’t be… is the UNDISPUTED WWE UNIVERSAL CHAMPION! The American Nightmare has spoken, but wait, here comes the Judgment Day!

Damian Priest, Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio head tot he ring, with mics of their own. Finn is confused. Is Cody returning to do something original? Or is he just gonna knock off all of Finn’s old stuff like Cody’s done before. And on top of that, Cody ruined the Judgment Day’s plans at the Rumble! Mami Rhea did what she was supposed to and she won her Rumble match. Later tonight, we all have the honor to hear her tell us who her opponent will be. But DOM was supposed to win the Men’s Rumble! Fans boo because that was not happening. Finn says speaking of the Rumble, what happened to Rey that he couldn’t make it?

Dom knows, he found Rey’s mask. And y’know what? Cody, you put your hands on Dom. Cody ruined Dom’s moment at the Rumble. But if that happened in prison, Cody wouldn’t be standing here right now. He would’ve got got! Priest says Dom should be the ONLY multigenerational superstar to main event Mania! Not some suck up who gets whatever he wants! Look at Rhea: entered #1, outlasted 29 others, and won the whole thing. She EARNED a spot! Cody is the golden boy, he got handed #30! How does that happen? Dom says it doesn’t matter. Cody owes Dom. Cody owes Dom an apology!

Cody has them stop there. Dom, Cody doesn’t wanna run the risk of pissing you of, but uh… Is Dom trying to scare Cody straight? Is that what this is? This could be very different. Cody already mentioned WWE’s royal families. The Rhodes, the Mysterios, Cody has a huge amount of respect for Dom’s dad. Yeah, Dom’s dad? Real funny, since Dom doesn’t. And Dom doesn’t have respect for anyone’s dad here, not even Cody’s! Fans boo, but Cody says fine. Cody gets this now. Fans chant “KICK HIS ASS!” Cody says between now and Mania, he could play it safe, try and stay healthy, or he could be himself, and kick Dom’s ass!

Cody is ready to take anyone on, really! And he’ll do it here, tonight! Judgment Day wants to punish Cody for “stealing” the moment, but will he end up doing that anyway here on Raw?

But wait! EDGE IS HERE! And he CLOBBERS each member of the Judgment Day! Edge rains fists on Finn but Priest drags him up. Edge brawls with Priest and Dom, security and officials rush out, and Adam Pearce will not have this break down onw! But then Cody joins in! Cody goes after Finn, and security, and Dom! Tulsa is thunderous, will The American Nightmare have the Rated R Superstar watching his back against common enemies?


Elimination Chamber Match Qualifier: Seth Rollins VS Chad Gable w/ Otis!

Austin Theory will defend his United States Championship in THE Elimination Chamber, and the first qualifier is here! The Visionary takes on “Master” Gable, will we be singing the song all the way to Montreal? Or will Gable “SHOOOSH~!” everyone here in Tulsa?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Rollins wrenches to a wristlock, but Gable rolls, bridges, handsprings, wrenches back and headlocks to spin and toehold! Gable gets an ANKLE LOCK, but Rollins scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Fans chant, “GABLE SUCKS!” but Gable keeps focused as Rollins stands up. Fans sing, “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” as Rollins and Gable reset. They circle, Gable waistlocks, CHAOS THEORY! Bridging cover, TWO!! Rollins escapes, bails out, but Gable goes to the apron to CANNONBALL! Gable puts Rollins in, throat chops him down, then goes up the corner! DIVING HEADBUTT! Cover, TWO!!

Rollins survives, Gable is steaming, but Raw goes picture in picture. Gable says, “A THANK YEW~!” as Rollins flops back out of the ring. Rollins shakes out the stars and stands up, but Gable stalks him around the way. Gable puts Rollins back in, then drags him to a corner. Gable has a leg, and he says, “SHOOSH!” before he SLAMS the leg into the post! Rollins scrambles away, clutching the knee. Gable goes in, has Rollins in a corner, and wraps the leg around ropes. The ref counts, Gable lets off but then stomps the leg! Gable brings Rollins out to DRAGON SCREW the leg! And then Gable wraps on a standing toehold!

Rollins endures, keeps his shoulders off the mat, and fights the hold. Gable YANKS the leg, then tells everyone to “SHOOSH!” Gable drags Rollins back to the corner, “SHOOSH~!” but Rollins YANKS Gable into the post! Otis fans Gable off but Rollins builds speed! Rollins hobbles but he manages to WRECK Gable with a dropkick! Rollins puts Gable back in, hurries after him, but Gable hits another DRAGON SCREW! Gable drags Rollins by that bad leg and has another standing toehold. Gable YANKS the leg, then looms over Rollins. Gable drags Rollins around to spinning toehold! And then another spinning toehold! And another!

Gable cranks on the leg but Rollins endures. Raw returns to single picture and fans rally up. Rollins kicks and CHOPS Gable, and he gets free! Otis is upset but Rollins brings Gable up. Rollins CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS! Rollins whips, Gable reverses and runs in to get the leg! Gable puts one in the ropes, to have the other with a DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Rollins writhes and clutches his bad leg while Gable climbs up. MOONSAULT, but Rollins moves to roll Gable up! TWO and Rollins deadlifts Gable for a BUCKLE BUMP! Both men are down and Otis is freaking out. Otis coaches Gable but fans sing the song, “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!”

Gable and Rollins rise, and Rollins rallies with LARIATS! Mule kick, front kick, ROLLING- NO, Gable gets around, O’Conner to the CHAOS THEORY but Rollins lands out! SUPERKICK! FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Gable survives but Rollins is in too much pain to be frustrated. Rollins rises as the fans sing even louder and harder. Rollins shakes the bad leg out as he goes to a corner. Rollins runs in but Gable avoids the stomp! Rollins kicks low, hooks the arms, but Gable trips to a jackknife! TWO!! Gable runs in, into a roll-up! TWO, sunset flip! TWO and Rollins jackknifes! TWO as Gable bridges up!

Gable spins Rollins, Canadian Rack, for the CLIFFHANGER! Cover, TWO!!! Rollins survives and no one can believe it, least of all Gable! Gable snarls and fans rally up. Gable tells everyone to “SHOOOOSH~!” and he brings down the straps! Gable deadlifts but Rollins elbows the suplex away! PELE, but into an ANKLE LOCK! Gable keeps on the bad leg, then leans on the hold! Rollins kicks and rolls but Gable still holds on! Rollins rolls to a VICTORY ROLL! TWO!!! STOMP- NO! Gable grabs the leg to have the ANKLE LOCK! Rollins rolls, kicks, Gable comes back to jackknife, but Rollins rolls through! PEDIGREE!!! Cover, ROLLINS WINS!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall (advances to the Elimination Chamber)

The Visionary finds the way to win, and he’s headed to Montreal! Will he get that title back from Theory? Who else will join them in that high risk match-up?


Candice LeRae w/ Mia Yim VS Iyo Sky w/ Damage CTRL!

This grudge has been going for some time not, but the Women’s Rumble match only added fuel to the fire. The Genius of the Sky, the Captain of Team Kick, and the self-proclaimed Role Model all ganged up on the Poison Pixie, and everyone in that match really, so it’s time for payback! Will #CandiceWrestling get a big win off the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion? Or will DMG CTRL check off some contenders on the Road to WrestleMania?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Candice trips Sky, things speed up, Sky redirects but Candice follows. Sky goes Matrix, rolls Candice up but Candice slips free. Candice avoids the sweep, keeps moving, and avoids a dropkick! Jackknife bridge, TWO! STEP-UP SENTON! Cover, TWO! Sky YANKS Candice into ropes! Candice sputters, Sky hits a FLAPJACK! DMG CTRL fires up but the fans boo. Bayley wants commentary to emphasize Sky eliminating Candice in the Rumble. Sky scoops Candice to SLAM her down! Fans rally for Candice but Sky clamps on a chinlock while Raw goes picture in picture.

Sky grabs Candice’s arms and has a straitjacket stretch! Candice endures, Raw returns to single picture, and Candice fights up. Candice backs Sky into a corner, then arm-drags her away. Sky comes back but into boots! Candice runs, to dropkick Sky down! Fans rally while Sky bails out. Bayley says Candice still sucks, but Candice WRECKS Sky with a dropkick! Candice hurries to put Sky on the apron but Sky kicks Candice away! Sky builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp and Sky eggs the fans on! Fans boo, Mia coaches Candice but DMG CTRL is loving this. Sky puts Candice back in, steps in, but into a dropkick!

Sky falls back out, Candice goes up the ropes! SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY! Fans fire up, Mia argues with DMG CTRL, and Raw goes picture in picture again. Sky and Candice rise, but Candice drags Sky up into the ring. Kai keeps Bayley from hearing the fans taunt them, but Candice climbs up the corner. Sky trips Candice and she falls into the ring! Sky elbows Candice, RAMS into her, then RAMS her again! The ref counts, Sky lets off, and Mia coaches Candice again. But Sky digs both boots into Candice! And then SWINGING METEORAS! Sky eggs Candice on, then brings her around to a cover, TWO!

Sky is annoyed but she’s back on Candice with a chinlock. Candice endures, even as Sky digs her knee into Candice’s back. Candice fights up but Sky shifts to a dragon sleeper! Candice still fights up, throws body shots, and runs, to tilt-o-whirl and IRON OCTOPUS! Sky endures now, flails and reaches out, but Candice pulls on the arm! Sky powers out to a SIDEWALK SLAM! Both women are down and DMG CTRL is upset. Candice goes to the apron, Sky goes to the other end. Sky runs in to SUNSET FLIP, but Candice holds onto the ropes! Candice stomps but Sky dodges, to trip Candice up! Candice hits the apron, but Sky gives her an APRON BACK SUPLEX!

Candice writhes while Sky climbs back up. Candice kicks Sky away! Candice stands, runs in, APRON COMPLETE SHOT! Sky flounders, Candice hurries up a corner, and Raw returns to single picture. Fans fire up for the MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO!! Sky survives and Candice grows frustrated. Bayley talks trash but Candice puts Sky up top. Candice CHOPS, then climbs up. But Sky hops down to YANK Candice down! Candice hits buckles, and then Sky underhooks! TIGER BACKBREAKER! Bayley is fired up but fans boo. Sky goes to the corner, runs in, SHINKANSEN! Sky puts Candice in the drop zone and goes back up!

Fans boo but Candice SPANKS Sky! Candice climbs up to SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX! High stack cover, TWO!! Sky survives again and Kai breathes easy again. Candice and Sky are both down but Mia rallies the fans. Candice and Sky go forehead to forehead, then forearm for forearm! Candice forearms, CHOPS and repeat! She fires off in the corner, runs in but Sky dodges. Sky runs in but into an elbow! Candice climbs but Sky CLUBS her! Electric Chair Lift, but Candice fights it to a POISON-RANA!! Cover, TWO!?!? Sky survives yet again and DMG CTRL is beside themselves! Candice snarls as she stalks Sky to a corner.

Candice hoists Sky up top, climbs up after her, and brings her in. But Sky throws Candice away! No wild rides here! Sky adjusts, fans boo, OVER THE MOONSAULT onto BOOTS!! Candice drags Sky into a cradle but Kai distracts the ref! Mia is pissed, Candice would’ve won already! The ref finally counts, TWO!! Mia chases DMG CTRL off and Candice hits a CODE BREAKER! Bayley gets up, Candice DECKS her! But Sky rolls Candice up! SKY WINS!

Winner: Iyo Sky, by pinfall

The numbers game wins again! Michin wasn’t enough to stop Bayley and Kai, but will DMG CTRL face the consequences of their actions soon enough?


Rhea Ripley heads to the ring!

As promised, the Judgment Day’s Eradicator is here, and she is ready to make that WrestleMania decision. Rhea has the mic to say, “It’s been awhile since I’ve been out here without my Latino Heat, my Dom-Dom, and the Judgment Day crew. But I really just wanted all the attention on me. Two nights ago, I disrupted the status quo. I did the unthinkable, I went the distance, I came in here at number one, and overcame and outlasted 29 other women to win the Royal Rumble match. And now… I get to choose whichever champion I wanna face at WrestleMania.”

Fans “WOO~!” but also chant, “EST! EST!” Rhea says three years ago, she had just turned 24 and her career just got started. She was NXT Women’s Champion. She came here to Raw, stood in this ring, and challenged the winner of the Women’s Rumble, Charlotte Flair. She wanted the match at WrestleMania, and Charlotte put her in her place. The funny thing about Charlotte is she’s somehow always in the title picture. Charlotte is always at the top of her game, and Rhea hates to give her credit, “but she seems to get better each and every year. The normal flow here in the WWE is that Charlotte Flair is at the top.

“But I’m the disrupter. I don’t like the natural flow, I don’t like the normal formula, and I don’t like things being overplayed. So, Charlotte. I advise you to enjoy everyone rising and bowing down to the Queen. Because they’re about to rise to Rhea Ripley!” Fans fire up for that! At WrestleMania, Rhea plans to put Charlotte in her place! “Charlotte Flair, I choose you.” Rhea isn’t worried about the title, she’s focused on revenge! Will the SmackDown Women’s Champion soon face her Judgment Day?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins.

Cathy Kelley is with the Visionary, and he is fired up! Before we talk Elimination Chamber, let’s talk tonight! Tulsa, Oklahoma~! “What a crowd! What a fight against Chad Gable, and what a win! And now, I’m going on to Elimination Chamber. I’m gonna beat five other dudes inside that Chamber. I’m gonna take the United States title back from Austin Theory, and when it’s time, WRESTLEMANIA! LOS ANGELES! LET’S GOOO~! HAHAHAHA!” Then Cathy has to ask, at the Rumble, there was a lot of chatter after seeing surprise entrant, Logan Paul, eliminating Rollins. Can we get a comment?

Rollins takes a breath, and smiles, before walking away. Is the Visionary going to ignore Logan Paul to focus on The Now? Will the ImPAULsive Influencer do something to change that?


Elimination Chamber Match Qualifier: Johnny Gargano w/ Dexter Lumis VS Baron Corbin w/ JBL!

Johnny Wrestling has run into the Modern Day Wrestling God before, both in the ring and at the poker table. But the stakes are even higher than those encounters combined! Who will win their way into the Elimination Chamber in Montreal? And who will be left out in the cold?

The bell rings and Gargano rushes in! Corbin catches Gargano, RAMS him into a corner, but Gargano dodges the lariat to fire off haymakers! Corbin CLOBBERS Gargano, drags him up and whips him to ropes, but Gargano ducks ‘n’ dodges and RANAS! Corbin staggers up, into a DROPKICK! But Corbin comes back to BOOT Gargano down! Corbin puts Gargano in a corner, throws hands, but fans taunt “BUM ASS CORBIN!” Corbin gets annoyed by that, but he whips Gargano corner to corner hard! Gargano tumbles up and out to the apron, but Corbin drags him back in. Corbin choke grips, to CHOKE SLAM BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Corbin is annoyed but Gargano survives. Fans rally for Johnny Wrestling but Corbin scoops him. Gargano slips off, elbows Corbin away, then sidesteps to schoolboy KICK! Corbin staggers, Gargano throws him out of the ring, and then builds speed to WRECK Corbin with a dropkick! Gargano slingshots, Corbin slides in, but Gargano shoulders into him! Slingshot, but into a HAYMAKER! Down goes Gargano and Corbin goes out after him. Corbin choke grips, stares down Lumis, and CHOKE SLAMS Gargano on the barriers! Gargano falls and fans boo as Raw goes picture in picture.

Corbin looms over Gargano, drags him back up, and brings him around. Corbin SMACKS Gargano off the announce desk, the ref wants him to get this i the ring, but Corbin tells him to hold on. Corbin drags Gargano around to then RAM into barriers! Gargano falls, Corbin refreshes the ring count, and Corbin stalks Gargano. JBL argues with the ref but Corbin drags Gargano into the ring. Cover, TWO! Corbin looms over Gargano, drags him up, and ROCKS him with a right! Corbin has Gargano in the corner with more haymakers, then he puts Gargano up top. Corbin ROCKS Gargano again, climbs up after him, and throws down fists!

Corbin then stands Gargano up, but Gargano throws body shots! Gargano HEADBUTTS Corbin off the corner! Gargano reels Corbin in, for a TORNADO DDT! JBL is stunned but the fans rally up! Gargano drags himself to ropes, staggers over, and he throws haymakers on Corbin! The ref counts as they’re in the corner, but Gargano whips corner to corner. Corbin reverses, runs in, but Gargano dodges. Corbin slides out, slides in, and CLOBBERS Gargano! Cover, TWO! Corbin is furious, so he clamps on a half nelson chinbar! Gargano endures as Corbin leans on the hold. Raw returns to single picture as fans rally up for Gargano.

Gargano fights up, throws elbows, then elbows free! Gargano runs, but Corbin CLOBBERS him! Corbin rains down elbows then covers, TWO! Gargano goes to the apron and Corbin scowls. Corbin storms over, drags Gargano up, and ROCKS Gargano. Corbin runs side to side, but into a SLINGSHOT SPEAR! Cover, TWO! Corbin survives but JBL still looks a bit worried. Gargano drags Corbin up, Lumis is stoic, but Corbin choke grips! Corbin TOSSES Gargano to a corner, runs in, but Gargano BOOTS him away! Gargano goes up, leaps over Corbin, but Corbin slides out and in, into a SUPERKICK! Another SUPERKICK knocks Corbin down! Cover, TWO!!

JBL is worried again while Gargano grits his teeth. Corbin sits up, fans rally for Johnny Wrestling, and Gargano storms up on Corbin. Corbin throws body shots but Gargano throws forearms. Corbin shoves Gargano, Gargano gets around, redirects, dodges, but Corbin ELBOWS him! Gargano rebounds to DISCUS! Corbin rebounds, into an ENZIGURI! Gargano keeps moving, but runs into DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO!! Gargano survives and Corbin is furious! Corbin rains down fists but the ref warns him. Corbin lets off, throws off his shirt, but fans boo, they do NOT want that free souvenir.

Corbin drags Gargano up, reels him in, but Gargano ROCKS him! Gargano goes to a corner, Corbin runs in, but Gargano POSTS him! JBL is furious, but Gargano DIVES to send Corbin into the desk! Gargano puts Corbin in the ring but JBL tears the desk apart! But then Lumis steps over, with a HATCHET! JBL wants his hat but Lumis CHOPS it with the hatchet! JBL shouts for 911, but Lumis gives Gargano a thumbs up. Gargano GAMANGIRIS, but Corbin BOOTS Gargano out of the spear! END OF- NO, ROLL-UP!! GARGANO WINS!!

Winner: Johnny Gargano, by pinfall (advances to the Elimination Chamber)

Corey Graves questions why Lumis was out here at all, but we just saw why! Lumis made sure JBL didn’t pull something. Gargano is going to Montreal, will Johnny Wrestling become Johnny America with the United States title?


MVP is in the VIP Lounge!

Montel Vontavius Porter welcomes us, and says that means big things are still popping, little things are still stopping, so sit back, relax and enjoy the view, because the VIP Lounge is still for people better than all of you. But tonight’s guest is a man “courageous enough to defend the United States Championship inside the Elimination Chamber.” It’s Atlanta’s own, Austin Theory! Fans boo as The Now struts his way out to the ring. Of course, Theory is only champion because Brock Lesnar screwed out Bobby Lashley again, but he’s still gonna count that.

Anyway, Theory steps past the velvet rope and through the ring ropes to relax on the couch. MVP says to make himself comfortable, and Theory says, “Just wow!” Fans boo, but MVP wants them to hear the man out. Theory says first of all, beyond all this disrespect, thank you, MVP, for inviting him! MVP says you’re welcome, happy to have you. When Theory was a “little kid,” he used to watch the VIP Lounge. In fact, that was a long time ago. But that’s why Theory’s here! He’s here to reinvent the VIP Lounge and make it relevant again, just like he will for MVP. Oh, how considerate.

Think about this: The VIP Lounge presents ATL – Austin Theory Live! Even better, get rid of the VIP Lounge and just make it Austin Theory Live! MVP says there is a ring to that, but to remind Theory, hot trends come and go, but classics never go out of style. Well, Theory is a classic. Uh, no, you’re not old enough yet. But they’ll figure this out. The VIP Lounge presents Austin Theory Live! Fans boo and Theory tells them to shut up. MVP does like the sound of that title, but maybe after the Elimination Chamber, Theory won’t have one. MVP wants to talk with Theory about that. Fans chant “YOU SUCK!” at Theory but he grins.

“Oh, I suck? You shut up because I am the CHAMP! And speaking of champ, did MVP just call me champ?” MVP confirms, he did. The same man that called Bobby Lashley the champ? And last week, MVP said Lashley was gonna beat MVP. MVP admits to that. So MVP thinks Lashley can beat Theory? MVP knows Lashley can. Oh, he knows? Well… Theory says he’s just messing around. But let’s talk the Chamber. It’s grueling, it’s hard to survive, but Theory survived it before. Theory was in the most grueling spot! Brock Lesnar F5’d him off the top of a chamber! But here he is, still standing!

And why is that? Because Theory IS the ruthlessness that this new generation needs! And NO amount of aggression can stop him! MVP says he likes this! MVP likes the confidence! He gets it, he understands where Theory is psychological. MVP was once a young, brash United States Champion, and was also once in an Elimination Chamber match. And Undertaker threw MVP off the top of a pod! So that means Theory is terrified, scared out of his mind, but doing a good job hiding it, just like MVP did. “But you never know who’s gonna be in that Chamber.” Theory asks MVP if that’s a threat. No, it’s a warning.

MVP is putting Theory up on game. Oh, is he? Trying to compare Lashley to the Undertaker? Lashley is MORE dangerous than Taker, to Theory. Oh, well that’s great Lashley is more dangerous, because Theory’s already beaten him twice. And this US Championship will be defended in the Chamber, but Lashley won’t be in it! So let’s talk about something that’s not the past. No problem, MVP can do that. He and Lashley aren’t business partners, so MVP is not at liberty to speak on Lashley’s back. But MVP knows Lashley, so for Theory’s health, should he survive- HIS HEALTH?! MVP cares about Theory’s health? Just a little bit.

Well, MVP should be more worried about his own health! More importantly, MVP should be worried about Lashley’s health. Everyone here knows that Lashley is MVP’s meal ticket, and that meal ticket is gonna get chewed up by Brock Lesnar! But wait! Here comes Bobby Lashley! Fans fire up as the All Mighty makes his way to the ring, and MVP defends he has nothing to do with this. Lashley pushes over the velvet rope, gets in the ring, and Theory says he shouldn’t even be here! What’s Lashley doing? But then MVP has Lashley stay back, and Theory says, “That’s right, Bobby. Listen to your daddy.”

Hearing that, MVP shrugs and says whatever. MVP stands aside and Lashley ROCKS Theory! And clotheslines him in the corner! Lashley throws the furniture around, Theory runs in, but into a COMPLETE SHOT! Fans fire up as Lashley continues to move things aside! MVP stands Theory up, Lashley runs in, but Theory uses MVP as a shield! The SPEAR hits MVP!! Theory runs away, and Lashley is even more furious! Theory says Lashley is the past and he’s done with the past! But will Lashley force The Now to deal with him in the near future?


Backstage interview with the Judgment Day.

Byron Saxton walks over to ask Finn about tonight’s main event, the first-time-ever of Finn VS Cody. But also, Byron brings up their altercation with Edge. Finn thought Edge would’ve had enough by now, but clearly not. Byron knows Finn isn’t hard to find, so tell Edge that Finn works Mondays. As for Cody, the Too Sweet is Finn’s. The finger guns,  that’s Finn’s. The number 30 spot in the Rumble, that SHOULD’VE been Finn’s! Cody’s been stealing from Finn for years! “So tonight, he’s getting taxed! Because Finn Balor is coming to collect.” The Prince is ready, but will he be able to get even with the American Nightmare?


The Miz is in the ring!

The Hollywood A-Lister says he has something on his shoulder, and it’s a hell of a lot more than a chip! First, last week on Raw’s 30th Anniversary show, Miz was not given time, he was assaulted by Kevin Owens! “Who, as far as I’m concerned, got exactly what he deserved at the Royal Rumble.” And speaking of, Miz got a terrible number in the Rumble! And then everyone teamed up on him because he was a threat, and he got eliminated FIRST! Then Miz goes to the airport and fans chanted “FIRST MAN OUT!” at him. The fans chant that here now! IF they wanna act like children, he’ll treat them like children! He raises his hand! “When my hand goes up, your mouths go shut!”

And tonight, instead of Miz having a chance to qualify for the Elimination Chamber, he has NOTHING! He wants to be treated with RESPECT! And until he is given matches that deserve his star power- Adam Pearce interrupts. We get it, Miz is upset, but Miz is always upset. Miz wants opportunities, but he always wants opportunities. But Pearce has a guy beating down his down wanting that same opportunity. So please welcome to the Raw roster… RICK BOOGS! Fans fire up as Boogs is back! Boogs air guitars and air drums to the ring, and Miz is confused. Boogs rocks in the ring, and Miz has him hold on. “Boogs? You want me to have a match with Boogs?!”

Miz says he is in a $10 THOUSAND suit that Maryse bought him! He can’t have a match! Pearce says fine, but Miz is always talking about how awesome he is, so here’s the way to prove it. A ref heads to the ring, this is happening!

The Miz VS Rick Boogs!

The bell rings, Miz protests, but he backs up into Boogs! Boogs TOSSES Miz into a corner! Boogs runs in but Miz has him stop! Miz doesn’t want him damaging the suit! Boogs fires up and stars air-drumming again. Miz ROCKS Boogs with a sucker punch! Fans boo, Miz says he’s in a suit! Boogs still gut wrenches Miz, throws him around, and Miz’s shoes fly off! Boogs then hits a GUT WRENCH SUPLEX! Miz staggers up, into a trophy lift! And a POWERSLAM! Cover, Boogs wins!

Winner: Rick Boogs, by pinfall

Now that was awesome! Boogs is ready to rock on Raw, will we see him turn it up to 11 on the way to WrestleMania?


The Alpha Academy regroups backstage.

Otis says that when the going gets tough, the tough get rough. Is that the saying? Otis and Gable go to the locker room, and Maximum Male Models is here? Maçé and Mansöôr don’t even understand what they’re looking at in Otis. “It’s disgusting.” “It’s grotesque!” But Maxxine Dupri says Otis is PERFECT! Huh? Is Maxxine looking at the same Otis we all are?


Bayley heads to the ring!

The Role Model walks back out, not only feeling good over helping Iyo Sky win against Candice LeRae, but also feeling good from making sure Becky Lynch didn’t win the Women’s Rumble, and beating down Becky to avoid the steel cage match with her. Bayley laughs and gets the mic as fans boo. “Did you guys really think I’d leave the building without talking about that?” Fans chant “BAYLEY SUCKS!” but she says she doesn’t. She knows we all saw what happened on Raw 30. Everyone is talking about how DMG CTRL took out Becky and made history. “It felt so good. We had so much confidence going into the Royal Rumble, if you couldn’t tell.”

They were dominant! Elimination after elimination after elimination, etc! But Bayley’s favorite was when she single-handedly eliminated The Man, Becky Lynch! HA! “Now finally, thank goodness, I’m done with Becky. The story is down, we’ve ended things, this obsession she has with Damage Control is done-” WAIT! Here comes Big Time Becks! Becky is the birthday girl tonight, and she tells Bayley, “Shut up, Bayley, ya stupid fool.” They’re not done until The Man says they’re done. Becky had already won the Rumble, she was just making sure Bayley and her team didn’t. Right, sounds like an excuse to Bayley.

Oh, excuses like robbing the fans of their Steel Cage match. Excuses like attacking Becky before the bell because Bayley was too scared. Excuses like doing whatever you can to avoid going 1v1 because Bayley doesn’t want to admit Becky’s better than her. Bayley laughs at that, and tells the fans to pipe down. Excuses, huh? Bayley is making excuses? No, Bayley is smart! Read a book or something! But Becky says Tulsa gets it. Bayley says she’s here to celebrate but Becky has to come out here and make it all about her. Well, it is Becky’s birthday. Bayley doesn’t give a damn! Becky doesn’t tell Bayley where and when to be or what to do! She’s not the suck-ups in the crowd!

Bayley knows Becky. And Bayley doesn’t like “Rebecca.” Becky is overrated. Becky isn’t good enough for all of this. To be champion again. Or to be in the ring with Bayley 1v1. Becky isn’t even good enough for her husband, Seth Freakin’ Rollins! HAH! Don’t act like you don’t know. The only reason Rollins married Becky is cuz he knocked her up! Becky stares daggers at Bayley’s smug smile. Becky says after all this time, she thought they were only fighting over wrestling. But whatever this is, this once-friendship, this animosity, this bitterness Bayley has, it all started 10 years ago in NXT in Orlando.

So since Raw will be in Orlando next week, that is where they should end this! Becky and Bayley will get that Steel Cage match once and for all! Bayley says, “What’re you, stupid, Becky? No! No chance!” Becky had a feeling Bayley would say that, so she’ll be right back. Oh, is she gonna go find another excuse? Another reason why she’s better than Bayley? Bayley has no time for this! She has to leave this crappy city. But then Becky returns, dragging Dakota Kai! Bayley is freaking out as Becky has Dakota’s leg inside a chair! What is it gonna be, Bayley? Kai, shush, The Man is talking. Bayley has to choose: the steel cage, or Kai getting the steel chair?

Bayley says wait WAIT WAIT! Bayley accepts the match! Oh, good. Thanks. Becky lets Kai go, and says Bayley can bring her friends along. But uh, maybe go check on Iyo in the back. Becky leaves and Bayley hurries to Kai’s side. Will Bayley regret pushing Big Time Becks to this point?


Backstage interview with Adam Pearce.

Cathy Kelley is with the WWE official, and says he has something big to announce. Yes, two big announcements. First, he is ecstatic that yes, next week, Becky VS Bayley in the Steel Cage is happening! And as if that’s not big enough, Rhea Ripley called out Charlotte Flair for her WrestleMania title match, so who will face Bianca Belair for her title? We figure that out at Elimination Chamber! There will be a Raw Women’s Championship #1 contenders Elimination Chamber match! The winner goes on to WrestleMania to face the EST!

Pearce says that the first four entrants are already decided, as they will be the final four superstars in the Women’s Rumble: Raquel Rodriguez, Liv Morgan, Nikki Cross and Asuka! “But wait, there’s more!” Also next week on Raw, they will hold a qualifying match for the fifth entrant in a Fatal 4 Way! Mia Yim VS Candice LeRae VS Piper Niven VS Carmella! All this, next week on Raw in Orlando! But wait, in walks CHELSEA GREEN! She asks if Pearce is the manager. He introduces himself but she already knows his name. She just wants to be sure he’s the man to talk to about the “unacceptable accommodations” she’s been given. Um, sorry?

Chelsea feels embarrassed for him, but someone must not have told Pearce. Chelsea is not just any returning superstar. She is THE Chelsea Green. Where is her private room? Where is her fresh spring water? Where is her Swiss chocolate? Uh… Chelsea expects this to be resolved IMMEDIATELY! Okay, then he’ll get her the chocolates… The Hot Mess is back, but will she focus less on her accommodations and more on her WrestleMania plans?


Elimination Chamber Match Qualifier: Dolph Ziggler VS Bronson Reed!

The Show-Off has had his issues with Austin Theory, he’s had the US title around his waist, and now he gets to go after both! Well, if he gets through the Colossal Aussie! Will Ziggler ride a wave of momentum into Montreal? Or will he be washed away by the Tsunami?

The bell rings and the two circle. Ziggler stays low with his amateur wrestling, but Bronson grabs him and THROWS him to a corner! Bronson rushes in but Ziggler dodges and then DROPKICKS back! Bronson stays up so Ziggler SPLASHES in the corner! ZIG- NO, Bronson bucks that, and then BODY CHECKS Ziggler! Bronson storms around, drags Ziggler up, and he HEADBUTTS Ziggler back down. Bronson drags Ziggler up, scoops him and SLAMS him, then runs to STEAMROLL him! Cover, TWO! Bronson is annoyed but he drags Ziggler into a chinlock. Ziggler endures as Bronson leans on the hold.

Fans rally, Ziggler fights up, and Ziggler JAWBREAKERS free! But Bronson clamps right back on! Ziggler fights up again, to JAWBREAKER again! Bronson staggers, but he runs in, into an elbow! Ziggler BOOTS Bronson, then dodges! Bronson hits buckles, and turns around into the SATELLITE DDT! Cover, TWO! Bronson is hanging tough, but Ziggler SUPER- NO, Bronson blocks the kick to ROLLING ELBOW! Ziggler wobbles, Bronson reels him in to suplex. Ziggler slips off, ZIGZAG!! Cover, TWO!?! Bronson survives Ziggler’s best shot, but he is also dazed. Ziggler and Bronson rise, and Ziggler throws hands.

Ziggler throws knees into Bronson’s head and fans rally for Ziggler. Ziggler HEADBUTTS, kicks low, and runs, but Bronson turns Famouser into POWERBOMB! Bronson puts Ziggler in the drop zone, then climbs up top! TSUNAMI!! Cover, Bronson wins!

Winner: Bronson Reed, by pinfall (advances to the Elimination Chamber)

And that’s all Bronson needed to crush Ziggler’s hopes and dreams! Will Bronson prove he is the top dog in the Elimination Chamber?


Backstage interview with Carmella.

Cathy starts but Mella needs more excitement first. She’s Carmella! The Moonwalking, Trash Talking Princess of Staten Island, and she’s back! And she’ll be back on top where she belongs when she wins the Fatal 4 Way to get into the Elimination Chamber. Because #MellaIsMoney. And there is not a single woman- Oh, wait! Asuka walks over! Is she welcoming Mella back? Or maybe she’ll say, “Mella is not ready for Asuka!” No, Asuka. You are not ready for Mella! Paint your face up, Mella still isn’t afraid. But then Asuka has blue teeth as she grins. Mella is more grossed out than afraid, but does this mean no one is ready for THIS Asuka?


The Street Profits talk with Elias and Boogs.

They’re all excited, but then Byron walks over to ask Boogs how it feels to come back after injury. “It feels like I’m climbing a mountain, in a loin cloth, and I just wanna scream at the top of my lungs! EEEEEEEEEYAH!” But for real, being back in front of the fans is electric. It feels like he’s riding the lightning! It has been a long road of recovery, but it is official! Rick… BOOOOOGS~ is BACK! Ford fires up for that! Boogs is a maniac but Ford loves it! Dawkins says he’s also shredded, and he can shred a guitar, too! YEAH! Elias says anyone can shred, but it takes true skill to be an artist. And Boogs has that potential.

Ford wants Elias to cool it with the hating. Boogs got the dub, now he has to get dressed so they can have a night out on the town! Boogs is BOOGING OUT! New thing, booging out! Byron then asks the others that all three of them have a shot at the Elimination Chamber match for the US title. Dawkins takes on Damian Priest, Ford takes on… Elias! Whoa, Byron sure knows how to stir the pot. But Ford and Elias go back like fins on a Cadillac, but Ford promises that HE will be the one moving on. Elias says hold on, hold on. Just like Cadillacs, Elvis and Johnny Cash, Elias is an American classic. And next week, things turn around for Elias, at Ford’s expense.

Elias has GOT to be the next US Champion! Whoa, don’t sleep on ya boi. Next week, when Dawkins beats Damian, he’ll be walking into SoFi as the US Champion. WHAT?! These friends all argue, but will it be like the Rumble: every man for himself?


Cody Rhodes VS Finn Balor w/ The Judgment Day!

The American Nightmare opened the night but was interrupted, and we now have a first-time-anywhere showdown! Will Finn exterminate the so-called Bullet Club parasite? Or will the Prince learn why Cody is uncrowned wrestling royalty?

The bell rings and Cody circles with Finn. Fans rally for Cody as they feel out the grapple. They tie up, go around, end up on ropes and then in a corner. Finn and Cody end up in another corner, and then Finn shoves Cody away. The two stare down, Finn jabs Cody in the chest with a finger, but Cody kicks low and drops for the RHODES UPPERCUT! Cody then wrenches an arm, suplexes Finn up and holds him up for TEN before the GOURD BUSTER! Finn scrambles out and fans fire up with Cody. Judgment Day coaches Finn up while Raw goes picture in picture.

Finn cools off, Rhea and Priest talk trash to Cody, and then Finn goes up the steel steps. Cody patiently waits, and Finn steps back in. Cody and Finn circle, feel things out, and then tie up. Finn headlocks, Cody powers up but Finn holds on tight. Cody fights up but Finn fights the suplex. Cody powers up again but Finn again holds tight. Finn hits a takeover, Cody headscissors, but Finn shrugs that off. Finn grinds the headlock, but Cody fights up again. Cody powers out this time, things speed up, but Finn KICKS Cody away! Cody clutches the repaired pec and Finn grins, knowing he hit the mark.

Finn and Cody reset, tie up again, and Finn waistlocks to drag Cody down. Finn keeps on an arm then floats to a facelock. Cody fights up, slips around and hammerlocks Finn. Finn fights up to get the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Cody lets off, but then Cody ROCKS Finn with a right. Cody CHOPS Finn, and Finn staggers away. Cody ROCKS Finn again, whips him to ropes, but Finn reverses. Cody sunset flips, Finn rolls through but Cody blocks the boot! Cody stands up, backs Finn into a corner, and puts the leg in the ropes to KICK it! Finn hobbles and Cody CLUBS him! Cody stalks Finn to the apron and DECKS him!

Cody springboard stomps, something he really is taking from Finn! Cody whips Finn corner to corner as Raw returns to single picture. Finn goes up but Cody catches him into an Alabama! Finn CLUBS Cody, Cody sets him down, and Finn trips Cody! Cody avoids the stomp to ELBOW, then he drops. But Finn blocks the uppercut to STOMP away on the bad pec! Finn SLAMS Cody’s arm, too, and Rhea mocks Cody, “How’s that feel, Nightmare?” Fans boo but Finn soaks up the heat. Finn drags Cody up, bumps him off buckles, then CHOPS him! Finn pulls the bad arm around the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts.

Finn CHOPS Cody again, snapmares him, then runs to PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! Rhea argues the count but Finn keeps cool. Finn stomps Cody to ropes, then drags him over to stomp him more. Finn springboard stomps to show Cody how it’s done! And again, and again, and again! The ref counts, Finn lets off, and fans boo. Finn tells Tulsa off, then he brings Cody through the ropes. Finn kicks Cody, kicks again, but Cody blocks to DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Then BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! Finn falls to the floor and Cody builds speed! Cody DIVES and Finn hits the desk! Cody puts Finn in, but he has to dodge Priest!

Priest tumbles into the timekeeper’s area! Dom runs in, but Cody TOSSES him over the desk! Cody gets in the ring, he dodges Finn, and then hits a SPINNING POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Mami Rhea helps Dom-Dom up, and fans fire up, “This is Awesome!” Cody CLUBS Finn, springboards, but into a waistlock! Dragon sleeper, ELBOW DROP DDT! Cover, TWO! Finn is frustrated but Raw goes picture and picture again.

Cody sits up and grits his teeth but Judgment Day soaks up the heat. Rhea even says to “SUCK IT!” Finn clamps onto Cody, and he throws down elbows! Cody wants the bad arm but Cody resists! Finn still clamps on a chicken wing, but Cody fights up to his feet! Cody arm-drags Finn away! Cody runs in, but into a do-si-do that gives Finn to COBRA TWIST! Cody endures the stretch, pries at Finn’s legs, but Finn CLUBS Cody in the side again and again! Cody still endures as Finn puts more pressure on! Cody powers out to HIP TOSS Finn away! Cody then runs to drop an elbow! Cover, TWO! Finn gets to the corner and Judgment Day is relieved.

Cody storms up to whip Finn corner to corner, then he runs in, only for the splash to hit buckles! Finn stomps Cody back down, then stomps him more. Finn goes to the corner and he climbs up while Rhea mocks Cody. Finn reaches the top, but Cody ROCKS him first! Cody climbs up to join Finn, throws forearms, but Finn hits back! They brawl up top, Cody gets the edge, and Raw returns to single picture as Cody SLAPS Finn on the back! Cody SUPERPLEXES Finn!! Both men are down and Tulsa is thunderous! Judgment Day is worried, they coach Finn up but “This is Awesome!” as both men stir.

Finn and Cody rise, and Cody ROCKS Finn! Finn ROCKS Cody! Cody ROCKS Finn! Finn ROCKS Cody! The hands go back and forth, faster and faster, and Finn kicks low! Finn soaks up the heat, runs, but Cody follows to springboard, CODY CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! Finn survives but Cody keeps focus. Cody stands and the fans rally up! Cody dragon sleepers, but Finn slips through! But Cody drops down to KICK Finn away! But Finn SLINGBLADES on return! Finn aims from the corner, runs in, but into a SUPERKICK! Cody covers, TWO!! Judgment Day continues to worry, but fans rally up behind Cody.

Cody has Finn’s legs, “WOO~!” and FIGURE- NO, cradle! TWO!! Finn runs in, Cody trips him and steps in again, but Finn BOOTS Cody out of the ring! Cody is surrounded by Judgment Day, but then Priest spots EDGE in the crowd! Priest intercepts, Priest and Edge brawl in the crowd! Edge THROWS Priest into walls! Edge DECKS Dom on his way to ringside, and then he keeps ON Dom! Dom flounders with every haymaker and Rhea is freaking out! Edge SPEARS Dom down! But then Rhea CLOBBERS Edge!! BUT HERE COMES BETH!! The Glamazon SPEARS Rhea like she did on Saturday!!

Fans are losing their minds, and Cody brings Finn up. Finn trips Cody, to DOUBLE STOMP! Finn takes aim, SHOTGUN sends Cody into the corner! Cody is in the drop zone, Finn climbs up! Fans boo, but Edge distracts Finn! Edge hops down, Finn leaps, but Cody avoids the Coup de Grace! CROSS RHODES!! But Cody holds on, for another CROSS RHODES! AND ANOTHER CROSS RHODES!!! Cover, Cody wins!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

The Rated R Superstar and the Glamazon made sure Judgment Day faced some of their own medicine! Will Edge & Beth finally finish what Edge started? And now, the American Nightmare is rolling along this Road to WrestleMania! Will Cody be ready to take down the Tribal Chief?

My Thoughts:

This was really a great Raw, especially in following up the Royal Rumble. For one, they built off of just about everything from the Rumble event, and we got great stuff out of Cody Rhodes, Judgment Day and of course, Edge and Beth. Great opening promo from Cody to establish that he is going after the Undisputed Universal title, aka both belts, not just the black ‘n’ gold world title belt. Good stuff from Judgment Day, acting like Dom was even close to winning the Rumble. And we got a great main event, including Edge and Beth again getting the best of Judgment Day. We most definitely need Edge & Beth VS Rhea & Dom at the Elimination Chamber event, since we know Rhea’s plans.

I was rather surprised Rhea chose Charlotte Flair, but her logic is also 100% spot on as to why she wants Charlotte. As such, it makes sense that Adam Pearce brings in a couple (currently) SmackDown superstars to fill out the Raw Women’s Championship Elimination Chamber match. Raquel and Liv have been building momentum on SmackDown, they’re great choices, and Nikki Cross has always been solid so good to see her get the nod. Carmella and Asuka are back, and they had a good promo together. Mella has reset back to her original gimmick, which is fitting since Asuka is being more like “Kana,” her persona in Japan. That Fatal 4 Way is going to be hard to call, but if Mella is back and she’s already had interaction with Asuka, it’d make sense if Mella got in.

Chelsea Green also had a good bit with Pearce, acting entitled given how strong she was going in Impact Wrestling. Great match out of Candice VS Sky, even with the ever constant overbooking of DMG CTRL getting involved. And then a great promo segment from Bayley and Becky. Becky taking out Kai & Sky offscreen some time before this was a nice touch, and Becky scaring Bayley into accepting the cage match was good stuff. It does seem pretty fitting to have this supposed blow-off in Orlando, maybe that cage match should be the main event. And while Sky beat Candice, she lost to Mia, so maybe we’ll get a tag title match come Elimination Chamber.

Rick Boogs being back was unexpected, and having him beat Miz while Miz is in his suit was good stuff. Great qualifying matches for the US Championship Elimination Chamber match. Rollins was a natural choice, but great match with Gable. I also like that Otis has oddly caught they eye of Maxxine Dupri now that MMM has moved over to Raw. As ridiculous as the male modeling agency gimmick is, they might as well lean into it and have Maxxine make round mound Otis into her masterpiece project. Great win for Bronson over Ziggler, and great win for Gargano over Corbin. Lumis with the hatchet was hilarious, especially with Corey being horrified by it.

And great locker room promo from Boogs, the Profits, and Elias. Elias and Boogs both being musical gimmicks, I am very confident they’ll be in a program on the Road to WrestleMania. And while Priest likely beats Dawkins to get into the Chamber, I would love for Ford to get in there. It’ll be a great showing for Ford as a singles guy, and could you just imagine seeing his From the Heavens frog splash off the top of a pod? That’d be an amazing moment all by itself. But also, good VIP Lounge segment from Theory, MVP and Lashley. Lashley accidentally hitting MVP adds a bit to their story, but I think Lashley is getting in the Chamber, too.

I don’t see Lashley winning the Chamber, but he could do most of the damage for Theory to capitalize on. And as I said before, Lashley VS Lesnar at Mania isn’t going to be about a title, so therefore Lashley doesn’t need to have a title on him. Depending on how this Hurt Business 2.0 goes, maybe Lashley moves over to SmackDown to start fresh.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (1/30/23)

Lexington gets Elevated!



Can All Heart overcome the Swiss Superman?

The ROH World Championship returns to AEW Dark: Elevation, and Claudio Castagnoli takes on Blake Christian. Will All Heart survive the Swiss Superman?


  • Red Velvet VS Billie Starkz; Velvet wins.
  • Alex Reynolds & John Silver VS The Workhorsemen; Reynolds & Silver win.
  • Rush w/ Jose the Assistant VS Brian Pillman Jr; Rush wins.
  • Athena & Diamante VS Skye Blue & Yuka Sakazaki; Skye & Yuka win.
  • Top Flight VS Ari Daivari & Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling; Top Flight wins.
  • The Kings of the Black Throne w/ Julia Hart VS Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum; The Kings of the Black Throne win.
  • ROH World Championship: Claudio Castagnoli VS Blake Christian; Claudio wins.


A pretty good line-up, and I think Athena will end up in a program for her ROH Women’s Championship coming out of that tag match. Good tune-up match for Top Flight going into their AEW World Trios Championship program with the Elite, that should be a good win. And Blake Christian is going places. He’s had good stints on NJPW Strong, he’s in ROH and AEW, he’s going to give Claudio a great match. Claudio will still win, this is mostly to get things going towards Supercard of Honor on March 31st, but Blake could easily find himself going for a midcard title like the ROH Pure Championship or AEW All-Atlantic Championship.

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