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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (10/2/18)



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After the last SmackDown ended with frightening video from Samoa Joe, GM Paige has no choice but to address the escalating feud between Joe and AJ Styles!



  • R-Truth & Carmella VS Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega; Truth & Carmella win.
  • Tye Dillinger VS Randy Orton; No Contest.
  • Shelton Benjamin VS Daniel Bryan; Benjamin wins.
  • Asuka w/ Naomi VS Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay; Asuka wins.


SmackDown GM Paige is already in the ring!

The Glampire in Chief admits that when she first took this job, she was told it would be “exhilarating, emotional exhausting,” but to think it’d turn out like this! What Samoa Joe did was completely out of line! Joe committed one of the most dastardly crimes in WWE History. Paige was going to debate this, but she needs everyone to see the footage that shows the gravity of this situation. We relive last week’s video chat Joe started with the titantron. He poetically depicted his visiting the Styles Family home in Georgia while Styles was miles away. Joe says Styles stole the title from him, and this was the consequence. Ding dong, “Daddy’s home.”

Paige assures us the Styles Family is okay, and authorities were called. Joe did not enter the home, but charges were pressed. Paige thought it over and talked to WWE Management. The decision was unanimous: fire Samoa Joe. Fans are conflicted, but Paige says she gave someone else a call. She called AJ Styles to personally let him know things were okay. But she could feel his emotion through the phone. No one should go through what Styles did. But then Styles surprised Paige: he dropped the charge, and begged her not to fire Joe. Termination would be too easy, and Paige agreed. Styles then told her he’d want to had out the punishment personally. Therefore, the WWE Championship No Holds Barred match will still happen! But before tonight, Styles also wanted us to see something.

Styles films himself in his living room as he apologizes for not being present tonight in Portland. He cannot find it in himself to perform just yet. “This is bigger than WWE.” He doesn’t want to something he’d regret. Styles is home, and will not leave until he knows Joe is on his way to Australia. Styles has four amazing kids and they all need him. He’ll go to Australia, but he needs to be here right now for his daughter Annie. She hasn’t been able to sleep because she’s afraid of her “Uncle Joe”, like he’s the Bogeyman. And to Joe, Styles says that “This is going to end. This needs to end. You’re not coming back from the Land Down Under, because that’s exactly where I’m gonna put you.” He won’t take a limp body and put it in a casket, he will bury him ALIVE!


R-Truth & Carmella VS Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega!

The #FABULOUSTruth is “What’s up?!” and prepare to take on the Tranquilo Duo in this SmackDown exclusive Mixed Tag Match. Will Truth & the Princess of Staten Island prove they’re better than El Idolo & La Muneca? Or will Almas & Vega earn themselves points towards respective singles titles?

SmackDown returns as Almas & Vega make their entrance. The bell rings and the ladies start. Carmella and Vega trash talk then tie up. Vega gets the headlock but Carmella reverses. Vega powers out but also yanks Carmella down by her hair! Fans boo while Vega does a bad moonwalk. Carmella dropkicks Vega down, then shows her how it’s done! Vega gets mad and yanks Carmella into buckles, then gives a jump kick! Fans rally for Carmella while Vega swings into a chinlock on the ropes! Vega lets go at 4 then drives Carmella down with a facebuster. Cover, TWO! Vega toys with Carmella but Carmella jawbreakers back! Hot tags to the men, and R-Truth rallies on Almas! Almas kicks low then runs, but into the huricanrana!

Truth asks “What’s up!?” and Portland responds. He runs but misses in the corner. Almas has the waistlock but Truth pries his way out. Truth standing switches and shoves, but Almas goes tranquilo with Vega. Carmella comes in to show off the splits, then Truth adds his! Fans like the splits better. Almas & Vega run in but then run away from the haymakers. Dance break! Flossing and high-fiving, fans love Fabulous Truth. They chant for “Truth TV! Truth TV!” Almas and Vega are upset, but Almas baits Truth into a chase. They go back in the ring and Almas pounces with double ax handles. Almas brings Truth up and to a corner to then whip corner to corner. Truth dodges and Almas tumbles all the way out! We go picture in picture while Truth catches his breath.

Carmella and fans cheer for Truth while Vega coaches Almas up. Almas gets up but Truth goes after him with haymakers. They go around the corner and back into the ring, Truth whips Almas corner to corner. Almas reverses and Truth goes up and over, to then kick down Almas’ handspring. Cover, TWO! Truth brings Almas up for a suplex, but Almas resists. Truth throws body shots and suplexes Almas to the apron, but Almas hotshots him back! Almas has Truth now but Truth fights back with body shots. Truth runs but into the boot fake and elbow strike! Cover, TWO! Almas and Vega grow frustrated. Almas stomps away on Truth, but fans rally up. Truth gets to ropes but Almas chokes him. Almas brings Truth out for an armbar on the mat.

Truth endures while Almas wrenches. Carmella rallies the fans and Truth feeds off the energy. Truth stands and fights out with body shots. Almas knees low, then covers, TWO! Almas argues with the ref but goes back to putting the armlock on Truth. Truth endures again while Almas pulls back on an almost Fujiwara armbar. He gets up while we go single picture again with chants of “Truth TV!” giving him life. Truth fights but Almas chops. Almas runs but into the calf kick! Both men are down, and fans fire up. Carmella and Vega coach their partners on, hot tags to the ladies! Carmella rallies on Vega with lariats! Atomic drop and boot bump in the corner! Then a flying headscissors sends Vega across the way. Carmella fires up, runs in, FABULOUS Bronco Buster to Complete Shot! Cover, but Almas yanks her off!?

Carmella glares at Almas while Almas says to tranquilo. She goes to kick, but he blocks that. Truth unloads with haymakers! He clotheslines Almas out, then slingshots for the plancha! But Vega tries to sneak on Carmella. Carmella bucks her off, but the kick misses. Vega jackknifes but gets caught in the Code of Silence! Vega taps, FABULOUS Truth wins!

Winners: R-Truth & Carmella, Carmella pinning

Fabulous Truth still needs a win on Mixed Match Challenge, but this Mixed Tag win here could be a good start. Can they turn it around and take the SmackDown Block in MMC Season 2?


Paige encounters Tye Dillinger backstage.

The Perfect 10 wants after Randy Orton. Oh, and hi, Paige. Tye wants Orton. Well, Tye won against Nakamura- yes, Nakamura is for later, but Orton attacked unprovoked. Is Tye sure about that? Has anyone seen Jeff Hardy since Hell in a Cell? Good point, but this is something Tye feels he has to do. Paige will never understand men. But she will give this man what he wants, he gets his match. But will Tye regret it?


Awwww Portland~!

Feel the power as the New Day head to the ring! They and Bootysworth head out with pancakes and chef hats, because they promise us something special just days before Super Show Down and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match. We’re going to learn what is in a New Day Flapjack, after the break!

SmackDown returns and everything is set up in the ring, from the batter to the griddle. Big E and the New Day proudly present the pilot episode to #NewDayCooks! But first a word from our sponsors: You trying to get swole? No, no, no. This Saturday, “ya bois” defend the W, W, E, SmackDown Tag Team Championships at Super Show Down live on the WWE Network! But these past couple of weeks, the New Day haven’t been hitting. They’ve been hit, but The Bar has their number. We need a strong dose of positivity! Thus, Mr. Bootysworth, and his bowl of batter. Bootysworth cooks all the pancakes they give out to the WWE Universe every week! Every week. And tonight is extra special because he will share the special recipe with everyone in the WWE Universe! “Boo! Tysworth!”

And now, let the “buttery and syrupy voice” be heard. But then The Bar interrupts! “Well, well, well.” Another week, another segment with The New Day “acting like a bunch of children.” Instaed of preparing for a match, they’re playing with food. This pilot is for Guy Fieri and now it’s ruined! How cna you ruin what’s already awful? The Bar is here to help. In case everyone forgot, Cesaro is from Switzerland, and the Swiss know pastries. Cesaro is quite the chef. Chef Cesaro and even Sheamus know how to make this more efficient. They tip the table! It’s a battle now, but Sheamus gets thrown out. Cesaro gets double whipped into Kofi’s double kicks, but then Sheamus throws flour in Kofi’s face! Cesaro throws Big E to a post and Sheamus throws Woods. They double backbreaker Kofi, then go back to Big E for the A-Swiss-ted White Noise!

Fans boo and jeer while The Bar fist bump. But then they spot Bootysworth and his batter! Fans beg The Bar not harm Bootysworth. The Bar take the batter, and pour it in Bootysworth’s hat. Then they make him wear it… Fans boo and jeer more because The Bar keeps bullying Bootysworth, with a whole heaping helping of the batter on his back. The Bar then shout for Bootysworth to get out of the ring, “you joke!” Bootysworth does, and then The Bar hold up the tag title belts. Will The Bar regret spoiling the fun? Or will they have fun becoming the new champions in Melbourne?


Tye Dillinger VS Randy Orton!

The Perfect 10 has a win over the King of Strong Style, but only because The Viper decided to strike. Tye doesn’t want to go after the United States of Nakamerica just yet, he wants revenge first! Will he get it? Or will he get a Perfect 10 RKO instead?

But as Orton makes his entrance, Tye goes on the attack! Tye clothesliens Orton down then put shim in the ring. Orton fires back with European Uppercuts and headbutts. Orton has Tye reelign around the ring but then Tye fires back with forearms and chops! Tye clotheslines Orton back out of the ring, then keeps on the pursuit. Orton kicks back and bounces Tye off the desk! Orton then back suplexes Tye, but Tye fights out! Tye fires off elbows and then back suplexes Orton on the desk! The Perfect 10 throws angry haymakers. Orton might have been annoyed by Tye’s gimmick, but Tye is pissed off, too! Tye goes to throw Orton over the barriers but Orton turns it around! Tye lands on his feet, only to get a haymaker! Orton drags Tye out, draping DDT to the floor!

The referee tries to get Orton to stop, but there’s no stopping the Apex Predator now. Orton moves steel steps around and takes aim at Tye. Tye crawls over, but Orton puts the steps down. Orton instead bares a turnbuckle’s crossbar, and laces a finger through it! And then he pulls!! Tye screams in pain from the excruciating innovation! Orton could very well break Tye’s finger like this! The ref tries to reason with Orton while Tye resists, and Orton finally lets the finger go. More referees appear, and they order Orton to back off. Tye grimaces, clutching his tortured finger. Orton decides to leave, perhaps feeling he taught Tye a lesson. Will Orton move on to his true prey?

No Contest


The Miz talks with Shelton Benjamin backstage.

And Miz says “You’re welcome.” For what? Well everyone saw Benjamin’s tweet. Miz agrees, Benjamin is overlooked, Benjamin is the “real deal.” Miz put in a call and that’s why Benjamin gets a match with “Goat boy.” Will Benjamin beat Daniel Bryan tonight? Yes. Of course he will. But maybe Benjamin should make a statement. Benjamin should hurt Bryan, maybe rip that beard off and feed it to him! Benjamin’s statement is that he’s been waiting for a chance to show the world who he is. Bryan is casualty number one. Miz will be on commentary to see it all happen. Miz thanks Benjamin now, and they shake hands. Will Benjamin do Miz’s dirty work for him this close to Super Show Down?


Aiden English prepares for his segment up next.

The production truck is ready, and what the Drama King reveals to us, “this needs to be in high-def.” What is the scandal English is ready to reveal in #OneNightinMilwaukee?


But Rusev and Lana head to the ring first!

Mr. & Mrs. Machka show a united front against this supposedly scandalous secret English is willing to reveal. Fans still chant for “Rusev Day!” in support of the husband and wife duo. Rusev notes that English attacked him and ended the friendship first. Then English took a step forward, saying there is footage of him and Lana in Milwaukee. That makes Rusev want to tear English’s pale body apart! But, Rusev is willing to see what “bogus evidence” English claims to have. English appears, and knows this is the evidence we’ve all patiently waited to see. But before getting to that, some backstory. Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin, and borders two Great Lakes. Stop stalling, English! Just admit you have nothing. Lana, don’t be rude, he’s providing context.

Milwaukee isn’t so forgettable, it has history, science, culture. It was the location for many unforgettable movies and television shows, like Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days, Love Actually and Baseketball. But tonight, more than all of those combined, this is the most anticipated premiere of the last decade! “One Night in Milwaukee!” Roll it!

English apparently recorded himself rehearsing his Milwaukee introduction. He couldn’t find the right lyrics, and a knock came at the door. English saw it was Lana and answered the door. Lana walked in and fans immediately anticipate something is up. Lana told English that she’s been thinking about something for a long time. It’s important that she says it out loud. “I want you.” And that’s where it ends! Fans lose their minds, is this what it looks like? English wants to show us the rest, but legal obligations of SmackDown and all. Plus he’s courting TMZ, and he wouldn’t want to cheat on them. Rusev asks Lana if this is true, but Lana denies it. That’s not all. There’s more? Rusev rushes English and they run to the back! Will Rusev get his revenge on the Drama King for (supposedly) seducing his Ravishing Russian?


Rusev continues to hunt for English.

A staffer directs the Bulgarian Lion, but then Lana comes in. There’s more to the video, she needs to explain. But Rusev says they’re not doing this here. He continues his search, will he find the Drama King before the night is over?


Shelton Benjamin VS Daniel Bryan!

The Gold Standard clearly feels under appreciated since going solo again. The former WWE tag team, United States and Intercontinental Champion wants to finally get his Grand Slam, but it’s the Yes Man who gets the #1 Contender’s match against The Miz in Australia. Can Benjamin prove he’s worthy of his own championship chance? Or will Bryan keep his momentum going towards Melbourne?

SmackDown returns as Benjamin makes his entrance and Miz joins commentary as promised. Miz is intrigued by the drama of English, Rusev and Lana, but then he immediately focuses on the match when Benjamin runs Bryan over at the bell! Benjamin drags Bryan up to whip and throws in a knee. Benjamin whips Bryan again to give him another knee. Miz likes what he sees from this “elite level of talent”, and Benjamin whips Bryan again for a third knee! Benjamin drags Bryan around for a fireman’s carry. He pops Bryan up for a big gutbuster drop! Miz knows Benjamin needs to make that statement. Benjamin stomps Bryan but fans rally for Bryan. Benjamin puts Bryan in a corner but Bryan fights back with haymakers! Bryan bumps Benjamin off buckles then fires off kicks!

Bryan whips but Benjamin reverses, only for Benjamin to run into a boot. Even so, Benjamin counters Bryan with a  flapjack toss! Cover, TWO! Miz wants Benjamin to keep on those ribs. Benjamin wraps Bryan in a chinlock and squeezes tight. Fans rally and Bryan feeds off the energy. Bryan stands and fights out, but Benjamin knees low again. Benjamin whips but Bryan kicks him away. Bryan gets Benjamin’s arm and brings him down, YES LOCK! Miz doesn’t like this, but Benjamin gets a ropebreak. Bryan lets go and Benjamin bails out. Bryan runs, but misses the dropkick. Benjamin puts Bryan into the barriers, then the apron, then the barriers, and back again! HE does not let up on those ribs, and Miz really likes that! Benjamin picks Bryan up to snake eyes him on the barriers! The Gold Standard has control while we go picture in picture.

Miz watches intently as Bryan clutches his ribs. Miz tries to quiet the fans while Benjamin recovers int he ring. Benjamin comes back and fetches Bryan, for another barrier snake eyes! Bryan winces from the rib pain while Benjamin leaves him behind. The ring count climbs but Bryan crawls his way over. Bryan makes it to the ring, but Benjamin is on him with haymakers. Benjamin headbutts Bryan on the apron and puts him back in the ring. He drags Bryan up for forearms and then a whip. Bryan holds ropes to then toss Benjamin out! Bryan goes back to the apron, for a flying knee! Both men are down, but Bryan is fired up! He puts Benjamin in then climbs up top. Bryan aims while we go single picture, for the flying headbutt! It just barely hits, but it’s still double-edged!

Miz is laser focused as both men are down. Miz vows to bring prestige back tot he WWE Championship, because that’s not what Bryan will do. Benjamin drags Bryan up for a bearhug. Fans rally up as Bryan endures. Bryan elbows back, then gives EuroUppers. He whips but Benjamin reverses. Bryan goes up and over and keeps moving, but gets caught into a German Suplex! Cover, TWO! Benjamin grows frustrated but keeps his focus. He gets to a corner, aims at Bryan across the way, and runs back in, to get a drop toehold into buckles! Bryan gets himself going, runs corner to corner, and htis the dropkick! He keeps going, but Benjamin counters with the knee, then another German Suplex! Bridge cover, TWO!

Benjamin drags Bryan up and over to a corner. Benjamin puts Bryan up top then climbs up. He wants a fireman’s carry, but Bryan resists with elbows. Bryan keeps going an then adjusts, SUPER STEINER! Bryan fires himself up again, and gives YES Kicks! Miz says those are the It Kicks, but then Benjamin ducks. Benjamin misses the dragon whip kick to get Bryan’s enziguri! Bryan and the fans chant “YES! YES!” but Miz goes over to distract. Bryan hits Miz, but then Benjamin hits Pay Dirt! Cover, Benjamin wins!!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin, by pinfall

The Gold Standard cashes in on the A-Lister’s distraction! Bryan’s momentum is now slowed going into Super Show Down, but Miz won’t let it end there. Miz takes off the jacket and the glasses and drags Bryan to the outside. Miz throws knee after knee after knee into the weakened ribs, then rams Bryan body first into the desk! And again! Miz rakes the face, then rams Bryan in again! They go into the ring, even as the referee shouts for Miz to stop. Fans boo and jeer while The Miz pulls up his sleeves. Miz drags Bryan back up, in the full nelson, for the Finale! “See you at Super Show Down. Good luck, you’re gonna need it.” The Miz already feels like he’s won, but will he win a shot at the WWE Championship with the Goat in his way?


Asuka w/ Naomi VS Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay!

Just days before their Super Show Down showdown, the Empress of Tomorrow takes on the Aussie Venus Fly Trap 1v1! Which side will gain some last minute momentum before Melbourne sees the Empresses of Glowmorrow battle the IIconic Duo?

Before the match, Naomi reminds us that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. WWE is proud to team with Susan G. Komen once again. Join the fight against this #Unacceptable disease. And in the ring now with Naomi is Dana Warrior, and three special guests who are the true champions in this fight. Naomi and Dana introduce us to Dr. Toni Storm-Dickerson, fundraiser Janine Wolf, and survivor Lt. Caprice Massey! Do what you can to help in this fight, because it can’t be done alone, it takes a team.

Asuka finally makes her entrance, followed by the IIconics, and we get to tonight’s fight. Peyton & Billie are so excited to be going to their hometown, which means they can’t lose. They’ve practiced their victory dance, too! The Aussie Flossie! Will they be celebrating tonight? Or will they have to wait for Super Show Down?

SmackDown returns and Peyton throws forearms on Asuka. Peyton runs to boot Asuka down, and Billie likes what she sees. Peyton throws more forearms, runs, but then Asuka follows. Auska dodges but runs into a kick. Peyton kicks but Asuka counters to a roll up! TWO, and Peyton dodges a kick. Asuka dodges a kick but then Peyton gets Asuka into the Widow’s Peak! Cover, TWO! The IIconics are frustrated, and Peyton trash talks Naomi. Asuka gets to a corner and climbs up, but misses the missile dropkick. Cover, TWO! Peyton grows frustrated, so she puts Asuka in a chinlock. Fans rally up for Asuka and she feeds off the energy. Asuka fights back with body shots, then kicks away at the leg! Peyton falls, Asuka runs but Peyton ducks. Peyton rolls Asuka, TWO, and she clotheslines Asuka down. Cover, TWO!

The IIconics are shrilly frustrated, but Peyton puts Asuka back in the chinlock. Naomi coaches Asuka up and Asuka gets up again. Asuka throws more elbows, then puts Peyton in a corner. She throws more forearms then whips corner to corner. Peyton reverses but Asuka goes up to hit the missile dropkick this time! Cover, TWO! Asuka brings Peyton around and wants the German Supelx, but Peyton reverses to get the waistlock. Asuka reverse for the body scissor roll, into an ankle lock! Peyton crawls to ropes and Billie helps her BFF. Naomi kicks Billie away! Asuka reels Peyton into a modified Asuka Lock! Peyton taps, Asuka wins!

Winner: Asuka, by submission

The Empress wins again and celebrates with Naomi. Team Glowmorrow rolls on to Melbourne, will they prove they’re more than IIconic?


Becky Lynch heads to the ring!

The Straight Fire SmackDown Women’s Champion prepares to defend her title at Super Show Down against The Queen, Charlotte Flair. But before then, she promises to share a special surprise with us tonight. Becky has Portland on her side as she stands with a covered poster in the ring. Six weeks ago, Becky stopped waiting and started taking. And since then, the champ has been the best thing about the Blue Brand. And since Becky has ran through the entire roster, she runs the division! Becky has made this division the most relevant thing in all of WWE! Becky learned that being kind and patient gets you nothing but stabbed int he back and treated like a fool. But not anymore, no no. Now she is Relent-Lass. She strikes first, strikes often, kinda like this.

We review Summerslam and the attack heard around the world! Becky burned the bridge between her and Charlotte, and then burned it down in the ring at Hell in a Cell. Becky won, then left her former friend behind. The new champ demanded to be called the new Queen, but calling Charlotte a “bitch” was a step too far. Another brawl broke out, but Becky won that, too. Becky then added on as she attacked Charlotte during a photo shoot. This is Becky’s title, Becky’s division and Becky’s show. Fans enjoy it almost as much as Becky does. Time and time again, Becky has prove she owns Charlotte. But the more things change, the more they stay the same.  The champ still doesn’t get the respect. Where’s Becky’s new merchandise? Instead, Becky suffers the indignity of the loser, Charlotte, posing for magazines.

But come Saturday, Becky’s face will be what’s on covers, billboards and posters! Becky’s face is the face of WWE Women’s Wrestling. And if no one’s going to give it to her, she’ll do it herself. Becky even went through the trouble of designing a new poster for Super Show Down. Drum roll please. Reveal! Becky standing over Charlotte! This is the poster for the show. It’s not about #OneLastTime, it’s about #TheFirstTime! But here comes Charlotte! And she doesn’t want to talk, she wants to fight! And it’s a fight we get! Becky has the edge and wants another Disarm-her, but Charlotte counters to SPEAR her! Charlotte glares at the poster, brings Becky up, and throws her through the poster with an exploder! But Charlotte isn’t done, she gets payback with a DRAPING figure four!

Charlotte pulls with the power of gravity, then lets Becky go to finish with a boot! Fans are torn as Charlotte lets out a “WOO~!” The Queen glares down at the Lass Kicker, but whose lass will get kicked come this championship rematch?



My Thoughts:

A really good go-home from SmackDown, but that’s par for the course. It seems mostly juts lip service that Paige had to address the issue of Samoa Joe (kayfabe) committing a crime, since nothing changes other than the intensity going into the No Holds Barred match. I was hoping Styles’ line about burying Joe alive in Melbourne meant this became a Buried Alive match, but I suppose that wouldn’t do any good if this feud is meant to continue. Either way, a No Holds Barred match with this much animosity is going to be great, and either man could come away the winner. Any combination of Joe/Styles VS Miz/Bryan will be fun, but with The Miz standing tall tonight after he helps Benjamin win, that has to mean Bryan wins, right?

Fabulous Truth VS Almas & Vega was pretty great, and I was surprised Truth & Carmella won. The moderate Mixed Match Challenge tie-in obviously helped, as Truth & Carmella can’t keep losing while trying to be strong contenders in the round robin. The Bar look strong as Heels going into Super Show Down, wrecking all three members of The New Day while humiliating “Bootysworth.” Again, pretty sure New Day wins, but it’d be quite the surprise if these titles changed hands at Super Show Down. I was surprised Tye VS Orton happened, as well as it becoming a brawl. Orton continues to find new ways to torture people, and that’s actually pretty good as a Heel. Paige brought up Tye would want a match with Nakamura, maybe we get that at Super Show Down as a way to keep Tye from going after Orton.

#OneNightInMilwaukee is obviously not that scandalous live on TV because of WWE PG ratings, but the implication is clear. At the same time, the explanation is that English cut it off there so that it sounds scandalous out of context. Surely Lana will find time to properly explain this to Rusev, but Rusev VS English will obviously still happen. I can’t be sure who wins, though, the math is still even. Asuka obviously was going to win against Peyton tonight, if only for her own singles record. The tag team match probably will go the IIconics’ way, so that Melbourne can be happy with their hometown heroes winning. Becky was the hero tonight, despite WWE’s narrative. She and Charlotte had a great brawl and this time Charlotte stands tall, so as I’ve been saying, Becky wins, retains, and goes into Evolution the champ.

My Score: 8.7/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (2/19/19)

Who’s next for the unstoppable Buddy Murphy?



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Champion continues to be the Juggernaut, Buddy Murphy! Who will step up to challenge him next? Do they stand a chance of dethroning him?



  • TJP VS Humberto Carrillo; Carrillo wins.
  • Ariya Daivari VS Johnny Lyons; Daivari wins.
  • Mike Kanellis w/ Maria VS Cedric Alexander; Alexander wins.


At Elimination Chamber, The Cruiserweight Champion outlasted the Stamina Monster!

Buddy Murphy took everything Akira Tozawa threw at him, but it wasn’t enough to slow down the Juggernaut. Now we move to the home stretch of the Road to Wrestlemania. Starting next week, there will be another Cruiserweight tournament! The winner of the field of eight will take on Buddy Murphy in New York! Therefore, tonight’s matches are a last-minute moment to make a case for entering the tournament!

First up, a first-ever match of the first-ever (New Era) Cruiserweight Champion and the newest star to the Division. TJP is a technical wizard but Humberto Carrillo is the Ultimo Ninja! Will Carrillo fly high over the FilAm Flash? Or will TJP make a huge leap towards bring the title back to where it all began?

And in the main event, The Lover and Fighter, Mike Kanellis, will take on another former Cruiserweight Champion in Cedric Alexander. Mike has impressed despite losing to Kalisto and THE Brian Kendrick, but Maria says every loss is a step closer to THE win Mike needs. Mike wants to show the third time’s the charm, but can he break his losing streak by breaking the Soul of 205 Live?


TJP VS Humberto Carrillo!

The Cruiser-Great always feels entitled to big opportunities, but just like everyone else, he’ll have to earn his way through the coming #1 Contender’s Tournament. The Ultimo Ninja is more than ready to prove himself against the inaugural champion, but is he ready for the inaugural champion?

The bell rings and Humberto circles with TJP. Fans like both guys as they tie up. TJP waistlocks to snapmare and ghost pins, ONE and Carrillo gets his own cover, ONE. The two circle and tie up again, and TJP gets a headlock. Carrillo powers out but TJP slides under. TJP shoves but things speed up as Carrillo keeps up with TJP. Carrillo runs and acrobatically arm-drags TJP out of the ring! Carrillo builds up speed but spots Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher coming down the ramp. The Submission Commission want Carrillo to stay safe and sound with feet on the ground. TJP slides in while Carrillo actually listens to Gulak & Gallagher for a moment. Carrillo and TJP tie up and TJP cartwheels to a hammerlock. Carrillo flips through but TJP wrenches again. Fans rally for Carrillo as he handsprings and sweeps the leg!

Carrillo gets a Gulak approved takedown to a standing kneebar. TJP spins with the headscissors to bring Carrillo down! TJP claps along with the fans but Carrillo powers his way up. Carrillo cartwheels through the next spin, then leaps, but TJP throws him down! Cover, ONE! TJP puts the shoulders down again, ONE! TJP goes to put his weight on Carrillo but Carrillo acrobatically monkey flips him away! Carrillo runs into the corner at TJP but TJP puts him on the apron. Carrillo rocks TJP then climbs up, big crossbody! Cover, TWO! Carrillo CHOPS TJP, then runs in for another acrobatic move, only for TJP to plant him on the mat! Gulak tells Carrillo he shouldn’t have done that. TJP traps one arm and grabs the other to YANK it! Carrillo writhes, clutching the arm, while TJP looms over him.

TJP drags Carrillo up and wrenches the arm. TJP whips and runs Carrillo over with an elbow. Fans duel and rally while TJP drags Carrillo up. TJP scoop slams Carrillo down, then slingshot sentons! Cover, TWO! TJP drags Carrillo up while Gulak & Gallagher coach Carrillo. TJP kicks and dropkicks Carrillo down then wraps on a chinlock. Fans rally while TJP toys with Carrillo. TJP hammerlocks and chinlocks Carrillo but Carrillo fights his way up and out. TJP whips but Carrillo rolls over TJP’s back. Carrillo dodges in the corner then runs back in. TJP goes up and over and Carrillo hits post! TJP hoists Carrillo into the Tree of Woe, then gets the fans clapping along as he stands on Carrillo’s face. The ref counts and TJP backs off, to go around the world for a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO, to Gulak’s and Gallagher’s relief.

TJP snapmares Carrillo back into a trapped arm. TJP goes after the other arm again and pulls. Fans rally up as Carrillo endures. Carrillo powers up to a fireman’s carry, but TJP slips out. TJP shoves Carrillo to a corner but runs into an elbow. TJP runs back in but into a boot. Carrillo hops up and leaps, big sunset flip! TJP rolls through but Carrillo dodges the Penalty Kick. Carrillo kips up, misses the roundhouse but hits the enziguri! TJP bails out and Carrillo FLIES out onto him! Carrillo takes TJP out but Gulak and Gallagher scold Carrillo for that. Carrillo puts TJP in and covers, TWO! Gulak and Gallagher coach Carrillo on staying in the ring and on the mat. Carrillo heads to the corner and climbs up high, not at all what they said.

Carrillo leaps but rolls through as TJP gets under. TJP huricanranas but Carrillo sunsets! TWO, and Carrillo fires off more kicks! Carrillo reverse somersaults to the moonsault! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as Carrillo keeps his cool. Carrillo drags TJP to the drop zone and hops up for the headstand. TJP pushes him over but Carrillo shoulders and slingshots back in. Carrillo wheelbarrows but TJP rolls through to the STF! With a modified crossface! Gulak and Gallagher say Carrillo got himself into this situation, now he has to get himself out. Carrillo crawls and crawls and gets the ropebreak! TJP lets Carrillo go but the damage has been done. Carrillo gets on the apron and TJP joins him out there.

TJP toys with Carrillo then drags him up. Carrillo shoulders TJP but TJP fires off forearms. Carrillo rocks TJP with one big right, then runs in, but is put back in the ring. TJP misses the shoulder and gets rocked agani. Carrillo leaps up, missile dropkick! Headstand, Aztec Press! Cover, Carrillo wins!

Winner: Humberto Carrillo, by pinfall

It wasn’t safe and sound on the ground, but a win is a win! Gulak & Gallagher accept that much, and Carrillo has pinned the former champion! Gulak & Gallagher join Carrillo in the ring, and compliment him on the ground game he did right. They have the fans applaud Carrillo’s victory! The young Cruiserweight is hoisted onto the shoulders of the Submission Commission, but will he live up to his potential?


Tony Nese speaks.

“I finally proved to Noam Dar once and for that I’m the better man.” When he was beating the Scottish Supernova to a pulp, it finally occurred to the Premier Athlete: 205 Live is his for the taking. He could be better than anyone in the Division, it’s just about believing in himself. Whatever mental block that’s been holding him back, Nese smashed it down when he smashed Dar through the timekeeper’s area. This is a Premier Promise: he will win the tournament, he will win the Cruiserweight Championship, and he will do it at Wrestlemania. But will he really do it against his Body Guy buddy, Buddy Murphy?


Backstage interview with Mike & Maria Kanellis.

Mike’s had a hard time picking up wins. Was it wise to go after someone as accomplished as Cedric Alexander? Maria speaks on Mike’s behalf. Is it wise to ask about Alexander’s accomplishments when Mike has accomplished so much himself? Mike has been in the business for 16 years and has been a champion all over the world! Does anyone think Mike has been successful for taking the easy way out? That’s a question, Kayla. Mike has not taken the easy matches or the easy opponents. Because you don’t make it to Wrestlemania that way. Tonight, Mike defeats the Pride of 205 Live to prove why he’s the most dangerous man here. Will this be the night Mike turns it all around?


Ariya Daivari VS Johnny Lyons!

The Privileged Lion is sick of being a sidekick, he’s finally putting himself first again. He tells the fans in New Orleans that they are bearing witness to the Daivari Destruction of the Cruiserweight Division. He swears to beat his opponent so bad, no one here can say the referee made the wrong call. Football fans will get that better than most. Because unlike the Saints, Daivari’s actually going to the big game. But will Lyons have a surprise for the Persion Lion?

The bell rings and Daivari circles with Lyons. They tie up and Lyons gets a headlock. Daivari pulls Lyons’ hair and puts him in a corner. Daivair jabs away on Lyons and then stomps a mudhole into him. He throws Lyons corner to corner but Lyons goes up and over and dropkicks Daivari back! Fans fire up but Lyons misses in the corner and gets a big roundhouse from Daivari! Nawlins rallies for their local Lyons but Daivari drags him aruond to kick him while he’s down! Daivari stomps away on Lyons, then wrenches him into the hammerlock lariat! But Daivari isn’t done there, he drags Lyons up again for a cobra clutch! Daivari puts on body scissors, Lyons taps out!

Winner: Ariya Daivari by submission

Cobra clutch or Million Dollar Dream, Daivari uses it to destroy the dreams of young Johnny Lyons. Daivari will want to live a dream of everyone’s and go to Wrestlemania, but will he bust in the Contender’s Tournament?


Buddy Murphy speaks.

“I’ve got to hand it to Drake Maverick.” It must be so hard for a GM to run a brand with a champion as strong and dominate as Murphy. Maverick’s trying to get Murphy the challengers he wants. First was Mustafa Ali, the Heart of 205 Live. Murphy left Ali heartbroken. Next was Cedric Alexander, the savior of the Division and wanted to redeem himself. But the Age of Alexander came crashing down. And then the Royal Rumble put Murphy against three big names: the leader of the Lucha House Party, Kalisto; the savage striker, Hideo Itami; and the Stamina Monster that dethroned the King of the Cruiserweights, Akira Tozawa. Murphy got the challenge he asked for and beat that challenge.

Tozawa got a second chance at Elimination Chamber, but it ended like every other night: Murphy’s hand held high. So who’s next? Maverick put this tournament together to pit eight of the best to fight THE best. Murphy declares he’s the greatest of all time, but who will meet him on the Grandest Stage of Them All?


Mike Kanellis w/ Maria VS Cedric Alexander!

For Mr. & Mrs. Kanellis, it isn’t about the losses, or even about the wins, it’s about getting THE win that will define a career. Will Mike get that win tonight on the verge of the #1 Contender’s Tournament? Or will the Age of Alexander begin its resurrection on the road back to Wrestlemania?

Maria does not join commentary this time. Perhaps she’s sick of Aiden English grilling her about Mike’s win-loss record, despite her philosophy on it. She moves her chair up in front of commentary and takes a seat to watch her husband even closer. Alexander makes his entrance, and we begin.

The bell rings and fans already cheer Alexander on. Alexander claps along as he circles with Mike. Mike and Alexander tie up and Alexander gets a waistlock. Mike gets to the ropes then reverses to a wristlock. Alexander trips Mike and gets a facelock, then scrambles around. Mike reverses the facelock but Alexander powers him to a corner. The ref calls for a break but Mike turns it around. Mike shoves Alexander then eggs him on. Alexander rushes Mike but Mike uses ropes as defense. Alexander toys with Mike but Maria says it’s fine. Mike and Alexander circle again and tie up. Mike gets a headlock and grinds Alexander down. Alexander powers up but can’t power out of Mike’s grip. Mike grinds Alexander down more but fans rally up.

Alexander feeds off the energy and powers out this time. Mike runs him over with a shoulder, then things speed up. Alexander arm-drags Mike down into an armlock! Mike scrambles around but Alexander grinds him down. Alexander wrenches but Mike kicks low. Mike CHOPS Alexander, then again. Mike elbows Alexander down then drags him back up. Alexander handsprings and headscissors Mike down, then dropkicks him, too! Fans cheer while Mike gets to a corner. Alexander CHOPS Mike back, and Maria seethes. Alexander buckle bumps and CHOPS Mike again. Mike kicks back but misses his chop, Alexander CHOPS Mike again. Alexander snapmares Mike to dropkick him in the back! Cover, TWO! Alexander keeps his cool while Mike gets to a corner again.

Alexander stomps Mike down then CHOPS him yet again. He whips Mike corner to corner then runs in, but Mike puts him on the apron. Alexander hits Mike back then springboards, but Mike punches him out of the air! Alexander is dazed and Mike catches his breath. Mike rains down rights on Alexander but fans rally up for the former champion. Mike snapmares Alexander to then drive elbow after elbow into Alexander’s shoulder and chest. Maria applauds while the fans boo. Mike says he’s the best in the world as he drags Alexander over. Mike snapmares Alexander for more elbows into the shoulders! He sits Alexander up to basement dropkick him against the ropes! Mike pulls Alexander back against the ropes but lets up at 4. Mike drags Alexander onto the apron and rocks him with another right!

Fans boo and Mike tells them to shut up. Mike stalks Alexander but walks into a CHOP! Alexander CHOPS Mike more, then brings him out for European Uppercuts. Alexander runs but into a pop-up, that he turns into a wheelbarrow victory roll! TWO, and Mike rocks Alexander again! Mike whips Alexander face first into buckles! Alexander is dazed again while Mike grits his teeth. Mike drags Alexander to a cover, TWO! Mike puts Alexander in a chinlock but Alexander endures. Maria likes what she sees as Mike grinds his knee into Alexander’s back. Fans rally up and Alexander powers up. Alexander jawbreakers free! Both men stagger and Alexander throws haymakers. Mike responds but Alexander bobs ‘n’ weaves and CHOPS! Uppercut! Alexander dropkicks the legs out then dropkicks Mike in the face!

Fans fire up as Alexander gets to a corner. Alexander and Mike slowly stir while Maria grows worried. Alexander rallies on Mike with forearms and elbows. Mike kicks but Alexander blocks to the stiff back elbow! Alexander runs, handsprings, Neuralizer kick! Mike staggers to a corner, but dodges Alexander. Alexander goes to the apron and springboards, but his legs give out and he tumbles down! This happened to Alexander weeks ago, is it a bad sign? Mike takes advantage by stomping the legs! Fans boo and jeer but Mike and Maria laugh while the referee checks on Alexander. Mike comes back and grabs the bad leg. Mike spins through but Alexander cradle counters! TWO, and Alexander SUPERKICKS Mike down! Mike and Alexander are both down from exhaustion and pain.

Fans rally for Alexander while Maria shouts for Mike. Alexander stands first and hobbles over to Mike. Alexander lifts but the bad leg prevents much more. He throws forearms into Mike instead, and tries again, but Mike fights out. Mike fireman’s carry but Alexander slips out. Alexander pushes Mike, handsprings through, but into Mike’s SUPERKICK! Mike picks Alexander up, Samoan Driver! Cover, TWO!! Alexander lives and the Kanellises are furious! Fans rally up but Maria tells them to shut up. Mike drags Alexander back up, but Alexander uppercuts him! Mike throws another right, but Alexander kicks! Alexander misses the back hand and Mike pushes him to a corner. Mike runs into a boot, Alexander hops up, but Mike hits another rocking right!

Mike drags Alexander out, Backpack Stunner! Cover, TWO!! Mike grows frustrated, but he slaps himself back into focus. Mike drags Alexander up once more but Alexander shoves him away. Alexander rolls Mike up, TWO! Penalty Kick misses, small package, TWO! Backslide, TWO! Sudden Michinoku! Cover, TWO!! Now Alexander is shocked, but Maria is still worried for her husband. Mike crawls to the ropes but Alexander grabs the legs. Mike kicks Alexander away but Alexander comes back. They brawl between the ropes, Mike hotshots Alexander down. Mike drags Alexander back up to suplex but Alexander lands on the apron. They brawl more and double boot! Both men fall but Mike lands on the floor. Alexander’s still in the ring as the count begins.

Mike starts crawling away, he doesn’t seem to care anymore. But Alexander staggers his way over to Mike, only to get a SPINEBUSTER on the ramp!! The referee checks on Alexander as he writhes in pain. Mike crawls back towards the ring and gets in. The ring count passes 5 but Alexander hasn’t gotten up. Alexander crawls at 7, at 9, and gets in at 9.9!! Mike is furious but he goes right at Alexander. Alexander grabs ropes to deny the hold. Mike stomps Alexander out and drags him back over. Mike turns Alexander over for a Boston Crab! Alexander endures the leg and back pain as he crawls for the ropes. He reaches, but Mike sits down deep! Alexander still gets the ropebreak! Mike and Maria are beside themselves but New Orleans is loving this!

Mike paces to keep his cool while Maria glares at Alexander. Alexander makes it to the ropes as Mike blows a kiss to Maria. Mike runs in but Alexander dumps him out. Alexander builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit takes Mike out! Alexander puts Mike back in but can barely move on his own. Maria gets in Alexander’s way! Fans boo as Maria plays goalie, but Alexander gets past. To get a SUPERKICK!! Dragon sleeper, swinging neckbreaker! Cover, Mike wins!? No, no! The referee saw Alexander get his shoulder up! It was a TWO!! Alexander kicks out by mere inches, but it’s still a kick-out! The match must continue! Mike runs into Alexander, Alexander rolls but Mike sits on it! TWO, into the LUMBAR CHECK! Cover, Alexander wins!!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by pinfall

The narrowest of margins was the difference between a victory and a defeat! Alexander finds himself on the upside of the decision, but Maria actually smiles. Does she still believe the career-defining win is on the horizon? As for Alexander, is he going to repeat his path to Wrestlemania from 2018? Or is there a roadblock in the way for both of them just around the corner?


Drake Maverick speaks.

The 205 Live GM has made his decision on the first Cruiserweight superstars to enter the tournament. Deciding was not taken lightly, as he again considered both recent performances as well as past accomplishments. Therefore, the first of the first round matches Maverick has decided on are: Kalisto VS Tony Nese; and THE Brian Kendrick VS Drew Gulak. Half the field has been named, which of these first four in will make it to the finals? Who else will join as the last four in and join them on the Road to Wrestlemania?



My Thoughts:

A really great episode of 205 Live, and I like the announcement of another Cruiserweight tournament. Last year when Drake Maverick was first introduced to the show, the tournament was a necessity because of circumstances (Enzo Amore) but it was so good, doing it this year is a good move. Learning half the field now is alright, and gives Maverick time, in kayfabe, to figure out the other four after the matches we just got tonight. Kalisto VS Nese and Kendrick VS Gulak are going to be great, and the stories are all there. Nese wants to finally be champion, even if it’s going to be against his good pal, Buddy Murphy. Kendrick and Gulak are enemies and will fight even fiercer now that a chance at the title is involved. Nese is a given but Kendrick VS Gulak could probably go either way.

I was wondering when Gulak & Gallagher would make themselves Carrillo’s corner men and turns out that was tonight. Carrillo and TJP had a great match, and it’s great for Carrillo to defeat another Cruiserweight Division staple. I almost thought Gulak & Gallagher were going to Electric Chair Drop Carrillo while celebrating, but there’s a lot of time for their story to develop. As great as Carrillo is, his story with Gulak & Gallagher will sidetrack him from the title one way or another. Daivari sadly can’t do the story he was going to with Hideo Itami after Itami got his release. Daivari had to settle for getting cheap heat off of local sports teams. I’m not sure if he’s in the tournament, but his new push would dictate that he is, and probably reaches the semifinals just so he looks good.

Alexander VS Mike was incredible, certainly Mike’s best match since coming to the WWE. Which is a shame, he should’ve been doing way more on Raw or SmackDown than what they had him do. Mike might make it far in the tournament, if he’s even in it. Alexander is definitely in the tournament, but I feel like it’d bee too easy to say he’ll return to Wrestlemania. As Murphy said in his promo tonight, he’s beaten just about everyone around, and he continues to establish himself as one of history’s best Cruiserweights. I’m betting on Kushida finally debuting in WWE to skyrocket to the top. He’ll make every match he has in the tournament into an instant classic, and then give us another one at Wrestlemania with Murphy to take that title and stop the unstoppable.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (2/19/19)

Who will be named Daniel Bryan’s Fastlane opponent?



SmackDown cover image

The New Daniel Bryan returns to SmackDown STILL WWE Champion! But without wasting any time, a new #1 Contender to the title will be determined for Fastlane!



  • Aleister Black VS Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega; Black wins.
  • The Bar VS Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano; Ciampa & Gargano win.
  • Asuka VS Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville; Rose wins.
  • Ricochet VS Eric Young w/ SAnitY; Ricochet wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Kofi Kingston, AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy VS Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton & Samoa Joe; Kingston, Styles & Hardy win.


Shane McMahon heads to the ring!

Shane O’Mac is back in New Orleans, but not as a SmackDown Tag Team Champion. He and The Miz lost to Jimmy & Jey Uso at Elimination Chamber, but that’s not even the biggest thing to come out of that PPV. The WWE Championship Elimination Chamber closed the night, and Kofi Kingston stole the show! Kofi gave it his all against Daniel Bryan, but one missed splash changed everything, and the Planet’s Champion still has that title belt. The WWE Universe showed Kofi Kingston love, but where does Kofi go from here? Aside from tonight’s major main event, that is.

As for Shane, New Orleans is happy to see him and he’s happy to see them. Shane notes the amazing main event tag match, and the NXT superstars debuting on last night’s Raw. Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, Aleister Black and Ricochet all impressed Shane so well that he’s invited them here to SmackDown tonight! But first, The Miz makes his entrance. The A-Lister apologizes for interrupting but he has to get this other apology out. Roughly 48 hours ago, Miz lost their titles. No matter where he goes or what he does, he can’t shake the guilt. Shane took a chance on Miz, and Miz knows his reputation in the locker room. Shane still took that risk because of Miz’s passionate plea. But to make a confession, Miz was just using Shane.

Miz knew Shane could relate about their dads being proud of them. Fans chant “Dad! Dad!” Miz got hurt at the World Cup tournament and Shane stepped in for him. When Miz wanted to be a tag team partner, Shane revealed he wanted to be a tag team champion. Miz always puts his all into making the titles he holds the best titles in the company. And they did that together. Shane surprised Miz by bringing out his dad. As Mr. Miz walked out, he said he was proud of The Miz. That was the first time Miz heard those words. Miz gets a little emotional as he says that was the best moment in his career and one of the best moments in his life. And it was all thanks to Shane, so Miz thanks Shane now.

But then in their first title defense, Miz let Shane down and he is sorry for that. Miz can’t change the past but he can control the future. There are no automatic rematches anymore, but Shane’s a McMahon. If anyone can make a rematch, it’s Shane. Fans want a rematch, too! And Miz knows Shane wants a rematch, too! Fans chant “Rematch! Rematch!” but out come the Usos! The NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions shout “Whoa! Whoa!” Wait for it. WHOA! It sounds like the WWE Universe want to see The Miz & Shane VS the brand new tag team champions! The Usos know there’s nothing automatic anymore. Maybe if Shane can forgive Miz, then the Usos will give them a second chance at being the Best Tag Team in the World.

But there’s a reason he shouldn’t, though: Miz is a joke. He’s a loser. A failure. A fraud. Miz is a wannabe A-Lister with C-List skill! Shane should ask Miz, because apparently Miz is a crybaby. Shane needs a better partner, because Miz ain’t cutting it. But Shane stands up for Miz! Do not disrespect his tag partner. The rematch is on! And it’ll be in Cleveland for Fastlane! Fans aren’t happy it isn’t tonight, but the rematch is happening! And that is AWESOME! Will the Co-Besties be back on top in Miz’s hometown? Or will the second visit to the Uso Penitentiary be their last?


Aleister Black VS Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega!

The Embodiment of the End made Elias #DriftAway and #FadetoBlack, and now he’s making his SmackDown debut the very next night! And he also revisits a feud from when both he and El Idolo were in NXT! Will history repeat itself on the main roster? Or will their time apart bring about a different result?

SmackDown returns as Almas and Vega make their entrance. The bell rings and fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” Aleister and Almas circle and tie up. Almas gets the wristlock but Aleister rolls and sweeps. Cover, ONE, and Almas sweeps to cover. ONE and Aleister swings a roundhouse! Almas stays back, and they circle again. They tie up, Almas gets the waistlock but Aleister slips out to a headlock. Almas powers out but Aleister slides under. Things speed up and Almas CHOPS Aleister off his feet! We see Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano watching backstage as Almas stomps Aleister on the ropes. Almas backs off at 4 but comes back to CHOP Aleister in the corner! Almas whips corner to corner and knees Aleister back in! Cover, TWO!

Vega is frustrated for Almas as he looms over Aleister. Almas drags Aleister up and CHOPS him again. He whips corner to corner but Aleister dodges! Almas tumbles over and out to the floor! Aleister builds speed but fakes Almas out, to springboard and sit down. The Dutch Destroyer gives the camera a glance while we go picture in picture. Almas catches his breath while Aleister stares intently at him. Almas slowly returns, keeping his eyes on Aleister. He rushes Aleister but Aleister ducks and kips up to speed up. Aleister rolls off Alma’s back to block and boot, then knee Almas down! Cover, TWO! Aleister keeps going, Japanese arm-drag to an armlock! Almas endures while Vega shouts at him.

Aleister wrenches the arm but Almas fights his way up. Almas pushes Aleister to a corner, then goes to chop. Aleister dodges but ends up on the apron. Aleister hits Almas back but Vega swipes at his legs! Almas attacks in the distraction! Almas drags Aleister up and goes to suplex, but Aleister resists. Aleister goes to suplex but Almas resists. Aleister still gets Almas onto the apron and the two brawl on the edge. Tey exchange heavy forearms, then Aleister boots and boots Almas. Almas boots right back, then dragon sleeper, for the inverted DDT on the apron! Vega applauds as Almas puts Aleister in for a cover, TWO! Almas is right on Aleister with a chinlock. He grinds Aleister down while fans rally up.

Aleister fights his way up and puts Almas into a corner. Almas holds on but Aleister again rams him into buckles. Aleister is free, but Almas hops up to grab him. Aleister denies the tornado  inverted DDT, but walks into a boot. Almas adjusts but Aleister kicks him down! Both men are down and Vega panics. We return to single picture as they both stand. Almas is on Aleister but Aleister throws forearms. Almas shoves but Aleister rallies with forearms! Aleister blocks a kick to give a kick then sweep the legs to drive in a knee! He kips right up and New Orleans fires up. Aleister goes to moonsault but Almas shoves him out!

Almas fetches Aleister into the ring, then drags him up and around for the hammerlock. Aleister slips through to roll him! ONE, but Aliester boots Almas away. Flying Meteora! Roundhouse, to Snap German! Bridging cover, TWO! Aleister is shocked Almas lives but Vega keeps coaching Almas up. Aleister drags Almas up but Almas blocks the suplex. Almas slips out of the suplex and boots Aleister away. Aleister comes back, but Almas hip tosses him into the corner! CIEN KNEES! Cover, TWO!! Aleister lives and Almas is seething. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” but this match has to end some time. Almas drags Aleister up again, hammerlocks, but Aleister fireman’s carry! Hotshot in the corner, then BLACK MASS! Cover, Aleister wins!

Winner: Aleister Black, by pinfall

Two matches in two nights and it’s two Black Masses for two victories! The Embodiment of the End will be a permanent part of the main roster one day, will that be Judgment Day for everyone else?


Backstage interview with Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano.

After an incredible debut on Raw, the expectations are high for all four NXT superstars. Can they keep up? Ciampa understands a lot of fans are seeing them for the first time. These two have made careers out of defying expectations. Ciampa and Gargano earned everything they’ve gotten in NXT, it won’t change here. These two went to war against each other in this very building last year, but they’ll wage war together and show everyone the future.

But Cesaro and Sheamus come by and make fun of “Bring Your NXT Title to Work Day.” The Bar says no one knows who DIY is, and no one cares. They can go to Raw or stay in NXT, just stay out of SmackDown. Is there a question here? Gargano and Ciampa aren’t here to set the bar, they’re here to break The Bar. But The Bar laughs. Will they have the last laugh after tonight?


Jeff Hardy encounters AJ Styles backstage.

Can they let bygones be bygones? They need to focus on the Six Man Tag tonight. Styles agrees to that, and then The New Day come extending an olive- er, pancake branch of peace. They are all on the same wavelength, right? Styles and Hardy each take a flapjack, truce accepted. Will the Phenomenal One, Charismatic Enigma and New Day’s Pegasus of Pancakes be able to defeat the Viper, the Destroyer and the Planet’s Champion?


The Bar VS Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano!

The Celtic Gladiator and Swiss Cyborg have already mocked the NXT Champion and NXT North American Champion, but will they regret thinking of DIY as a joke?

SmackDown returns to Johnny Wrestling and the Psycho Killer making their entrances. Teams sort out, and we begin with Sheamus against Ciampa. The two circle and tie up. Sheamus powers Ciampa to a corner then grinds his forearm in. He backs off at 4 but Ciampa slaps him back! Ciampa waistlocks but Sheamus elbows out and throws European Uppercuts. Sheamus whips but Ciampa kicks and boots him back! Ciampa runs to boot Sheamus down! Sheamus bails out and Ciampa eggs him on. The Bar regroups and Sheamus comes back to tag Cesaro in. Cesaro shoos Ciampa and wants Gargano. Fans want Gargano, too, so Ciampa tags him in. Gargano and Cesaro circle and tie up. Cesaro waistlock slams Gargano fast, then floats all over him. Cesaro mocks the fans and Johnny Wrestling, too.

Gargano rolls, handsprings and wrenches, but Cesaro whips. Gargano comes back with a tilt-o-whirl headscissor! He then hooks an arm and rolls Cesaro to a ghost pin! TWO, and Cesaro rocks Gargano with a BIG EuroUpper! The Bar laughs while Sheamus tags in. Sheamus stomps Gargano at the ropes! Tag back to Cesaro and The Bar double whip. Gargano dodges, Ciampa tags in! Gargano dumps Sheamus out and Gargano boots Cesaro back! Ciampa clotheslines Cesaro out, then knees Sheamus back out! Gargano builds speed to DIVE onto Sheamus! Cesaro comes around, Ciampa leaps! But Cesaro catches Gargano for a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Sheamus clobbers Gargano, and shouts the catchphrase while we go to break!

SmackDown returns and Cesaro has Ciampa down in a chinlock. Fans rally up and Ciampa fights up. Ciampa jawbreakers free then knees Cesaro away. Ciampa leaps but into a EuroUpper! Cesaro tags Sheamus and Sheamus hits Gargano! Sheamus swings at Ciampa but Ciampa dodges, only for no one to tag! Ciampa turns around into Sheamus’ bicycle knee! Sheamus hauls Cesaro up top and then throws haymakers before climbing up. Sheamus clubs away on Ciampa, then fireman’s carry. Ciampa fights out with elbows and then drives even more elbows in. Ciampa adjusts, Sunset Flip Powerbomb! But Sheamus’ body also lands on Ciampa’s knee! Both men are down from that and crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Cesaro and Gargano!

Gargano rallies on Cesaro! Enziguri, headscissors sends Cesaro out! Fans fire up with Gargano as he slingshots out,. He jumps over Cesaro’s sweep to SUPERKICK! Then he cannonballs onto Sheamus! Cesaro runs in but misses, only getting barrier! Gargano huricanranas Cessaro into the LED apron! Gargano puts Cesaro in quick, then slingshot DDT’s! Cover, TWO! Cesaro lives but Gargano keeps his cool. Gargano drags Cesaro up but Cesaro shoves him to a corner. Gargano goes up, over, schoolboy kick! Things speed up again, big tilt-o-whirl into the GargaNO Escape! Cesaro resists with one good arm, but Gargano still gets the hold! Cesaro powers through and lifts Gargano for a backbreaker! Tag to Sheamus, Sheamus climbs up, another backbreaker to the flying knee drop! Cover, but Cesaro breaks it in time!

The Bar throws Ciampa out hard and goes after Gargano again. Double Irish Curse Backbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Gargano lives with that superhuman heart he’s made famous on NXT, but The Bar is furious. Sheamus drags Gargano up and talks trash. Gargano SUPERKICKS Sheamus down! Cover, TWO!! Sheamus got surprised but he still survives. Sheamus and Gargano crawl, tag to Cesaro! Cesaro swipes at Ciampa but gets rolled up by Gargano, TWO! Cesaro rams Gargano into the corner, Ciampa tags in! Ciampa slingshots and rolls Cesaro! DIY wins!!

Winners: Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano, Ciampa pinning

It wasn’t as definitive as defeating The Revival, but Ciampa and Gargano find a way to get one over on former SmackDown Tag Team Champions! Will DIY be right at home no matter what main roster brand they choose?


Samoa Joe and Randy Orton meet with Daniel Bryan and Rowan.

They’re all meant to team together tonight, but Joe and Orton take one look at the WWE Championship. There won’t be any problems tonight, though, right?


Asuka heads to the ring!

The Empress of Tomorrow, the SmackDown Women’s Champion, finally returns to New Orleans for an exclusive interview, after the break.

SmackDown returns and Kayla Braxton notes that Asuka was the winner of the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble and the record-holder for longest undefeated streak. But it seems like everyone is talking more about Raw Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey. With so much going on with Ronda, Charlotte and Becky Lynch, does she feel lost? No, she’s just waiting for a new challenge. Asuka beat both Charlotte and Becky at TLC. Asuka made Becky tap out at the Royal Rumble PPV! She doesn’t care about them. She wants to know who is ready for Asuka tonight!! “Mandy…!” Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville walk out and tease “poor Asuka” for no one paying attention. Here’s some advice: take notes from God’s Greatest Creation, “the most magnetic, the most irresistible, and the most talked-about superstar in WWE.” If anyone’s ready, it’s Mandy.

Asuka grins as Fire & Desire walk out to the ring. Mandy takes off the jacket and walks into the ring. It seems this match is happening, right now!

Asuka VS Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville!

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans are strongly behind Asuka as she gives a quick kick to Mandy’s leg. Mandy comes back and headlocks, but Asuka powers out. Mandy runs but Asuka follows and dropkicks Mandy down! Cover, ONE! Asuka grins as she keeps on Mandy by her hair. But here comes Lacey Evans! The Model Soldier struts her stuff again and it gets everyone’s attention, from Sonya to Mandy to Asuka. Lacey smiles as she simply watches from the ramp. Sonya approaches, but Lacey struts back to the back. Mandy shoves Asuka! Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, ONE! Asuka survives the sneak attack and runs Mandy out of the ring. Asuka is furious while Fire & Desire regroups.

Mandy takes her time returning but Asuka is still stinging from the sneak attack. Mandy throws heavy knees and then throws Asuka down by her hair! Asuka kicks back from the mat but Mandy drags her up into a corner. Mandy stomps a mudhole in, then drags Asuka around. Asuka throws Mandy out! God’s Greatest Creation is down while we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Mandy has Asuka in the abdominal stretch. Asuka fights out and drop toeholds Mandy to a kneebar! Mandy scrambles and manages the ropebreak! Asuka lets Mandy go and Mandy drags herself to the apron. Sonya coaches Mandy up while Asuka slips out the side. Mandy sees her coming and rocks her with a golden knee! Sonya fires up for Mandy as she returns into the ring. Asuka is down and the ring count begins. The count passes 5 but Asuka hasn’t moved! The count reaches 9 but Asuka springs to life to enter at 9.5! Mandy is right on Asuka with stomp after stomp. She is furious but keeps focus as she drags Asuka up. Asuka fires up as Mandy pushes her around. Mandy slaps Asuka around, so Asuka SLAPS back!

Asuka fires palm strike after palm strike then whips. Mandy reverses but Asuka hops up and missile dropkicks! Asuka fires up and back hands Mandy again and again! Then the back heel kick! Cover, TWO! Asuka keeps on Mandy with a German Suplex! Asuka runs, Shining Wizard! Cover, TWO! Mandy lives but Asuka grits her teeth. Asuka drags Mandy up but Mandy pushes her back. Mandy runs into the pop-up knee! Mandy says her eye is damaged! The referee checks on Mandy and keeps Asuka back. Asuka doesn’t believe Mandy, and Mandy yanks Asuka into ropes! Mandy rolls Asuka, Mandy wins!!

Winner: Mandy Rose, by pinfall

God’s Greatest Creation caught Asuka off guard! Her trick got the better of the Empress, but will she have another one that can take the title from her?


Backstage interview with Charlotte Flair.

The Queen saw that upset victory of Mandy over Asuka, but she herself has had a shocking week. Becky Lynch attacked her at a live event, then again at Elimination Chamber, all in violation of the suspension. Is Becky going to haunt Charlotte the entire time? Haunting is a good word. Becky is a ghost who meddles in things she shouldn’t. Charlotte made Becky pay for it the first time, but then Becky got her back last Sunday. But if Becky does it again, she’ll be arrested. Whether Becky or Ronda or any of the fans want to face it, it will be Ronda VS Charlotte as the main event, because of Charlotte.


The Miz finds Shane backstage.

He can’t thank Shane enough for making their rematch official. They’re ready to get those titles back. Miz has more breaking news: Mr. Miz is going to be ringside at Fastlane! That’s great to have Miz’s dad there to support them. Will Miz and Shane make their fathers proud by becoming two-time SmackDown Tag Team Champions together?


Ricochet VS Eric Young w/ SAnitY!

The One and Only has an extraordinary Raw debut alongside the Extraordinary Intercontinental Champion, Finn Balor. Now he’ll debut on SmackDown standing alone against the loony leader of SAnitY! Will Ricochet be 2-for-2 like the rest of the NXT superstars? Or will the chaos ruin the fun?

SmackDown goes picture in picture while SAnitY makes their entrance. Young has Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe by his side as he walks to the ring. Fans are on Ricochet’s side as the bell rings and he circles with Young. They tie up and Young pushes Ricochet to a corner. Young shoves Ricochet but backs off as we return to single picture. They tie up again and Young wrenches Ricochet’s wrist. Ricochet rolls, handsprings and wrenches Young back. Ricochet brings Young to the mat, then wrenches again. He throws Young with a headlock takedown, but Young headscissors. Ricochet pops out and dares Young to bring it. They tie up again and Young headlocks. Ricochet powers out but Young runs him over. Young roars but Ricochet kips up!

Ricochet blocks the boot and whips but Young reverses. Ricochet rolls off Young’s back and handsprings back to headscissor Young down! Dropkick sends Young out of the ring but Ricochet builds speed. Ricochet fakes Young out and superhero lands! Young returns but runs into haymakers. Ricochet whips again but Young holds ropes. Young dumps Ricochet out but Ricochet shoulders back in. Wolfe distracts and Young clobbers Ricochet! The referee reprimands Wolfe while Young fetches Ricochet. Young puts Ricochet in and stalks him to a corner. He throws haymakers and then hops up for a hangman’s sleeper hold! The ref counts and Young lets go at 4. Young leaps and drops an ax handle on Ricochet! Cover, TWO!

Young keeps on Ricochet with a chinbar. Ricochet endures as fans rally up. Ricochet feeds off the energy but Young wrangles him right back down. Young puts more weight on Ricochet in the chinlock. Fans rally up again and Ricochet powers up. Young wrangles Ricochet down a second time and squeezes tighter. Ricochet gets a second wind and fights out with body shots. Ricochet throws haymakers but Young shoves him to a corner. Young runs in but gets buckles! Ricochet CLOBBERS Young! Ricochet rallies on Young then hits a huricanrana! Young flounders about, Ricochet rams a shoulder in. Ricochet springboards, flying uppercut! Standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! Ricochet keeps his cool as he dares Young to stand.

Young gets up, Ricochet fireman’s carry, but Young slips out. Ricochet elbows Young away, then whips him corner to corner. Young goes up and to the apron, and shoulders Ricochet. Young slides under but Ricochet boots him away. Ricochet somersault dropkicks Young all the way out! Ricochet triangle dropkicks Wolfe away! Then he builds speed, to FLY onto Young and Dain! Ricochet fires up with New Orleans as he puts Young back in. Ricochet climbs up while Young is in the drop zone, but Young springs up quick. Young runs into a kick and Ricochet finishes climbing. Ricochet aims, 630 senton! Cover, Ricochet wins!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall

The King of Flight is 2-for-2! He moves fast, flies high and hits hard, will both rosters have to prepare for the One and Only?


Backstage interview with The New Day.

Kofi did not become WWE Champion, he was the highlight of the night. Triple H said Kofi capture the hearts of the world. Xavier Woods says this didn’t just happen over the course of a week, but over the course of 11 years! 11 years is longer than Drake’s So Far Gone. Longer than Instagram! Longer than Empire’s been on air, and we all know they’ve been doing some crazy things to keep that show going.

Kofi himself says that this past week has been special for everyone. Kofi feels like the entire WWE Universe has his back. #Kofimania! This is wild, and to be honest, none of it would be possible without his brothers, Big E and Woods. They pushed for him to be the one to represent in the Chamber! Kofi loves his boys, dead serious. But now it’s time to introduce us to his other friend: Mo Mentum! Awwwww~ Nawlins~!


Six Man Tag: Kofi Kingston, AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy VS Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton & Samoa Joe!

Pancakes and positivity follow The New Day wherever they go, and that’s no different when Kofi teams with the Phenomenal and the Enigma. Will momentum be on their side going against the other three men from the Elimination Chamber match? And who, who who who, will be named the new challenger to the Planet’s Champion?

SmackDown returns as the rest of the competitors make their entrances. But before the match, Daniel Bryan speaks. “Small minded skeptics throughout history have oppressed the great minds, the radical thinkers. Thomas Beckett, Joan of Arc, Socrates!” They’re not superheroes or celebrities, so that’s why no one here knows who they are. “Ignorant!” The WWE Universe tried to will the title off of Bryan, but Bryan survived! And that’s because Bryan serves a higher purpose: to enlighten and educate those who refuse to be educated! Bryan will educate everyone again about his opponent at Fastlane. But he won’t say who it is, he’ll say who it isn’t. It will be none of the other men in this match tonight, because he already defeated all of them in the Elimination Chamber! Bryan scratches everyone off his list, but will he regret saying that before this tag match even happens?

SmackDown returns again and this match finally begins. Bryan starts against Kofi but then he tags out to Samoa Joe. Joe and Kofi circle and tie up. Joe puts Kofi in a corner but Kofi dodges and fires off kicks! Kofi whips but Joe reverses, only for Kofi to go up and missile dropkick! Cover, ONE, but Kofi stays on Joe. Tag to Hardy and Hardy drops an ax handle on the arm. Hardy kicks and whips but Joe reverses. Hardy runs Joe over with forearms! Atomic drop and leg drop! Dropkick added, then a splash, TWO! Hardy calls for DELETE, but Joe denies the Twist of Fate to headbutt Hardy down! Tag to Orton, and Orton drags Hardy over. Orton stomps Hardy’s ankles, then his legs. Tag to Bryan and Bryan drags Hardy up for a facelock.

Fans boo as Bryan gives Hardy stiff No Kicks. Buzzsaw hits! Cover, ropebreak! Bryan tags to Orton and Orton stays between Hardy and the corner. Orton wraps Hardy in a chinlock but fans rally up. Hardy feeds off the energy and fights out with elbows and a jawbreaker! Hardy hurries, hot tag to Kofi! Springboard ax handle drops Orton! Kofi hits Joe and Bryan for good measure before rallying on Orton more! Kofi dropkicks and leaping lariats! Fans fire up with Kofi as he hits the Boom Drop! Kofi aims from the corner but Bryan runs in. Kofi sends Bryan out then clotheslines Orton out! Orton hits announce desk and Kofi climbs up high. Kofi aims but Bryan shoves him all the way down! Fans boo while Joe blasts Styles. Orton back suplexes Kofi on the announce desk! Momentum is going the other way while we go to break.

SmackDown returns once more, and Bryan rains down rights on Kofi. Bryan shouts that Kofi doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring, and he stomps Kofi out. Fans rally up for Kofi as Bryan tags in Orton. Bryan throws Kofi out and Orton back suplexes Kofi onto the announce desk again! Orton puts Kofi back in and covers, TWO! Orton drags Kofi around by his hair and into a chinlock. Kofi endures as Orton thrashes him around. Fans rally up again, and Kofi fights back with body shots. Orton clubs Kofi then whips him to a corner. Orton runs in but gets only post! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Kofi crawls, but so does Orton. Hot tags to Bryan and Styles! Styles hits Joe and rallies on Bryan! Bryan back suplexes but Styles lands out for the STO backbreaker!

Styles fires up and hits a big clothesline in the corner! Ushigoroshi! Cover, TWO! Styles drags Bryan up for the Clash, but Bryan slips out. Orton comes in but Styles denies the RKO with a Pele! Bryan roundhouses Styles! Bryan runs in the corner but into a Calf Crusher! Styles has Bryan’s leg, but Joe stomps him out! Hardy hits Joe with a Twist of Fate! Orton throws Hardy right out of the ring, but Styles clotheslines Orton out. Bryan rolls Styles! TWO and Styles roles Bryan! TWO, Labell Lock! Styles scrambles to a ropebreak and Bryan lets him go. Bryan aims again, but his knee misses, and he gets a Pele! Styles and Bryan crawl, hot tag to Kofi! Kofi springboards on Bryan with ax handles! Bryan tosses Kofi out, Kofi wipes everyone else out! Kofi intercepts Bryan’s dive with a forearm! Kofi hurries up top, leaps, missile dropkick!

Bryan bails out but Kofi keeps moving. Kofi climbs up top and Trust Falls onto Bryan and Rowan! Kofi puts Bryan in fast and aim from the corner. Fans fire up behind Kofimania, Trouble in Paradise hits!! Cover, Kofi and team wins!!

Winners: Kofi Kingston, AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy, Kingston pinning

Momentum carries Kofi through, and his team wins! Shane McMahon comes out and loved it all. He notes that there won’t be just one rematch at Fastlane. Bryan will defend his title against… Fans want “Kofi! Kofi!” and Shane makes the choice! Kofi Kingston IS facing Bryan for the WWE Championship 1v1! Is this FINALLY going to be Kofi’s time?!



My Thoughts:

An AMAZING SmackDown that is again like Raw but better. Firstly, we have Miz apologize to Shane but the Usos rubbing it in that Miz inevitably loses. Their Fastlane rematch is going to be great, but I have a bad feeling Miz and Shane will lose again and then we end up with their Wrestlemania match. Having Miz’s dad in the front row will likely be part of that result, such as Mr. Mizanin favoring Shane over Miz and Miz gets jealous. The NXT superstars do great here tonight, too, in a slight flip from Raw. Aleister Black has a great revisit match with Andrade Almas, while DIY and Ricochet have random but solid matches.

Ciampa’s leg getting squashed under Sheamus was a scary moment but good to see he’s okay. Ricochet VS Eric Young was definitely better for SAnitY since they’re finally on TV again. These debuts probably aren’t full call-ups as there’s a lot for them to still do on NXT, but I would love if this was to tie into a huge NXT invasion angle. NXT has felt better than Raw and even SmackDown for some time, and there’s word of Fox wanting more than just SmackDown, so perhaps this can all lead to a huge move for NXT to try and be the third brand come a PPV like Survivor Series.

It was great to see Asuka return to television, and obviously we get a lot of foreshadowing for her Road to Wrestlemania. She has a good match with Mandy Rose, and Lacey Evans’ random appearance wasn’t so random as Mandy almost took advantage. I’m a little disappointed Mandy beat Asuka by faking her eye injury when Asuka knew exactly that’s what she was doing. Clearly Fastlane will have Asuka VS Mandy, but Lacey Evans might be the Wrestlemania match. Lacey hasn’t even had a match on TV yet, but she’ll likely go through the rest of the roster to establish herself. Lacey came close to being a contender to the NXT Women’s Championship, so it’s not a stretch if she manages to make it to the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

The Six Man Tag was great, but too many commercials. But commercials aside, when Bryan declared no one in the match was going to challenge him at Fastlane, that literally meant someone was. And because of all the momentum at his back, it was going to be Kofi Kingston. It was therefore very fitting that Kofi did so great in this match and got the pin on the champ. Kofi VS Bryan 1v1 is going to be great, and the WWE Universe will surely be red hot for Kofi again. I really hope that this time, WWE pulls the trigger and gives us Kofi’s Grand Slam Championship moment. Houston was ready to explode, Cleveland will be more than ready.

My Score: 8.5/10

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