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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (10/9/18)



SmackDown cover image

After she used a DQ to retain at Super Show Down, SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch will again defend her title, WITHOUT Champion’s Advantage!



  • SmackDown Women’s Championship, No Champion’s Advantage: Becky Lynch VS Charlotte Flair; Double Count-Out, Lynch retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
  • WWE World Cup Qualifying Match: Samoa Joe VS Jeff Hardy; Hardy wins and qualifies for the WWE World Cup.
  • Shelton Benjamin VS AJ Styles; Styles wins.
  • WWE World Cup Qualifying Match: Randy Orton VS The Big Show; Orton wins and qualifies for the WWE World Cup.


SmackDown Women’s Championship, No Champion’s Advantage: Becky Lynch VS Charlotte Flair!

No sense in wasting time, it’s time for the Lass Kicker to see if she can defend her title against The Queen without cheating!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Indianapolis behind Becky with the bell. Becky and Charlotte circle and tie up. They push each other around, but Becky manages to put Charlotte in a corner. She honors the break at 4 but still says she’s gonna win this. They circle and fans rally up for Becky again. They tie up and Becky goes after the arm with a wristlock. Charlotte reverses to her own wristlock, but Becky reaches for ropes. Charlotte keeps her from them so Becky stomps a foot. Becky gets a wristlock as fans duel. Charlotte bends back and kips up to arm-drag Becky off. Charlotte gets the takedown and the legs but Becky gets away. The Queen tells the champ she was that close. Becky shoves Charlotte because she disagrees. Charlotte scoops and slams Becky!

Becky gets to a corner and boots Charlotte back. She bumps Charlotte off buckles, then grinds her face on the ropes! She bumps Charlotte again, then goes for a third. Charlotte turns it around to bump Becky, but Becky dodges the chop. Becky kicks a leg out then throws Charlotte into buckles! Becky drags Charlotte up to throw her back down. Cover, ONE! Becky runs to drop the leg, then she parodies the styling and profiling to drop the elbow. She goes for the other leg but Charlotte dodges to roll up. TWO, jackknife cover, TWO! Double clotheslines take both women down! Indy rallies up for both women as they stir. Becky and Charlotte crawl at each other, the grudge in their glare.

Becky stands but walks into Charlotte’s neckbreaker. Charlotte scoops but Becky slips out to kick the spear away. Becky goes to throw Charlotte but Charlotte reverses. Becky dodges to jump kick Charlotte! She wants the arm but Charlotte breaks free to dragon screw a leg! Both women slowly stand but Charlotte runs into an elbow. Becky runs and arm-drags Charlotte for an arm-bar. She grinds a knee into Charlotte’s head as she pulls on the arm. Charlotte shifts around but Becky bridges through for full extension! Charlotte endures as Becky moves around to keep the hammerlock. They stand up and Becky knees low. Becky whips but Charlotte catches the dropkick! Charlotte wants the Boston Crab but Becky crawls and scrambles for ropes. Becky can’t reach them before Charlotte turns her around, for a catapult into buckles!

Becky bails out of the ring but Charlotte takes aim. Charlotte slingshots and topples Becky down! The Queen takes control while we go to break.

SmackDown returns and both women stand again. Becky knees and whips but Charlotte tumbles to the apron to boot her away. Charlotte heads for a corner but Becky pursues. Charlotte climbs but Becky intercepts with forearms! And then she throws Charlotte right down! Cover, TWO! Becky can’t believe it but Charlotte is hurting on that left side. Fans rally up while Becky grits her teeth. She glares down at Charlotte and brings her up for European Uppercuts. Charlotte counters one into a back slide attempt but Becky pulls hair! Becky mule kicks then pumphandles for the Becksploder! Cover, TWO! Becky grows frustrated but she still has ideas. Fans chant but Charlotte hits the backbreaker to STO! Charlotte chops Becky again and again, and again and again! She whips and catches Becky into a back suplex!

Charlotte is too tired to cover from here, but she kips right back up! She staggers over but doesn’t cover. She wants to go up top again! Becky trips her up again, bringing her right to the mat! Now Becky gets to the corner and climbs her way up. Becky aims at Charlotte, but Charlotte dodges the crossbody! Oklahoma roll, TWO! Becky enziguris Charlotte down! But she won’t cover, either, she wants to go up top! Becky aims but now Charlotte trips her up with ropes. Charlotte grabs hair but Becky throws forearms. Becky gets a super takedown into the armbar!

Charlotte resists and shifts to make it a cover. The two struggle for control and Charlotte hammers away with her right hand. Charlotte makes it a cover, ONE and Becky holds on. Another cover, ONE, to a deadlift and sit-out! Cover, TWO!! This match ins’t over, so we go picture in picture! Both women are down and the referee checks on them. They’re okay to continue, and slowly stir. Charlotte makes sure her arm is still working, but a 10 count begins. The count passes 5 and Charlotte finally sits up. Becky follows but Charlotte grabs a leg. Becky forearms that away to then hit leaping forearms! Cover, TWO!! This still isn’t over and Becky is furious. She tries again, TWO! Again, TWO! Both women grit their teeth as they rise up.

They start throwing hands, Becky with the haymakers and Charlotte with the chops. They go back and forth, Becky then Charlotte. Neither woman backs down even as they stagger about. Becky hits, Charlotte hits, repeat. Becky gets an edge with a headbutt! She runs, but Charlotte follows to boot her down! Cover, TWO!! Both women are down again, how much do they have left to give? We return to single picture as fans duel again. Charlotte crawls over but not to cover. She wants the Figure Four, but Becky pushes her right into buckles! Charlotte’s down and Becky bails out. Becky wants her belt, because a count out is still one way out. But Charlotte won’t her run, she grabs her at the ram and throws her back in!

Becky shoves Charlotte into the ref, then kicks her low. The ref turns around to see Becky wants to use the belts. Becky throws it down, defending she wasn’t gonna hit Charlotte. Charlotte rolls her up! TWO and Becky has it, TWO! SPEAR!! But Charlotte can’t cover before Becky rolls out again! Becky is down but “This is Awesome!” Charlotte crawls her way over but to a corner, for a SUPER MOONSAULT! That crashes and burns!! Becky Becksploders her to the floor! Becky leaves her for dead as the count restarts! Charlotte barely stirs before 5, but crawls over at 8. Becky goes to dropkick but Charlotte catches her into an exploder of her own! Now they’re both down and the count starts a third time. Charlotte puts Becky in at 3, then stalks her from behind. NATURAL SELECTION!! But Becky bails out again!!

Charlotte is furious that her former friend keeps fleeing. She dares her to fight her, but then Becky pushes her into the LED apron. The count is at 5 but Charlotte won’t let Becky get in! They both fall from the apron, but the count is at 9! Instead of getting in, Charlotte goes to throw Becky, but Becky counters and throws Charlotte into barriers!

Double Count-Out; Becky Lynch is still SmackDown Women’s Champion

The Champion’s Advantage only applied to disqualifications, so Becky gets away with her belt again. But she won’t get away from the fight as Charlotte pursues! They brawl on the ramp and Becky boots Charlotte right down! But she still can’t get away, Charlotte SPEARS Becky through the LED stage wall!! Indianapolis loses its mind while the SmackDown staff panic to get medics. Forget who is the best woman on SmackDown, will either woman be okay to compete?!


WWE World Cup Qualifying Match: Samoa Joe VS Jeff Hardy!

The Destroyer was again denied the WWE Championship, but there was no controversy this time. The Charismatic Enigma wanted to destroy The Viper, but was instead put through hell at Hell in a Cell. Now both men get a chance at the inaugural WWE World Cup to determine who is the best in the WWE today. Will the Coquina Clutch be denied by a Twist of Fate? Or will the man immune to fear still be put to sleep?

The bell rings and Joe goes right at Hardy with forearms and headbutts! Joe bumps Hardy off buckles then stalks him to a corner. He chokes Hardy on the ropes but backs off at 4. That leg is still bothering him but Joe comes back for more. Hardy throws hands, kicks, but Joe powers out of the Twist. Hardy rebounds and dropkicks the bad leg. Joe bails out to rest his leg while we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Hardy has Joe in a chinlock. Joe fights out and headbutts to then chop Hardy. Hardy comes back with forearms but then runs into the big back elbow! Joe paces while Hardy is down on the mat. Joe drags Hardy up and drives elbows into the shoulders. Fans duel while Hardy sits back up. Joe wrenches Hardy’s neck but Hardy hears fans building to a rally. Hardy feeds off the energy and fights up but Joe throws him down to then back senton! Cover, TWO! Joe keeps his cool while he drags Hardy back up. Joe headbutts Hardy to a corner then throws those swift jabs. He rolls Hardy out to then pull back on the arms. He digs a knee into Hardy’s back but Hardy endures.

Hardy fights his way up to fight out and throw hands. Hardy whips but Joe reverses, only for Hardy to knock him down. Joe staggers into the atomic drop, then Hardy uses the leg splitting leg drop! Joe clutches his back leg and crawls to ropes. Hardy says “DELETE!” but Joe yanks him right out of the ring. Joe brings Hardy up to bounce him off the steel steps. Joe kicks but hits only steel! Hardy and Joe crawl into the ring, but Hardy goes after that leg! He throws elbows and stomps and even drops a leg. Joe gets to ropes so Hardy backs off. Hardy comes back with a dropkick then more stomps! The referee backs Hardy off to check on Joe, but Joe won’t quit over this.

Hardy stomps Joe more but Joe throws a heavy hand! Joe can only hobble, but that bad leg is too bad. The referee calls the match!

Winner: Jeff Hardy, by referee decision; qualifies for the WWE World Cup

Indy isn’t happy with this, but neither is Joe. Hardy is headed to Crown Jewel along with John Cena and Kurt Angle, but who else will join them?


SmackDown GM Paige addresses the Women’s Championship incident.

After the brawl “got ugly”, both Becky and Charlotte require medical attention. But there was no real winner, so they will face each other once more, at WWE Evolution! And there will be another first at this All Women’s PPV, in WWE’s first ever Last Woman Standing match!


It’s time for Miz TV!

The Hollywood A-Lister is back to host his Most Must-See WWE Talk Show, and promises big things from his guests tonight, after the break.

SmackDown returns and The Miz says Paige told him to be “professional”, so professional is what he’ll be. Though that seems hard for him to do as he must introduce his guests as the champion and challenger for the WWE Championship. First, the Phenomenal AJ Styles! The WWE Universe in Indianapolis is glad to see Styles is still champion after his No Holds Barred match with Samoa Joe at Super Show Down. The Miz sits with Styles and wants to ask something. After what Joe put Styles through, how’s the family? Miz means this in the most sincere way, as a new father. That rage surely led to Styles’ victory, but now Styles will be facing a man who won’t attack from behind, and would only break into your home to tend to your garden. This man is “better than a boy scout” snore, Daniel Bryan.

The Yes Man makes his way to the ring and Indy is even happier to see him! Miz is especially sour that he lost his #1 contender’s match to Bryan so quickly. All it took was a small package counter out of the Skull-Crushing Finale, and Bryan was the new contender to the WWE world title. Bryan and Styles shake hands and Miz is already disappointed to see this “mutual respect.” No one wants to see that for the most coveted prize in sports entertainment! Bryan knows Miz asked about the title match, but does he want to talk about their match? It won’t take too long. Styles likes that one. Miz seethes while fans cheer for Bryan. But Miz is remaining professional.

Back to Styles, he’s been a champion for 11 months and defended against some of the best. Where does Bryan place among them? Styles says Joe was the greatest because he went out of the ring and right to his doorstep, making it personal. But Bryan, this is going to be in the ring, in the House that AJ Styles Built! So Styles thinks he’s better than everyone? How does Bryan feel about that? Bryan points out Styles isn’t trying to say that. But it’s good that Styles thinks he’s better. What? How?

Bryan says Miz doesn’t know a thing about this, but Bryan wants to beat a worthy opponent. And no one is more worthy than AJ Styles, as he has had the most-coveted title for over 300 days! Styles has earned the right to think he’s better, and Bryan still has a lot to prove. Therefore, Bryan is glad Styles thinks he’ll win, because Bryan knows he can win. Miz uses this to get Styles going. Styles says that Bryan hasn’t exactly faced someone Phenomenal. Styles and Bryan are having good time poking fun at the Two-Minute Man, which has been Miz’s name for a long time. But their match at Crown Jewel, their WWE World Championship match, is the very thing Bryan fought to come back.

Bryan talked about fighting for his dreams, but he never said what his dream was. Not mind games, not having fun, not reuniting teams, and certainly not fighting “this jerk.” Bryan’s dream that kept him going was one thing and one thing only: The WWE World Championship. Styles is the only thing in the way of his dream. Styles stands up to be face to face with Bryan, and Miz backs up to give them space. The Phenomenal One isn’t moving out of the way. That took long enough. Finally it gets interesting for The Miz. Styles has a question for Bryan: How good does it feel to punch Miz in the face? Punching that guy? It feels great, it’s so fun!

Miz gets upset, and sees they’d easily pick on him. He’s tried to remain professional, but to be honest, Bryan won with a fluke! Just look at the footage! Miz got a shoulder up! He demanded a rematch but Paige wouldn’t give it. Miz has won again and again, but Bryan has his stupid roll-up!? At least when Miz won, he knocked Bryan out! And as for Styles, he’s just Bryan with an accent! Styles has been champ for a year yet it’s never been more irrelevant! Do you know why the title doesn’t main event? Look in the mirror! Miz doesn’t care who wins at Crown Jewels, Miz calls next! Styles smiles but Miz says to wipe that smile off his face. Styles faces the man who beat Bryan last week, so “good luck”. Shelton Benjamin heads to the ring! Can the Gold Standard be better than Phenomenal?


Shelton Benjamin VS AJ Styles!

SmackDown returns as Benjamin bucks Styles off the waistlock. Benjamin runs but Styles arm-drags him. Benjamin blocks the next arm-drag and brings Styles down with a Russian leg sweep. Oh and Miz and Bryan are both on commentary.

Benjamin puts Styles in a corner to then throw forearms. Styles throws forearms back and whips, but Benjamin reverses and hits a big corner knee. Benjamin snapmares and covers, ONE. He puts Styles in a chinlock but fans rally for Styles. Styles stands up and jawbreakers out. He runs but into the big back body drop! Cover, ONE, but Benjamin covers again. ONE, and Styles gets away to the ropes. Benjamin puts Styles in a corner and throws in a shoulder. He backs off at the ref’s count but comes back to throw haymakers. Styles hits back with chops and forearms. Styles whips but Benjamin reverses. Benjamin leaps but Styles dodges the corner splash! Miz and Bryan argue about line of succession in terms of challenging for the title while Styles gives Benjamin the Phenomenal Blitz! Benjamin dodges the back hand but Styles dodges the dragon whip to PELE!

Both men are down but Styles gets up. He wants the Clash but Benjamin resists. Benjamin pops Styles up from fireman’s carry to suplex, but Styles slips out. Benjamin runs but into a boot. Styles slingshots but into a BIG knee from Benjamin! Styles crashes down and a ring count begins. Benjamin waits while Bryan says Benjamin is ten times the wrestler Miz is. Benjamin pursues Styles on the outside to then throw him into the barriers. He bounces Styles off the apron then off barriers again. The Gold Standard has control while we go picture in picture. Benjamin drags Styles up again to whip him into barriers! He refreshes the count then puts Styles in the ring. Cover, TWO! Benjamin grows frustrated but he puts Styles into a sleeper hold and body scissors.

Styles endures the squeeze from Benjamin, and manages to slip out of the body scissors. He fights back with elbows but Benjamin throws him down by his hair. Benjamin backs off while Miz applauds. Benjamin puts Styles in a corner for shoulders, then hoists him up to the top rope. He climbs up to join Styles and prepares a superplex. Styles slips out, trips Benjamin up, then uses the Electric Chair to drop him! We return to single picture while both men are down. A 10 count begins but Styles is up at 6. Benjamin follows but Styles knocks him down with clotheslines. Styles gives the Phenomenal Blitz in full and then hits the sliding forearm! Indy fires up with Styles as he hits the corner clothesline. Styles lifts but Benjamin slips out. Benjamin suplexes but Styles slips out. Styles gets Benjamin in the Calf Crusher!

Benjamin endures while Bryan compliments Styles’ ability. Benjamin gets the ropebreak and Styles lets him go. Styles goes back at Benjamin but Benjamin puts him against ropes for knees. Benjamin walks into a swift kick from Styles! Styles runs in but Benjamin puts him on the corner. Styles hits Benjamin away, then springboards, Phenomenal Forearm! Cover, Styles wins!

Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall

Bryan applauds the champ, but Miz is still surly. Styles raises his belt up high, but will he still be raising his belt after Crown Jewel?


Aiden English is in the ring.

The Drama King hears the chants for “Rusev Day!” but brings up the glimpse of #OneNightinMilwaukee. English has six figure offers for that much alone, but he gives us the Director’s Cut. We again see Lana visit English in his hotel room. The Ravishing Russian tells English that she “wants” English to know how much he means to Rusev. English’s singing of Rusev’s praises, that’s awesome right back. Lana really appreciates what English has done for them. English is so thankful, and he says they mean the world to him. But then he makes a move towards Lana, and Indy gets interested. But English won’t give us the rest until Rusev appears. The Bulgarian Brute obliges!

Rusev glares daggers at English but English says he won’t show the rest. However, we all know what comes next. English gives his offer: he will destroy the video, if Rusev kicks Lana to the curb so that they can reunite Team Rusev Day! Fans chant for Rusev Day, but here comes Lana! Lana tries to reason with Rusev first before any of them speak on the mic. English says Rusev’s made his choice! “C’mon, buddy!” Rusev makes his way to the ring, but then says that this is really serious. Go ahead, play the tape. No, SmackDown is a family show, and no man should have to see his wife like that. Well fine, Lana will play the rest. And how will she do that? English got hacked, that’s how! Gasp! Well, English’s password being “I <3 Rusev”, that’s easy to break in. Hit it!

The footage rolls, and we continue from where it left off. English makes his move, but Lana stops him. This was a misunderstanding, English wanted a hug but she still left. Indy chants “Creep! Creep!” and English feels like a fool, both in the past and in the present. He admits it, they got him. But the offer’s still on the table, Lana. Maybe when you get tired of Rusev Days, treat yourself to an Aiden Night. Rusev chases Aiden down! And beats him down! English turns the tables but then runs away to the ramp. The Drama King is actually the Fool, but will he get what’s coming to him on a very special Rusev Day~?


Rey Mysterio will return on SmackDown 1000!

Not only that, but the King of Lucha, the man of the 619, will have a qualifier for the WWE World Cup! But it will be against the current United States Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura! Will Mysterio be able to overcome the King of Strong Style in his WWE television return? Or will a Kinshasa be in his near future?


WWE World Cup Qualifying Match: Randy Orton VS The Big Show!

The Viper continues to hunt the heroes of the WWE Universe, but he’s not above chasing a title like “best in the WWE”. However, the World’s Largest Athlete is back and he wants to prove that size is everything. Will the Legend Killer be able to bring down WWE’s greatest giant? Or will Crown Jewel become that much bigger?

The bell rings and Show puts Orton in a corner. Orton avoids the big chop but not the body shot. He bails out and Show roars. Indy is happy to see him, but Show keeps his eyes on Orton. Orton slithers back out of the ring while we go to break.

SmackDown returns once again and Show has Orton by the throat! Orton breaks free and DDT’s Show down! Orton catches his breath while getting to his feet. Cover, TWO and with force! Orton stomps Show’s limbs, then wraps on a chinlock. Show endures while fans build to a rally. Show stands up and powers Orton down with a back suplex! Orton sits up first but Show follows as he shakes the cobwebs out. Show rallies on Orton with clubbing clotheslines then a big corner bump. He keeps moving and easily runs Orton over! Fans fire up with Show but Orton bails out of the ring. Show pursues, and puts Orton back in the ring. Orton is on Show with the dropkick, then drags him out for a GIANT draping DDT! Cover, TWO! Show still lives, and Orton backs away.

Orton aims at Show, he wants to bring something back just for Show. Orton runs in, but Show SPEARS him down! Cover, TWO!! Orton survives that steamrolling, but fans let Show know “You Still Got It!” Show knows he still has something left, and prepares the big hand! Orton bails out, but Show grabs him and brings him up by his chin! Show drags Orton all the way in, clamps on the hand, and lifts, for the GIANT Choke Slam! Cover, TWO!? Orton survives again and Show can’t believe it. Fans want the slam “One More Time!” and Big Show prepares the Weapon of Destruction! Orton bails out again, but the referee wants Show to stay back. Show refuses, but Orton pokes his eye! Then RKO!! Cover, Orton wins!

Winner: Randy Orton, by pinfall; qualifies for the WWE World Cup

The Apex Predator always has something up his sleeve, and he joins four other great former champions in the tournament. The World Cup is half formed, who will be the other four men competing to be the best in the WWE?



My Thoughts:

A pretty solid episode of SmackDown, but perhaps lacking in some areas. We start fast and furious with the Women’s Championship match, and it was actually okay they did a Double Count-Out if it meant giving us a match at WWE Evolution. I thought we were just going to go to that but this holdover was good. Especially with that stage spot! I’m thinking both Charlotte and Becky were okay, but kayfabe selling that Charlotte had cuts at best and a bad wrist at worst will play into the story for these two as Becky loves arm submissions. This first-ever Last Woman Standing match is going to be great, but I’m still holding onto Becky retaining.

Obviously the night was dominated by Crown Jewel build, but clearly Saudi Arabia wants certain stars for the World Cup they’re funding. John Cena was an automatic in, and aside from Samoa Joe, the first SmackDown entrants are all basically older stars from the previous era. We know Rey Mysterio is on his way, and goes against Shinsuke Nakamura. I’m pretty sure it’s a safe bet Mysterio wins to qualify to make this World Cup a trip back in time. There’s also little chance anyone not in the World Cup, the world title match or the Universal Championship Triple Threat will be on the card, as an 8-man tournament will be SEVEN matches. Hopefully Nakamura does something anyway, he hasn’t defended his title or done much of anything since getting it.

“The Rest of One Night in Milwaukee” was as expected. We find out English was exaggerating and he looks like a creep. Rusev VS English is going to be fun, and I think it makes sense for Rusev to win here so that the husband and wife triumph over their former friend turned conniving enemy. The best part of tonight was the stretch from Miz TV to Benjamin VS Styles. I liked that Miz tried stirring the pot, as Miz is wont to do, but Bryan and Styles (being ROH alumni) kept things respectful yet still competitive. Benjamin VS Styles was a great match, and naturally Styles wins. Miz wants next, but I’m sure something will happen where he loses his cool and at least goes after Bryan, maybe even add himself to the world title match to make for two triple threats on one show.

My Score: 8.5/10



Mitchell’s WWE TLC Results & Report! (12/16/18)



WWE TLC 2018

It’s time for Tables, Ladders and Chairs! Will AJ Styles take the WWE Championship back from the “New” Daniel Bryan? Will Baron Corbin become GM by forfeit?



  • Kickoff Show – WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy VS Cedric Alexander; Murphy wins and retains the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.
  • Kickoff Show – Ladder Match: Elias VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush; Elias wins.
  • Mixed Match Challenge Finals: Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox w/ The Singh Brothers VS R-Truth & Carmella; Truth & Carmella win MMC Season 2, and are now the 30th spots in both the Men’s & Women’s Royal Rumbles.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship Triple Threat: The Bar VS The Usos VS The New Day; The Bar win and retain the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.
  • TLC Match: Baron Corbin VS Braun Strowman; Strowman wins, Corbin is no longer Raw GM, Strowman faces Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Universal Championship.
  • Tables Match: Natalya VS Ruby Riott w/ The Riott Squad; Natalya wins.
  • Finn Balor VS Drew McIntyre; Finn wins.
  • Chairs Match: Randy Orton VS Rey Mysterio; Mysterio wins.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey VS Nia Jax w/ Tamina; Rousey wins and retains the Raw Women’s Championship.
  • WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan VS AJ Styles; Bryan wins and retains the WWE Championship.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Seth Rollins VS Dean Ambrose; wins and
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship TLC Triple Threat: Becky Lynch VS Charlotte Flair VS Asuka; wins and


It’s the WWE TLC Kickoff Show!

Jonathan Coachman, Booker T, David Otunga and Sam Roberts discuss the stories and possible outcomes of all the matches on tonight’s card!


Baron Corbin practices his victory for later tonight.

The temporary Raw GM wants Jojo to put in way more emotion for the announcement that he will be the permanent GM. Heath Slater is going to be his referee and will count to 10, then Jojo will announce the decision. Charly Caruso comes in, and Corbin informs her that she has been handpicked to interview him after his victory by forfeit. She’s thankful for that, but she’s also here to interview him about the rumor that Braun Strowman will still be here tonight. Even if that were possible, Corbin would shatter Braun’s good elbow to pieces. And Corbin no longer responds to questions beneath a Raw GM. Now, from the top! “Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by forfeit, and permanent general manager, Baron Corbin.” Much better. But will that really be the announcement by the end of the TLC Match?


Kickoff Show – WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy VS Cedric Alexander!

The Juggernaut won the title in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia, at the Super Show-Down event. However, the Age of Alexander looks to rebuild itself in San Jose! Can the Soul of 205 Live survive the unstoppable?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised and we begin! Alexander and Murphy circle and tie up. Murphy gets a waistlock but Alexander the standing switch. Murphy wrenches an arm but Alexander rolls through and reverses! Alexander wrenches the wrist but Murphy slips through the headlock takeover. Alexander headscissors but Murphy pops out. Roles reverse and now Alexander pops out of the headscissors. Murphy sweeps, cover, ONE. Alexander sweeps, ONE, and both men handspring up! Fans fire up for this even exchange and chant “205! 205!” for the fastest hour of WWE. Alexander waistlocks but Murphy breaks out. Alexander dodges and headscissors Murphy out! Fans fire up again as Alexander builds speed. Alexander dodges and ducks Murphy to dropkick him down! Cover, TWO!

Alexander keeps his cool, then CHOPS Murphy against the ropes. Murphy dumps Alexander to the apron but Alexander rocks him with a right! Alexander lines it up, but gets a knee trigger on reentry! We go picture in picture while Alexander falls out of the ring. Murphy fetches Alexander into the ring then climbs up. Murphy leaps for a meteora! Cover, TWO! Alexander lives but Murphy keeps his eyes on him. Murphy drives a knee in and wraps on a chinlock. Murphy shifts to drive elbows into Alexander’s shoulder and chest. Cover, TWO! Murphy gets Alexander back in the chinlock but fans build to a rally. Alexander gets up and fights back with body shots. Alexander breaks free to throw a forearm, then shoves Murphy to a corner. Murphy boots back, then hops up.

Murphy brings Alexander around for a hangman sleeper hold! He lets go at 4, but dares Alexander to stand back up. Murphy leaps, but into a SUPERKICK! Alexander and Murphy are both down, and fans build to another rally. Alexander gets to a corner, and runs corner to corner at Murphy. He rams in a shoulder then swings a kick to kick Murphy from the corner! Springboard complete shot, and then Alexander wrecks Murphy with a dropkick! Alexander keeps going, springboard lariat! Cover, TWO!! Murphy survives and Alexander is frustrated. Alexander stands while Murphy clutches ribs. Alexander drags Murphy up, but Murphy slips out of the lift. Murphy boots, dodges, but Alexander counters! Murphy sits on it, with trunks! TWO, and Alexander gets a sudden Michinoku! Cover, TWO!!

Alexander is shocked again, and thinks of what else he must do. Alexander stands and brings Murphy up. He throws a stiff forearm and Murphy falls over. Murphy slowly rises but Alexander punches him back down. Alexander brings Murphy up but Murphy blocks to fire off strikes! The knee misses, but so does the enziguri. Alexander rolls to uppercut! Alexander runs but Murphy reels him in. Murphy ducks the kick to shove Alexander, but Alexander elbow shim away. Alexander hops up, but gets tucked in for a SUPERKICK! And a sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Now Alexander lives and Murphy is shocked! Murphy drags himself up while Alexander crawls. Murphy stalks Alexander to a corner, and scrapes him out to the apron. They both stand on the edge, and Alexander suddenly gets Murphy with a Death Valley Driver! Alexander puts Murphy in, cover, TWO! LUMBAR CHECK!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!!

Murphy finds a way to survive, and Alexander is beside himself. Murphy slumps out of the ring, but Alexander pursues. Alexander drags Murphy up but that’s 205 pounds of dead weight. Alexander puts Murphy in and stalks him to a corner. Murphy yanks Alexander into buckles! Murphy runs back in for a knee trigger! Then he drags Alexander up, Murphy’s Law! Cover, Murphy wins!

Winner: Buddy Murphy, by pinfall; still WWE Cruiserweight Champion

The Age of Alexander’s revival will not be at the expense of the Juggernaut! The unstoppable run of Buddy Murphy continues, will it ever end?


Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter is in San Jose, and has one of his guitars in hand. But in a Ladder match with Bobby Lashley, another of his guitars will be above the ring as the prize. Even so, he asks the usual question: “Who wants to Walk with Elias?!” San Jose does! TLC will be TLCG: Tables, Ladders, Chairs & Guitars. A ladder is a great symbol, he’s already climbed the ladder of success. Now he must climb to reclaim his beautiful Fender. And once he does, he’ll play a tune on Lashley that he’ll never forget. But right now, Elias plays a classic with his own spin on it. “Do you know the way to San Jose?” So please, silence phones, hold applause and maybe sing along. But no such luck, as Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush make their entrance.


Kickoff Show – Ladder Match: Elias VS Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush!

This is a very unique Ladder match for The Drifter and the Rocky Mountain Machine. Instead of the prize being a title or a contract, it is one of Elias’ prized guitars. Will Elias save his Fender from Lashley’s grasp? Or will that guitar soon bring a smash hit across someone’s back?

Lio speaks on the way out. “Once again, you are sadly mistaken!” Nobody came here for Elias. They all paid to see The Almighty Bobby! And their favorite pose: Bobby’s booty! Anyway, the bell rings and the two circle in the ring. Lashley and Elias tie up and end up all over the ropes. Elias powers out of the headlock but Lashley runs him over. Lio hypes Lashley up as Lashley hits a complete shot. Lashley heads for a ladder already, but fans tell him “Lashley Sucks!” Lashley brings a ladder up and in, but Elias dropkicks it into him! Elias stomps the ladder onto Lashley, then jumps to stomp through the rungs! Elias drags the ladder into the ring, then a second. He backs Lio off before going into the ring. Lio coaches Lashley up while Elias stands a ladder up.

Elias begins to climb but Lio gets in to stop him! Lio runs but can’t escape! Elias throws Lio but Lio goes under the ladder. Lashley returns to knock the ladder over. Lashley and Elias brawl, but Elias whips Lashley to hit him with a big knee! Elias picks up his second ladder and stands it up in a corner. He goes to Lashley for a chop, then body shots. Elias whips but Lashley reverses to send Elias into the ladder! Lashley runs to SPEAR Elias into the ladder. THe ladder falls on Elias’ back, but Lashley brings Elias up for the Vertigo Suplex! Lashley drives Elias down quick, then picks up the second ladder. Fans still say “Lashley Sucks!” especially as Lashley uses the AK slam to throw the ladder down on Elias!

We go picture in picture as Lashley stands up the first ladder. Lashley begins to climb, but Elias uses the second ladder to hit Lashley! Lashley comes off the ladder but Elias keeps on him! Elias rams the ladder into Bobby, then sets it up in another corner. Elias whips Lashley to ropes to run him over with a lariat! He keeps on Lashley with another whip but Lashley reverses. Elias goes up to mule kick Lashley! But then he runs into a belly2belly suplex that throws him into the ladder! Elias writhes while Lio chants. Lashley gets up and traps Elias in a corner with the ladder. Lashley rains down rights then kicks the ladder into Elias. Lio coaches Lashley to stand up the first ladder, and Lashley begins his climb. Lashley is almost there, but Elias returns to club him on the back!

Elias brings Lashley down with a powerbomb on the other ladder!! Lashley writhes in pain now, and Elias clibms. But Lio climbs up first! Elias stops Lio from touching the guitar, then knocks him off the ladder! Elias grabs his guitar, unhooks it, and wins!

Winner: Elias

The Drifter has his guitar back, but now the question is: who to use it on? Elias aims for Lashley, but Lio jumps on him first! Elias throws Lio off easily, but runs into a SPINEBUSTER from Lashley! Lashley tells Lio to get up and Lio climbs up top. Lio aims, and hits the Final Hour splash! Lashely picks up the guitar and aims at Elias. Elias stands, to get SMACKED with the guitar! Both guitar and Elias are broken, will the Almighty Lashley climb his own ladder of success towards a title?


“As another year comes to an end, you have to wonder: did you make the mark?”

The Shield is broken. The Baddest Woman on the Planet has a Facebreaker in her way. And history is made again. “And all it’s gonna take is a little TLC.”


Mixed Match Challenge Finals: Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox w/ The Singh Brothers VS R-Truth & Carmella!

#Mahalicia and the #FABULOUSTruth have been the underdogs of Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 from their first match to their last match. But now, they’re both at the end of the tournament competing for the 30th spots of both the Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumbles! Which team wins a huge advantage on the Road to Wrestlemania?

Truth & Mella rep the Sharks with the black and teal, “What’s up?!” Jinder and Alicia finally look to be on the same page with their own matching red gear. The teams sort out and the men start. Mahal and Truth circle and duel with “What’s Up?!” against “Shanti!” Fans prefer Truth. The two tie up and Mahal gets a headlock takeover. Truth resists the cover attempt, then fights his way up. Truth powers out but Mahal runs him over. Mahal grins as he runs, but Truth goes to back drop. Mahal whips but Truth crossbodies! Cover, ONE, Backslide! TWO, so Truth rolls up! TWO, and Mahal backs off. Alicia tags in, so Carmella comes in with her. Alicia says she’s got this, but Carmella and Truth egg them on. Truth and Carmella uses splits to dodge then double hip toss! And fans want it, so we get a… DANCE BREAK~!

The Fabulous Flossing begins but the Bollywood Boys join in! Only to get thrown out! Truth returns to his corner but Alicia clobbers Carmella. Alicia hits the swinging neckbreaker, covers, TWO! Alicia wraps on a chinlock but fans rally for Carmella. Carmella fights up and out, but Alicia shoves her. Carmella tilt-o-whirls to throw Alicia! Alicia is dizzy and ends up in Carmella’s takedown for fast hands! Alicia throws Carmella by her hair to deny a tag to Truth. Northern Lights, bridge, TWO! Alicia returns to the chinlock but fans rally up again. Carmella gets up and arm-drags Alicia away. Double clotheslines take both women down! The fans and the Singh Brothers rally for their favorites, hot tag to Truth! Mahal comes in, but Truth rallies with headscissors of his own!

Truth adds clotheslines and a calf kick! Mahal scrambles while Truth does the splits. Truth kicks low but the SInghs distract. Mahal kicks low but Truth dodges. Alicia tags in as Truth dropkicks Mahal. Alicia tells Truth to get out. He has to listen because she is captain now! Truth borrows her hat, and now HE is captain. Alicia kicks low and goes for scissor kick. FABULOUS Kick from Carmella, cover, but Mahal yanks her off! Truth dumps Mahal out, then slingshots for a wrecking ball dropkick. Carmella kicks a Singh away, but walks into Alicia’s jackknife cover! TWO, Code of Silence!! Alicia taps, FABULOUS Truth wins!

Winners: R-Truth & Carmella, Carmella pinning; win the Second Mixed Match Challenge, are now the 30th entrances of the Royal Rumbles.

From last to first, Truth & Carmella win it all!

In-ring interview with FABULOUS Truth!

How do they feel about this huge opportunity they just won? Oh and where are they going for vacation? Well it’s F A B U L O U S to win. They get to enter the Royal Rumbles last, possibly go to Wrestlemania, but they’ll also be heading to… Barcelona? No, bigger. Rome? No, tropical. Rio!? Paris?! No, no, cultural epicenter. Truth chose… WWE Headquarters in Connecticut!! What. Truth, that’s not even… Well, Truth’s strange dream destinations aside, they’re still getting those Rumble spots. Can Truth & Mella make the most of golden opportunities?


SmackDown Tag Team Championship Triple Threat: The Bar VS The Usos VS The New Day!

Awww San Jose~! Three of the best teams perhaps in ALL of WWE compete for the titles tonight! Cesaro & Sheamus may not be the best rappers but they’re much better at giving European Uppercuts. But Jimmy & Jey have tag team wrestling on #LockDown while ya bois, the New~ Day~ bring positivity and pancakes! Who will be the Blue Brand’s best after tonight?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and teams sort out. Only two competitors at a time means only Sheamus against Kofi Kingston to start. Sheamus and Kofi circle, then tie up. Kofi gets a waistlock but Sheamus powers him to the open corner. Sheamus backs off and circles with Kofi again. Fans rally for New Day and Kofi gets into the mood. Sheamus gets him in a headlock but Kofi headscissors. Sheamus pops out and gets another headlock. Kofi powers out but Sheamus runs him over. Cover, ONE, and Sheamus brings Kofi into another headlock. Kofi fights out and things speed up. Kofi leaps but Sheamus catches him to a back suplex, only for Kofi to slip out and dropkick! Cover, TWO, Kofi tags Woods.

Kofi kicks Shemaus down, Woods hits a sliding lariat, and Kofi adds a splash. Woods drops the elbow and covers, but both Usos and Cesaro break it. The Usos argue with Cesaro and Kofi and a brawl breaks out! Cesaro and Kofi end up outsid,e Jey builds speed, but runs into a EuroUpper! Woods wrecks Cesaro then builds speed on his own, but runs into the Irish Curse! Cover, TWO! Sheamus kicks Woods to The Bar’s corner and chokes him on the ropes. Sheamus throws corssface forearms, then Cesaro gets a hotshot! Tag to Cesaro and The Bar hit Woods with Super Saiyan Kicks. Cover, TWO! Cesaro argues for a faster count, then taunts Woods. Woods hits back but Cesaro tags Sheamus. Sheamus kicks Woods and The Bar whip Woods for the Bar Lariat! The Bar use their catchphrase and Sheamus stomps Woods.

Sheamus sits Woods up for a chinlock, then thrashes Woods around. Woods endures as fans build to a rally. Woods fights out of the hold, but Sheamus shoves him into a shoulder. Tag to Cesaro, and The Bar double elbow drop on Woods. Cover, TWO! Cesaro keeps his eyes on the Usos while looming over Woods. Cesaro stomps Woods’ hand, then puts on another chinlock. Woods endures again, and fans rally up for the Usos. Cesaro shoves Woods but Woods hits Sheamus! Honor Roll hits Cesaro! Cesaro tags Sheamus and Sheamus hits the Usos just because. Sheamus goes to Woods but Woods hits back. Woods leaps but is put in the open corner. Sheamus has Woods up top then throws hands as he climbs. Sheamus soaks up the heat while preparing a superplex, but Woods fights him with furious body shots!

Woods crotches Sheamus on the ropes, then dropkicks him down! Both men are down in the ring and crawling. Hot tag to Cesaro, hot tag to Kofi! Kofi springboards and rallies on Cesaro! Kofi dropkicks then hits the leaping lariat! Fans fire up with Kofi as he gives Cesaro the Boom Drop! Kofi aims from the corner and fans clap along. Kofi swings but is caught into a toss! Csaro runs in, Jimmy Uso tags in. Kofi kicks Cesaro then kicks Jimmy. Kofi leaps but Cesaro catches him! Cesaro lifts Kofi but Jimmy leaps in for a crossobdy! Cover, Cesaro breaks it! Cesaro gets the dragon whip kick, but Kofi rolls Jimmy! TWO! Jimmy misses Kofi but Jey tags in.

The Usos double kick Kofi back! Jey SUPERKICKS Kofi! SUPERKICK for Woods! SUPERKICK for Sheamus! Cesaro leaps into a SUPERKICK! The Usos aim but miss Kofi. Samoan Pop!! Cover, but Woods breaks it! Jimmy and Woods brawl and fall out of the ring. Jey climbs and aims at Kofi, but Cesaro tags in! Uso Splash, but Cesaro tosses Jey into post! Cover on Kofi, TWO!! The Bar is shocked they didn’t steal that one. Cesaro stalks Kofi now while Big E coaches Kofi up. Cesaro gets Kofi in the Swiss Swing! He goes around and around for about 12 rotations, and steps through for the Sharpshooter! Kofi endures the legendary lock, but Big E keeps Kofi from quitting. Cesaro drags Kofi away, but Woods hits the Get Over Here!

Sheamus tags in and blasts Woods and then Jey! Sheamus aims at Kofi now, calling for the end. Kofi stands, dodges the Brogue and rolls Sheamus up! TWO, and Sheamus tries again. Double stomps intercept the Brogue! Tag to Woods and Woods hurries up. Trouble In Paradise, to Limit Breaker!! Cover, but Jey and Cesaro both break it! Fans are thunderous for this match as four men are down in the ring. Big E coaches up his team, but it’s Jey who stands first. Cesaro follows and gives Jey a EuroUpper. Jimmy runs in, to a pop-up EuroUpper! Kofi dropkicks Cesaro out, then Kofi climbs up top. Kofi aims at the group outside, for a SUPER TRUST FALL! He takes out both Usos and Cesaro, but Sheamus goes after Woods.

Woods resists with hands and a kick. Sheamus staggers, but Cesaro goes for Woods’ feet. Woods mule kicks Ceaor, but steps into a BROGUE! Cover, The Bar wins!

Winners: The Bar, Sheamus pinning; still SmackDown Tag Team Champions

The Swiss Cyborg and Celtic Gladiator survive the odds and the chaos! They deny two great tag teams and perhaps become the greatest team themselves. Will any team come along to dethrone this duo?


TLC Match: Baron Corbin VS Braun Strowman!

The “General Manager Elect” can win himself that position permanently, or The Monster Among Men can shockingly return from elbow surgery and win his shot at The Beast, Brock Lesnar. Can Strowman save us from Corbin’s dictatorship? Or will no one #GetTheseHands tonight?

As a bonus, Heath Slater is made the referee for this match. The #OneRefBand will have to be the one to count to 10 to see if Strowman appears. Corbin thanks the fans for the “warm welcome.” He understands the fans are upset both about Corbin’s performance as GM and Strowman’s condition. Corbin takes the complaints very seriously, he listens to and respects their input. But “Too bad! Get used to it!” After Slater counts, Strowman loses by forfeit and Corbin is THE Raw GM. Now stop wasting time, ring the bell. The bell rings, and Slater has no choice but to start. Corbin grins and counts along. Slater reaches 5 and there’s no sign of Strowman. But then at 7, Strowman’s music hits!

The Monster Among Men IS here! His bad arm is in a sling, but he’s not gonna let that stop him. Corbin protests, Strowman can’t be in any shape to compete. Strowman circles the ring and picks up a mic. Strowman enters the ring, and fans hope Corbin will “Get These Hands!” “While you were out here flapping your gums, you forgot to mention something very important, Corbin.” It’s that in a TLC Match, there are No Disqualifications. Corbin doesn’t understand what that means. Strowman explains that if someone happened to help Strowman, like someone who is “sick and tired of dealing with a crappy General Manager”, it’d be perfectly legal. Corbin sees Apollo Crews appear, chair in hand. Strowman says Corbin made his bed, now he’ll lay in it.

Because Bobby Roode & Chad Gable are also here! And Finn Balor, the de facto leader of this rebellion. Finn, Apollo, Roode & Gable all enter, armed with chairs. Corbin tells Slater to do something about this. But Slater can’t, it’s No DQ. Also, Slater quits as referee. Slater throws the shirt at Corbin and decks him! The chair-wielding rebels close in. Corbin begs for mercy, but he gets nothign but steel! Everyone gets a chair shot in, with Finn adding one more SMACK! Fans are thunderous for this anti-Corbin alliance, and Corbin refuses to continue. But here comes Kurt Angle!! The previous Raw GM is here, and he’s making sure Corbin faces the consequences.

Angle picks up a chair and jams it into Corbin! Then SMACKS away on Corbin’s back! Corbin goes back to the ring, to get a GLORIOUS combination! And Apollo’s frog splash! And the Olympic Slam! Finn climbs up to add the Coup de Grace! Slater goes back to being a ref, so that Strowman can cover and be counted. Strowman wins!!

Winner: Braun Strowman, by pinfall; is now the #1 contender to Brock Lesnar’s WWE Universal Championship; Corbin is NO LONGER Raw General Manager

The Monster Among Men and all of those on Raw under Corbins’ thumb have their retribution! Will Strowman be able to recover to 100% so that he can finally #GetTheseHands on the Beast’s title?


Tables Match: Natalya VS Ruby Riott w/ The Riott Squad!

The Queen of Harts lost her father, The Anvil, but the Squad Leader doesn’t seem to care. Instead, Ruby wants to use it to further break Natty’s heart. But will Natty get her revenge by breaking a table with Ruby’s body?

The Squad walk out with Ruby and again present the table with Jim Neidhart on it. The bell rings and Ruby laughs at her own joke. Natty isn’t laughing, and fans are on her side. She and Ruby tie up and Natty gets Ruby down! Natty throws fast hands but Ruby scrambles away. Ruby throws Natty into ropes! Sarah takes a swipe but Natty gets away, only for Ruby to put her in the corner. Liv anchors Natty’s feet so that Ruby can splash in the corner. Ruby throws Natty down and kicks her in the side. Ruby pulls Natty’s hair as she says Natty’s nothing. Fans rally for Natty and Natty gives Ruby a snap back suplex! Ruby regroups with The Squad but Natty bounces her face off table top! Ruby hits Natty back and hurries up to the apron. Natty climbs up and wants to suplex Ruby off!

Ruby resists so Natty slides under to slap her! Natty hotshots Ruby then runs, but Liv moves Ruby out of the way! Liv gets knocked off the apron and falls through the table! Sarah checks on Liv while Ruby kicks Natty back. Ruby also checks on Liv, and Liv needs medics to check on her. More referees come out to help with the situation, and Ruby goes back to Natty. The match continues and Sarah helps Ruby get a table. Natty fights back and throws Ruby with a German Suplex! Natty dropkicks the table into Sarah! Ruby staggers but Natty pursues. Natty SLAPS Ruby, then throws her into the apron. Natty throws Ruby into barriers, and then tells her “You wanna mess with my family, b*tch?!” She gives Ruby another slap, but then Ruby slaps Natty back! Natty stomps on Ruby and positions another table.

Natty fetches Ruby and wants a bomb, but Ruby fights out. Ruby can’t escape as Natty puts her into barriers! Sarah comes running in, but Natty dodges to send her into barriers, too! Natty scoops Sarah and slams her through a table! The Squad is down, but Ruby throws Natty into apron! Ruby brings Natty to the Anvil table. Ruby makes Natty look at Anvil, claiming “He’s ashamed of you!” Fans boo but Ruby throws Natty into steps. Ruby puts her Anvil table in the ring and sets it up in a corner. Fans rally for Natty but Ruby fetches her into the ring. Ruby whips Natty, but Natty stops herself! Natty dodges Ruby and then lifts. Ruby fights out and wheelbarrows. Natty pops out to put Ruby in a Sharpshooter! This isn’t for the win, but to torture Ruby back for what she’s said!

Ruby grabs the table, and tips it to hit Natty on the back of the head! Natty goes down and Ruby gets free. Both women are down but fans rally up. Ruby gets back up and Natty crawls away. Ruby sets the Anvil table up on its legs. Natty stirs while Ruby struggles with the set up. Natty gets Ruby up in an Electric Chair, for the drop! Ruby writhes while Natty catches her breath. Natty stands while Ruby rolls out. Natty clears out the wrecked tables to bring out a new one. But this has RUBY on it! Natty grins over the poetic justice. Natty puts the Riott table in the ring, but she also puts on her dad’s jacket! The Anvil is with Natty in spirit now as she goes after Ruby.

Natty boots Ruby right down, then sets up the Riott table. Natty positions it just right, and then goes after Ruby. But Ruby goes to kick, only for Natty to scoop her. Ruby slips out to SUPERKICK Natty down! Ruby decides to use Natty’s table now. She puts Natty on top, but Natty stops her on the top rope! Natty bounces Ruby off her own image, and then sets her up just right. Natty climbs up top, but Ruby stops her with a kick! Ruby climbs up now, and pats Natty on the cheek. Ruby stands up, but the Frankensteiner is blocked! Natty brings Ruby back up, for a SUPER POWERBOMB, through the table!!

Winner: Natalya

Revenge is sweet! The Queen of Harts makes her father proud, and makes Ruby pay in the best way. Will Natty leave The Squad behind and finally get back towards a title?


Finn Balor VS Drew McIntyre!

The Extraordinary Man already got back at Baron Corbin for everything he’s done on Raw, now Finn looks to settle scores with the Scottish Psycho. McIntyre has already hit Finn with Claymores before, will there be another boot in Finn’s future?

The bell rings and fans chant “Too Sweet! Woop Woop!” Finn ties up with McIntyre and McIntyre puts Finn in a corner. McIntyre backs off at 4 but Finn chops him. It doesn’t do much, and McIntyre throws hands and chops of his own in Finn! McIntyre stalks Finn, and stomps the hand as he mocks the Too Sweet. McIntyre whips but Finn kicks him back. It still does little, and McIntyre scoops Finn. Finn slips out to kick away, but McIntyre clubs him with a clothesline. McIntyre stomps Finn more, then CHOPS Finn in a corner. McIntyre puts Finn in another corner but Finn dropkicks a leg out! Fans fire up with Finn as he drags McIntyre up. McIntyre powers Finn to a corner to stomp and chop back.

McIntyre hoists Finn up top then climbs up to trash talk him. But Finn slips out to trip McIntyre up! Finn stomps away on McIntyre, then climbs back up. McIntyre gets up to grab Finn by the throat! McIntyre brings Finn down to throw him overhead across the way! Finn is down, but McIntyre’s own legs are weakened. McIntyre keeps on Finn with a rain of rights. Fans rally for Finn and he kicks the bad leg. McIntyre whips Finn at buckles hard, and Finn hits the mat. McIntyre taunts Finn, “Fight up, Balor! Fight!” Finn shoulders in, then slingshots to a sunset. McIntyre holds ropes then stomps Finn again. McIntyre tosses Finn again! Cover, TWO! McIntyre keeps on Finn with a chinbar and armlock.

Fans rally while Finn endures. Finn fights out and kicks the bad leg. McIntyre kicks out Finn’s leg, then deadlift suplexes Finn up and over! Cover, TWO! Finn lives but McIntyre mocks him. “Reach! Reach!” McIntyre clubs Finn down and puts the chinbar back on. Fans rally and Finn gets up again. McIntyre wrangles Finn back down and keeps on the armlock and chinbar. Fans keep cheering and Finn gets up again. Finn pries his way out of the hold but McIntyre puts him in a corner. Finn boots back, and throws forearms. McIntyre stays standing but Finn keeps hitting him. Finn goes for the legs but McIntyre clubs him back. McIntyre lifts but Finn slips out to trip McIntyre and hit the double stomps! Finn fires up with the fans and runs at McIntyre in a corner, running chops!

Finn whips corner to corner but McIntyre reverses. McIntyre misses Finn, Finn goes tilt-o-whirl for the DDT! Finn clotheslines McIntyre out, then builds speed, to FLY! Direct hit takes McIntyre down! Finn brings McIntyre up and in, but McIntyre whips him. Slingblade! Finn aims but runs into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Cover, TWO! McIntyre is frustrated, but he won’t let up. McIntyre sits Finn up to chop him. “You’re pathetic! You’re nothing to me!” But Finn kicks back! Finn’s boot is countered but Finn counters the Alabama slam to a cover! TWO, but Finn dodges McIntyre to kicks him down! Finn climbs up but McIntyre stops him. McIntyre CHOPS Finn then climbs up to join him. McIntyre hauls Finn up, SUPER Celtic Cross!! Cover, TWO!! Finn still lives and McIntyre is furious!

Fans rally up while McIntyre looms over Finn. McIntyre drags Finn up to throw him out. McIntyre watches Finn crawl before going out. Finn uses the apron skirt to trap McIntyre! Finn punches and stomps away! McIntyre crawls away, blocks the Penalty Kick and throws Finn down! McIntyre grins and laughs but the ring count passes 5. Glasgow kiss headbutt brings Finn down! McIntyre refreshes the count and mocks the Too Sweet. McIntyre hauls Finn up with ease, and puts him in the ring. But wait, Ziggler appears to SUPERKICK! The ref didn’t see it, and McIntyre is down! The Show-Off returns the favor for Finn from weeks ago, but Ziggler also has a chair! McIntyre boots the chair into Ziggler!

McIntyre and Ziggler scrap and McIntyre puts Ziggler into the ring. The referee tells McIntyre not to use the chair, but McIntyre still brings it in. Finn blasts the chair into McIntyre! Finn climbs, COUP DE GRACE!! Cover, Finn wins!!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

The Scottish Terminator lost focus and the Extraordinary Man takes advantage! Ziggler may not have cared about Finn getting a win, but he did get his payback on McIntyre. Will McIntyre target them both for revenge in the New Year?


Chairs Match: Randy Orton VS Rey Mysterio!

The Viper wants to make another hero into a victim, but the King of Lucha Libre won’t let it happen! With steel chairs at the ready, will Mysterio turn the hunter into the hunted?

The bell rings and Mysterio circles with Orton. Orton kicks low and clubs Mysterio on the back. Orton throws Mysterio out and he grabs a chair. Mysterio kicks Orton and grabs a chair. Mysterio jabs it into Orton’s ribs, then SMACKS him on the back! Orton scrambles away but Mysterio keeps chase. Mysterio SMACKS Orton again, then jabs him some more. Mysterio gives another SMACK! Orton goes to a corner and Mysterio keeps on him with the chair edge. Mysterio gets another chair, and sits it up in front of Orton. Mysterio goes corner to corner but Orton dodges. Orton clubs Mysterio on the top rope, then borrows that chair to SMACK Mysterio down. Mysterio writhes and ends up on the apron, but Orton places the chair.

Orton goes out to the apron and brings Mysterio up. Mysterio fights out and shoulders Orton back. Mysterio jabs Orton again, then runs, to dropkick the feet out! Orton bumps apron on the way down, and Mysterio has his chair back. Mysterio runs with it, to boogie board the chair onto Orton! Fans fire up for that creativity but both men writhe from the pain. Mysterio brings another chair over and SMACKS Orton again! Orton scrambles into more chairs but Mysterio kicks him in the rib. Mysterio bumps Orton off the apron and sits him down in a chair. Mysterio throws more hands, then lines up a shot from the apron. He leaps, but Orton dodges to send the seated senton onto the chair! Orton grins as he stalks Mysterio again. Orton brings Mysterio up to SMACK him down!

Now Orton clears off an announce desk and sets a chair on top. Orton goes back to Mysterio and brings him over. He throws Mysterio face first onto the chair! Mysterio is stuck on the table while Orton puts chairs in the ring. Orton grins as he brings Mysterio back to the ring. Cover, TWO! Mysterio is tougher than that but Orton doesn’t seem to mind. Orton goes to his chair pile and wedges one in the corner. Orton goes to Mysterio and kicks him away from picking up a chair. He hauls Mysterio up, runs at the corner, but Mysterio slips out. Mysterio headscissors Orton into that chair! Mysterio runs, but into a powerslam! Cover, TWO! Orton keeps his cool while he watches Mysterio crawl. Mysterio gets to the apron, but Orton heads over with a chair.

Orton places the chair down and drags Mysterio out through the ropes. Fans know what’s coming, but so does Mysterio! Mysterio gets in, puts Orton on the ropes, but the 619 is denied! Mysterio still kicks Orton away, then hurries to a corner. He springboards, but Orton throws a chair at him! Mysterio crash lands, Orton covers, TWO! Orton gets another chair and stomps Mysterio down. Orton wedges the chair into a corner, but the lower level this time. He goes back to Mysterio, armed with another chair. Mysterio kicks Orton away, takes that chair and SMACKS Orton again! Orton is on the ropes, 619 connects! Mysterio hurries up top, but Orton trips him up. Orton now has Mysterio where he wants him, and swings Mysterio into the chair!

Mysterio is stuck in the Tree of Woe, and Orton grabs yet even more chairs. Orton goes to Mysterio to bounce him off the corner chair again, then sets the new chairs up. Mysterio falls out of the Tree but Orton makes sure his line-up is perfect. Orton then goes to Mysterio and drags him up in a cravat. Orton aims for the chairs, but Mysterio slips out. Mysterio mule kicks and rolls to throw Orton into his own chairs! Then victory roll cover! Mysterio wins!!

Winner: Rey Mysterio, by pinfall

Orton is furious but that’s a win! Mysterio is no victim, and certainly not the Apex Predator’s prey. But even with this win, will Orton still hunt Mysterio down?


Backstage interview with Finn Balor!

He got a big win thanks to Dolph Ziggler. Finn doesn’t understand why, but Ziggler shows up to say “You’re welcome.” Finn didn’t have a chance without him. Ziggler says Finn is lucky he was there. Finn stops Ziggler from leaving but Ziggler throws Finn into trunks! It seems Finn has only moved on from McIntyre to have beef with the Show-Off. Will Finn get the last word against Ziggler?


Raw Women’s Championship: Ronda Rousey VS Nia Jax w/ Tamina!

As the Baddest Woman puts it, the real test of a champion is if they can fight in sickness or in health, ready to throw down even on their worst day. The Irresistible Force is ready to give Ronda that worst day, and break her face while ending her undefeated reign. Will this Money in the Bank rematch finally settle who is THE baddest woman of WWE?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Ronda and Nia circle and tie up. Nia throws Ronda to a corner, but Ronda gets right up. Ronda circles with Nia again, then dodges her. Ronda smirks as she bobs ‘n’ weaves and gets in a jab. Nia gets mad but Ronda keeps dodging her. Ronda throws more hands and grins as she frustrates Nia. Nia misses but counters a punch with a whip. Ronda gets free to start kicking now. Nia blocks a kick, and shows that #FaceBreaker hand. Nia punches but Ronda reverses it into a takedown! Ronda wants the armbar but Nia powers out to powerbomb Ronda down! Tamina cheers her cousin on as she covers, ONE! Ronda gasps for air, but Nia won’t let up.

Nia yanks Ronda up by her ponytail to throw her to a corner. Nia squashes Ronda then drags her out for a toss! Another squash, another toss! Nia runs and drops the elbow! Cover, ONE, and Nia grows frustrated. Ronda coughs and gasps but Nia toys with her now. Nia drags Ronda up by her ponytail, and throws her into a post! Fans boo and jeer but Nia lines up a shot, to knee Ronda into the post! Ronda clutches her arm, but Nia keeps on her with headbutts. Nia runs again, but misses the leg drop! Nia slowly stands up and brings Ronda up, but Ronda uses the good arm for a guillotine! But Nia powers out, only for Ronda to shift to a sleeper hold! Nia throws Ronda but Ronda brings her down to the armbar!

Nia scrambles to the ropes and then throws Ronda into barriers! Ronda goes down in a heap while the count begins. Nia drags Ronda up and in at 6. Nia covers, TWO! Ronda continues to frustrate Nia, and Nia puts Ronda in a cobra clutch. Nia thrashes Ronda around but fans rally up. Ronda stands and fights out, only for Nia to kick low. Nia powerbomb lifts, but Ronda headscissors out! Ronda scrambles to a corner, and dodges Nia to send her into a post! Nia falls out, but Ronda won’t let up. Ronda climbs up top, takes aim and leaps! The crossbody topples Nia! Fans fire up as Ronda gets up. Ronda drags Nia into the ring, not wanting a count out result. She gets Nia in at 7, covers, TWO! Ronda grows frustrated, but she won’t let that stop her.

Ronda gets rowdy, and throws fast hands! She hits the step-up wizard, and then the SUPER WOMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO!! Nia still lives but Ronda won’t stop. Ronda climbs up, and leaps! Nia rolls through the crossbody, pops Ronda up, and hits the Samoan Drop!! Cover, TWO!! Ronda survives and Nia is shocked! Tamina is furious on her cousin’s behalf while Nia headbutts Ronda down. Nia whips Ronda to a corner, squashes her again, then drags her up again. Nia has the fireman’s carry and climbs up with Ronda. But Ronda fights back! Ronda slips around, to sunset flip! Nia holds on, but Ronda gets her off!! Cover, TWO!! Ronda can’t believe it, and neither can the fans!

Fans duel as Ronda glares at Nia. Ronda staggers over and goes after an arm. Nia resists, but Ronda sees Tamina coming in. Ronda goes after Tamina, but then Nia clubs Ronda down. Nia prepares the fist, but Ronda dodges! They tangle up, and Ronda climbs up for the takedown! The two go back and forth as Ronda keeps her eyes on Tamina. Ronda kisses the hand good-bye, ARMBAR!! Nia taps, Ronda wins!!

Winner: Ronda Rousey, by submission; still Raw Women’s Champion

The Baddest Woman is still the champion, and that’s still Ronda Rousey! Tamina helps Nia get away, but will the Samoan Dynasty be back for more? Or will someone else climb the mountain to challenge Rowdy Ronda?


Backstage interview with Nia Jax.

But Nia doesn’t want to talk. Becky Lynch comes over to stare down the Face Breaker. And Becky hits her back! “Keep my name out yer mouth!” The Man just got even with Nia, but when will they really settle their score?


WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan VS AJ Styles!

The Old Daniel Bryan is dead! Long live the NEW Daniel Bryan! But will this new side of Bryan be able to defeat The Phenomenal One now that we all know what to expect from him?

Before the match, AJ Styles is interviewed. He knows both the Old Bryan and New Bryan will do anything they have to in order to win, so that makes them no different. Especially when both are beatable. Styles promises to have a Phenomenal Forearm with Bryan’s name on it. Styles has played Bryan’s mind games long enough. This time, Bryan plays Styles’ game. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin!

Bryan and Styles circle but Bryan bails out of the ring. Fans boo but Bryan takes full advantage of the ring count. This is a lot like Bryan’s plan against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. Bryan returns, circles with Styles, but again bails out. Styles is frustrated already and that amuses Bryan. Bryan soaks up the heat from the fans, while taking his time returning. Fans still duel between Styles and Bryan as they tie up. Bryan puts Styles in a corner but Styles turns it around to chop and forearm! Styles bumps Bryan off buckles then stomps a mudhole into him. Styles bumps and chops Bryan more, then whips corner to corner. Bryan goes up and over but Styles saw that coming. Bryan still counters the waistlock to a takedown, but Styles reaches up to headscissor Bryan down!

Styles kicks Bryan to a corner, then drags him up for more buckle bumps. Styles rams his shoulder in then snapmares Bryan out to kick him in the back! Fans duel as Styles throws hands. Styles whips but Bryan kicks him away. Bryan runs but things speed up. Bryan fakes Styles out, but Styles still dropkicks him down! Styles clotheslines Bryan out, then takes his time waiting for Bryan. Bryan gets up, Styles slingshots, but into a roundhouse! Styles clutches his ribs while Bryan hobbles over. Bryan whips Styles into the timekeeper barriers! Bryan puts Styles in the ring and takes aim from a corner. Styles stands for Bryan to bump and kick him in a corner. Bryan whips Styles to ropes, and rocks him with the kitchen sink knee! Styles clutches his ribs while Bryan circles him. Fans boo as Bryan twists Styles’ leg.

Bryan laces the legs and drives a knee into Styles’ spine. Bryan hooks Styles’ face and drives in another knee. He hooks the face, drives in a knee, repeat! Bryan then hooks the chin for a Bow ‘n’ Arrow stretch! Styles endures and manages a ropebreak. Bryan lets him go, but is not bothered at all. Bryan brings Styles up for a headbutt, then puts Styles in a corner. “You wanna chop me?!” Bryan CHOPS Styles! Bryan CHOPS Styles again, and again, but then Styles fires chops back! Styles chops more but Bryan throws a stiff body shot. Bryan drags Styles up into the Tree of Woe, and goes out to pull Styles against the ropes. He lets up at 4, then returns as Styles falls out of the Tree. Bryan rocks Styles with a EuroUpper, then dares Styles to come out. Styles stands and Bryan mule kicks him.

Bryan keeps taunting Styles as he gives more EuroUppers. Bryan kicks Styles against the ropes, until Styles slumps out of the ring. Fans boo Bryan while Styles slowly gets up. Bryan goes after Styles but Styles throws haymakers! Styles punches away in a corner, but stops at 4. Styles gasps for air but Bryan kick shim low! Bryan whips but Styles reverses. Bryan goes up and over, things speed up, and Styles side-steps Bryan. Styles goes for a Dragon Suplex but Bryan counters to a victory roll! TWO, and Bryan drop toeholds Styles into buckles! Bryan runs corner to corner, for a big dropkick! Fans boo as Bryan keeps going, for another dropkick! Bryan wants another but gets clobbered by a clothesline! Both men are down and a 10 count begins. The count passes 5 before either man stirs.

Bryan and Styles stand and Styles hits first! Styles staggers Bryan around the ring with those haymakers, then fires off in a corner. He stomps a mudhole into Bryan but the ref pulls him off. Styles returns, dodges Bryan’s punch to fire the Phenomenal Blitz! Bryan ducks the back hand but gets a clothesline! Cover, TWO! Styles rains rights down then returns those vicious stomps! Styles wants the Clash, but Bryan scrambles out of the ring. Bryan leans against barriers but Styles comes out to throw him into the post! And again! Bryan staggers into a haymaker, but the count passes 5. Styles puts Bryan back in and Bryan begs for mercy. Fans don’t believe Bryan, so neither does Styles! Ushigoroshi! Cover, TWO! Styles keeps his cool, and drags Bryan up.

Bryan fights out of the suplex, then runs corner to corner, only to get a back elbow! Styles moonsaults but Bryan reverses the DDT into a cravat! Bryan drives in knees then throws Styles with a cravat suplex! Cover, TWO! Styles still lives and only now does Bryan grow frustrated. Bryan waits for Styles to sit up to give him “NO Kicks”! He keeps kicking, and hits the buzzsaw! Cover, TWO!! Bryan keeps his cool while Styles stirs. Fans duel as Bryan drags Styles up. Bryan gives a headbutt, then back suplexes. Styles slips out to enziguri! Both men are down again but stirring. They each get up with the help of the ropes. Styles runs in at Bryan, but is put on the apron. Styles hits Bryan away, then springboards, but into another roundhouse! But Styles caught it, for a dragon screw! Styles then kicks the bad leg out!

Bryan is in a corner, and Styles brings him over to slam the legs into the post! Styles keeps on the left leg, and Bryan crawls away in pain. Styles stalks Bryan, to chop block him! Another receipt from weeks ago! Styles stalks Bryan and goes after the leg, but Bryan enziguris with the other! Bryan hobbles up to give big body shots. Bryan stomps a mudhole into Styles, then brings Styles up. They go to the top rope, SUPER STEINER! But Styles rolls through that to sunset flip! And into The Styles Clash! But Bryan fights back! So Styles goes after the leg! Half Crab! Bryan endures but Styles’ own legs barely hold him up. Bryan crawls for ropes, but Styles pulls him away! Styles sits down, Bryan bites his finger to ignore the leg pain.

Bryan reaches, crawls, but Styles pulls him away again. But now Bryan drags Styles down into the No Lock!! Bryan drives elbows to get Styles to stop fighting, and the lock is in! Styles endures now and rolls it over, jackknife cover! TWO, sunset flip, TWO! Roundhouse! Pele!! Both men are down but the fans are fired up! San Jose knows “This is Awesome!” as both men stir. Bryan stands and throws hands, but Styles hits back. Bryan hits, Styles hits, repeat. Styles gets an edge, but Bryan back kicks. Bryan back kicks again, then runs corner to corner. Styles dropkicks him down! Both men are down, but Styles crawls to the apron. Styles aims, springboards, 450 hits! Cover, TWO!! Bryan and Styles have barely anything left, but this match still goes on!

Styles stands up and brings Bryan up. Bryan powers Styles into the corner, then runs back in. But Styles gets the Calf Crusher!! Bryan endures as Styles wrenches! Bryan flails and freaks out, but manages to roll to a ropebreak! Styles has no choice but to let go, and Bryan gets out of the ring. Bryan clutches his leg while Styles goes out to fetch him. Styles drags Bryan up and in, but Bryan rolls right back out. Bryan hobbles away but Styles stalks him. Bryan hits another hard body shot! And whips Styles at the barriers. Styles jumps over to then forearm Bryan away. Phenomenal Forearm off the barriers! Styles drags Bryan up and in at 8, then aims on the apron. Springboard, but Bryan dodges! Styles almost hits the ref, but he dodges Bryan! Small package! TWO as Bryan gets it his way, Bryan wins!!

Winner: Daniel Bryan, by pinfall; still WWE Champion

The New Bryan stays the current champion by the skin of his teeth! With Styles now out of the way, who will step up to challenge this New Bryan in the New Year?


Backstage interview with Ronda and Natty.

Both friends won tonight, but what is next for Ronda? Is it going to be the next chapter with Charlotte Flair? Well, payback’s a b*tch, and Ronda’s the baddest one on the planet. Will The Queen have to worry about Rowdy Ronda on the way to The Rumble?


WWE Intercontinental Championship: Seth Rollins VS Dean Ambrose!

The Architect and The Lunatic dedicated their Raw Tag Team Championship victory to their brother in arms, Roman Reigns. But then Ambrose tainted that moment by betraying Rollins! Ambrose would be elusive about explaining why, but then he’d say that Rollins was scum dragging him down and making him weaker. Will Ambrose take the title from Rollins to add the biggest insult to injury? Or will Rollins #BurnItDown and show Ambrose who’s really the weak one?


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Joe’s Lucha Libre Weekly: News & Analysis



Joe Lucha Libre Report
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As the year winds down, we see all of our favorite companies setting up for 2019. Joe will give us a nice snapshot of where some of our favorite Luchadors are headed, down the home stretch of 2018.


Arena Mexico Last Friday

Volador Jr and Ultimo Guerrero wrestled in the main event in a rare singles match with nothing on the line. It was a really good match that saw Volador winning. That’s interesting and since he pinned the heavyweight champion, I wonder if that’s a program that look for. Volador doesn’t seem to be any less over since losing his hair so why not keep booking him strong? When he grows his hair back fully it could help a younger talent get over again. He’s clearly talented enough to stay over. Atlantis, El Valiente, and Diamante Azul took on Rush, El Terrible, and La Bestia del Ring. This was a DQ finish which saw the former winning. It’s typical for a Los Ingobernables match. There wasn’t much else important on the show. It wasn’t a huge show and only drew 6,000 fans. Looks like they’re back to the pre LA Park numbers.

Arena Puebla Monday

The main event of this show was Volador against El Terrible. He challenged him on a previous show to a singles match because he’s tired of the way Los Ingobernables acts during their matches. He won the match in a match that wasn’t very good and featured a lot of posturing. The third fall was okay but it was really slow moving. Caristico, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja faced Cavernario, Hechicero, and Rey Bucanero. This was a really fun match. Caristico, Oro, and Roja have good chemistry together. They ended up winning the match in three falls.

Arena Mexico Tuesday

Atlantis, Diamante Azul, and Stuka faced Cavernario, El Terrible, and Euforia in the main event. It was an okay match. Atlantis was moving decently in this match. The former won the match when Atlantis got Cavernario in a torture rack. The co main event featured, Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr, and Black Panther facing off against Mephisto, Luciferno, and Rey Bucanero. This also wasn’t a bad match. Blue Panther can still go at a reasonably high rate for a man who is almost 60. He did two middle rope dives. But the latter team won with an elaborate submission, as Mexico is known for.

Arena Mexico Friday Preview

The main event for this show is Caristico, Volador Jr, and El Valiente vs Ultimo Guerrero, Sanson, and Cuatrero. An interesting pairing for the latter team. Also interesting to know that Rush will be on MLW live on Friday interest of being in Mexico.  The co main event is Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and Flyer vs Shocker, El Terrible, and Rey Bucanero. Sounds like a fun match up. There is a lightning match between Soberano Jr and Forastero. That should also be a fun match.


AAA had a show. Yeah, that had a show. Moose returned to AAA which is cool, I like Moose. Dr. Wagner, Psycho Clown, and Pagano faced Moose, Blue Demon Jr, and Rey Escorpion in the main event. It was a brawl like match where Pagano unceremoniously pinned Moose in the main event. The OGTs faced Porde de Norte in the co main event in which was a fun match. Aerostar faces Monster Clown in a strap match and he won. It was somewhat brutal but not as crazy as I’ve seen in AAA. It was pretty much a nothing show.

They have a show on Christmas. Branded as the AAA vs Elite. Elite being a dead brand they resurrected just for storyline reasons. I’m not watching that live probably because I’m not an animal. Psycho Clown, La Parka, and Pagano will face Electro Shock, Taurus, and Rey Escorpion in the main event. The co main event sees Averno, Chessman, and Super Fly face Australian Suicide, Golden Magic, and Jack Evans. Hijo Del Vikingo, Luchador Sorpersa, and Halcon 78 Jr face Emperador Azteca, Samoano, and Tonga. Faby Apache and Lady Shani face Lady Maravilla and Keyra. Chicano, Vanilla, and Villano III Jr face Chica Tormenta, Demus, and Toxin. Then there’s a minis match.

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