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Now or Never: Time To Introduce the Women’s Tag Titles



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If you watch RAW and SmackDown you’ll notice a certain pattern emerging in the women’s division. Lately, there’s been more female superstars pairing up.

On RAW, there’s the Boss and Hug Connection featuring the popular stars Sasha Banks and Bayley. The red brand has also given us The Riott Squad and the newly formed team of Nia Jax and Ember Moon.

On the SmackDown side, there are the teams of The IIconics, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville, and Asuka and Naomi.

With so many female teams, could this be leading to the introduction of the women’s tag titles?


The new tag titles would be a huge boost to the women’s division, which has come under criticism lately. Aside from the women’s championship picture, there’s no creative direction for the other wrestlers. But the tag titles bring that need spark to reignite interest in the women’s division.

With the different teams, we have the potential to see great feuds. Imagine Sasha Banks and Bayley versus Naomi and Asuka or The IIconics versus Nia Jax and Ember Moon.

Now that the teams have been mapped out, it’s time to introduce the new championship.

So when is it going to happen?

Well, that’s hard to say.

Since WWE began their Women’s Revolution, there’s been talk of giving the women their own tag titles. Rumors of the new championship have increased since WWE announced they were doing an all women PPV.

With the Evolution coming up, that’d be a perfect time to introduce the tag titles. Yet, so far there hasn’t been any announcement from WWE.

Of course WWE has been preoccupied with their Super Show-Down PPV, which is taking place this weekend. That has taken some focus off of the Evolution PPV. But after Super Show-Down, there will be three weeks left until Evolution.

While it’s a short period of time between the two PPVs, it still gives WWE the opportunity to announce the new tag titles.

And if WWE wants to integrate the new championship into their women’s division, there’s no better place than Evolution.

With a historic PPV coming up, this is the perfect time for WWE to announce a tag tournament for the new women’s tag titles.

However, knowing how WWE is they end up prolonging the introduction of the titles, which would be a huge mistake.

This is something fans and the women’s roster has been wanting for a long time. The women’s division is long overdue for their own tag titles, yet the more WWE delays the announcement, the more fans will lose interest.

If WWE is going to do something big with the women’s tag titles, they need to do it now when attention is on the women’s division. Evolution is their most-talked about PPV in history and they need to do everything to make it a showstopper. Having a tournament leading to the crowning of the first-ever women’s tag team championships would give the show a lot of publicity and help continue their Women’s Revolution movement.

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