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“Passion Is The Reason You’re Not Making It”



yler Breeze WWE NXT

You want to know why successful people aren’t making in the business? Passion. That’s right, I said it.

“Whoa!!! Hold it right there! What?!”

Yes. I know. The Number 1 thing everyone says you need to make it in the business is PASSION. Whether you’re a fan, a reporter, a journalist, a talent, a performer, whether you’re watching an interview, you hear it ALL the time.

“You’ve got to have PASSION” to make it.”

And you know what? I agree.

“WHAT? You just said it’s holding great guys back.”

It is. Because the word “Passion” has drifted so far away from what it really means in the eyes of talent.

Have you ever played the telephone game in elementary school? You whisper a message in the first persons ear, and then everyone has to whisper it down the line, and then by the last person, it’s a TOTALLY different message. Remember that?

Yeah. That’s what’s happened to passion. You want to know why?

Because the word “PASSION” has gotten collapsed into a totally different meaning. As a matter of fact, you want to know why so many people get stuck? Because Passion has MULTIPLE meanings.

Here’s ONE of the meanings, and this is the one that makes most sense for guys in the business…

“Passion: a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.”

But you want to know the other 3 definitions of the same word? That are actually ranked higher above the one I just mentioned?

  3. The Suffering of Christ the Night before his Death.

The very word passion, in 2018, implies SUFFERING, RABID EMOTION without REASON, and DEATH.

So you hear all these people saying “You got to have passion for the business!” Which on the surface means, “You have to have a desire for this business.”


It’s tragic.

There was a GREAT interaction, and it was so small it might have gone unnoticed. But I wanted to point it out to you now. On Twitter, Tyler Breeze makes a comment that says, “At some point, opportunity has to come… right?” I don’t want to mind read what’s going through Tyler Breeze’s thoughts – I think just what he wrote is enough to be self explanatory.

Here’s the interesting thing…

Cody Rhodes responds to him. Arguable the most successful independently contracted talent of the modern era. He responds to Tyler Breezes comments, and goes, “NO, FRIEND! YOU HAVE TO SEIZE IT.”

I want you to take a look at Tyler Breeze’s career right now. And it’s no knock on him. He’s a very talented guy. Just look at his relative spot right now compared to his talent.

Now look at Cody’s spot. Did Cody once have a similar, maybe slightly better, yet still underutilized spot on the WWE main roster?

Are they in two totally different UNIVERSES right now? No pun intended.

And just take a look at those tweets. Just take a wild guess. They’re both talented. They’re both in great shape. They’re both good at what they do. What’s the difference?

Look at the tweets again…

  • Who’s hoping “Passion” is going to pay off?
  • Who’s hoping “opportunity” will find him if he just works hard enough and keeps his head down?
  • Who is GETTING opportunity by taking it?

Passion isn’t enough. It’s the biggest lie that a talent can believe in these days.

I’m going to take it one step further to say “Passion for the Business without Measured, Focused Action, is Delusion.”

You’ve got to be passionate about what you do, or else why do it?

…but where does the line cross from being Healthy Passionate, to disproportionate, unhealthy passionate? Both from a fan perspective, and from a talent perspective.

And by the way, what are guys so afraid of? I know, it’s their dream job, they don’t want to get heat, they don’t want to get fired…

But what’s the alternative?

Stick around for a while, say you’re passionate, never get your true worth or recognition, then get released after a while and be unsatisfied with your career? Yet try to tell yourself you had a great run, but it was politics? Or you could have been more, but the stars didn’t align? And then you end up selling your 8×10’s at a local show saying, “Formerly on TV?”

What’s so wrong with taking a chance and betting on your own career?

It worked out TREMENDOUSLY for Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks. You just have to be smart and you have to be a plan.

I interviewed the former head of WWE Talent Development for a special seminar for my coaching clients in my program “Double Your Bookings.”

He goes, “I don’t know what all of these guys are suffering for. Suffering for what? We are in a predetermined sport where the object is to fake throw your opponent into ropes and pretend to bounce off.”

They’re suffering because of lack of perspective.

The greats were passionate about this business, of course – but they were just as passionate about putting food on their family’s tables. They treated wrestling as if they were grown men going to a job.

It seems as though a lot of guys today, even more so than treating it like a grown men going to a job, treat it more like star struck fans who can’t believe they actually made it, so they try not to rock the boat just hoping the opportunity doesn’t go away.

And it’s real interesting – I coach talent one on one so I can speak from personal experience.

Some will say, “Well Stone Cold has passion.” Because they romanticize the part where Steve Austin had to live in his car and eat tuna. So they mistake “Passion for the business EQUALS starving in your car and eating Tuna.”

But they miss the part where Austin’s passion for the business meant he’s going to step up and succeed by any means necessary and speak up and create his own opportunity. Yes, Stone Cold is a passionate guy… and if Stone Cold stayed quiet in the corner, waiting for an opportunity to come, he would have been stuck as the Ring Master, Ice Dagger, or Chilly McFreeze.

He spoke up.

He took risks.

He took chances.

That’s why Austin happened the way he happened.

I’m happy guys have passion – you’ve got to have it to survive in this business. But if you’re going to mistake passion for, “I’m going to show them how much suffering I can take in silence, and hope for an opportunity to arrive someday,” you’re going to have a hard time making it.

If you want to be successful, model success. And between Cody, The Young Bucks, guys like Austin, The Rock, HHH, all these guys, model the ones that are DOING IT. Not the ones that romanticize “Respect my passion” yet use it as an excuse to stay stuck settling for less than what they’re capable of achieving.

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NXT Minus 6: Moving Forward

What does the next era of NXT hold?



Io Shirai WWE NXT

It’s WWE NXT: We’re moving on. We’re not bitter. We’re happy with what we have.

6. The WWE reeeeeally loves to screw with us. They spend weeks dumping on NXT then kick off a show with a 4.7 star banger?!?!?! Buddy Murphy is a big league striker. He packs a punch far above his weight class. Meanwhile, Velveteen Dream steals another victory. I like where they’re going with him. Shades of the Ultimate Opportunist. Living on the Edge of a Dream?

Image result for velveteen dream vs buddy murphy nxt

5. “Charlie Brown finally kicked the football.” Oh Mauro, sometimes you are just too good.

Image result for mauro ranallo nxt

4. Dominik Dijakovic is in desperate need of a save. I have no idea what that promo was. Ancient Wicca prayer? Medieval magnet poetry? He is world class in ring and absolutely floundering on the mic. He’s so bad, it would be an upgrade if Io Shirai was his manager.

Image result for donovan dijakovic

3. Speaking of promos, Johnny Champion adds another layer to his story. Johnny Smartass absolutely crushed Adam Cole on the mic. I know they said 2-out-of-3 would be definitive, but if we get Johnny Gargano-Adam Cole part 2 in HIAC or falls count anywhere, I’d find it in my heart to forgive them.

Image result for johnny gargano adam cole nxt

2. Shayna Baszler watches Dark Side of the Ring. She thinks it’s a comedy. She is PURE EVIL. She is as pure of a heel as there is. She is the anti-Ricky Steamboat.

Related image

1. I’m trying to overlook how poorly WWE handled Kairi Sane’s last NXT match. Instead, I am focusing on how much it adds to the inevitable Baszler-Io Shirai matchup. Shirai has improved in ring every time out, but she’s still anime nicey nice. It will be exciting to see her turn up the emotion and intensity and really look to hurt Baszler as payback for her best friend. This one could steal the show at the next Takeover.

WWE NXT 01/30/19 Recap - Io Shirai, Kairi Sane

That’s right…I said it.        

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Mcleod: Will We Ever Get The Lee vs. Dijakovic Rematch?

Will we ever see the anticipated rematch?



Keith Lee Dominik Dijakovic WWE NXT
Credit: YouTube/WWE

Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic tore the house down in their first WWE NXT encounter, and Scott Mcleod is eagerly awaiting the rematch–just like the rest of us!

Cast your minds back several weeks when we saw a short but physically impressive match between Keith Lee & Dominik Dijakovic. We saw Lee get monkey flipped only to land on his feet and Dijakovic hit a corkscrew plancha to the outside. The match unfortunately ended in a double count out but we were lead to believe this wasn’t over as they continue to brawl while refs try to pull them apart.

They were scheduled to face off on the episode where the 5 way to face Gargano took place and that was the focus of that episode. A week or so later Lee said they would settle their differences in two weeks time.Two weeks should have this week but Lee was nowhere to be seen. Dijakovic came out and beat an enhancement in record time before declaring his intentions to challenge for the North American Championship. Judging from this week it looks like they’re feud is done which is just a shame.

They teased us with what could be with that match several weeks ago. Two guys who have the size but can pull out incredible displays of athleticism. Put that on a takeover give them around 10 minutes between two title matches and they would tear the house down. It would be a shame to not see this match at least one more time in NXT. If a few weeks ago didn’t convince you then check out their match from the PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2017 which was rated 5 stars.

It would be something different to everything else on the card. If Dijakovic is set to challenge Velveteen Dream can we not not add Lee and make it a triple threat. Think of how good Dijakovic vs Lee was and add the Dream. Don’t tell me you don’t want to see that on a Takeover. They could have a good build as well. You have the charisma of Lee & Dream along with the intensity of Dijakovic. I need to see that now.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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