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Press Release: Former NXT Superstar Zeda Zhang On New Women’s Wrestling Weekly



The following press release was issued to The Chairshot today for the all new episode of Afterbuzz TV’s Women’s Wrestling Weekly, featuring former NXT Superstar Zeda Zhang:



W3 Hosts TK Trinidad &  Evan T Mack Break Down Women’s Wrestling News For The Week


Get it on YouTube: or download the podcast version on iTunes: with highlights below:

Zeda Zhang Talks to us the Mae Young Classic:
That was so much fun but it flew by. Like, we were just training and out of no where Sara  Amato pulls us aside and was like you guys are going to in Mae Young. And then nothing was spoken about it for probably about a month or something. So, all of sudden out of no where, it was like the week of; they were like “we got to go and do everything” … and it was rush rush rush. Your filming all day, your doing shoots and I didn’t get to enjoy it; because it literally just a blur. And I remember, my music starts and I’m in the back and I’m was out and I’m like oh my gosh here we go…this is about to start and all of sudden… like ding ding and it was over. But overall it was a great experience.

Zeda Zhang Talks About Getting Released from WWE:
They told me why. But talking to other people who have been released, the why that they tell you, might not exactly be the why. So, all they said was we know you work really hard, but unfortunately, hard work is not what gets you far in this industry. I think what it comes down to, is the market because when I got signed…I was actually suppose to get sign June or July of 2017 but they brought me in half a year early. Because they wanted me to come with the Chinese crew because they were trying to get into China at the time.  But, because of the issues overseas and I guess the politics with everything it’s hard to get in there. Because, China has a lot of rules and stuff like that, especially when it comes to another company from overseas trying to come in and promote something such as fighting and also the president over there is more traditional and he is very much about peace even though this is entertainment; they view wrestling back during like the “attitude era”. So, their idea is a little bit different… So, it’s kind of tough.

That’s why you will see the new hires in waves.. All of the sudden Chinese people are here, then the Indian people are here, then the Saudi Arabian people is literally all in waves of what the market needs .. which makes sense because it’s a big company and it’s all about making money. So, it has to do with market and timing and they just don’t see certain people on TV at this time. So, they originally told me, I was going to be apart of the Chinese market and market me there. So, when I first started they had me on all the promos and doing all these things in Chinese, but then all a sudden they said, we are going to keep you in the US market; which then I wasn’t really out and about and promoted at all because they were so many other people.

Zeda Zhang Talks About The Difficulties in Developing Her Character While at WWE:
I don’t have the freedom of what kind of character I want to be. I can’t really test it out. They tell you when you wrestle and when you get to try things out. And they just tell you, “be yourself”. But the thing is everything that makes me is my background; my modelling, singing, dancing, music and MMA and me just being Chinese in general. That’s what I am but when I was there, I can’t do the MMA thing because someone else has it, I can’t do the singing thing because someone else has it, can’t do the dancing thing cause someone else has it, can’t do the modelling thing because someone else has; it so I’m left with nothing. I can’t be Chinese either, they told me, I wasn’t allowed to be billed from China cause it’s not true so because of that I was left with this heart gimmick.

Get it all on this week’s brand new episode of AfterBuzz TV’s Women’s Wrestling Weekly: The Number One Women’s Wrestling Show on the Planet!

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