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Smark To Death (10/11/18): The Guys Forget the Title to the Episode



Topics include
Bound for Glory Predictions
Glory for Honor Predictions
Kevin Owens injuries
Legends Reunite
And so much more

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Smark To Death



DWI Podcast: #182 Beetlejuice Beetlejuice…Dance Break!



DWI Wrestling Podcast
DWI Podcast: #182 Beetlejuice Beetlejuice...Dance Break!

Please don’t say his name three times…

The DWI crew is back after a few weeks off, and it looks like we didn’t miss much! And we brought back a familiar friend. The Fabled One himself, Aesop Mitchell, returns to the podcast. We preview this weekend’s TLC PPV, as well as discuss what can be done to improve the current product that is the WWE main roster shows.

DWI Wrestling Podcast

Twitter @podcastdwi

Visit, your home for hard-hitting opinion, analysis, news, and reviews.  The Chairshot Dot Com: Always Use Your Head

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Talkamania: TLC Predictions and More!



TalkaMania WWE Mick Foley

Late to the party again this week! Xmas week at J-Bomb’s work, so well…real life happens.

This week we’re ripping apart TLC, talking Raw & Smackdown and having beers! There’s some Twitch talk as well as a nose bleed!

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