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UFC Star Daniel Cormier Reveals Upcoming WWE Tryout



UFC’s next big event, UFC 230, is exactly two weeks away now, taking place Saturday, November 3rd at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The night’s main event will pit UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier (who could be Brock Lesnar’s next opponent) against ‘The Black Beast’ Derrick Lewis. While Cormier is certainly focused on the fight, at UFC 230 media day yesterday he spoke about some plans coming up after that involve the world of professional wrestling:

“If I didn’t have this fight, I have been talking to the WWE, because they wanted me to go in and do an audition as a member of the commentary team. That was my private little thing. But because of the fight, I had to push it back. So there might be some DC in WWE s*** coming.”

While Cormier noted he never plans to leave UFC, he has stated he wants to retire on his 40th birthday in March. It’s no secret that Daniel is a wrestling fan, as he added he would be heading to Orlando to do the tryout after his November 3rd bout. He would also speak about what would happen should he and the aforementioned Lesnar ever meet inside the squared circle:

“Brock will hit me with the F-5 and before they even get to 1, I’ll be like ‘Ahhhh, kickout!’. Kickout on they ass. No selling all of his s***.… I’d be in the WWE just no-selling Brock. Hard. They’d be like, you are the worst person to ever work with.”

Quotes c/o MMAFighting

Check out all of DC’s comments at this link.


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