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WWE News: Match Announced For Tuesday’s SmackDown Live



Aiden English

Saying that the friendship between WWE Superstars Aiden English and Rusev has gone sour would certainly be an understatement as ‘The Drama King’ shockingly attacked ‘The Bulgarian Brute’ a few weeks back.

Aiden would follow up by making things very personal, presenting footage of an encounter in a hotel room in Milwaukee he had with Rusev’s wife, ‘The Ravishing Russian’ Lana. After teasing us with only a sample of the video, last week English attempted to tease us further, however Rusev and Lana had other plans, revealing that they had in fact set up Aiden.

The jig was up for ‘The Drama King’ and one week after being embarassed by Rusev and Lana, this past Tuesday on SmackDown’s big 1000th episode, he would cost ‘The Bulgarian Brute’ his World Cup Qualifier against The Miz. Despite Aiden getting a modicum of revenge at one of the company’s spotlight broadcasts, it’s now been announced that this coming Tuesday, Rusev will get his shot at retribution when the two go one-on-one on SmackDown Live:


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