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WWE News: More Controversy Surrounding WWE/Saudi Arabia Deal, WWE Comments



There has certainly been no shortage of controversy when it comes to fan opinion regarding the WWE’s deal with Saudi Arabia to provide entertainment for the country over a ten year period.

Of course, the big story coming out of the Greatest Royal Rumble event back in April surrounded the involvement (or lack thereof) of the company’s female Superstars. Now that the WWE is readying to head back to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel on November 2nd, more issues have arisen due to recent news of a missing reporter.

Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi, a resident of the United States who was in Turkey and Saudi Arabian national (has been very critical of the country’s regime in his reporting), recently accepted an invite to a Saudi consulate in what was supposed to be a visit to simply pick up some paperwork. However, Khashoggi has since gone missing and The Washington Post reported information from Turkish officials who believe he was interrogated and then murdered. It’s being said his wife was waiting outside for Khashoggi as the paperwork he was picking up was to allow him to re-marry, but she never saw him again. Turkish officials added that they believe it was an attempt to kidnap Khashoggi and bring him back to Saudi Arabia, however it went awry and led to his death.

This of course puts WWE in a tough spot as other companies such as The New York Times and Viacom who had events upcoming in Saudi Arabia have since cancelled. WWE has since issued the following statement on the situation:

“We are currently monitoring the situation.”

Since WWE’s official comments, more information on the situation has become available as The Washington Post is now reporting that Turkish officials are claiming they have audio and visual proof of Khashoggi being interrogated, tortured and murdered. Currently, there is increasing pressure on President Donald Trump to impose sanctions against the responsible parties, which is believed to be high-ranking officials of the Saudi regime.


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