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WWE News: Reason Revealed For Kevin Owens Injury Angle On RAW



Kevin Owens

Among all the surprises on last night’s Monday Night RAW, Bobby Lashley and Kevin Owens looked to settle their issues in singles competition. However, Lashley took things much further by turning heel with a vicious attack to Owens’ knees.

‘The Prize Fighter’ was attended to by medical officials and today, WWE issued an update on Owens, claiming he had suffered injuries to both of his knees and was due for a medical evaluation tomorrow. Of course, this was all just storyline…mostly.

According to John Pollock of Post Wrestling, the angle on RAW was done in order to write Owens off of television as he is in need of knee surgery. No specifics on what exactly is ailing ‘The Prize Fighter’ or a timetable for a return were given. It should be noted though, it’s being said that the surgery is not major and he’s not expected to miss too much time.

EA’s Take: Personally, this makes me even more frustrated with how the angle of Owens quitting played out. If he was in need of a few weeks off for this surgery, why not have him do it after he quit? Wouldn’t that have made it all the more interesting when he returns? Not to mention, if they decide to book him as a face (which is what it seemed like they were going for last night), then him quitting was basically a clean slate to begin with. Instead, he quits and comes back a week later, now it’s basically been forgotten.


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