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WWE News: Superstars Do Not Want To Go To Saudi Arabia, WWE Comments & More



While I’m sure that WWE would simply like the story to just go away, the controversy surrounding the upcoming Crown Jewel event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia after the likely murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi (see the story here) and following call from multiple United States Senators to either move or cancel the show (check that out here).

Yesterday, Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso ran a story about multiple, anonymous WWE Superstars being disinterested in going to Saudi Arabia, which has also been reported by other outlets as well. Despite all of this, the show is proceeding as planned on Friday, November 2nd and airing at 12PM EST on the WWE Network. WWE has also since responded to the reports of Superstars anonymously speaking out in a statement to The New York Post:

“As always, we maintain an open line of communication with our performers as we continue to monitor the situation.”

Now, last night on RAW there was no mention of the location of Crown Jewel, however the event was still heavily promoted. To say that many fans are displeased with WWE’s decision would be an understatement for sure, but there are some that still understand the nuances of the company’s deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One such man is former WWE Superstar John Bradshaw Layfield, offering the following take on the situation on FOX News’ Varney & Co:


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